250 Epic Names Ideas for Halloween Party

If you’re looking for a spooky and creepy Halloween party name, consider choosing something like “The Dark Carnival.”

Whichever you choose, just be sure to have plenty of fun with your friends while honoring the spirit of Halloween. However, choosing a right name can be daunting task.

If you’re planning a themed party, consider whether the event is going to be for adults or children. For instance, an adult costume party with a theme of vampires might be more appropriate than a child’s Halloween party.

Choose words that reflect the theme of your party . For example, if you’re planning a Halloween party for adults, you might use words related to darkness, such as “The Dark Carnival.” In addition, don’t forget to consider the setting.

Halloween Party Names

Devilish Disco

Egyptian Party

Halloween Hullabaloo

Monsters & Martinis

Satanic Soiree


Mad Masquerade

Boos and Brews

Dinner with the Devil

Smelt A Delta

Ghostly Gala

Cheers For Fears

Scared Stiff

Hells Party

Fangtastic Feast

Marvel Mascarade

Costumes & Cocktails

HalloWine Party

Black Cat Boogie

HallowScream Party

Panto Party

Dismay Night Party

Costumes & Cocktails

Fiends gathering

Merciless Partylite

Gorey Gala

Celebration of Frights

Bizarro Ball

Scare-o-rama 2018

Cocktail Party

Scary Halloween Party Names

Your Era Party

Boos & Brews

Halloween Hoedown

Beastly Blowout

Burial place Bash

Ghoul’s Night Out

Demon’s Night Out

Punk Party

Cauldrons of Cosmos

Tomb Bash

Apparition Prom

Jack O’ Lantern Jubilee

Pumpkin Patch Panic

Collector Rave

Night of the Spirits

Ghost Party

Ghost White Night

Pick Your Poison

Shakespeare Party

Brutal Partynite

Phantom Funtime!


Roots for Fears

Beastly Blowout

Beast Bash

Boos and Booze

A Frightening Affair

Tricks and Treats

Creepy Soiree

Clever Halloween Party Names

Chiller Thrillerama

Hallo-Wine Party

Ultraviolet Party

Demons and Donuts

Unholy Spirits

Fangtastic Fiesta

Elements Party

Sci Fi Party

A Fright Night


BeWitching Soiree

Distraught Masquerade

Frightful Fall Frolic

End times

Festival of Frights

Danse Macabre

Zombie Party

Wild West Party

Celebration of Shivers

Roman Empire Party


The Summoning

American Horror Soiree

Ghostly Gathering

Great Punkin Party

Unfuneral Party

Monster Mash

Fang-tastic Feast

All Ghouls Gala

The Summoning

What are some amazing Halloween party names?

Carnevil Party

Fright Night Party

Ghouls and Goulash

Fiends of Mine

Ghouls’ Night Out

Carnival of Horrors

Ghosts & Gimlets

Vampire Fiesta

Disco of Death

Twilight Party

Valentines Party

Hell’s Bells Bash

Monster Bash

Angels & Demons

Dead Man’s Party

Deathly Disco

SpineTingling Soiree

Drag-ula’s Ball

Hallow’s Eve Hoedown

Feast of Beasts

A Bewitching Night

Devilish Dance

Halloween Hoopla

Halloween Boo Bash

Poltergeist Prom

Beach Party

Mad Masquerade

Dance of the Dead

Phantom Feast

Ghostly Get-Together

Witty Halloween Party Names


Dismay Fest

Feast of Fear

Phantom Party

Outfits and Cocktails

Too Cute to Spook

Dastardly Dance

Horror Hoedown

Malicious Disco

Beasts and Martinis

Roaring s Party

Poultrygeist Potluck

Martians and Martinis

Pub Party

Feast of Screams

Ghouls gathering

Beary Scary Bash

Stunt OrTequila

Ghoulish Gala

Carnival of Souls

Horror Movie Night

Reaper Rave

Carnevil Party

Festival of Frights

All Hallow’s Gala

Creeping it Real Fun

Wizard of Oz Party

Spookies Haunt


Fright Night

Halloween Party Names

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How to Come Up with Halloween Party Names

There are many different ways to come up with Halloween party names, but you should decide on a theme first. For example, if your theme is vampires, consider words that describe vampires.

Here we enlist few things to help you in choosing your Halloween party names:

1.     Be creative

Get inventive with your party’s name and come up with something that’s unique and memorable. Take note of your guests’ names and try to create a name that will fit everyone.

For example, if you’re having a Halloween party for kids, consider words that describe children (such as cutie, babe or little one).

Celebration of Shivers

Halloween Hootenanny

Charming Soiree

Undertaker Disco

Feast of Frights

Ralph A Alpha

Beast Mash

Beast Feast

Beast Ball

Ghoulish Gathering

Dead Man’s Party

Tricks and Treats


Rocky Horror Party

Dance Macabre

2.     Themes It is very important to decide on a theme for your Halloween party

If you’re going for a scary theme, then consider words that describe scary things, such as vampire or zombie. If you’re going for a more fun theme, consider words that describe fun things such as black cat or bat.

Deadman’s Dance

Spooktacular Soiree

Ghoul’s Night Out

Fiendish Feast

Universe and Cauldrons

Mummies & Mimosas

Haunted ‘…..’ Mansion

Boos & Booze

Fang-tastic Feast

Shivery Shindig

Mummies and Mimosas

Teen Movies Party

Dark Cat Boogie

Bad Taste Party

Witches’ Night Out

3.     Use puns and rhymes

Use a few words that rhyme to make your party name memorable. For example, you could have a party called Drinkin’ the Boozy or Baby in a Bottle.

Use an exclamation You could have a Jelly Belly Party! or Waffle House Party!

Toga Party

A Grave Affair

Til Death Do Us Party

Graveyard Getdown

Tails & Treats

Franks and Steins

Ghost White Night

Seasons Party

Undead Party

Darkness Dance

‘Dem Bones Bash

Party Like a MonSTAR



Inhuman Spirits

4.     Naming your party after a place: take your guests on a spooky journey

For example, you could serve your party food and drink from the Scary Castle in Universal Studios Hollywood. Or you could have a dessert party at the Haunted House in Disneyland.

Spook-a-thon 2018

Disney Party

Be Frightened Bash

Under the Sea Party

Spooky Gathering

Ralph An Alpha

Diabolical Gala

House Party Massacre

Boos and Boogie

A Bewitching Night

Pyjama Party

Poultrygeist and Vexings

Mummies & Mimosas

Ghouls Night

Scary Skeleton Dance

5.     Avoiding pitfalls: common mistakes people make when naming their party

Include: using baby talk instead of proper names, such as “bun” instead of “ribs”, or “boo” instead of “ghost”. Using rude words, such as “hell” or “damn”.

Using a name that is already taken by another party.

Witching Hour

Dance of the Dead

Halloween Pawty

The Witching Hour

Creepy Town Bash

Spooky Town Bash

Vampire Weekend

Till Death Do Us Party

Martinis at Midnight

Blood Ball

Howloween Party

Monster Ball

Fright Fest

Glam Rock Party

Cosmos & Cauldrons


In conclusion, there are many fun and unique Halloween party names that can be used to help make your party more festive.

Whether you are looking for a spooky name or something more lighthearted, there is sure to be a name that fits your needs. So, get creative and start planning your perfect Halloween party today!

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