1100 Eye-Catching Costume Store Names to Stand Out

Finding the perfect costume for Halloween, a themed party, or a theatrical production is a fun and exciting experience.

And what better place to find the perfect outfit than at a costume store?

With a wide range of options and accessories, costume stores are the go-to destination for anyone looking to transform themselves into a different character or persona.

But before you can dive into the sea of costumes and props, you need to find the right store. And with so many options out there, narrowing down your choices can be overwhelming.

A well-chosen name not only reflects the store’s style and theme but also helps in attracting potential customers and creating a strong brand identity.

From whimsical and playful names to those that evoke a sense of nostalgia, the world of costume store names is diverse and creative.

In this article, we’ll explore some unique and interesting costume store names that have caught the attention of costume enthusiasts all over.

Costume Store Name Ideas

Costume Store Names

On you Costume

Costume Palace

Tux Trading Co

Costume Studio

Refuse Costume

Coiffure Place

The Ceremonial

Trading Places

Costume Cuties

Light Rig Spot

Pursue Costume

Costume Budget

Dress Up Haven

Costume Street

Excuse Costume

Ontime Rentals

Outfit Outpost

Big Frock Spot

Light Coiffure

Sprink Costume

The Simple Tux

Costume Kuties

Dress Up House

Costume Outlet

Century Corset

Costume Castle

Costume Kitten

Dress Up Store

Dress-Up Depot

Costume Corner

Rig Trading Co

Masquerade Row

The Piece Garb

Dress Up Depot

Blue Coif Spot



Wacky Wardrobe

Costume Parade

Costume Hubbub


The Clean Coif

Coiffure Group

Predict Outfit

Clothing Group

Party Costumes

Costume Closet

Dracula’s Digs


Party Supplies

Tight Coiffure

Purple Pizzazz

Costume Cavern

Remove Costume

Carnival Store

Consist Outfit

Magic Dress Up

Costume Komics

Tycoon Costume

Oregon Costume


Flight Costume

Indian Apparel

Obtuse Costume

Costume Supply

Tattoo Costume


Outfits Outfit

Costume Ground


Costume Heaven

Fine Garb Spot

Game On Rental

Effect Costume

Dream Costumes

City Of Fright

Rental Horizon

Fun In Costume

Wardrobe Group

Distinctive Do

Lyfate Costume

Costume Tenant

Cansas Costume

Styled Tailors

Military Equip

Hobby Solstice

Scary Costumes

Beacon Uniform

Costume Centre

Costume Avenue


Peculiar Dress

Subdue Costume

The Masquerade

Rent It Again!

Costume Kastle

Costume Circus

Costume Bazaar


Little Parties

Bestway Fabric

Best Costume Store Names

Decorate Group

The Blue Equip

White Garb Pro

Male Dress Pro

Dark Dress Out

Costume Clique

Redard Costume

The Gray Getup

Costume Mortar

Lavender Tulip

Costume Kitsch

Misfits Outfit

Wardrobe Place

Glamor Belleza

Party Wardrobe

Rental Sunrise

Immune Costume

Lagoon Costume

Costume Shoppe

Costume Crazes

Costume Corral

Fine Attire Co

Costume Kapers

Costume Valley

Avenue Costume

Elizabethan Tux


Witchy Costumes

Costume Cabinet

Broadcast Heart

The Fancy Frock

Eric Winterling

Gala Attire Pro

Dress Up Palace

The Fine Attire

Rental National

Maestro Costume

Dress Up Street

Dress Up Closet

The Comfortable

Rently Costiume

Costume Lantern

Costume Cottage

Official Attire

Search & Select

Masquerade Mart

The Casual Coif

Costume Realtor


Skimpy Getup Co

Lipstick Outfit

The Purple Garb

Costumes Galore

Costume Express

Costume Cabaret

Divine Costumes


Costume Kouture

Catch Blue Wave

Full Dress Spot

Costume Unbound

Costume Capsule

Whole Fit Place

The Green Frock

Dress Up Bazaar

Green Tux Place

Coif Trading Co

Reindeer Outfit

The Distinctive


Costume Country

Ultimate Fabric

Beautiful Frock

Expensive Equip

Awesome Rentals

The Fashionable

Costume Network

Clerical Custom

National Rental

Gown Collective

Kung fu Costume

The Big Fit Out

The Magnificent

Costume Estates

Simple Rig Spot

Let’S Dress Up!

Special Regalia

Gown Trading Co


Masquerade Mall

Fantasy Fashion

Exquisite Cloth

Creative Stlyes

Confuse Costume

Include Costume

Costume Kingdom

Whole Garb Spot

Rental Partners

Costume Kabaret

The Costume Box

Big Bash Rental

Costume Caravan

Out fits Outfit

Dark Dress Suit

Artistic Attire

Out this Outfit

Costume Factory

Costume Kompany

Shelter Costume

Best Costume Store Names

Funny Costume Store Names

Costume Company

Costumo Rentals

The Male Clothe

Lawsuit Costume

The Costume Way

Masquerade Gear

The Piece Dress

Purple Coiffure

Top Tier Avatar

Dress-Up Palace

The Clown Getup


Rental District

Rental Prospect

Millers Rentals

Blue Coif Group

Masquerade Shop

Full Gown Place

Elaborate Frock

Dress-Up Dreams

The Dark Clothe

Correct Outfits

Costume Kustoms

Not you Costume

Garb Collective

Frightful Finds

Austere Apparel

Good Look Bella

Forward Costume

Costume Couture

Get Up And Garb

Xtream Costumes

The Traditional

Halloween Haven

Nourish Costume

Costume Skyline

Garb Trading Co

The Proper Garb

Costume Gallery

Masquerade Maze

Fancy Dress Hub

Come In Costume

Dress ip Outfit

Costume Central

Overkill Outfit

Elegant Garb Co

Extract Costume

Sidekick Outfit

Galaxy Garments

The Perfect Kit


Cinares Costume

Red Getup Group

Coif Collective

Thrifty Threads

Prosper Costume



Produce Costume

Inferno Costume

All Hallows’ Eve

Silkroad Dressup

Dressing Up Shop

Piece Fit Out Co

Costume National

Getup Trading Co

The Pale Garment

Affluent Rentals

Theatre Costumes

Fantasy Fashions

The Costume Shop

Gorboots Costume

Ultimate Costume

Imaginary Parker

Splendid Dressup

Moonflower Lilac

Masquerade World

Exclusive Design

Swimsuit Costume

Party Outfitters

The Tough Attire

The Costume King

Costume Fanatics

All Star Costume

Roman Raiment Co

Costumed Costume


Costume Creators

The Costume Chic

The Skimpy Equip

The Full Fit Out

Costume Carnival


Frock Collective

Professional Fit

Titanium Uniform

Short Coif Place

Costume Workshop

Costume Universe


Cute Costume Store Names

Fancy Dress Shop

Century Chapeaus

The Decent Equip

Correct Clothing

Bling My Costume

Discover Costume

Masquerade Mixer

Gala Tuxedo Spot

Blossom Costumes

Costume Flamingo

Costume Emporium

Costume Carousel

Grey Attire Spot

Persian Clothing

Spirit Halloween

Theatre Fashions

Elusive Ensemble

Tents And Events

Striking Tux Pro

Tough Attire Pro

Fancy Dress Room

Costume Exchange

Get This Started

Colorful Regalia

Foxglove Rosebud

Playtime Rentals

The Costume Trek

Go Boo! Costumes

Dark Duster Coat

Low Cost Costume

Costume Quarters

Rent My Balloons

Unusual Uniforms

Costume Showcase

The Costume Spot

Elaborate Kit Co

Costume Junction

Century Clothing

The Costume Road

Syle Tax Costume

Costumes For All

Dress Trading Co

Costume Prospect

The Costume Fair

The Purple Frock

Costume Thinking

Brown Clothe Pro

Costume Partners


Solitude Costume

Masquerade Haven

Fashionable Coif

Grade A Costumes

Sky High Costume

Costumes Costume

The Costume Lane

The Blue Regalia

Costume Supplies

Equip Collective

Coolaire Rentals

Costume Paradise


The Simple Dress

Fancy Coif Group

Kangaroo Costume

The Costume Park

The Costume Ball

Anything Costume

Costume Crafters

The Costume Mojo

Rental Oceanview

The Grand Tuxedo

Lost you Costume

Out quick Outfit

Costume Pavilion

The Handsome Rig

The Contemporary

Costume Catering

Masquerade Manor

The Conventional

Getup Collective


Playing Dress Up

The Costume Path

Big Time Costume

The Costume Vibe

The Costume Stop

New York Rentals

Masquerade Style

Trick Or Tresses

Renting & Rental

Masquerade Magic

The Costume Moda

Costume Boutique

Masquerade House

Bountiful Buffet

The Costume Vault

Your Rental Store

Limitless Costume

Cut & Dry Rentals

Catchy Costume Store Names

Tuxedo Collective

You Costume Store

The Roman Garment

My Costume Rental

Rise And Disguise

The Proper Attire

Masquerade Studio

Charming Garments

Blue Outfits Spot

Attire Trading Co

New Fashioned Way

Spooktacular Shop

Fancy Dress Store

Correct Chainmail

Rain On My Parade

The Academic Gown

Cheesy Concession

Fancy Dress Party

Buttons & Costume


Traditional Getup

Style And Screams

The Costume House

Academic Garb Pro

The Costume Trend

Costume Kraziness

Costume Carnivale

Costume On Rental

The Costume Oasis

Masquerade Mayhem

Exquisite Clothes

Roach clip Outfit

The Costume Charm

Dark Dinner Dress

Fantastic Tux Pro

Sweet Home Rental

Broadcast Costume

The Thin Coiffure

No Stress Rentals

Rental Watchtower

Masquerade Market

Dress-Up Emporium

Disclosure United

The Costume Quest

Dime Saga Service

Handsome Costumes

Accessories Solar

The Costume Queen

Costume Playhouse

Bounty Of Banquet

Masquerade Mashup

Plain Frock Group

Creative Costumes

Brilliant Outfits

The Costume Dream

Attire Collective

Complete Costumer


The Costume Magic

Request A Costume

Styles & Apparels

Fantasia Fashions

The Costume Store

Civilian Coif Pro

The Costume Party

Costume Creations

Rental Acre Scope

Complete Chapeaus


Dress Up Boutique

Fun Mania Rentals

Costumes Resource

Modern Getup Spot

Bloom Beauty Stop

Ridiculous Attire

Contemporary Cape

Masquerade Outlet

Strongwill Fabric

Fancy Dress World

Top Hat Warehouse

Masquerade Corner

Standard Fit Spot

Colorful Chapeaus

Dress-Up Delights

Masked Masquerade

Greek Primp Group

Mix Cause Service

The Green Apparel

Tooth pick Outfit

The Usual Regalia

Peculiar Coif Pro

Lost soon Costume

Colorful Getup Co

Proximity Uniform

Dress Up Supplies

The Costume Class

Sunny Day Rentals

Costume Designers

Fun Shower Rental

All That Glitters

Catchy Costume Store Names

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Costume Store Names Ideas

The Costume Style

The Costume Place

The Costume Alley

Form And Applause

Dress Up Showroom

The Western Primp

Masquerade Street

The Costume Route

Masquerade Palace

Tuxedo Trading Co

Night Of Costumes

Dress Up Emporium

Native Gown Place

Costume Outfitters

Tough Wardrobe Pro

Whimsical Wardrobe

Costume Wonderland

Costume Kompanions

Theatrical Threads

Certified Costumes

Manhattan Wardrobe

Outlandish Outfits

Crowd shift Outfit

Costume Connection

Proper Dress Group


Disapprove Costume

Snowdrop Sunflower

The Costume Shoppe

Flowered Coif Spot

The Costume Corral

Closet Of Costumes

The Costume Allure

Costume Playground

Clothes Encounters

Complete Chainmail

Exclusive Costumes

Magic Costume Shop

Halloween Costumes

The Rental Company

Persian Getup Spot

Outfits Trading Co

Substitute Costume

Apparel Trading Co

Passionate Uniform

The Costume Studio

The Costume Prince

The Costume Jungle

Clerical Customary

Hip Cheap Rentals!

The Costume Fiesta

All Fancy Costumes

Visit Man Costumes

The Dress Up Store

The Costume Planet

The Costume Safari

Colorful Costumier

All Around Sequoia

The Magic Wardrobe

Storybook Costumes

Regalia Collective

The Costume Corner

Usual Wardrobe Pro

The Handsome Equip

Green Attire Place

Chandelier Costume

The Elaborate Garb

Crazy Daze Costume

Distinctive Dirndl

Uniform Clothe Pro

Clean Wardrobe Pro

The Costume Energy

Fantastic Fashions

Candy Kids Costume

Aok Costume Rental

The Modest Garment

Celebration Rental

Costume Superstore

The Costume Street

Crepe Oak And Pine


Costume Depository

The Costume Parade

Roman Tuxedo Place

Colorful Customary

Fantastic Costumes

The Costume Circus

Clean Clothe Place

The Costume Voyage

Costume Collection

The Costume Wonder

The Costume Cavern

Bright Decorate Co

Garment Collective

Final Touch Rental

Tnt Costume Rental

Wild Costume Store


The Ancient Tuxedo

Long Coiffure Spot

Costume Store Names Generator

The Costume Castle

Dark Dolman Sleeve

Photographic Getup

The Costume Circle

The Proper Raiment

Masquerade Madness

Apparel Collective

Standard Dress Pro

The Beautiful Coif

Fantasy Outfitters

New Fit Trading Co

To The Moon Rental

Loose Clothe Place

The Costume Enigma

Black Wing Rentals

Role Play Costumes

The Colorful Getup

Costume Shopaholic

Costume Storehouse

The Costume Spirit

The Costume Galaxy

Good Cheap Costume

Hourglass Apparels

The Costume Closet

The Costume Forest

Dress-Up Dreamland

Theatre Outfitters


Fun Events Rentals

Partnership Outfit

The Costume Market

Costume Is My Time

Ceremonial Chapeaus

Best Kit Trading Co

The Costume Fantasy

The Costume Odyssey

Masquerade Showroom

Picturesque Outfits

Overcrowded Parties

Correct Dress Place

Clothing Collective

Costumeify Lakeside

The Costume Kingdom

Aster Morning Glory

Portable Getup Spot

Pretty As A Picture

Costume Perspective

Bash Rental Company

The Halloween Store

Super Costume Store

Sheeplocked Costume

Wicked Costume Shop

Spirit Of The Stage

Weird Costume Store

Costume Kompetition

Ordinary Clothe Pro

Passion For Fashion

Decorate Collective

The Costume Factory

Masquerade Boutique

Black Bear Americas

The Brilliant Dress

Rent To Own Costume

Masquerade Fashions

Distinctive Outfits

Stream Hype Costume

Emerson Accessories

Peculiar Garment Co

The Costume Fashion

Successful Guerilla

Blockbuster Costume

The Distinctive Tux

Pulse Costume Prism

Big Daddy’s Costume

Masquerade Costumes

Costume Marketplace

Professional Attire

The Costume Gallery

The Costume Highway

The Academic Attire

Scary Costume Store

The Costume Company

Masquerade Wardrobe

B2b Costume Rentals

Classical Customary

Elizabethan Outfits

The Striking Attire

The Dress Rehearsal

Prop Rental Service

Baby Costume Rental

Cheap Cheap Rentals

Masquerade Carnival

Costume City Rental

The Costume Empress

Conventional Corset

The Regular Fit Out


Quik Rental Service

Night Apparel Place

The Costume Experts

Halloween Costume Store Names

Costume Room

Sage Costume

Daring Dress

The Peculiar

In Costume


The Splendid

Class Pretty

Exist Outfit

Wise Costume


Costume Krew

Costume Rank

Core Costume

Costume Spot

Costume Zone

Dress Up Hut

Costume Acre

The Civilian

Hello Rental


Loud Service

Nova Uniform

Apparel Spot

Outfits Spot

Body Costume

Wave Costume

Costume Crew

Greek Attire

Begin Outfit

Coiffure Pro

Rave Service

Costume Boom

The Gorgeous

Mild Stiches

Dawn Outfjts

Keep Costume


Easy Rentals

Wris Costume

Academic Tux


Dressup Gram

The Complete


Nova Costume


Fantasy Wear

Attire Group

Mech Costume

Clown Custom

Boo Costumes

Raiment Spot

Until Outfit

Ama Costumes

Style Avenue

Clothe Place

True Costume

The Clerical

Correct Cape

Dress-Up Den

Clothe Group

Yellow Equip

Rental Villa

Life Costume

Rexa Costume

Costume Mall

Costume Town

Live Costume

Costumes Zoo

The Favorite

Bold Costume

Wardrobe Pro

Masks & More


Party Palace

Skull Plenty


Costume Mart

Costume Oasis

The Necessary

Masked Makers

Golden Rental

Ready Set Go!

Within Outfit

Dress Up Shop

Work Costumes

Costume Kings

Trading Faces

Super Costume

Garment Place

Decent Fit Co

Costume Store

Dress-Up Shop


Amuse Costume

Renas Costume


Decorate Spot

Unique Costume Store Names

Coif Spot


The Whole

The Fresh

The Style


Dress Pro



The Green



The Fancy

Kit Group


Kit Place





Ink Styles

Cheer Gear


Clothe Pro

Outfits Co

Simple Rig

Jets Dress





The Simple

Nets Dress

Fit Out Co

The Native

Metz Dress


The Formal


Mental Rig

Fine Frock



Gown Group

Costume Co

Outer Soul


Garb Place

Lets Dress



Raiment Co

Nip Styles

Costume Hq

The Lovely


Coif Place

Theme Wear


White Garb

Apparel Co


The Female

Bold Touch

The Pretty

Bets Dress

Dress Spot

The Necked

Sets Dress

Tiny Tacos



Cloth King


The Yellow

The Finery

Attire Pro

The Mental

Tuxedo Pro

Gets Dress

The Modest

Frock Place


Wardrobe Co

Costume Hut

The Strange

Equip Place

The Special

Dark Dirndl


Tight Frock

Clothing Co

Costume Lab

Wicked Wear

Decorate Co

S&R Rentals

Costume Fed

Tight Primp

Rental Plex

Male Attire


Apparel Pro

Costume Kit

Full Tux Co


Formal Garb

Equip Group

Getup Group

Costume Hub

Hay Uniform

Exotic Costume Store Names

Attire Spot

The Correct


Gray Kit Co

Wicked Wigs

The Elegant

Looking Rig

The Looking

Getup Place

The Fitting


Fancy Frock



Party Place

A+ Costumes



Shoe Rental

The Typical

Forever New


Retro Works

The Striped




Outfits Pro



Regalia Pro

Grand Dress



Raiment Pro


Primp Place


Loft Outlet

Frock Group

The Ancient


Rent It All

The English



The Century

Dress Group

Costume Cog

Clothe Spot


Dress Place

Dark Drapey

Tuxedo Spot

The Western


Ideal Match

Whole Frock

Cut Costume


The Persian

Dressup Fox

Witchy Wear

Quaint Getup

Rental Sight

Clerical Tux

Dare Costume

Mega Costume

Ride Costume

Costume Cove


Costume Kamp


Costume Rack

Costume King


Usual Tuxedo

The Colorful


Dress Up Den

Attire Place


Costume Aura

Costume Cave

Costume Park

Bios Costume

Fit Out Spot


Uniform Team

Costume Land

Sweats Dress

Casual Primp

Costume Iron

Lovely Primp

Theatre Wear

The Medieval

Green Rental

The Standard

Usual Attire

The Electric

The Ordinary

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Costume Store Names

Choosing the perfect name for your costume store is essential, as it can greatly impact your store’s branding and appeal.

Here are some tips to help you come up with a catchy and memorable costume store name:

Creativity and Originality

Aim for a unique and original name that stands out from the competition.

Avoid common or generic terms to ensure that your store name is distinctive.

Relevance to Costumes

Ensure that the name clearly conveys that your store specializes in costumes.

Incorporate words or phrases related to costumes, dress-up, or themed attire.

Play with Words

Use wordplay or puns to add a playful and fun element to your store name.

Consider combining costume-related terms with other words to create a memorable and catchy name.


Keep the name short, simple, and easy to remember.

Avoid complex or hard-to-spell words that may confuse potential customers.

Target Audience

Consider your target audience and tailor the name to appeal to them.

If you cater to a specific niche or theme (e.g., Halloween, cosplay, historical costumes), reflect that in the name.

Avoid Trendy Terms

While it’s good to be current, avoid using trendy terms that may become outdated quickly. Opt for timeless words.

Check Availability

Ensure that the domain name for your business is available if you plan to have an online presence.

Check for trademarks to avoid legal issues with the chosen name.

Test Pronunciation

Say the name out loud to make sure it’s easy to pronounce and doesn’t create confusion.

Visual Appeal

Visualize how the name will look on signage, business cards, and other promotional materials.

Consider the aesthetics and design elements that can complement the chosen name.

Get Feedback

Before finalizing the name, get feedback from friends, family, or potential customers.

Make sure the name resonates positively with your target audience.

Future Expansion

Think about the possibility of expanding your product offerings in the future. Choose a name that allows for flexibility.

Legal Considerations

Check for existing trademarks and ensure that the name is legally available for use.

Remember that your costume store name is a crucial part of your brand identity, so take the time to brainstorm and choose a name that aligns with your business goals and values.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing Costume Store Names

When choosing a name for your costume store, it’s important to be aware of common mistakes to avoid. Here are some pitfalls to steer clear of:

Overly Complicated Names

Avoid names that are too complex, difficult to spell, or hard to pronounce. A simple name is easier for customers to remember.

Generic and Uninspired Terms

Steer clear of generic terms or common words that don’t distinguish your store from others. Aim for a name that reflects the unique aspects of your costume offerings.

Narrow or Limiting Names

While it’s good to be specific, avoid names that limit your store to a particular theme or occasion unless that’s your sole focus.

You might want the flexibility to diversify your costume offerings.

Ignoring Online Presence

Check the availability of the domain name associated with your store name.

In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is crucial, and having a matching domain makes it easier for customers to find you.

Trademark Issues

Failing to check for existing trademarks can lead to legal problems. Make sure your chosen name is not already in use or registered by another business.

Unintended Connotations

Be mindful of potential negative connotations or unintended meanings associated with your chosen name.

Thoroughly research the meaning and cultural context of words to avoid any misunderstandings.

Short-Term Trends

Avoid names based on current trends that might become outdated quickly. Choose a name with lasting appeal to avoid the need for rebranding in the future.

Lack of Audience Consideration

Ensure that the name resonates with your target audience.

If your store caters to a specific demographic, make sure the name appeals to them and doesn’t inadvertently exclude potential customers.

Ignoring Future Expansion

Choose a name that allows for growth and potential diversification of your product offerings.

Don’t box yourself into a name that’s too specific if you plan on expanding your inventory in the future.

Failure to Test Pronunciation

Make sure your store name is easy to pronounce. If it’s confusing or difficult to say, potential customers may hesitate to recommend your store to others.

Not Seeking Feedback

Before finalizing the name, gather feedback from friends, family, or even potential customers.

Other perspectives can help you identify potential issues and improve the overall appeal of the name.

Ignoring Cultural Sensitivity

Consider the cultural context of your target audience. Ensure that the name is culturally sensitive and doesn’t unintentionally offend or alienate any group of people.

By being aware of these common mistakes, you can make a more informed decision when selecting a name for your costume store, helping to create a positive and lasting impression on your customers.


In conclusion, selecting the perfect name for your costume store is a crucial step that requires careful consideration and creativity.

Avoiding common mistakes, such as choosing overly complicated or generic names, checking for trademark issues, and ensuring online availability, is essential for building a strong and memorable brand.

Striking a balance between creativity and relevance to your costume offerings, while keeping your target audience in mind, will contribute to the long-term success of your business.

Remember that a well-chosen name not only sets the tone for your store but also establishes a foundation for effective branding and customer recognition.

Take the time to brainstorm, seek feedback, and choose a name that not only reflects your business identity but also has the potential to stand the test of time.

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