Costume Names: 750+ Fantasy, Halloween, Concept Store Names

There is a great demand for costumes all over the world according to different festivals. A costume shop offers its customers costumes, makeup, and wigs for special events such as Halloween, theater performances, and many other festivals.

So, successful costume stores offer rental and purchasable items in their store, depending on their clients’ needs. This business is always best for individuals who are creative and are excited about the entertainment industry. Let’s begin with the creative tips of naming a costume store.

Costume names

Here are the costume names and ideas for you:

  • Party City
  • Hollywood Costumes
  • Fantasy Costumes
  • Pure Costumes
  • Beyond Costumes
  • Spirit Halloween
  • The Costumer
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Pottery Barn Kids
  • Versace
  • LOFT
  • Rainbow Shops
  • LOFT Outlet
  • Chicago Costume
  • Plymouth Fancy Dress
  • Admiral Costumes
  • Costume Closet
  • Fancy Dress Hub
  • The Prop Shop
  • Limelite Costume Hire
  • Academy Costumes
  • The Joke Shop
  • Chows Emporium
  • Carnival Store
  • The Costume Store
  • Fancy Me
  • Castle Costumes
  • The Mad Hatter
  • Party Delights
  • Outfit
  • Party Delights
  • Costume Studio
  • Master of Disguise

Halloween costume names

Check out the latest Halloween costume names:

  • Fairydance Costumes
  • The Base Warehouse
  • Strut Stuff
  • Kampung Collection
  • My Mini-Me
  • Party Corner Costumes
  • Halloween Express Olathe
  • Mega Fancy Dress
  • Blossom Costumes
  • Rose Chong Costumes
  • Creative Costumes
  • Wonderland Costumes
  • Cracker Jack Costumes
  • Interlace Costume Shop
  • Behind The Mask
  • The Costume Shoppe
  • The Base Warehouse
  • Shindigs
  • The Costume Dept
  • Forever New
  • Dancewear Nation
  • Speedo
  • Kmart Armadale
  • Calvin Klein Underwear
  • Awesome Costumes
  • Krystal Fashion House
  • Simply Intimate
  • Hanbok House
  • Silhouette
  • Meridien Fancy Store
  • Malabar Limited
  • Value Village
  • Giggles
  • Forever 21
  • Manyavar

Fantasy clothing store names

These are the catchy and creative fantasy clothing store names:

  • Year Round Costumes
  • Costume Creations
  • Radiant
  • From The Attic
  • Vibe Costume
  • Galaxy Garments
  • Costume Castle
  • Foxglove Rosebud
  • Skull Plenty
  • Rexa Costume
  • Weird Wardrobes
  • Mild Stiches
  • Sweet Halloween
  • Adventurous Attire
  • Plume Costumes
  • Ghosts And Ghouls
  • Aroma Costume
  • Hourglass Apparels
  • Costume Realtor
  • Costume Crew
  • Costume Island
  • Belle Designs
  • Fashionista
  • Rental Conveyance
  • Costumes For All
  • Tribe Costume
  • Syle Tax Costume
  • Hobby Solstice
  • All Around Sequoia
  • Elusive Ensemble
  • Mass Costume Outlet
  • Halloween City
  • The Socialites
  • Costume Warehouse
  • Exquisite Cloth
  • Gorboots Costume
  • Prosper Costume
  • Perfect Touch
  • Outer Soul
  • Urban Walker Costume
  • Aster Morning Glory
  • Exclusive Design
  • Costumeify Lakeside
  • Costume Aura
  • Dressed Up
  • Dewdrop Costume Store
  • Masks And More
  • Snowdrop Sunflower

Concept store name ideas

Some of the best concept store name ideas are here:

  • On Demand Costumes
  • Passion For Fashion
  • BlackBear Americas
  • Silver Pearl
  • Creta Rentals
  • Strongwill Fabric
  • Costume Estates
  • Daring Dress
  • The Costume Creative
  • Embellished
  • Foster Costume
  • Forward Costume rental
  • Aura Costume
  • Charmed Alley
  • Concept Costume
  • Transformed
  • Top Tier Avatar
  • Nourish Costume
  • Costumeaholic
  • Bold Costume
  • Mega Costumes
  • Costume Villa
  • Core Costume
  • Cowboy Rental
  • Disguises And Dresses
  • Wave Costume
  • Costume Central
  • Trading Faces
  • Festive Frocks
  • Costumestation
  • Costume Skyline
  • Costumecog
  • Low-Cost Costumes
  • Tresses And Dresses
  • Total Transformation
  • Costume Kaboom
  • Costume Acre
  • Costumenetic
  • Colorblock
  • Outlandish Outfits
  • Flight Costume

Halloween store names

Here are the cool names of halloween costumes stores:

  • Disguises For Days
  • Costume Express
  • Year Round Halloween
  • Crowd Costume
  • Costume Collective
  • Come In Costume
  • Fantastical Raiment
  • Custom Camouflage
  • Rental Plex
  • Costume Room
  • Styled Tailors
  • Spectacular
  • Inside Costume
  • Green Rental
  • Rental Acre Scope
  • All Ages Costumes
  • Costume Keepers
  • Golden Rental
  • Resemble Ensemble
  • Rental Costume Vista
  • Crowd Costume
  • Dress Sense Store
  • The Costume Corner
  • Costume Capital
  • DaVinci Costume rental
  • Superhero & Villains
  • Axial Hydra
  • Rental Prospect
  • Ace Professionals
  • Spirit of the Stage
  • Age Arc Right
  • Rental Tenant
  • Rental Costume Prospect
  • Cansas Costume
  • Costume Celebration
  • Pearl Harbour Costume
  • OnCue Costumes
  • New And Used Costumes
  • Celebrations
  • Ultimate Fabric
costume store names and ideas

Tips to consider while naming the costume store

Naming a costume store is always fun; you have to choose a creative name according to the products you sell. Your costume business name should reflect your ideas and styles and the products you offer.

Below are some tips to be considered while naming a costume store.

1.      Brainstorming the ideas

Start brainstorming what kind of words can fit your business or perfect for your costume shop. In my opinion, I used words like actor, magic, etc.; as you can see, these are the words that are related to costumes, and these names are making sense.

Moreover, these names also reflect that there is a vast collection of costumes available at the store. Your main goal in brainstorming is to create a list of those names that come to your mind when naming your costume store.

If you are confused in finding names, you can also use a business name generator for naming a costume store. It will help you in finding a name which suits perfectly according to your business.

2.      Shortlist the ideas

After brainstorming different names and making a list of possible names for your costume store, the second and most important tip is to analyze your ideas. Remove all those names that are hard to remember, spell, or say aloud.

Choose words that are easy to remember, spell, and say aloud because of easy and short names, which are attractive and comfortable for customers to memorize. Keep those names in your list, which communicate your brand values to your target audience.

The checklist is following that will help you to shortlist your ideas:

  • Is the name straightforward and easy to remember?
  • Is the name easy to spell or even speak aloud?
  • Is the name is from your competitors or not?
  • Does the name convey a meaning related to your business?

3.      Check its availability

It would help if you shortlisted at least two-three names for your costume store. If any of the names on your list are already taken, so you have another option available to you. You can go through a quick business name search online to find out either your name is already registered or not in your country or state.

If your name is already taken so go for another name in your list. Also, check for trademark and domain registration.

4.      Do a competitor analysis

Go for competitor analysis as it will save a lot of your time. You will know what names you should avoid and understand how and why your business name is working for them and how your name will help you form your costume store.

When analyzing your competitor, you must think about the following things:

  • What are the business values and products they are conveying in their business name? How are they working for them?
  • How can I produce a better name than others? Who does it best, and why does it work?

5.      Focus on naming costume store, not describing it

Most business owners describe their business name, too; they use overused costumes like a superhero, Halloween, etc. A compelling business name should provide product values to customers.

Try those names that have a story behind them. For example, you can name your costume store “Hogtown mascots.” So you can see this name conveys that store is located in Hogtown and sells mascot costumes.

6.      Make it a memorable name

Create a memorable name that quickly gets inside your customer’s mind; it is a task that is not easy as it is said it takes a lot of time. Your costume store name should be memorable enough that it gives extra thought to customers among other competitors.

Following are the tips for making your costume store memorable

  • Use of rhythmic pronunciation and alliteration to get a memorable name.
  • Try to keep it short and simple

Long names are not as catchy as short names. So try to keep your costume short and straightforward. It will help customers to remember it quickly, and it will be more catchy.

7.      Avoid combining words

Mostly the business owners make a typical mistake by creating bad word combinations to make a unique name for their costume store when they found that the name is already taken.  For example,  Joseph names his costume business as OnCue Costumes, but he finds out the name has already been taken.

As Joseph decided already that he will name his costume store OnCue costumes to try to opt for any similar name for his outlet. So in search of a similar-sounding name, he will make a bad combination of different names such as CueCumes.

So as you can see, these kinds of names are not catchy for customers and are even difficult to memorize and pronounce. In this type of scenario, my suggestion is to start from scratch and choose a name wisely.

8.      Use perfect grammar

Grammar can help you a lot when playing with words that will decide on a unique costume store name. However, there are so many techniques that can be used to give your costume store a perfect reputation. Above all, the use of correct grammar is a game-changer for naming a costume store.

9.      Get feedback

You will have a list of 3-6 best costume store names, so you need to ask your potential customers or those people who are already working in the industry for feedback, ask from your target audience.

Avoid your friends and family from getting feedback as they are not your target audience, and they will be likely to praise your ideas in any case.

You can ask questions like :

  • What pops up to your mind when you first hear our business name?
  • How will you spell it?
  • How will you pronounce or say it aloud?
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