180 Inspirational Retirement Home Names Ideas

When it comes time to think about a retirement home, many people find themselves at a loss for what to call the place. While there are many generic terms for retirement homes, such as nursing home, old folks’ home, and assisted living, each one has its own connotations and implications.

Some people might prefer a more specific term for their retirement home in order to feel like they are more in control of their lives and their surroundings.

For example, you might call your home a “Nursing Home” if you are in the midst of a long-term illness and need assistance from staff.

Retirement Home Names

Denture Capital

Dot Compost

Broadway Wellborne

Worthridge Estates

Broadway Czar

Retiree’s Corner

Moon Over Nowhere

Codger’s Realm

Godzilla’s Playground

Du Ponderosa

Homeowners Realty

Ancient Realm

Green Home Retreat


Critical Moss

Bistro des Sources

The Phoenix House

Bleak Sunrise

VIP Retirement

Second Coming

Thistlerock Farm

Broadway Baggins

Homes by Midnight

Cutting Hedge

Sweet Virginia

Almond Terrace

Countless Ours

The Laveen Lofts

La Casa Grande

Information Aged

Good Retirement Home Names

Arizona Nest Realty

Octopus Garden

Atlantis Gardens

Tailgate Canyon


Autumn Wind

Fawn Meadows


Fremont Home

Pappy’s Veranda

Conagra Park

Stone Ranch

Whisper Flower

Victory Opus

Satellite Retirement

Bagel Palace

The Turgenev

Distinctive Arms

Castillos de Calm

Leaside Resorts

Gage and Desoto

Flying Chaucer

Stepford Steppes

Drooping Ploom

Emerald Comfort

Totally Tied Home

Final Consumption

Subtle Stubble

Mild Manor

Marquis de Sod

Best Retirement Home Names

Corndog House

The Place Forks

Monsoon Mosaic

The Shatter Diner

Burnt Umber


Peaceful Rest

Apollo 95

Smarter Communities

Field of Prawns

Stacy’s Place

Aorta Non Grata

Bridlewood Bali

Horizon Sky

Retro Salts

Bard’s Bench

French Poodle

Air Apparent

Ruthless Toothless

SMART by Choice

The Swift

Experienced Goods

Blissful Bunker

Mountain Sea Sky

Cranky Petunia

Ezy Retirement AZ

Sunset Retreat

Bid and Ask Spread

Breeze Village

Happier Beavers

Creative Retirement House Names

Warranty’s Choice

Landspeake Villas

Stucco Palace

Bible Bounty

Scattered Seed

Casa de Noche

Doberman Acres

Fungus Farm

Freakin Zone

Burly Gates

Halcyon Arms


Days n Daze

Drippy Dockside


Briny Heights

Visionary Retirement

Tracy’s Treasures

The Retirement Home


Tower of Hope

Butyl Bladder

Darwin’s Lagoon

The Francis Bacon

Desert Palms

Coral Gables

Smart Estate Phoenix

Camp Grandmada

Leos Caracoles


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Sea Mountain

Broadway Etiquette

Seventh Heaven

Tradec Phoenix

Pensioner Creek

Civility Place

Lapoints Retirement

Escargot Fields

Dune Drops

Auburn Shale

Flying Horse


Leaside Suites

Creative Endures

Brighter A Life

Congealed Shadow

Future Fertilizer

Austen Space

Dog Country

Elder Gardens

Casa Quiece

Old West Retreat

Passion Planet

Rancho Botox

Casa de Botox

Tranquil Tsc

Bonzai Gardens


Seventh Gate

Distinction Extinction

Retirement Home Names

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How to Name a Retirement Home

When picking a name for your retirement home, it’s important to keep in mind how you want people to perceive it. You don’t want it to sound like a nursing home, which is often seen as a place for the elderly. You also want to make sure the name is something you will be happy with for years to come.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking a retirement home name:

1.     Is the name easy to say and remember?

 Although it is possible to name a retirement home after one of the rooms, this can make it hard for people to remember the name. In reality, the name should be easy to remember, so that people will easily recognize the place when they are looking for it.

2.     Does the name reflect what you want your retirement home to be?

 The name can certainly reflect what you want your retirement home to be. But the name also reflects an image of who we are and what we have been able to accomplish over our combined decades in the business.

3.     What type of name will be most effective for your retirement home?

 A name that sounds natural to the target market is usually the best choice. Imagine if a retirement home called “The Amish Barn” was located in a city where there are hardly any Amish people. That name would not be as effective for attracting prospective residents and investors.

4.     Names that reflect your personality or interests

 Can be a great way to make your retirement home feel like the place that you want it to be.

Does your retirement home need more character? Is there something unique about what you have already? If so, do not hesitate to go for a name that is different and unusual.

5.     Keep it classic

 By calling your retirement home a “home” or “house” rather than a “retirement village”.

Keep it simple.  Don’t go over the top and make your retirement house sound more luxurious than it is.


In conclusion, it is important to choose a retirement home that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Consider the name of the home when making your decision. The name of the home can set the tone for the residents’ experience.

Make sure to ask questions and take a tour before making a final decision. A retirement home is a big investment, so it is important to make the right choice for you and your loved ones.

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