800 Memorable House Names to Inspire You

House names have been around for centuries and serve as a way to identify and personalize a property.

Whether it’s a quaint cottage in the countryside or a sprawling mansion in the city, giving a special name to a home adds a sense of character and charm.

House names are not only a form of expression but also a way for homeowners to showcase their individuality and creativity.

In some cultures, house names hold significant cultural or religious meanings, adding an extra layer of depth to the property.

In today’s digital age, house names are also important for online visibility and branding. Here we will discuss the best house names and tips for choosing the best name.

The tradition of house naming continues to thrive, adding a touch of personality to every corner of the world.

House Name Ideas

House Names

Bell Cottage

Bonne Chance

Maison Calme

Sunrise View

Sweet Dreams


Summer House

Uptown House

Cozy Cottage

Forest Haven

The Hideaway

Villa d’Este

Joyful Place

Summer Villa

Mystic Manor

Little Brook

Casa Delight

Bonfire Loft

Morning Mist

Mystic Woods

Ocean Breeze

Sweet Breeze

Vista Valley

Winding Path

Windy Valley

Cascade View

Emerald Lake

Forest Falls

Jubilee Park

The Madhouse

Abode of Joy

Forest Lodge

Tudor Towers

Cedar Island

Villa Serena

The Rosewood

Sunset Villa

Valley Lodge

Eagle’s Nest

Abbey Cottage

Rosilian Hall

Hawthorn View

Langdon Manor

Little Valley

Orchard House

Comfort House

Coral Cottage

The Homestead

Willow Whimsy

Riviera Ridge

Slate Sanctum

Prosper Point

Harmony Haven

Opulent Oasis

Immense house

Lilac Cottage

The Dark Side

Smith’s Store

Russett House

Birch Cottage

Moonwin House

Floosto House

House Goodwin

The Last Post

Weswind villa

Holly Cottage

Stone’s House

Costa Fortune

Thornes Brook

The NUT house

Kitty Cottage

Wilkins’s Pub

Mystery House

Warnham Lodge

the Dark Lord

House Greyjoy

The Big House

White Cottage

Midnight Moon

Loveable Home

Bushy Cottage

Elm Tree Wood

House Mormont

Robin’s House

Olive’s House

Tansy Cottage

Old Man House

Paige’s House

King’s palace

Daisy Cottage

Harmony House

Blissful Home

Toad Hall 496

Hillcrest 310

Heureux happy

Dream Cottage

Paradise Lane

Bayside Manor

Vista Del Mar

Best House Names

Seaside Escape

Sunshine Shack

Crystal Palace

Glengarry Glen

Lakeside Manor

Parkview Place

Hillside Haven

The City Oasis

Endless Oceans

Horizon’s Edge

Midnight Oasis

Sanctuary Cove

Sunrise Shores

Sunshine Villa

Aloha Paradise

Mountain Oasis

House of Cards

This Old Shack

Mischief Manor

Giggle Mansion

Casa de la Fun

Glitter Palace

Crystal Waters

Jukebox Heaven

Golden Cottage

Silver Springs

Venetian Villa

Fairhaven Glen

Mayfield Manor

Paradise Ridge

Luxe Residence

Garden Mansion

Sunny Paradise

Dreamy Cottage

Rosewood Manor

Pleasant Grove

Crimble Cottage

Bramble Cottage

Orchard Cottage

Seaside Cottage

Driftwood Villa

Olde Post House

The Last resort

Long Lover Lane

Holiday Hideout

The Old Rectory

Bluebirbd Bliss

Fortuna’s Favor

Lucky Leaf Lane

Bungalow Beacon

Executive house

Birchwood House

Chimney Cottage

Oakhall Cottage

House Targaryen

Millfield Lodge

Tannery Gardens

The White House

The Grim Reaper

Bulverton House

House Lannister

The Coach House

Mill House Farm

Swallow Cottage

The Other House

Newland Cottage

Woolley Cottage

The Horse House

Get Off My Lawn

Windchime Alley

The Funny House

Appletree Lodge

Stillness Villa

Jasmine Cottage

Hearth and Home

Island Paradise

Home Sweet Home

Palatial Castle

Riverside Oasis

Evergreen Lodge

Hidden Paradise

Riverview Place

Beachside Manor

Paradise Palace

Honeycomb Haven

Redcliffe Manor

Alexeyev Estate

The Vista House

Northern Lights

Birchwood Haven

Celestial Haven

Castle of Chaos

The Hobbit Hole

Peaceful Valley

Sunshine Valley

Emerald Estates

Best House Names

Funny House Names

Court of Dreams

Sunset Paradise

Hillcrest Oasis

Oceanside Abode

Hilltop Mansion

The Grand Villa

Riverside Lodge

Woodland Estate

Evergreen Acres

Yew Tree Cottage

Pineview Cottage

Lakeview Cottage

Dolce Vita Villa

Villa Bellissimo

Maison Terranova

Old School House

Bluebell Cottage

Nuthatch Cottage

Shittington Lane

The Tiny Cottage

Ladybird Cottage

Bliss on the Bay

Meadowlark Manor

Mystique Mansion

Fortunate Fields

The Sloppy House

Walnut Tree Farm

The Old Vicarage

Crumpsbank House

The Square House

Primrose Cottage

The Spooky House

The Sabato Raves

End Farm Cottage

House of the Sun

Murderer’s Alley

Snowdrop Cottage

The Little House

Solace Residence

Restful Dwelling

Harmony Hideaway

Serenity Springs

La Vie est Belle

Starlight Shores

Rosewood Retreat

Fairview Cottage

Lakeview Mansion

Hillside Cottage

Lakeside Mansion

Woodland Retreat

Seashell Cottage

Summerwind Manor

Sunshine Cottage

Sunrise Paradise

Wisteria Cottage

High Rise Heaven

Ambrosia Cottage

Stargazer Estate

Cloud Nine Condo

Lighthouse Point

Peaceful Retreat

Whispering Woods

Honeymoon Harbor

The Flipside Inn

The Funky Palace

The Summer Shack

The Winter Lodge

Dr. Who’s Tardis

Dreamland Palace

Stratford Valley

Timberland Manor

Whitecliff House

White Pine House

Harborview Haven

Hollywell Cottage

Wild Rose Cottage

Hollyhock Cottage

The Cuckoo’s Nest

Bijoux Beginnings

Half-pint Cottage

Honeysuckle Haven

Pebblebrook Place

Buttercup Cottage

Serendipity Suite

Kaleidoscope Keep

Odd Otter Outpost

Twist Turn Tavern

Mosaic Moat Manor

Darth Vader House

The House of Life

the Potion Master

Cheryl and Bill’s

The Haunted House

Lukens’ Homestead

Evergreen Cottage

Wisteria Cottages

The Old Parsonage

Snowdrops Cottage

Tranquility Villa

Jessamine Cottage

Countryside Manor

Unique House Names

Hillside Hideaway

Waterside Cottage

Countryside house

Nest In The Woods

Treehouse Retreat

Cottage of Dreams

Sunflower Retreat

Maplewood Mansion

Whitehall Cottage

Rivendell Retreat

Starlight Mansion

Wildflower Meadow

The Hall of Humor

Manor of Paradise

Abode of Elegance

Riverside Retreat

The Elysium House

Vista Vista Villa

The Castle Estate

Pine Valley Lodge

Cedar Crest Manor

Blue Heaven Manor

Beech Tree Cottage

Bumblebee Bungalow

Thistledown Thatch

Whimsy Wagon Works

Topsy-Turvy Towers

Brookside Bungalow

Bungalow Belleview

Beachwood Bungalow

Blackberry Cottage

The Old Guy Fawkes

The Laughing House

The House of Humor

Kingfisher Cottage

Wildflower Retreat

San Francisco Fort

High Street Palace

City Lights Duplex

Edenwood Townhouse

The Luxe Residence

Beachside Bungalow

Château of Knights

Oasis Resort House

Meadow View Estate

The Castle Retreat

Old Rectory Cottage

Restore The Chateau

Princess Park Manor

Knightsbridge Manor

Sunshine and Smiles

Lucky Lantern Lodge

Squiggle Squat Spot

Birch Bark Bungalow

House of the Sullen

Wheelwright Cottage

Disney Land Cottage

The Olde Post House

Rollinghill Estates

Sweetbreeze Cottage

The Penthouse Suite

Happy Go Lucky Home

The House of Esteem

The Castle of Chaos

The Manor of Mayhem

The Tower of Terror

The House of Horror

Mountain View Lodge

The Palatial Estate

Harbourside Cottage

Ocean Breeze Estate

The Hideaway Cottage

Golden Grains Grange

Peculiar Perch Place

Breezy Bend Bungalow

The Old School House

Snow White’s Cottage

Beauty and the Beast

The House of Terrors

Maple Hill Farmhouse

Valleyview Residence

The Palace of Dreams

Beezelbub’s Bungalow

The Yellow Submarine

The House of Fortune

The House of Wonders

The Mansion of Magic

The Lair of Laughter

Island Retreat House

Elm Tree Wood Cottage

Morning Glory Cottage

Blissful Bay Bungalow

Mountain View Retreat

Summer Breeze Retreat

Meadowcrest Farmhouse

Luxury house exterior

The Home of Happiness

Paradise Cove Mansion

Blossom Bluff Bungalow

Bungalow by the Brooks

Bamboo Bridge Bungalow

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Lucky House Names


Blue Bay

The Nest



Blue Sky

The Lodge

The Croft

Elm Villa


Bogg View

The Winds

Fine Hall

Toad Hall

The Pines


Ivy House

Daisy Den

Nexa Nest

Aero Arch

Salty Dog




Fanta Sea

Park View

Pine View






Wild Bank


Never Inn

Long View

Gena Rise


Deja View



Cat House


The Haven







Taw Court



Corn Hall

Bay Lodge

Grey Barn

Oak House

Haven 483

Belle Vue

La Maison

Baby Blue



The Ville

The Oasis


The Rocks

Mill House

Rose Villa

Sierra Sky

Sea La Vie


Eton Villa

Robin Hill

Costa Lota

Tarts Hill

Four Winds

Onyx Oasis

Cubix Cove

Yoke house

The Gables

Evil House


High Trees




The Acorns





The Castle



House Frey

By the Way

Tiny House



Lucky House Names

Small House Names


Kites Farm

Bell House


Bad Manors

The Warren

Haw Thrown

Sweet Home

Old School



Des Moines


Lake house



The Locals

Moody Moon

Quiet Cove

Hush Haven

South Bank

Tythe Barn

Oval House

House Farm


Gai Sejour

Lazy River

Cedar Lane


Sunny Lane

Sea Breeze

The Palace



The Garden


The Hamlet

Tiny Oasis

Park Place

Fancy Free

Cloud Nine

Bottle Top

Cloudy Day

Tidal Wave

Azure Cove

Loony Lair

Blue Haven

Dove Creek

Manor Hill


Meadow View

Cleeve Mill

Ivy Cottage

The Piggery

Soddom Hall

Hilltop B&B

Beech Trees

Beach Haven

Ocean Pearl

Happy Place

Cove Castle

Zenith Loft

Lunar Ledge

Verve Villa

Linear Loft

Mingle Mews

Pivot Place

Chair House

Scout house

Little Wood

House Slynt


Old Cottage

Windy Ridge

Rubble Hall

The Granary


Willow Barn

The Meadows

The Cherrie

Court Lodge


The Orchard

The Laurels


House Selmy

Little Oaks

Brick House

Green Hills

Ha-Ha House

La La House

Oak Cottage

Moe’s Motel

The Stables

Fancy House

Rocky House

White House

Empty House

Dopey House

House Tully

House Names Generator


House Tarly

Crow’s Nest


Hope Corner

The Beeches

Baggins Rnd

Poppy House

Sea Breezes

Pooh Corner

Mighty Oaks

The Cottage

Coast House

Zen Retreat

Calm Corner

Peace Haven

Holly House

Hazel Copse

Laurels 341

Bonne Heure

Cote d’Azur

En Harmonie

Chez Recoin

Windy Acres

Copper Hill

Blue Heaven

Meadow Walk

Cozy Corner

Rose Garden

Sugar Shack

The Caravan

Blue Lagoon

Happy Haven

The Willows

Island Life

Radiant Sun

Golden Rays

Nutty Villa

Windy Hills

Green Acres

Valley View

Tree Cottage

Barn Cottage

The Chapters

Crow Cottage

Great Escape

Casa Palmera

Chevin Croft

Windy Bottom

Piddle River

Dun Struglin

Little Court

Luxury Lodge

Simply Relax

Blissful B&B

Rose Cottage

Nirvana Nook

Element Edge

Vertex Villa

Prism Pointe

Motion House

Wisdom house

Dew Drop Inn

Hunters Wood


Hedera House

Foxmoor Hall

Barton Villa

No Wake Zone

Deluxe Manor

The Cherries

School House

House Tyrell

The Crofties

Binalong Way

Pearly Gates

Sierra Lodge

Cardiac Rest

Curtis House

Robins Hedge

Laurel Place

Sunny Fields

Burger House

Rocket House

Boring Manor

Little Copse

Cornwell way

The Bungalow

Little Acorn

Stone Bridge

Hope Cottage

The Bloomers

Turret House

Corner House

Bridge lands

Green Palace

Breeze blows

Serene Oasis

Gentle Haven

Zenith House

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect House Names

Choosing the perfect house name can be a fun and creative process.

Whether you’re naming a new home or renaming an existing one, here are some tips to help you come up with a meaningful and memorable house name:

Consider the Location

Incorporate the geographical or historical context of the location. This could be a local landmark, natural feature, or historical event associated with the area.

Personal Significance

Choose a name that holds personal significance for you or your family. It could be related to a shared interest, a favorite book, a family motto, or a meaningful word.

Reflect the Architecture or Style

Take inspiration from the architectural style or design of the house. A Victorian mansion might have a different vibe than a modern, minimalist home.

Cultural Influences

If you have a strong cultural background or connection, consider incorporating elements from that culture into the house name.

Wordplay and Puns

Get creative with wordplay and puns. A clever or humorous house name can be both memorable and entertaining.

Family Name or Crest

If you have a family name or crest, consider incorporating it into the house name for a sense of tradition and continuity.

Remember that the perfect house name is a subjective choice, so trust your instincts and select something that resonates with you and your family.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing House Names

Choosing a house name can be an exciting process, but there are some common mistakes that people often make. Here are four to avoid:

Lack of Research

Mistake: Not researching existing house names in the area.

Why to Avoid: Choosing a name without checking if it’s already in use nearby can lead to confusion and potential legal issues.

It’s important to ensure your chosen name is unique within your neighborhood.

Ignoring Future Resale Value

Mistake: Selecting a name without considering its appeal to potential future buyers.

Why to Avoid: While personal significance is crucial, it’s also wise to think about the long term.

A highly personalized or niche name may not resonate with everyone, potentially affecting the property’s resale value.

Being Too Trendy

Mistake: Choosing a name solely based on current trends.

Why to Avoid: Trends come and go, and a trendy house name may quickly feel outdated. Opt for something timeless and meaningful to ensure it remains relevant over the years.

Overcomplicating or Obscure Names

Mistake: Selecting a name that is too complex, hard to pronounce, or obscure.

Why to Avoid: A house name should be easy to remember and pronounce.

Overly complicated or obscure names may cause confusion, and people may forget or mispronounce it. Aim for clarity and simplicity.

Remember that a house name is a personal choice, and while avoiding these mistakes is advisable, the ultimate decision should align with your preferences and the unique characteristics of your home.

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