280 Popular and Cool Green House Names Ideas

Looking for a green house name? There are many great green house names for those looking to start their own greenhouse or use one to grow herbs and produce.

There are also names that will appeal to those who have a love of gardening. Before you get started consider the things we enlisted below.

Greenhouse names are not always easy to come by and there are several factors that can go into choosing a name. A great greenhouse name will reflect your interests and will be a reflection of the products you sell. 

It should also reflect your business and give potential customers a good idea as to what they can expect when they visit your store or greenhouse.

A great green house name will help you stand out from the crowd, attract customers, and set your business apart from other green houses in your area. You can also choose a name based on your industry.

If you run an organic garden center for example, you could use the name Organic Garden Center. The name should reflect your business and product line.

Green House Names

Growers Paradise

Rural Design

Growler Flower

Soft Surface

Flowers Unlimited


Evergreen Nursery

Perfect Carnation

Lily Pad Nursery

Life in Bloom

Cohesive Ground

Plant Perfect

Ivy Garden

De Lilacs

Cultivation Place

The Clover Fence


Bonzai Florist

Rose Culture

Lovely Landscapes

The Tilted Tulip


Petals and Leaves

Golden Meadow

Land Place

Mini Tropics

Bloom Season

Landscape Yard

Gardenia Nursery

The City Gardener

Creative Garden Names

Power Plant

Marble Greens


Kingsdown Nurseries

Experimental Yard

The Pistillate

Paddock Plants

The Sea of Bloom

The Luscious Garden


Nature’s Paradise

Petals & Leaves

The Pictorial

Roses ‘n’ Posies

The Smarty Plant

Dry Grime Place

Begrime Place

Carriage Flowers

Griff’s Greenhouse

Vineland Nursery

Botanic Heaven

Greenhouse Gary

Fresh Flora

The Flower Bee

Foreign Land Pro

Green Gardening


Brown Stain

Harmony Garden

Nature Thrive

Fancy Name for Greenhouse

Flower Lovers

The Garden Trough

Royal Blooms

Sub Sunlight

Gainful Guide


Prouder Flower

Nature’s Design

More Than Flowers

Floral Passion

The Greens King

Prana Roots

A New Leaf

Garden Envy

Plant Up

Schnauzer Flower

The Nursery

Happy Petals

The Greenery

Leafy Gardens

Full Flores

Fowler Flower

The Green Room

New Leaf Nursery

Desert Fig Tree

Carnation Spot

Purple Flowers

Smell the Roses

The Herb Barn

Well Weeded

What are some adorable green house names?

Green Trove

Budding Beauty

Mr. Green Shade

Gainful Guernsey

Kiss of Spring

Bloom Nursery


The Rare Peak

Sun Blossom

Tropical Plants

Jungle Fever

Spring Bloom

Nourished Nature

Rainbow Bouquet

Blooming Growth


Flower Buddy

Backyard Blooms

Garden Store

Flower Fetish

The Productive

Cardigan Gardening

Petal Farm

Greenhouse Stock

Wild Heyday

Triangle Nursery

Roses are Red

Planter’s Nursery

Buncha Flowers

The Sweet

Good Greenhouse Names

Classic Roses

Rock Creek Nursery

Spring Buddie

Fancy Greenery

The Sub Bemire

Butterfly Orchards

The English Garden

Marveling Gardening

Go For The Garden

Backyard Collective

Little Carnation

Utopia Gardens

Fabulous Flowers

The Porous

The Stony

Picker’s Patch



Summer Orchard

Simple Florals

The Profitable


Blossom Valley

Life Of A Gardener

The Hydroponic


Plot Of Veggies

Ambassador Floral

The Warm

Encircling Gardening

Green House Names

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How to Come Up with Green House

Choosing the right name for your green house can be tricky. There are a lot of options to choose from and it can be hard to know what will best suit your needs.

Here are few thigs to come up with catchy and unique green house names:

1.     Look at your competitors

Find out what other green houses are in your area and try to match their names with yours. It will help you come up with a unique name for your greenhouse.


Tropical Creations

Prepared Ground

The Decorative

Sunshine & Flowers

Busy Bee Florist

Don’s House Plants

Green Machines


Cacti Nursery


The Precious

Lakeside Nursery

Blue Bells Nursery

Good Gardners

Smart Plants

Unsaturated Grease

Harvest Garden

Sweet Seeds

Meanest Heyday

2.     Think about why you are opening the green house in the first place

This will help you come up with a name that reflects the business’ purpose. What are you selling or what do you want to promote in your green house.

The Gainful

A Hint of Spring

Lunar Planting

Bountiful Petals

The Gainful Farming

Herb Garden

Astro Garden

Flowers & More

Floral Masters

Greenhouse Growers

Fresh Cut Flowers

Community Garden

Blooming Delights

Express Flowers

Bloom & Grow

The Plant Place

Green Feel

Quality Plants

Blossom Branch


3.     Use Colorful and Descriptive Names

This will help you come up with an overall name that is catchy and recognizable. Try to avoid using the same names that your competitors are using.

A Rays to Grow

Dovetail Nursery


Dogwood Daily

A Classic Bloom

Enchanted Garden


Lush Gardens

Green ‘n Growing

Wellspring Nursery

Decorative Plants

Pinecone Petals

Sunburst Nursery

Grow It!


Epiphyte Nursery


Seeds For Weeds

Greenhills Nursery

Good Greenhouse

4.     Choose a name that reflects your eco-friendly values

Using the word “green” in your business name is a good start. Search for a name you like and that makes sense to you.

You can also try to use a combination of words that reflect your business’ values.

Exotic Blossom

Berry Bushes

Tender Love


Sunshine Florist

Blossom Group

The Orange Cob

Shop Botanical


Pretty Roses Pro

The Alpine

Arsonist Gardening

Female Favor

The Fragrant

Beginner’S Garden

Grandma’s Gazebo

Lovely Vegetable

Outside Backyard

Plant It for Me

Gardens Wey

5.     Use nature as inspiration

If you are looking for a name that is unique, consider using nature. One of the best examples of this is a company named “Nature’s Botanicals”.

Nature offers a great platform to use in your business name and it can help you promote your values.

Rochester Flowers

Exquisite Flush

Greene County

Outside of Eden

Clover Nurture

Garden Central

The Home Depot

Goodness Gardens

Plumbline Gardens

Soft Subsoil

Paradise Nursery

Plants R Us

Fresh Pieces

Joe’s Morning Glories

Garden Passion

The Extensive

Green Posh

Enchanted Florist

Good Guernsey

Blooming Tulips


In conclusion, there are many different types of greenhouses, each with their own unique set of benefits.

If you are interested in starting your own greenhouse, be sure to do your research and find the type that is best for you. And don’t forget to give your greenhouse a fun name!

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