160 Beautiful Posh Group Names Ideas

If you have no idea how to go about naming your group, then why not give something that sounds fun and creative.

Here I’ll share some good posh group names to help you choose a name right away. In the end, there are some points to help you come up with a name for your posh group by yourself.

So let’s get started with our first example:

“The Boring Group”

This is an interesting one because it has the word boring in there which makes this sound like a negative thing but if you think of it positively.

It could be seen as a very cool-sounding and funny name for a group, team, or even a club! what do you think?

Next up we’ve got…

“The Funky Band”

Again here we can see that funky is used positively so again it would make sense to use this when describing a friend’s group. Wouldn’t it?

Here is a list of creative group names that will be loved by everyone:

Bottoms up


Cheetah Chicks

Chicks with Kicks

Chicks with Sticks

Eye Candy Chicks

Fire Ants



Girls who Score

Happy Chicks

Hippie Chicks

Junk Yard Divas

Kick Chicks

Luck be a Lady

Lucky Duckies

Mavens of Mayhems

One Time at Band Camp

Pegasus Squad

Posh Group Names

Here are the creative group names for posh:

Purple Puffs


Sacks and the City

Screaming Divas

Short Cuts

Shut Up and Bounce

Taste the Rainbow

The Blond and the Beautiful

The Rack Pack

You Just Lost to a Girl

Young Tarts and Old Farts

Amazonian Mermaids


Electric Currents

Estrogen Express

Fly girls

Fusion girls

Goal Diggers

Hell Hath No Fury

Hot Flash

The Wise Women

Tinsel Toes

Vixen’s Pixies

Kick’ n Kangaroos

Kiss My Boots

Posh Group Names

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How to come up with a name for your group

What do you think of when I say the word “group”? Do you picture an organized collection of people who meet regularly or maybe even work together on projects?

Or perhaps it is more like a bunch of friends hanging out in one place.

Whatever image comes into mind first might be what you should consider as the basis for choosing a name for your group. If this doesn’t seem right, try thinking outside the box.

Find a common element among the members.

If you find one thing that unites most people within your group, try naming your posh group after that.

For instance, if you’re planning a book reading group, consider calling it “Bookworms United.” Or maybe you’d prefer to focus more on activities rather than books.

Then go ahead and name your group after those activities. How about some examples here:


Pony Tails

Red Hots

Saddle Tramps

Sole Sisters

Sonic Boom


The Tatas that Bind

Treasured chests

The Rack Attack

Trivia Tramps

Venom Squad

Victorious Secret

Vipers Girls

Your Pace or Mine


American Idols


Black Magic

The Rowdy Rudolphs

The Stocking Stuffers

Winter Wonderland

Take recommendations from group members

What is your vision for this group? Are you looking forward to creating memories together over time? Do you plan to meet regularly throughout the school year?

Will you host annual events? It all depends on you and your posh group members. So, ask their opinions as well or just give them the options to choose from, such as below:

Blue Dolphin

Blue Sky

Blue Unicorns

Cleats and Cleavage

Disco Divas


Dream Team

Doomsday Divas

Galaxy Girls

Howling Hyenas

Infinity Group

Lady Lions

Lemon Drops

No Fear


Pink Ladies


Southern Belles

Stingers Squad

Super Girls

Add special words, such as friend’s coded words.

Sometimes, good friends have secret language or words that they can only understand. They mean nothing to others, however, mean something secret to friends.

Those words may be your group name if you have them.

If not, read these good posh group names to choose from:

The Goldilocks

The Wild

Wild Thangs


Babe Bunch

Ceiling Shatterers

Chick Clique

Daisy Dukes

Diamonds in the Rough


Femme Fatale

Flossy Posse

Get It Girls

Get Ovary It

Girl Bosses

Girl Gang

Girls, Manterrupted

Here to Slay

HERstory Makers

Hustlin’ Honeys

La Femme

Lady Loves

Always come up with a memorable group name.

It doesn’t matter whether you have 10 or 1,000 members—you always need a catchy group name. The key here is to choose something that stands out above all the rest.

Which of these creative posh group names you would like to pick:

Leading Ladies

Pantsuit Sisters

Pink Hats

Pretty Pack

Pretty Tough

Queen Bees

Run like a girl

She Devils

Sister Tribe

Sisters before Misters

Slay All Day

Slick Chicks

Super Fem

The Female Force

The Matriarchy

Venus Vixens

Woke Women

Wonder Women

Angels on Horseback


Candy Canes

Elf for Leathers

Gangster Wrappers

Grinch Gang

Holly Berries

Holly Jollys

Ice Storm

Jingle Junkies

Merry Quizmas

Mistletoe Wanderers

Get feedback or add a poll on social media.

If you have shortlisted some posh group names, you get feedback on social media. Or even create a poll and find out which option would people prefer.

Up to you now. But before going, give quick feedback on these posh group name ideas:

Naughty List


Peppermint Twists

Polar Bears

Prancer’s Enhancers

Red Nose Reindeers

Rein dears

Santa’s Helpers

Santa’s Little Jumpers

Santa’s Little Trotters

Santa’s Workshop

Silent Knights

Silver Bells

Sleigh Belles


Sugar Plum Fairies

The Avalanche

Bouncing Baubles

The Christmas Crackers

Christmas Jumpers

The Cool Carolers

Demented Elves

The Fruitcakes

The Jingle Belles

The Parumpapapums

Pregnant Virgins

The Promise Keepers

Roasting Chestnuts

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