180+ Cool Discussion Group Names Ideas

If you have no idea how to go about naming your group, then why not give something that sounds fun and creative.

Here I’ll share some good discussion group names to help you choose a name right away.

In the end, there are some points to help you come up with a name for your discussion group by yourself.

So let’s get started with our first example:

“The Boring Group”

This is an interesting one because it has the word boring in there which makes this sound like a negative thing but if you think of it positively.

It could be seen as a very cool-sounding and funny name for a group, team, or even a club! what do you think?

Next up we’ve got…

“The Funky Band”

Again here we can see that funky is used positively so again it would make sense to use this when describing a friend’s group. Wouldn’t it?

Here is a list of creative group names that will be loved by everyone:

Family Matters

Virtual Reality

Happy Family

Home Sweet Home

Married With Kids

Mom’s the Boss

My Folks

My Wife and Kids

Nuts and Bolts

Sibling Signals

Sister Sisters

Great Mates

Discussion Group Names

Here are the best group names for discussion:

Baddies and Buddies

Colony of Weirdos

Like Glue

Connect the Dots

Brotherly Harmony

On the Wire

Across the Sea

No Nonsense

All in the Mind

Spoke Folks

The Branches

The Cool Gang

The Talkative Tribe

We Are Family

Chat Group Names

Check out these group names for the chat:

The Ladybugs

Little Spoons

Lucky Charms

Frosted Flakes

Boston Tea Parties

Busy Bodies

Funny Folk

Baby Dolls

Baby Spice

Ooh Lá Lá

Pot of Gold

Shish Kabobbins

Wine and Dine

Blooming Bunnies


Jamba Juicy


Fanny’s Pack

Lost Glass Slipper

Discussion Group Names

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How to come up with a name for your group

What do you think of when I say the word “group”? Do you picture an organized collection of people who meet regularly or maybe even work together on projects?

Or perhaps it is more like a bunch of friends hanging out in one place.

Whatever image comes into mind first might be what you should consider as the basis for choosing a name for your group. If this doesn’t seem right, try thinking outside the box.

1.  Create a name out of the group’s interest or purpose.

For instance, if you’re interested in cooking, create a name based on food. You may also want to take inspiration from hobbies such as sports teams, music groups, etc.

Use these discussion group names for your inspiration:

Whaddup Cuz

Flower Power

Pretty Girl Rock

Backstreet Girls

Boots and Skirts

Girl on Fire

Feline Phenom

California Girls

Choir of Angels

First Ladies

Hot Cheetos

The Rack Pack

Victorious Secret

Queen Bees

Shake It Off

So, what you would do is to pick a title that reflects the purpose or interest of the group. For instance, “Selfie Sister”, “The Book Lovers’ Society,” “The Fishing Champions.”

2.  Mix and match words

Don’t feel limited by words. There are no rules here, no copyright laws – so go crazy! Intermix words.

 Be sure to come up with something catchy, like these discussion group names:

Nip and Tucks

Hail Marys

“The Ladies”

The Taco Belles

The Beyonces

Don’t Peek

Spicy Sugars

The Insomniacs

The Grapes of Math

The Cool Nerds

Study Wars

Riders of the Storm

Alive Scholars Society

All Night Long

Belly Ups

Party Balls

50-Year Dash

Drop the Bombs

Game of Phones

Future Silver Foxes

Postcards from Mars

Lone Wolfpack

Christmas Coal

The Dude Guys

The Jacks Daniel

Sweaty Gym Socks

The Chicken Tenders

3.  Make it short but catchy!

Just remember to keep things simple and memorable. Be sure to know the related words to discussion that could be used instead.

Here are words related to discussion you can consider adding to the group’s name:













4.  Use your locality name.

Many cities and towns have unique names that reflect their history and culture. These local names are usually quite distinctive and easily remembered.

That’s what you can do too. How would it be if you use your region name in your group name adding a word or two with it?

Check out these interesting discussion group names and see if you can fit them with your locality name:

Skipping Class

Library Lurkers

Silent Tooters


Study Buddies

Don’t Test Us

Changing Majors

Ultimate Nerds

Affirmative Reaction

Textbook Text Bookers

Drastic Measures

Kids These Days

Unpaid Library Fines

Mayan Calendar


The Roof Is on Fire

Snitches and Stitches

Life Is a Highway

Han Not Solo

We Hustle for a Living

You can also use the name of the place you love instead of your locality name.

5.  Pick a theme.

Theme names are perfect for themed events such as birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and other special occasions.

Theme group names also work for clubs where members must dress according to a certain style or color scheme.

Find out some themed names for your group here:

Back to the Future

Long Story Short

We’re Lost

Hotel California

Wrong Tree

Cut the Mustard

Devil’s Advocate

Human Targets

Westcoast Riders

Eastcoast Sons

Homerun and a Half

Eggs in One Basket

Rubber Ducks

The Peanut Gallery

Be Back Soon

Matching Carpet

The Jumping Jacks

Wind in Our Chest Hair

Sausage Party

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