750+ Personal Training Business Names, Ideas, and Suggestions

Personal training service is a great way to earn part-time as well as full-time.

There are a lot of reasons to become a successful owner of personal training service business, including business location, economy, in-depth knowledge of diet and fitness, etc.

Besides, another primary reason for success is an appropriate way of naming a personal training service.

As you are well aware of the fact that choosing the right name for your business is one of the most significant decisions for your newly established venture.

That’s why choosing the right personal training business name is as essential as all other useful steps in making your business success.

Here we have enlisted hundreds of personal training company names, ideas and suggestions to help you get inspiration and come up with a unique name.

Personal training business names

Here is the list of catchy personal training business names and ideas:

Defined Personal Training

Two By Two Training

Build Collective

Golden Touch Fitness



The Curved

Level One Training and Fitness

Early Discipline


Comfy Fitness


Spindle Fitness

Physique Pro

Earliest Cultivate Co

Muscle Mamas

Empowering Punch

Personal Burnout

FLEX Training

Curvy Coastline

Active Lifestyles

Pyramidal Pattern Group

Shaping Concepts

The Globular

The Bar Method

The Normal Frame

The Mixed Groom



The Fit Lab

Encore Fitness

The Sectional Frame

Xplicit Fitness

Bootique Fitness

Pumps Spot


The Suburban Gears

Titan Fitness Studios

HiFi Personal Fitness



Body Curves

Signature Fitness

Coastline Counseling

Pongo Power

InForm Fitness

Leo Results Fitness

The Oval

Catalyst Athletics

Amplified Fitness

Visible Pattern Group

Crunch Fitness

Aim Spot

Metro Fitness Central

Work Train Fitness

Personal trainer names

Check out these personal trainer names, ideas and suggestions:

HiFi Personal Fitness

Adaptive Bodywork

Shape Up Studio

Success Fitness Studio

Baggage Develop Spot

Concrete Figure

Golden Touch Fitness

Epic Interval Training

Fit From the Core

The Characteristic Figure

Planet Fitness

Barefoot Tiger

Bootypop Trainers

Rock Hard Build

Immense Caravan Spot

The Training Loft

The Oncoming School

Imperial Coach Place

Inline Private Training

Spherical Build Collective

Tone Time Training

Real Tears Training

Handler Spot

Healthy Habits Training

Independent Training Spot



The Training Spot

The Mixed Caravan

The Body Firm

Crossfit Sweetwater

The Fitness Folk


Elegance In Fitness

Peak Performance Personal Training

One on One Fitness

reForm Studios

The Fast Caravan

InStep Pilates

Muscle Mavens

Double O Athletics

Through Tractive

Globular Physique Pro

Actual Frame

Mold Group

Studio Fitness

My Coach Service

Sculpt and Shred Fitness

Nimble Monkey Fitness

First Prepare Collective

Next Discipline Trading Co

Health Triad Personal Training

Paramount Fitness Training

Gears Spot


Body Crafters

Transcending Limitations

Fitness Journey

Fitness names generator

These are auto generated fitness names for your ideas:

Evolution Trainers

The Superhuman Project

High Tide Fitness

Groom Place

The Eastbound

Fit 360

The Square

Workout Loft

Prepare Spot

Focus On Fitness

Discipline Group

UpFit Training Academy

Flat Contour

Victory Training

Ferra Fitness

All-Round Fitfam

Pyramidal Build

Red Run Fitness

Blast And Burn Training

New Moon Fitness


The Trainers Gym

180 Personal Training

Sitaras Fitness


The Cylindrical

The Electric School


Curvy Coastline

The Exact Figure

Daily Grind Fitness

Movement Revolution

N Shape

Oncoming Prepare

Relentless Training Club

The Presidential Caravan

Spherical Silhouette

Strike’ng Fitness

Personal training company names

Some of the best personal training company names are:

The Practical Contour

The Visible

Build Spot

Driven Fitness Bootcamp

The Fastest Groom

Urban Performance

Fitness Edge

Accessible Fitness

Imperial Aim Place

Muscle Clout

Coaching n’ Coaxing


The Excellent Contour

Physique Home Services

Beyond Limits Training

Whole Caravan

Blacksmith Training


Old Spartan Fitness

Catalyst Fit

Fitness Partners


The Eastbound Groom

The Trainer Next Door


The Continuous

Fit Magnet

Aspire Private Fitness

Flat Mold

Moving Develop Spot

Earlier Prepare Spot

Oval Mold Pro

The Training Loft

The Armoured Educate

Sectional Shifter

Training company names

Scroll through the following cool training company names:

The Overnight Cultivate

Mule Gears Place


Fitness Foundation Training

Hour of Change Fitness

Strange Shifter

Refine Method Upper

Extra School Place

Athlete Service

Sectional Soma

The Express Educate

Sectional Silhouette

Sculpt and Shred Fitness

The Earlier Discipline

Personal Power

Redline Athletics

Fearless Fitness

The Spherical

Active Guru

Moore Fitness

One to One Fitness

Catalyst Athletics

North Point Fitness

Actual Contour Group

Fitness Together

Xplicit Fitness

The Immense

The Extra Caravan

Top Notch Trainers

Performance Incorporated

First Groom Collective

Accessible Fitness

Paramount Fitness Training

Redline Athletics

Runaway School Spot

Special Gears Trading Co

Love Your Flex

Personal Trainer Business Names

Gym name generator

These are the best gym related names from generators:

Strive Village

Mission: FIT

High Tide Fitness

Workout Loft

Empowering Punch

Unusual Figure Spot

Active Attention

The Basic Build

Shape Up Studio

Zero Gravity

Strength Fill

Gyms Gains

Your Strength Service

Atomic Total Fitness

Studio Lifted

Original Bod Place


Armored Caravan Place

The Blackout Fitness

Nimble Monkey Fitness

Next Level Fitness

Next Level Fitness

Armoured School

Daily Grind Fitness

Terrain Gym

Optical Caravan

Healthy Horizons

Urban Active Fitness

Absolution Crossfit

The Movement Studio


Float Fitness

The Blackout Fitness

The Definite

Evolve Fitness By Jen

Training center name ideas

Below are the examples of training center name ideas:

Focus Integrated Fitness

Boundless Bodies


Elongated Mold Co

Timberline Fitness Studio

Uplift Studio

Core Fitness

The Arbitrary

Single Help Fitness

Through Track

Shape Shifters

InStep Pilates

Kinetics Personal Training

Fitness Together

Similar Physique

Core Fitness

Uplift Studio


Sitaras Fitness

Inner Strength Fitness Studio

Love Your Flex

Definitions Private Training

Health Harbor

24/7 Trainers

Thrive on the Basics

Lateral Fitness

UpFit Training Academy

Aspire Private Fitness

North Point Fitness

Through Gears Place

The Bar Method

Top Figure Trading Co

Encore Fitness

Phenomenal Fitness

Fit Support

Urban Strength Institute


Sea Fit

True to our Makings

Uptown Fitness

Early Gears

Frame Spot

Prestige Personal Fitness

The Distant Develop

Definitions Private Training

Physique Spot

Mindful Body Fitness

Super Solid

Catchy fitness names for Instagram

Read these catchy fitness names for Instagram account:

Essential Fitness

Master Pro

Titan Fitness Studios

Embody Fitness Center

Late Aim Collective

Bound Coach Pro

Refine Method Upper

True Build Collective

The Fast

Better Performance

Main Street Fitness

Anatomy Group

The Actual Contour



Independent Training Spot

The Similar

The Eastbound Discipline

Overnight Educate


Hammer Fitness and Boxing

The Original Bod

Earlier Cultivate

Impact Training

Better Performance

Gotta B Fit

Healthy Hustlers Training

Crowded Prepare

Scoop Pilates

Spindle Fitness

Proper Physique Place

Signature Fitness

Catalyst Fit

Amped Up Fitness Studio


Finding Fitness 101

The Movement Studio

Tips for naming a personal training service

Instead of relying on name generators, it is suggested to take some time and come up with meaningful names that attract the target audience.

Our tips and ideas for naming a personal training service will surely help you in getting the best suitable name for your business venture.

It will be another success in your business.

Let’s dive into the essential ideas and tips!

Competitor Research

Looking up to your competitors’ work is a great way to get a road to success. Naming your business blindly without applying tips, you may find it hard to achieve your target goals.

Start doing your research and get much information about businesses which are successful due to their name and are popular among people.

Also, get an idea of those businesses that are not much successful. Consider the following points while implementing this tip:

Notice which names are getting famous and why

Notice which names does not seem to work and why

Highlight the successful branding methods that could be helpful for you to name your business

Begin with brainstorming

Try your name

Some experts disagree on naming your business on your name as it prevents the business from standing out of the crowd.

While others see this technique as a way to success. Consider the following tips if you are considering to name your venture on your name:

Figure out other personal training business names based on the owner’s name in your area

Consider the business plan. If your goal is to work as a freelancer, then this tip will be helpful

Consider the popularity of your name. For instance, “Tom Smith.”

Those businesses which are popular among people and are based on their owner’s name are a green signal for you to name your venture on your name.

Similarly, if you have a famous name, you can use this step to make your business successful.

Brainstorm the personal training business names

Start with the fun part by brainstorming the name ideas and enlisting them separately. You can select a specific niche to be followed while naming your business or consider your expertise.

Note down every word that seems similar to your business to come up with something creative at the end.

Use abbreviations

You have a favourite name in your mind, but worrying because it seems too long to bee remembered by the clients. Don’t worry; you can use its abbreviation.

You can use a word or a phrase that connects with your business and fitness industry in an abbreviated form. For examples see the list below:

Paul’s personal trainer service – PPTS

Washington Fitness Club – WFC

Larry king fitness trainer – LKFT

It’s easy for clients to visualize and remember the abbreviations instead of memorizing the whole name.

Moreover, they find it convenient to search on google for such businesses or on any other search engine.

Keep it short and simple

Most of the famous businesses today have a short and simple name. For instance, Apple, Dell, etc., are enlisted on the top of the successful companies list.

These company names have a lot to tell about the lessons while choosing a name that is easy to recognize by the audience.

Long and complicated names are hard to look up and challenging to remember. Simple names are suggested because of their reliance and popularity among people.

Therefore, consider acronyms, abbreviations, nicknames, etc., to make the name remarkable.

Business Location

The business location itself is a technique to market your business to the target audience. People get familiar with your location by just hearing your business name.

Try adding your site in the business name.

Another way is to add some familiar and famous things of the city where your personal training business is located.

Shortlist your name ideas

Once you are done with developing a list of all possible names for your business, shortlist them to get the best possible title.

Erase the names that seem difficult to pronounce, hard to remember, or difficult to pronounce. Keep those names that are easy to communicate and sound great.

Shorten your list by keeping the following essential points in mind:

Is the name short and simple?

Is the name easy to remember?

Is the name capable of standing out from the crowd?

Does the name convey a relevant meaning?

Is the name capable of conveying your services?

Does the name avoid long and overused words and phrases?

Get feedback

After shortlisting the name ideas, you’ll get five to ten tremendous and appropriate names for your business.

You can get feedback for the shortlisted names from your family and friends.

Moreover, don’t forget to get feedback from your clients as they are going to have a massive hand in making your venture successful.

Make sure to ask questions like:

Which name seems most suitable for the business?

What comes to your mind when you hear the business name?

How would you pronounce it?

Is it easy for you to remember its name?

Do the spellings of the business name seem easy to you?

By getting the answers, you can quickly evaluate the business name and its relevance to your services provided.

Purchase a brandable training business name

Brandable business names often use letter patterns of consonant and vowel as these are usually short, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember and say.

Try purchasing such names from online sites available. They have lists of names that you can buy. For example:


Hip-hop training


Check its availability

After finalizing the name, an important step is to check the domain’s availability. Checking for the domain’s availability is necessary if you are willing to introduce your business online.

People find it easy to get in touch with businesses that are available online.

There are several sites that offer services to check your business name’s availability within your country/state.

Also, make sure to check the availability for trademark and registration for your personal training service business.

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