Arcade Names: 400+ Arcade Names Ideas for Gamers

Naming anything is challenging, especially when you require a domain and have to follow the various registration procedures after naming your business.

However, naming an arcade does not require a lifetime to choose an appropriate name.

Choose something unique for naming an arcade. That must not be something too random and something too complex as well.

Arcade names

Here is the list of catchy arcade names and suggestions:

Player Pros

Allstar Arcade

snacks n’ play

Game City

Neighborhood Arcade

80’s Arcade

Player One Palace

Grey-Cloud Arcades


Gold Chest Arcade

Joysticks Entertainment

Open game Arcade

Arcade Corner


BlackJack Arcade

Gamer Getaway

wonder woman play

Next-Level Game Hall

Jump high

Arcade Animal

Flyer Archive

Arcade demon


AAA Arcade

Game day Arcade

Gamer’s paradise

First Place Arcade


Star period

Ready for Action


Arcade Above

The Pac Man Den

The bigone Arcade

Bigpoint Arcade

VR Centre

Compete Fleet



Game off

Arcade Restoration

Squad game


High Score Heaven

happy score game

Throne Room Arcade

high alert game

Game Junction

The first Arcade

Small Town Arcade

Icon stores Arcade

All Day Arcade

Arcade Circus


New realty Arcade

The Big Game

Arcade Extravaganzia

Arcade chip

Space game

Arcade Battles

Arcade Warehouse

Competition Nation

Retro club

no man game

Arcade Alley

Life rule Arcade

Arcade gamer

The Big Coin Arcade

Lonely Hearts Arcade

blissful play

Wild Times Arcade

Arcade name ideas

Scroll through these arcade name ideas to inspire yourself:

GameX Arcade

Game throne

All Day Play

Retro Game Salon

Galaxy Quest Arcade

Sweet Planet Games

The Arcade League

High Score Haven

Longshot Arcade



The Pinball Basement

The Great Arcade

Victory Vision

The Arcadery

running game

Players Club

Gifted Gamers

Golden Token Arcade

24-Hour Arcade House

Gold Medal Arcade

Game House

Arcade Kickoff

Play to Live Arcade

Neon Ether

Pinball Palooza

Recreation Station

Time points

Arcade Supply Co.

Game planet


Game hunt

Good Old Days Arcade

Arcade wizard

Arcade Art

True day Arcade

Retro city



Big Win Arcades

Spirit arcade

Play Parade

Victory Arcade

Arcade space

Try again arcade

Pink bow Arcade

Plus sides


Game graphics


red underwear game

The Arcade Crew

Dragon Fire Arcade

Gameday arcade

Games for days arcade

Action Arcade

Pinball Park

Pac-Man & More

Club Arcade

The Era Arcades

Game Wizard Arcade

Click one

Backyard Arcade

Arcade Parade

Adventure Arcade

Action man


Wemade Arcade

Fly high arcade

Arcade game names

Some of the best arcade games names are here:

High Score Arcade



Arcade Madness

Names alpha

Arcade City

Four screen Arcades

Come Play Co.

Arcade fighter

Pinball Paradise

Token city

Home Town Arcade

Game ping

Throwback Arcade


The Boutique Arcade

Game World

Games for Days

Arcade Niche

Untamed Controllers

Vintage Arcade Machines

Entertainment House


First Place Palace

Arcade Palace

Hugesmash arcade

The Arcade Bar

New Age Arcade

Rock n’ roll games

Bygone Retro Arcade


Bazinga Arcades

Old Time Arcade

The Royal Arcade

Wind arch

Cool names for game rooms

These are the cool names for game rooms:

High Score Extravaganza


Grand play inc

Pac man

Retro Arcade

Newage arcades

High Scorers

Game sonic

Gamer world


Arcade Brothers


Family Gamers

Smash hit Arcades

Super Score Arcade


Quarter to Play

Prepare for Battle

Names speed


Gamer Palace


Biggest winner

Bunker House Arcade

Games ground

Galaxy gaming

batman strikes

Arcade Adventure

Soul Source

Fun Centre


Electronic fun

Ultra play


arcade names

Tips for naming an arcade

Some people tend to combine usernames, while others opt for business locations while naming their startups.

Although these tips are old now and do not look cool nowadays, people want something unique to stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we’ll guide you step by step to perfectly name your arcade while considering all relevant factors too. Let’s get started!

Determine goals for naming an arcade

The public is your audience who’ll perceive some meaning from your business name. It depends on you how do you want them to perceive your business through the name.

Focus on making it memorable, interesting, catchy, and above all, relatable to your audience.

Set clear goals and expectations related to your arcade name and business niche. Get well-aware of your target audience.

After all, their choices and likings will help you grow on the straight track rapidly. Set clear goals related to ideas and tips to make your clients satisfied and happy.

Consider the emotions that you want to evoke in your customers through the business name and start working on it.

Brainstorm your name ideas

Begin with brainstorming the name ideas that are relatable and fit into your business name.

Enlist all the words and names that relate to the arcade. Make the brainstorming list as long as you can.

Make sure to enlist names that are funny and joyful as arcade games require something creative and interesting.

The enlisted words should be relevant to games, fun, joy, excitement, etc.

Follow the below techniques to come up with creative and inspiring arcade names for your new startup:

List down all the arcade business-relevant names on a paper

Everything that comes to your mind and relate to your business idea can be part of this list

Consider the types of products to make it interesting and think of adjectives that well describe your business

Shortlist your name ideas

After enlisting all the possible names, shortlist the more appropriate name ideas. Remove the names that are not easy to remember and are difficult to pronounce.

Shortlist the names that sound great and are easy to say aloud.

A brandable name should communicate your business values and look competitive.

Shortlist your arcade name ideas based on the following tips:

Is your name easy to remember?

Is it simple enough?

Is the name different and unique from your competitors?

Does the name convey a proper meaning and message to the target audience?

Does the name interesting and easy to pronounce?

Consider your business location

The name of the business location itself is a great way to brand a business and let the target audience know about your startup.

Consider your city name while naming an arcade to make it easy for your clients to get the directions of your business location as well.

Besides, nicknames of your city or anything famous in the area can also be used as a name for your arcade.

Many business owners take advantage of such names and make their businesses grow unstoppable.

Following are some of the tips for naming an arcade considering the area or location of the business:

Downtown Arcade

New City Arcade

NewYork Retro Arcade

Sky Avenue Arcade

St. Helen Arcade

Connect through the emotions

The psychology of the target audience will help you a lot in connecting with your business and becoming your regular customers.

Consider words that evoke certain emotions and make the customers feel relatable to your business.

While naming an arcade, consider names that remind your customers about their personal experiences and sweet memories.

Such experiences will help with good business branding and growth. Such tips help in winning the trust of customers and make them loyal clients. For instance:

Epic Club Arcade

Expertise Arcade

Best memories Arcade

Heroic Star Arcade

Make it short and simple

To have a powerful yet engaging impact on your clients, simply use a short and easy name for your business.

Consider your brand core values and enlist the names that perfectly describe your business idea.

Consider your products offered and try to make them well-described through your business name. For instance, consider:

Various video games

Food items

Drinks etc

Also, consider the emotions that you want your customers to connect with your business.

Emotions that can be considered for naming an arcade are happy, adventurous, etc.

Combine words

Don’t make the naming process stressful and boring. Instead, add some fun by combining relevant and entertaining words and creating puns.

Sound repetition in combined words or rhyming words will be easy for the customers to remember and pronounce.

Moreover, people will feel the name’s uniqueness and will surely try it in front of others. Some examples of such names are as below:

Copyrighteous Arcade

GrandStand Arcade

Pack Man Arcade

Pin Palace Arcade

Shut Shoot Arcade

Name Game

Why not try your name while naming an arcade? You can take different directions in this regard.

Celebrity names, public figures, something famous can also be taken for naming an arcade.

Here are some of the examples below:

William’s Virtual Arcade

Musk Retro Arcade

Andi and Anna Arcade

Daniel Retro Arcade

Use most liked game names

Consider the trends in your area. Though trends keep on changing, people still get attracted to trendy names.

The famous game’s name will be considered exceptional in growing your business.

Keep yourself updated concerning the changing trends and keep room for alterations while naming an arcade.

Choose some other language while naming an arcade

Use a non-English word while naming an arcade. Furthermore, to make this step more interesting, combine two foreign languages to develop a creative arcade name.

Don’t worry about the specific meaning of the word you come up with, instead focus on the simplicity and easy pronunciation.

Rhyming words of some other language will make it easy for the audience to remember the name. Moreover, such names sound cool.

Build a unique website after naming an arcade

After naming an arcade, get it registered and get a domain for your business. Moreover, make a unique website to make your business easily accessible by your clients.

After all, the online presence of any business in today’s world is essential.


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