750+ Cool Yoga Studio Names Ideas to Get Inspiration From

So, you decided to jump into the fitness industry and looking for catchy yoga studio names to inspire and help you come up with a good name, right?

You’re in the right place. Here you’ll:

Know what a good business name means.

Find out hundreds of yoga studio name ideas and suggestions.

Learn how to come up with a unique name for your yoga business.

Let’s get started.

Yoga Studio Name Ideas

These are the coolest yoga studio name ideas for your inspiration:

Horizon Yoga

Momentum Space

Relative Space

Indaba Yoga Studio

Chroma Yoga

Yogarise Peckham

SPACE Yoga Studio

Sangye Yoga

Yoga Venue

Yogarise Covent Garden

Retreat Yoga Studio

Levity Yoga

Bodhi Tree Studio

Goodwill Yoga

Union Yoga

Calm Heart Studio

Illumination Studio

Blue River Yoga

Evolution Yoga

Little Sprout Studio

Passage Studio

Enlighten Within

Deep Breaths

Creative Poses


Yoga Central

The Yoga Garden

The Yoga Academy

Body Benders

Five Pal Studio

Stretch Therapy

Blessed with yoga

Essential Yoga Class

Bodhi Tree Studio

Yoga Village

Team Robust

Yoga Guru

Just Begin

LifeStyle yogic center

Divinitree Yoga Studio

Kinship Fitness

Evoke Yoga

Yogala Studios

Great Points Yoga

Good Vibes

Healthy Therapy

Just Flow

Lara Yoga Studios

Art of Living

Kings Yoga

Yoga Class Names

Below are the names for yoga classes:

York Yoga Studio

Flo Yoga Studio

One Yoga Studio

Bath Yoga Studio

Whitespace Yoga

Yoga from the Heart

The Yoga Sanctuary

Hot Yoga and Pilates

YYOGA Queen Street

Afterglow Studio

Roots Yoga Studio

Power Yoga

Breathe Yoga + Wellness Centre

Kula Yoga Studio

Yoga Tree

Yoga Fit

Union Yoga + Wellness

Canadian Yoga Institute

Pure Yoga

Yoga in Daily Life

Yoga Tree Bay

Inye Yoga

Shanti Yoga Studio

Essential Yoga Studio

Power Yoga Canada

Super Yoga Classes

Westside Yoga Studio

Blissful Monkey

Rise Yoga Studio

Creative Poses

York Yoga Studio

Yoga for all

Buddha buddies

Kula Yoga Studio

Amity Yoga

Fierce Grace Primrose Hill

Modo Yoga

Gazelle Yoga

Flying Fish Yoga

Bhakti Yoga

Yoga in Quartz Hill

Bird Song Studio

Heartbeat Apartment

The Power Yoga Company

The Stretch Healing

Yoga Vision Centre

ReUnion Yoga & Meditation

Yoga Business Names

Following are the best yoga business names to for you:

Yoga Public

Luna Yoga

Just Yoga Vancouver

Yoga Tree Richmond Hill

Yoga Village

Om Hot Yoga

The Yoga Studio

Quantum Yoga Club

PranaShanti Yoga Centre

YYOGA Downtown Flow

Esther Myers Yoga Studio

Indigo Yoga Studio

Found City Yoga

Modo Yoga Bloor West

De La Sol Yoga Studios

De La Sol Yoga Studio

Modo Yoga

Yoga Generation

Yoga Vision Centre

iYoga Studios

Shangrila Yoga

Mindful Body Works

Karma Teachers Centre for Yoga and Meditation

KIND Yoga By Heart

Peace Yoga Gallery


One Down Dog

Home Base

My Yoga Salts

Bow to the Devine

Fitness for All

Yoga stars

Peace of Mind

Secret Yoga

Deep Breaths

Passage Studio

Inspirit Yoga Studio

The Posture People

BetterLife Yoga

Welcome to life

Sleeping Serpent Studio

Yoga Flow

Goodwill Yoga

Vixen Fitness

Humble Heart

Wind River Studio

Queen Street Yoga

Be Happy

Silver Lake Crew

Wellness & Health Class

Quarantine Yoga

White Hat Fitness

Orbit Studio

Retreat Yoga Studio

Nature Made Yoga

Splendid Space

Jumping Frog

Park Life Studio

24 Hour Fitness

Yoga U

Tranquil Studio

The Flow Yoga

Prana Jatana

Yogi Bhajan

Green Yoga Studio

Earth Star Yoga

Integral Yoga Institute

Yoga Usernames

These are the creative yoga usernames for your account:

The House of Yoga

Breathing Space Yoga Studio

Ajna Yoga

City Center

The Flying Yogi

Halifax Yoga

The Path Yoga Centre


Serene Yoga Studio

Harvest Yoga Studio

Vinyasa Yoga Studio

Yoga Public South Studio

Ananda Hot Yoga Aurora

Zen Muskoka

Starlit Yoga

Yoga Cold Lake

The Yoga Loft

Just Add Water Yoga Studio

Atlas Studio

Oxygen Yoga and Fitness

Treehouse Yoga Studio

Yoga Man

Curated Calm

Body & Mind Yoga Center

Lotus Yoga Studio

Core And More Fitness

Yummy Yoga

Still Yoga

Spiritual Stretch

Rise and Shine

Timeless Yoga asanas

All Members Studio

Devotional Yoga

Freedom Yoga

Gyan Paridhi

Yogi’s Journal

Expanding Universe

Names for yoga Studios

Check out these new yoga names for studios:

Be Still Yoga

Expand Yoga

Pure Yoga

Dharma Space


Hello Namaste

Evolution Yoga

Just Breath Yoga

Start Yoga

Power Yoga Canada

Rising Lotus

IntroSpect Studios

Smile Within Yoga

Awesome & Fit

The Space Yoga Studio


Eight Limbs Yoga

Om Bliss

Raja Yoga

Zazen Collective

Triumph Yoga Studio

Breathe Deeply

Sync Yoga

Care with Love

Body Mind Yoga

All One Studio

The Majestic Feel

Posture Perfection

Your Nirvana

Liberation Gym

Yoga Salt


Moksha Astanga Yoga

Yoga Flex

Just Start

Sirsa anga janu

Afterglow Studio

Seaside Yoga Team

Yog pros

SoHo Yoga


Journey Yoga

Fitness Ideas

Yoga Mountain


Energy Center

Earths Power Yoga

Healing Touch

Cosmic Flow

Balance Yoga


Reach Breaths

Celestial Beings

CorePower Yoga

Discover Strength

Namaste Studio

Beauty Within Yoga

Warmth Studios

Unique Health Studio

yoga studio names

Yoga group names

Here are the cool yoga group names and ideas:

From the Heart

Strong Foundations

One Yoga Studio

Nine Treasures Yoga

Yoga Medicine

Flow Pros

Moment of Breath


Urban Gurus

Mindful reptiles

Yoga Body Centre

Let’s Move

Prana Yoga Studio

Seline Smart Yoga

Peaceful Minds

Akasha Studio

Life Retreat Studio

Yoga and Wellness

Vira Yoga Studio

Dana Collective

Thy Shine Cycle

Vinyasa Bloom

Mantra Yoga

Rock and Yoga

Easy and Healthy

Deep Roots Yoga

Immortal Yogi

The Yoga Guys

We Love Yoga

Full Circle Yoga

Your Yoga

Breathe in a New Life

Yogis Unite

BURN Fitness

Pure Balance Yoga

Yoga Mountain Studio

The Bodyworks Studio

Sync Your Body

Found City Yoga

My Fitness Journey

The Focus

Stay active

Sweat Yoga Little Tokyo

Bread and Yoga

Online Yoga Class

The Little Yoga

The Refinery

Repose Yoga

Divine Yoga

Yoga in Quarantine

Just Be Yoga

Symmetry Bliss

Point Reyes Yoga

Sunny mind yoga

Yogic Names

These are all time great yogic names:

Dharma Yoga

Lotus Pose

The Yoga People

Spiritual Stretching

Meditation Schoool

Shanti Yoga

Ascend Yoga

Holy Space

White Heat Yoga

Peace and Yoga

UnYogaiverse Yoga

Calm Heart Studio


Walking on Mountain

Mountain Grove

Integral Yoga Center

Evolve Wellness Centre

Metta Connection

Little Sprout Studio

Yoga Adriene

Fig Garden Yoga Studio

Easy Yoga

Dancing Heart Studio

Best Day Yoga

Be Better

Better Life Yoga

Drishti moksha

Free Bird Yoga

Lazy Yoga

The yoga center

Mountain Collective

Real Nirvana

Star Yoga Hope

Universal Yoga

Veda Yoga Center

Devtional Yoga

Yoga with Tricks

The Union Yoga

My Yoga Journey

Golden Bear Yoga

Human Kind Collective

Hot 8 Yoga

Prana Yoga

My Yoga Robots

Flow Yoga and Wellness Studio

Om Hot Yoga

Compassion Collective

Vrkira Yoga Studio

Valley Bodywork

Vitality Space

iYoga Studios

Red Moon Yoga

No College Yoga

Inward Gaze

Be Healthy

How to Name Your Yoga Business

1.       Understand good yoga business names

Before you can pick a good name for your yoga studio, you must know what a good name means.

Here is the infographic of the characteristics that make a good name.

2.       Brainstorm and make a list of ideas

Now, you can pick good yoga studio names. It’s time to write down ideas that come to your mind.

Sit down in your room alone for half an hour and put your brain to work. Come up with yoga business name ideas as many as possible.

3.       Play with words.

You can intermix words with one another from different names. The whole point is to come up with catchy and unique names for your yoga studio and classes.

4.       Narrow down your list

When you have about 50 cool yoga studio names, it’s time to shortlist names. Separate the one that you like the most from the ones that are not suitable or are not available.

You may be left with a few names. No problem with that. You can again repeat the process and come up with more name ideas.

5.       Use a name that conveys a message

Check out the yoga studio names that are telling people about the business. If a name is not conveying a message about your business, it won’t be a good fit.

Though it’s not necessary for every business. However, small business names like yoga business name should convey a message about its meaning.

6.       Pick an easy and unique name

Be sure to find a name that everyone can say easily and is unique. The short and sweet names are memorable and hence, they are always a good choice in business naming.

7.       Get a reference from a book or movie

Popular books and movies may have mention of yoga studio or class. You can get a name from there.

Such names will tell a story and therefore, it will help you in communicating and gaining the trust of the people who come to you.

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