160 Cute Girl names that start with X

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Some of our favorite girl names that start with X include:











Girl Names That Start With X

Some of the best girl names are Xoe, Xyra, Xylina, Xena, Xiao.

Xitlati – “star goddess”

Xoco – “youngest sister”

Xenia – “stranger”

Xandri – “defender of the people”

Xuxa – “queen or lily”

Xamira – “diamond”

Xiao – “respectful”

Xylophia – “forest lover”

Xerena – “peaceful”

Xelia – “Pretty”

Xery – “All True”

Xama – “Forgiveness”

Xena – “Brave”

Xia – “glow of the sunrise”

Xalina – “solemn; dignified”

Xenosa – “stranger”

Xeres – “Nice and Caring”

Xandraya – “Beauty and Light”

Xochitl – “flower”

Xilda – “tribute”

Xantia – “yellow”

Xiang – “fragrant”

Xalma – “safe, healthy”

Xayla – “sophisticated child”

Xaiyla – “God never fails”

What are the names that starts with X?

Some of the rare girl names are Xzoria, Xhivani, Xavienna, Xavia, Xyzah.

Xuxa – “lily”

Xina – “Stylish”

Xabrina – “legendary princess”

Xandraea – “Flowers, Beauty”

Xavier – “owner of the new house”

Xandra – “defender of the people”

Xamak – “Twinkle, Shimmer”

Xami – “Everything Known”

Xiana – “youthful”

Xita – “the Immaculate Conception”

Xiomara – “battle ready”

Xanthis – “fair”

Xylona – “one from the forest”

Xenia – “hospitality”

Xyra – “Moon”

Xperia – “Predictable”

Xochitl – “place of many flowers”

Xolika – “Scented Ion”

Xylah – “humility”

Xirena – “enchanter”

Xion – “highest point”

Xabelle – “beautiful leader”

Ximena – “one who hears”

Xiola – “violet”

Xabrina – “boundary line”

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Unique Girl Names That Start With X

Some of the unique girl names are Xuriah, Xuan, Xanthia, Xetsa, Xenia.

Xanthe – “yellow, blonde”

Xoe – “life”

Xuriah, – “Xuriya sometimes spelt Huriya”

Xeni – “protector of plants or flowers”

Xema – “precious”

Xylia – “woodland or wood dweller”

Xiu – “Mei beautiful plum”

Xaviera – “from the new house”

Xandrea – “Light Element”

Xamira – “diamond”

Xandra – “defender”

Xallu – “Defender”

Xhuliana – “sacred to Jupiter”

Xiomara – “battle-ready”

Xaiya – “loved, to be loved”

Xitlali – “star”

Xally – “princess”

Xaria – “Melody”

Xenobia – “of Zeus”

Xiti – “Beautiful”

Xelilia – “blind to ones own beauty”

Xeni – “protector of plants or flowers”

Xoana – “God is merciful”

Xalak – “Splendour, Shimmer”

Xiu – “Elegant”

What are the names for girl with X?

Some of the catchy girl names are Xian, Xanthippe, Xo, Xima, Xaiya.

Xue – “Scholar, Snow”

Xalbadora – “savior”

Xia – “glow of the sunrise”

Xipu – “Skill”

Xandria – “defender of mankind”

Xiang – “Fragrance”

Xyla – “wood dweller”

Xami – “praised”

Xilmal – “Shimmer”

Xristina – “follower of Christ, Messiah”

Xosefa – “seated by God”

Xanthy – “Radiance”

Xamantha – “told by God”

Xandra – “Defender of Mankind”

Xeona – “lion”

Xamuela – “asked of God”

Xemjeet – “Topper”

Xara – “princess”

Xylo – “Hope, Sky”

Xandri – “Alexander”

Xhanell – “pipe”

Xaria – “path”

Xai – “Cool”

Xiomara – “Famous in Battle”

Xochitl – “flower”

Girl Names That Start With X

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