220 Marvelous Baby Names That Start With X

If you’re looking for baby names that start with X, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

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Some of our favorite baby names that start with X include:
















Baby Names That Start With X

Some of the adorable baby names are Xavier, Xoe, Xenos, Xundari, Ximenes.

Xanthis – “fair”

Xandraea – “Flowers, Beauty”

Xaidyn – “versatility, enthusiasm”

Xperia – “Predictable”

Xhuliana – “sacred to Jupiter”

Xandrea – “Light Element”

Xenosa – “stranger”

Xally – “princess”

Xantiage – “follower of a saint”

Xowie – “life”

Xue – “Scholar, Snow”

Xilda – “tribute”

Xenophanes – “foreign-looking person”

Xanthus – “golden-haired”

Xolika – “Scented Ion”

Xu – “brilliant rising sun”

Xachery – “the Lord has remembered”

Xach/Xackery – “lord has remembered”

Xavian – “new house”

Xerxes – “Chief”

Xalina – “solemn; dignified”

Xelia – “Pretty”

Xilmal – “Shimmer”

Xamak – “Twinkle, Shimmer”

Xami – “Everything Known”

Xeven – “lively”

Xanthe – “yellow, blonde”

Xylon – “One who is from the forest”

Xicohtencatl – “person from bumblebee place, angry”

Xanthippos – “Yellow horse”

What names begins with an X?

Some of the rare baby names are Xiaofan, Xabiere, Xerome, Xylina, Xander.

Xandra – “defender”

Xhanell – “pipe”

Xia – “glow of the sunrise”

Xami – “praised”

Xuthus – “Son of Helen”

Xaine – “A gift from God”

Xion – “highest point”

Xipu – “Skill”

Xristina – “follower of Christ, Messiah”

Xitlali – “star”

Xavier – “bright”

Xoese – “one who believes”

Xiomara – “Famous in Battle”

Xathieur – “new house”

Xita – “the Immaculate Conception”

Xiomara – “battle-ready”

Xander – “One who defends people”

Xan – “defending man”

Xarles – “manly in nature”

Xyler – “a carefree person”

Xayla – “sophisticated child”

Xandraya – “Beauty and Light”

Xander – “defender of man”

Xylona – “one from the forest”

Xeres – “Nice and Caring”

Xanthus – “One of Apollo’s names”

Xuxa – “lily”

Xallu – “Defender”

Xuxa – “queen or lily”

Xiao – “respectful”

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Badass Names With X

Some of the badass baby names are Xena, Xara, Xing-Fu, Xhivani, Xoese.

Xhiva – “benign, kind”

Xavier – “owner of the new house”

Xaria – “path”

Xan – “One who defends; light”

Xyla – “wood dweller”

Ximeno – “son”

Xantia – “yellow”

Xoco – “youngest sister”

Xobeen – “Spear”

Xipilli – “Jeweled prince”

Xitlati – “star goddess”

Xiao – “Chen early morning”

Xavi – “The new home”

Xeni – “protector of plants or flowers”

Xindel – “protector of humankind”

Ximenez – “Hearkening”

Xamza – “A tiger”

Xoana – “God is merciful”

Xaria – “Melody”

Xil – “Young Goat”

Xoe – “life”

Xema – “precious”

Xochitl – “flower”

Xarles – “Manly”

Xandros – “protector of man”

Xio – “ready for battle”

Xanadu – “A mythical place”

Xan – “A Short Form of Alexander”

Xenia – “stranger”

Xanadu – “A place in China”

Best Baby Names That Start With X

Some of the best baby names are Xavienna, Xenia, Xetsa, Xing, Xristiana.

Xylus – “Unknown meaning”

Xorn – “fictional character in the ‘X-Men’ series”

Xaiver – “New house; castle”

Xayden – “God’s gift”

Xamantha – “told by God”

Xiutecuhtli – “Gentleman of the fire”

Xicohtencatl – “Angry bumblebee”

Xina – “Stylish”

Xyra – “Moon”

Xiana – “youthful”

Xiang – “fragrant”

Xiu – “Mei beautiful plum”

Xaviera – “from the new house”

Xylophia – “forest lover”

Xylo – “Hope, Sky”

Ximena – “one who hears”

Xiang – “good luck”

Xylia – “woodland or wood dweller”

Xanti – “flower”

Xena – “Brave”

Xhaiden – “cleansing beam of light”

Xabrina – “legendary princess”

Xiu – “Elegant”

Xalak – “Splendour, Shimmer”

Xiti – “Beautiful”

Xiomara – “battle ready”

Xai – “Cool”

Xirena – “enchanter”

Xandros – “One who defends”

Xuriah, – “Xuriya sometimes spelt Huriya”

Baby Names That Start With X

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Cool Baby Names That Start With X

Some of the cool baby names are Xon, Xita, Xantha, Xiomara, Xyzah.

Xan – “One who defends mankind”

Xaiya – “loved, to be loved”

Xhemail – “Most honored”

Xenon – “foreign person or stranger”

XiWang – “hope”

Xamuela – “asked of God”

Xadrian – “variation on Adrian”

Xandria – “defender of mankind”

Xenophon – “stranger’s voice”

Ximen – “God has Heard”

Xandra – “Defender of Mankind”

Xochiquen – “Flower garment”

Xabelle – “beautiful leader”

Xenobia – “of Zeus”

Xiu – “beautiful culmination”

Xaiyla – “God never fails”

Xzavier – “New house”

Xaviero – “savior”

Xoese – “belief, faith”

Xemjeet – “Topper”

Xiola – “violet”

Xin – “beautiful”

Xandri – “defender of the people”

Xylah – “humility”

Xelilia – “blind to ones own beauty”

Xenagus – “the one who leads the guests”

Xavier – “New house or Bright”

Xanthy – “Radiance”

Xalma – “safe, healthy”

Xavi – “diminutive of Xavier”

Xurxo – “Farmer”

Xochitl – “place of many flowers”

Xanto – “Blond Haire”

Xamira – “diamond”

Xenocrates – “power, foreigner”


There are many great baby names that start with the letter X. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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