200 Cute Heavenly Names for Babies with Meanings

Every parent is looking for the right name for their baby. But in doing so, many go for names that aren’t popular for whatever reason.

However, this is a costly mistake because you can’t change the name later.

We’ve all heard stories where parents name their child something that the child ends up growing up to hate it. How can you avoid that?

Do some research and check out some popular heavenly baby names to get a better idea.

 Skandaprasad- “Gift of God”

Amani- “Road”

Jinni- “angels and demons”

Fyha- “Fragrant”

Azrah- “Beautiful Pearl in Heaven”

Irem- “Garden in Heaven”

Miral- “Reigning Queen”

Ayaan- “A gift from God”

Omica- “A blessing”

Zubaid- “given as a gift”

Nazeen- “love”

Tayja- “A little gem”

Devarsh- “A gift of God”

Varseerat- “A beautiful gift of God”

Nathaniel- “Gift from heaven”

Karisma- “A miraculous gift”

Eloa- “She who questions”

Naathan- “Gifted by God”

Amarisa- “a gift from God”

Gurdita- “gift of Guru”

Dina- “Judged”

Irum- “Paradise”

Niamat- “A gift”

Nishvika- “Full of energy”

Attam- “A gift from God”

Ĉiela- “heavenly”

Daimones- “divine beings”

Ayaansh- “a part of parents”

Harnoor- “God’s gift”

Akshadha- “God’s blessings”

In the past, some parents have named their children after celebrities or fictional characters. Sometimes the parents themselves will choose a name that is not typical.

Other times they will choose a name that is not common at all.

Some parents are so overwhelmed with the task of naming their child that they opt for a one-word baby name. And although this has been a popular choice, it’s not always the best decision.

In many cultures around the world, a name is considered an important part of a child’s identity. Besides, it’s a good idea to avoid naming your child the same as their father, which might lead to confusion.

So, what should the perfect baby’s name be? Let’s dive into the list of awesome heavenly baby names.

Ethereal- “Light”

Rihansh- “God’s gift”

Avishai- “A gift from God”

Dorothy- “Gift of God”

Divine- “beloved”

Kriva- “Unique”

Hanan- “A gracious gift of God”

Roonhi- “Blessings of God”

Jaini- “Gift of God”

Abaddon- “a ruler of evil spirits”

Thavapalan- “Gift of God”

Avitaj- “God’s gift”

Aflak- “Heavenly Bodies”

Mehransh- “A gift of God”

Shaveena- “God’s gift”

Heavenly Names Girl

Gaurleen- “God’s gift”

Ata- “gift in Arabic”

Mishaye- “The gift of love”

Kachina- “500 divine spirits”

Gurdaat- “Gift of Guru”

Kamalani- “Heavenly child”

Niham- “A gift of God”

Sani- “a reward”

Aishi- “God’s gift and blessing”

Nevaeh- “heaven”

Imamu- “spiritual leader”

Sayuj- “God’s gift”

Anaita- “Angel”

Jenika- “A gracious gift from God”

Meghdutt- “gods of clouds and rain”

Heavenly Names

What are some of the cutest heavenly baby names?

Celeste- “the one born in heaven like an angel”

Kiara- “God’s gracious gift”

Aanvee- “A joyful gift from God”

Cassiel- “Speed of God”

Satan- “Fallen angel

Varam- “A boon”

Aahuk- “God’s gift”

Laiba- “ Most Prettiest Angel of Heaven”

Khuld- “Paradise”

Malaika- “Angel”

Aavya- “God’s gift”

Leilani- “Heavenly flowers” in Hawaiian”

Wahb- “blessing”

Naysa- “God’s gift”

Ourania- “Heavenly”

More Heavenly Names:

Tips for Naming Your Babies

There are millions of baby names out there, and while most parents decide on a name and stick with it for the rest of their lives, there are some who wish the best for their future child, but don’t have a clue how to choose a name.

These parents may be confused about why they can’t come up with a name for their baby, or they may have tried several times and have given up on the idea.

If you are considering giving your child a name, there are some things you should know:

1.      Pick the name you love, even if it is popular.

It is popular and you love it. Anything else you need to think upon? Nope. Go for it. If you want to give it uniqueness, think of a great middle name.

Here are some popular heavenly baby names out there:

 Raphael- “God has healed”

Ivan- “God’s gracious”

Naitee- “A simple little gift”

Diana- “heavenly”

Tuba- “Lovable”

Sedra- “A Tree in Heaven”

Upayan- “A present”

Rishna- “given by God”

Neima- “A favour from God”

Shaunit- “Gracious Gift from God”

Muriel- “Bright sea”

Cherub- “To be near”

Oashni- “A precious gift from God”

Piyanshi- “A gift from God”

Mahi- “Earth”

2.      Do not skip lovely heavenly baby names even if they are unique, unusual, and different.

Sometimes, parents will not go for unusual, unique, and different baby names. They consider it weird. Let me tell you that being attractive and thought provoking is the game these days.

How would you like these heavenly baby names:

 Michael- “Who is like God”

Aiwa- “Date from Heaven”

Devyani- “A goddess”

Ivani- “Gift from God”

Ataullah- “gift of God”

Lucifer- “Bearer of light”

Thavaselvan- “gift of God”

Lyba- “Angel of Queen in Heaven”

Aanam- “A gift from Lord Ganesha”

Shivprasad- “Gift of Lord Shiva”

Uriel- “God is my light”

Jenna- “Paradise”

Moroni- “Angel from Mormon”

Aariaani- “Pure”

Alya- “From Heaven”

3.      Be confident if you want to go toward personalized spellings for your baby’s name.

SURE. You should be confident when giving personalized spellings to your baby’s name. However, it is important that you do not make it weird.

Adding or removing an alphabet would be enough here.

Try changing these heavenly baby names spellings into personalized ones:


Meaning: “gift of God”

Origin: Diminutive of Theodore

Description: Origin Diminutive of Theodore and Meaning gift of God.

Spelling and variations: Thoi,tyio,thyio.

Famous people with this name: Theo van Gogh.


Meaning: “bearer of the heavens”

Origin: Greek mythology

Description: Origin Greek mythology and its meaning bearer of the heavens.

Spelling and variations: Aytls,aatlas,aytus,

Famous people with this name: Natacha Atlas


Meaning: “she who brings happiness; blessed”

Origin: Origin: Latin

Description: Origin Latinand meaning is she who brings happiness; blessed.

Spelling and variations: Beatrix ,Beatriz.

Famous people with this name: Beatrice Alda


Meaning: “divinely beautiful”

Origin: Scandinavian

Description: Origin Scandinavian and Meaning divinely beautiful.

Spelling and variations: Astriour,Astrithr,Astryd,Estrid.

Famous people with this name: Astrid Allwyn.


Meaning: “heavenly”

Origin: Latin

Description: Origin Latin and Meaning heavenly

Spelling and variations: Celleste, Seleste, Selleste.

Famous people with this name: Celeste Stoney.


Meaning: “Yahweh is God”

Origin: Hebrew

Description: Origin Hebrew and Meaning Yahweh is God

Spelling and variations:  Eliyahu,Ilija ,Ilja

Famous people with this name: Elijah Wood.


Meaning: “pure, virginal”

Origin: Greek

Description: Origin Greek and Meaning pure, virginal.

Spelling and variations: Agnese, Agnesi, Agnes, D’Agnese.

Famous people with this name: Agnes Moorehead.


Meaning: “queen of the heavens”

Origin: Latin

Description: Origin Latin and Meaning queen of the heavens

Spelling and variations: Jairo, Jayco, Jayko, Jayro, Jesco, Jiwoo, Julio.

Famous people with this name: Juno Calypso.


Meaning: “blessed peacemaking”

Origin: Welsh

Description: Origin Welsh and Meaning blessed peacemaking.

Spelling and variations: Winefrid, Winefrida, Winifrid, Winnifred.

Famous people with this name: Winifred Atwell.


Meaning: “gift of God”

Origin: Feminine variation of Theodore

Description: Origin Feminine variation of Theodore and Meaning gift of God.

Spelling and variations: Teodor, Theodor,Theodoor.

Famous people with this name: Theodora Doukaina Vatatzaina.

4.      Crossing your favorite heavenly baby names on the feedback on friends and family members.

Feedback is important. But it does not mean to listen to every other person’s opinion. You will hardly find heavenly baby names that everybody would like. Therefore, get feedback but still know your choice.

Consider getting feedback on these baby names from your friends and family members:

 Saint- “holy”

Alyaa- “Heaven”

Agelos- “messenger”

Waniya- “Gift of Allah”

Jophiel- “Beauty of God”

Iram- “Garden in Paradise”

Miraj- “Journey to Seven Heavens”

Atiya- “A gift”

Aadrisha- “Gifted by God”

Dhrumi- “God-gifted”

Mati- “Gift of God”

Tien- “spirit”

Halo- “Luminous gold disk”

Parisha- “An angel”

Toha- “God himself”

Nayera- “A gift of God”

Yashvee- “God-gifted”

Zion- “highest point”

Nihit- “God’s gift”

Upada- “A generous gift”

Mihangel- “Angel who is like God”

5.      Do a little research and find what is out there.

Research is important step for the first-time parents as well for those who do not know what sort of names people pick. You will be all good once you do a little internet research.

You will also be able to find some great heavenly baby names that you might consider now or in the future.

Here are some common baby names examples to help you:


Meaning: “divine”

Origin: Latin

Description: Origin Latin and Meaning divine.

Spelling and variations: : Dayann, Dayanna, Deana.

Famous people with this name: Diana DeGarmo.


Meaning: “God is my helper”

Origin: Latinized Greek variation of Hebrew Eleazar

Description: Origin Latinized Greek variation of Hebrew Eleazar and Meaning God is my helper.

Spelling and variations: Lazzarin, Lazzerini, Lazzarotti, Lazzarotto.

Famous people with this name: Arnold Lazarus.


Meaning: “blessed”

Origin: Latin

Description: Origin Latin and Meaning blessed.

Spelling and variations: Benditt, Bendett, Bendict, Benditte

Famous people with this name: Benedict Arnold


Meaning: “drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved”

Origin: Hebrew or Egyptian

Description: Origin Hebrew and Meaning drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved.

Spelling and variations: Maree,  Mareigh, Marey  Mari, Marie

Famous people with this name: Mary, Queen of Scots.


Meaning: “child of heaven and earth”

Origin: Greek

Description: In ancient Greece, a student of Plato; in modern America, a cool guy.

Spelling and variations: Dion, Dion, Dienne, Dione.

Famous people with this name: Dion Dawkins.


Meaning: “God’s gracious gift”

Origin: Italian

Description: Gia is a cute if slight name that calls to mind stylish sisters Mia, Lea, Pia.

Spelling and variations: Gaia,Gala, Gema, Gena , Ghia, Gila, Gina

Famous people with this name: Gia Allemand


Meaning: “heavenly”

Origin: Latin

Description: Celia is a name that was scattered throughout and other Elizabethan literature.

Spelling and variations: Cecilia, Cecelia, Celeste.

Famous people with this name: Celia Adler, actress.


Meaning: “with divine protection”

Origin: German

Description: Ansel, primarily associated with the great western photographer Ansel Adams.

Spelling and variations: Ansell, Ancell, Ancelle

Famous people with this name: Ansel Briggs American politician.


Meaning: “heavens, highborn, exalted”

Origin: Variation of Aliya, Arabic

Description: Aaliyah is the feminine variation of Aali, a masculine Arabic name meaning high.

Spelling and variations: Alia, Aliyah, Aleah, and Aleia.

Famous people with this name: Aaliyah Ei. Model.


Meaning: “wonderful”

Origin: Latin

Description: There’s a real resurgence of ‘bel’ names like Isabel also the name of a delicate French plum.

Spelling and variations: Mirabella and Mirabelle, Mirabel.

Famous people with this name: Mirabelle Buttersfield.

6.      Consider the names of the subsequent children.

Maybe, you are first time parents and figuring out some cool heavenly baby name. It is a good idea to consider the names of subsequent children too.

7.      Avoid the names with bad meanings.

Baby names with bad meanings can be a cause of embarrassment for you and your kid. Be sure to know the meaning of the name you are gonna pick and be sure it is encouraging and positive.

Here are some of the cool heavenly baby names with meanings:

 Ramdutt- “Gift of Lord Rama”

Heavenly- “God and angels live”

Pradatta- “A gift from God”

Amaris- “One who is given by God”

Akachi- “the hand of God”

Elysium- “Place where God lives”

Isrāfīl- “the Day of Resurrection”

Aadia- “A gift”

Inaam- “Blessing”

Shiza- “A graceful gift”

Yanish- “Gift of God”

Mercy- “compassion”

Sanil- “Gifted by God”

Tanzima- “from the heavens”

Kanz- “Treasure of Heaven”

Daysha- “Gift from God”

Nevaeh- “spelled backward”

Anum- “Blessing of God”

Ariel- “Lion/lioness of God”

Mishka- “gift of God’s love”

Seraphim- “Ones that burn”

8.      Pick up good people’s names from history.

The name of person has an effect on his/her personality, it is said. Maybe, that’s the reason why people choose names from history. You can consider this as well.

I am sure you have heard about many legends from the past. I bet you’d find some awesome and useable heavenly baby names if you look into it.

We have a small list of heavenly baby names here for you to check out and know if you have heard them before:


Meaning: “white circle”

Origin: Diminutive of Gwendolen/Gwendolyn

Description: While Gwen may have originated as a short form of Gwendolen and Gwendolyn.

Spelling and variations: Gwen , Gwenaelle , Gwendalyn , Gwenda , Gwendaline , Gwefl.

Famous people with this name: Gwen Bristow American author.


Meaning: “Jehovah increases”

Origin: Hebrew

Description: Joseph evolved from the Hebrew name Yosef, which was derived from the verb yasaf.

Spelling and variations: Yoseph, Ouseph, Iosif, Peppa, Hovsep, Yusuf.

Famous people with this name: Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor.


Meaning: “heavenly”

Origin: French variation of Celeste

Description: French-Canadian singer Dion made us notice this variation.

Spelling and variations: Celinne,Celline,Cellinne,Seline.

Famous people with this name: Celine Al Haddad footballer.


Meaning: “divine queen”

Origin: Welsh

Description: Origin Welsh and Meaning divine queen

Spelling and variations: Rhiannen, Rhianneyn, Rhiannien, Rhiannin.

Famous people with this name: Rhiannon Giddens, American musician.


Meaning: “to flourish”

Origin: Greek

Description: Thalia was one of the Three Graces in Greek mythology.

Spelling and variations: Taliya, Taliea, Taylia.

Famous people with this name: Thalia Myers British concert pianist.


Meaning: “brave as a bear”

Origin: German

Description: Although feminization ending in ette Bernadette is a pleasant.

Spelling and variations: Bernadet and Bernedette.

Famous people with this name: Bernadette Sands McKevitt.


Meaning: “bringing heaven to earth”

Origin: Korean; Hindi; Arabic; African

Description: Sena is one of those names that is as obscure in the Western World as it is simple and straightforward.

Spelling and variations: Se Na , Sae Na , Sea Na , Sei Na.

Famous people with this name: elebrities like Suzanne Sena and Sakura Sena.


Origin: Scandinavian

Meaning: “headlands, promontory”

Description: Like its cousin Tessa, Nessa — a shortening of Vanessa or Agnes among other possibilities

Spelling and variations: Agnes, Nessie and Vanessa.

Famous people with this name: Nessa O’MahonyIrish poet.


Meaning: “heaven”

Origin: Latin

Description: A constellation name that could have broad appeal beyond astronomers and astrophysicists.

Spelling and variations: Callum , Calum , Caylum , Kaelem.

Famous people with this name: Caelum Discover.


Meaning: “very rare”

Origin: Turkish

Description: This popular Turkish name has a very on-trend sound.

Famous people with this name: Ender Thomas


Meaning: “heavens, highborn, exalted”

Origin: Arabic

Description: Alya is most familiar in the US in its much-more-complicated form Aaliyah,

Spelling and variations: Alia, Allia ,Allya, Alya.

Famous people with this name: Alya Mooro, Egyptian journalist.


Meaning: “marvelous”

Origin: Latin

Description: Miranda, a shimmeringly lovely, poetic name.

Spelling and variations:

Famous people with this name: Miranda Chartrand Canadian singer.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: “heavenly”

Description: that is both delicate and strong. It is also a popular name in France.

Spelling and variations: Celestinne, Cellestine, Cellestinne, Selestine.

Famous people with this name: Pope Celestine I.


Meaning: “divine power”

Origin: English

Description:Despite the success of so many O-starting boys names—Oliver.

Spelling and variations: Oswald, Oswalde, Oswaldt, Oswaldte.

Famous people with this name: Oswald Spengler


Meaning: “delivered from the water”

Origin: Egyptian

Description: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s choice of this white-bearded Old Testament.

Spelling and variations: Moishe, Moshe, Movses.

Famous people with this name: Moses Malone.


Meaning: “God’s appearance”

Origin: Greek

Description: One of the first luxury brand names, and the quintessential Booming.

Spelling and variations: Tiffanei, Tiffaneigh , Tiffaney .

Famous people with this name: Tiffany Darwish American singer.


Meaning: “God’s gracious gift”

Origin: Diminutive of Jane

Description: Janet started as a pet form of Jane but has long been used independently.

Spelling and variations: Janot, Janet, Jonet, Jannet.

Famous people with this name: Janet Maslin.


Meaning: “marvelous”

Origin: French

Description: If you’re looking for a fresher belle name than Isabelle, Mirabelle is lovely.

Spelling and variations: Mirabelle, Merabele, Merabelle, Mirabele.

Famous people with this name: Mirabelle Beatrice LeeAmerican child actress

9.      Make sure the first and second names fit with each other.

This happens rarely that the first and seconds names do not fit and meet each other well. It is, however, something you would not want.

Check out heavenly baby names and try to make full names that fit each other nicely:

 Remial- “Mercy of God”

Zera- “Crazy homicidal angel”

Celio- “heaven”

Uphar- “A gift”

Daivik- “Divine”

Ansa- “beauty Queen”

Hansvi- “God’s gift”

Chamuel- “He who sees God”

Azrael- “Whom God helps”

Hoor- “A Celestical”

Manha- “A gift from Allah”

Hishal- “who is gifted”

Gia- “God’s gracious gift”

Ataya- “A girl bestowed by Allah”

Hibah- “A gift from God”

Gabriel- “God is my strength”

Datta- “A gift”

Felza- “Fragrant”

Hans- “Gift of God”

Vensi- “A gift of God”

10.  Avoid names with too many syllables.

Baby names with too many syllables are complex. They are hard to remember. They should be avoided.

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