250 Adorable Haitian Girl Names with Meanings

Every parent is looking for the right name for their baby. But in doing so, many go for names that aren’t popular for whatever reason.

However, this is a costly mistake because you can’t change the name later.

We’ve all heard stories where parents name their child something that the child ends up growing up to hate it. How can you avoid that?

Do some research and check out some popular Haitian girl names to get better idea.

Karmin – “Fruitful Orchard”

Karrie – “Beloved, Friend”

Kari – “Chaste, Pure, Joyful Song”

Judeline/Judith – “praised one”

Valérien – “strength”

Karalynn – “Pure”

Karson – “Child of Kar”

Karla – “Peasant, Farmer”

Gerardo – “brave”

Kapricia – “Fanciful”

Karena – “Dear Little One”

Irina – “peace”

Sadie – “Princess, Lady”

Gerardo – “brave”

Sakura – “Cherry Blossom”

Agostina – “highly praised”

Jazmin – “flowery”

Esther – “star”

Jude – “praised”

Karol – “Strong and Manly”

In the past, some parents have named their child after celebrities or fictional characters. Sometimes the parents themselves will choose a name that is not typical.

Other times they will choose a name that is not common at all.

Some parents are so overwhelmed with the task of naming their child, they opt for a one-word baby name. And although this has been a popular choice, it’s not always the best decision.

In many cultures around the world, a name is considered an important part of a child’s identity. Besides, it’s a good idea to avoid naming your child the same as their father, which might lead to confusion.

So, what should the perfect baby’s name be? Let’s dive into the list of awesome Haitian girl names.

Kanisha – “One with Beautiful Eyes”

Chira – “attractive and shiny”

Salee – “Lady, Princess”

Sandra – “Form of Alexander”

Karie – “Pure, Beloved”

Samarra – “The Guardian”

Sakari – “Sweet, Beautiful”

Sani – “Gift, Prayer”

Sabre – “A Beautiful, Lovely”

Sacagawea – “Dragging a Boat”

Edwige – “war”

Ana – “full of grace”

Fabienne – “Bean grower”

Stevenson – “Son of Steven”

Fiorella – “little flower”

Sakakawea – “Dragging a Boat”

Sabra – “Patient, Enduring”

Estefania – “crown”

Patricia – “Patrick”

Dana – “God is my judge”

Haitian Girl Names

Guillermo – “hot and handsome”

Sabrina – “Sword like”

Sara – “Princess, Queen”

Salali – “Squirrel, Squirrel”

Samantha – “Equality, Lord has Heard”

Sacnite – “Pasty Blossom”

Jeff – “God peace”

Sami – “Listener, Beautiful, Exalted”

Karlotte – “Little, Womanly”

Tamara – “date”

Karren – “Pure”

Sahara – “Name of a Desert”

Alejandra – “defender of mankind”

Karmina – “Song”

Sanita – “Little Healthy Girl”

Kanina – “Youthful, The Little Finger”

Patricio – “noble”

Kanga – “A Raven”

Karina – “pure”

Xavier – “castle”

Sal – “Peace, Princess, Lady”

Davidson – “Son of David, beloved one”

Samira – “A Chameli Flower”

Saniyah – “Brilliance, Radiant”

Zéphyrin – “where the sun sets”

Gaelle – “happy”

Sanai – “Instrument, Adorable”

Sana – “Prayer, Resplendence”

Alan – “handsome”

Salona – “Rare Ruby, Most Beauty”

Haitian Girl Names and Meanings

Facundo – “significant”

Fernando – “adventurer and explorer”

Alfonso – “noble and ready”

Karas – “Beautiful”

Saffron – “Flower Name”

Sage – “Wise”

Léopold – “brave”

Kaprice – “Fanciful”

Frantz – “free man”

Samie – “Told by God, God has Heard”

Ramiro – “Mighty”

Catalina – “pure heart”

Madeline – “woman of high power”

Sade – “Sweetly Singing”

Sallia – “Lady, Princess”

Sandi – “Helper”

Sable – “Black-haired”

Salka – “Devotee, Happy”

Salem – “Safe, Protected”

Mirlande – “wonderful”

Anto – “priceless”

Nadia – “hope”

Abby – “she will make her father happy”

Fabiola – “bean grower”

Astrid – “fair and beautiful”

Josué – “God is Salvation”

Samentha – “Listener, told by God”

Alicia – “noble”

Junior – “young”

Saniya – “Moment in Time”

What are some of cutest Haitian girl names?

Erika – “eternal ruler”

Karly – “Womanly, Strength”

Samantha – “Told by God”

Natacha – “day of birth”

Léon – “lion”

Abigail – “fathers laughter”

Karter – “Cart Driver”

Sanya – “Beneficent, Fortunate”

Sadia – “Lucky”

Karissa – “Grace”

Jonathan – “a gift from God”

Alex – “defender of all humanity”

Karolyn – “Little and Womanly”

Aiden – “born of fire”

Zénon – “guest and host”

Karey – “From Carew Castle”

Alexis – “defender”

Horace – “man of time”

Guadalupe – “the chosen one”

Jules – “youthful”

Haitian Girl Names

More Baby Names:

Tips to Naming Your Babies

There are millions of baby names out there, and while most parents decide on a name and stick with it for the rest of their lives, there are some who wish the best for their future child, but don’t have a clue how to choose a name.

These parents may be confused about why they can’t come up with a name for their baby, or they may have tried several times and have given up on the idea.

If you are considering giving your child a name, there are some things you should know:

It is popular and you love it. Anything else you need to think upon? Nope. Go for it. If you want to give it uniqueness, think of a great middle name.

Here are some popular Haitian girl names out there:


Meaning: “the noble”

Origin: “French”

Description: primarily a female name of French origin that means Bean Grower.

Spelling and Variations: “Fabianus and Fabien”

Famous people with name: Fabienne Serrat (born 1956), French ski alpine racer and world champion.


Meaning: “Beautiful; pretty rose”

Origin: “Germanic”

Description: was influenced by the Latin phrase “rosa linda” meaning “beautiful rose”.

Spelling and Variations: “Rosalind”

Famous people with name: Roseline Vachetta.


Meaning: “sole ruler, monarch”

Origin: “Old Norse”

Description: feminine form of the name Erik, which comes from the Old Norse name Eiríkr meaning ‘ever ruler’.

Spelling and Variations: “Erika, Erica, Ericka or Ereka”

Famous people with name: Erika Alexander (born 1969), American actress.


Meaning: “woman from Judea”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: It is in common usage in English, French, German, many Scandinavian languages, Dutch, and Hebrew. In Eritrea it is called Yodit.

Spelling and Variations: “Judy, Judah”

Famous people with name: Judy Collins. Given name: Judith Marjorie Collins.


Meaning: “from Magdala”, “tower”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: It arose as a name due to its association with the Biblical character and female disciple Mary Magdalene.

Spelling and Variations: “Madilyn, Madelynn, Madilynn, Madalyn”

Famous people with name: Madeline McWhhinney Dale (1922–2020), American economist and banker.


Meaning: “light”

Origin: “Old French”

Description: Lewis Carroll’s stories “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” were first published in 1865. American actress and comedian Tina Fey chose the name for her daughter in 2005.

Spelling and Variations: “Alicia, Alison”

Famous people with name: Alice Bellagamba, Italian actress and dancer.


Meaning: “bright, clear”

Origin: “Late Latin”

Description: was the main English form of the name used in the Middle Ages, but the Latin spelling Clara became more popular in the 19th century.

Spelling and Variations: “Claire”

Famous people with name: Clara Butt. Surname: Butt.


Meaning: “a follower of Christ”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: primarily a female name of English origin that means Follower Of Christ.

Spelling and Variations: “Christina, Kristin, Kristina, Kristine, Kristen, Kirsten, Hristina”

Famous people with name: Christine Angot (born 1959), a French writer, novelist and playwright.


Meaning: “hill”

Origin: “Italian”

Description: a girl’s name of Italian origin meaning “vigour, liveliness”. Sweet but spirited name.

Spelling and Variations: “dash”

Famous people with name: Bria Skonberg (born 1983), Canadian trumpet player, vocalist and composer.


Meaning: “Violet”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: a female given name, of Greek origin, meaning “Violet”. The form of the name in Greek is Iolanthe.

Spelling and Variations: “Jolanda”

Famous people with name: Yolande, Duchess of Lorraine. Given name: Yolanda.


Meaning: “a village and civil parish in Lichfield District”

Origin: “German”

Description: was inclosed about 1805. The village dates back to the 12 century when it was first recorded as ‘Frodeleye’, or ‘Frod’s lea’.

Spelling and Variations: “dash”

Famous people with name: “dash”


Meaning: “Olive in arabic”

Origin: “Jordan”

Description: frequently found in Jordan than any other country/territory. It may occur as: Zeïtoun.

Spelling and Variations: “dash”

Famous people with name: “dash”


Meaning: “High, Lofty, Exalted”

Origin: Arabia”

Description: is an Arabic male given name literal meaning is “one who hears”.

Spelling and Variations: “dash”

Famous people with name: Sami Frey. Surname: Frey.


Meaning: “noble”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: was the second most common female name in the United States according to the 1990 US Census.

Spelling and Variations: Patrick, Pat, Patrice, Patsy, Patti, Tricia, Trish, Trixie, Patrizia”

Famous people with name: Patricia Scotland, Baroness Scotland of Asthal.

2.       Do not skip lovely Haitian girl names even if they are unique, unusual, and different.

Sometimes, parents will not go for unusual, unique, and different baby names. They consider it weird. Let me tell you that being attractive and thought provoking is the game these days.

How would you like these Haitian girl names:

Allegra – “happy”

Denise – “fertile”

Sahara – “Desert”

Esther – “Hebrew for star”

Roseline – “flower”

Karsyn – “Marsh or mossy place”

Sango – “Coral”

Wilky – “selfless”

Nephtalie – “Kind heart and lover of freedom”

Karely – “Farmer, Song of Joy”

Kansas – “Of the South Wind People”

Lovelie – “beautiful and lovely”

Samora – “Watch Mountain”

Sarah – “Princess, Lady”

Elin – “absolute beauty”

3.       Be confident if you want to go toward personalized spellings for your baby’s name.

SURE. You should be confident when giving personalized spellings to your baby’s name. However, it is important that you do not make it weird.

Adding or removing an alphabet would be enough here.

Try changing these baby names spellings into personalized ones:


Meaning: “bee”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: was taken from the word meli, meaning “honey.” It is, therefore, no surprise to learn that the name Melissa means “honeybee.”1.

Spelling and Variations: “Melita, Mel, Melina, Deborah”

Famous people with name: Melissa Auf der Maur.


Meaning: “God is my strength.”

Origin: “French”

Description: is historically a feminine name. It’s considered to be the feminine version of the name Gabriel.

Spelling and Variations: “Gabriela, Gabriella, Gabriele”

Famous people with name: Gabrielle Armstrong-Scott, New Zealand platform diver.


Meaning: “gift from God”

Origin: “French”

Description: referring to the plant, meaning “fragrant flower.” Origin: Jasmine is a Persian name meaning “gift from God” or “fragrant flower.” Gender: Jasmine is commonly used as a girl name.

Spelling and Variations: “dash”

Famous people with name: Jasmine Lepore Fiore (1981–2009), American model and murder victim.


Meaning: “day of birth, Christ’s birthday, Christmas Day”

Origin: “Old French”

Description: popular tradition is decorating a Christmas tree with baubles, tinsel and lights.

Spelling and Variations: Natasia, Natashia, Natacha, Nasha, Tasya, Tusya, Nitasha, Natosha, Natasya”

Famous people with name: Black Widow (Natasha Romanova) Given name: Natasha.


Meaning: “someone born at Easter”

Origin: “German”

Description: the hypocoristic suffix lin, or a nickname for someone born at Easter, from Middle High German oster- ‘Easter’.

Spelling and Variations: “Estarling, Esterling, Easterling, Eastarling”

Famous people with name: “dash”


Meaning: “lion of God”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: primarily a female name of Hebrew origin that means Lion Of God. Form of ARIEL.

Spelling and Variations: Ari, Asadullah”

Famous people with name: Arielle Dombasle (born 1958) French-American actress.


Meaning: “From the meadow of the royal fortress”

Origin: “Old English”

Description: “from the royal fortress meadow” — so it’s a perfect pick for little queens and kings as well as nature-minded families.

Spelling and Variations: “Kimberlee, Kimberleigh”

Famous people with name: Kimberly Anyadike (born 1994), Nigerian-American aviator.


Meaning: “France Or Truthful”

Origin: “Spanish”

Description: primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means From France Or Truthful. Female form of the name Francisco.

Spelling and Variations: “Francesc, Francesco”

Famous people with name: Ana Francisca de Borja y Doria (1640-1706), first female governor of the Viceroyalty of Peru.


Meaning: “Fair Phantom”

Origin: “Cornish”

Description: primarily a female name of English origin that means Fair Phantom. Short form of Jennifer.

Spelling and Variations: “Jen, Jenna, Jenni, Jennie, or Jenny”

Famous people with name: Jennifer Capriati. Surname: Capriati.


Meaning: “star of the sea.”

Origin: “French”

Description: also a biblical name because it is the French version of the name Mary, the holy virgin mother of Jesus. … Gender: Marie has historically been a feminine name.

Spelling and Variations: “Maria, Mary, Mare”

Famous people with name: Marie Osmond, American actor and singer.


Meaning: “traveling wolf”

Origin: “baptismal”

Description: a name with a split personality. … CNN newscaster Blitzer inherited the name from his grandfather.

Spelling and Variations: “dash”

Famous people with name: Wolf Biermann (born 1936), German singer-songwriter.


Meaning: “God beholds”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: was invented by Shakespeare for the daughter of a Jewish merchant in “The Merchant of Venice.”

Spelling and Variations: “Jesica, Jesika, Jessicah, Jessika, and Jessikah”

Famous people with name: Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress and television producer.


Meaning: “ewe, female sheep”

Origin: “French”

Description: was the favorite wife of Jacob and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. When bestowed as a name, Rachelle means ‘one with purity’.

Spelling and Variations: “Rachael, Rae, Rahel, Rahela, Raquel, Raye, Ruchel”

Famous people with name: Rachelle Brown. Surname: Brown.


Meaning: “of Magdala”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: popular among those living in Europe and the Anglophone as well as followers of Christianity, as Mary Magdalene was a central.

Spelling and Variations: “Madeleine, Madilyn, Madelynn, Madilynn, Madalyn and Madalynn”

Famous people with name: Madeline McWhhinney Dale (1922–2020), American economist and banker.

4.       Crossing your favorite Haitian girl names on the feedback on friends and family members.

Feedback is important. But it does not mean to listen to every other person’s opinion. You will hardly find Haitian girl names that everybody would like.

Therefore, get feedback but still know your choice.

Consider getting feedback on these baby names from your friends and family members:

Islande – “Island”

Adriel – “Gods helper”

Sapphire – “Blue Gemstone”

Karasel – “Musical”

Kanti – “Lustre, Light”

Ophelie – “help”

Celeste – “divine”

Sanaa – “Piece of Art”

Karenna – “Pure”

Antonella – “firstborn”

Karlene – “Little and Womanly”

Kandice – “Glowing”

Sarafina – “Burning Ones, Fiery”

Abril – “child of the spring”

Sapir – “Sapphire”

5.       Do a little research and find what is out there.

Research is important step for the first-time parents as well for those who do not know what sort of names people pick. You will be all good once you do a little internet research.

You will also be able to find some great Haitian girl names that you might consider now or in the future.

Here are some common baby names examples to help you:


Meaning: “white enchantress”

Origin: “Cornish”

Description: originally an anglicized version of the Welsh name Gwynhwyfar, used for women of light complexion.

Spelling and Variations: “Jenifer or Jennefer”

Famous people with name: Madeline McDowell Breckenridge (1872–1920), a women’s suffragette leader and reformer.


Meaning: “grace” or “favor”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: ancient Romans also used Anna as a name meaning “the year’s cycle.” … Gender: Anna is traditionally a feminine name.

Spelling and Variations: “Anne”

Famous people with name: Anne of Bohemia and Hungary. Given name: Anna.


Meaning: “crown”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: a female name that comes from the Greek name Στέφανος (Stephanos) meaning “crown”. The male form is Stephen.

Spelling and Variations: “Stefanie”

Famous people with name: Princess Stéphanie of Monaco. Given name: Stephanie.


Meaning: “beloved”

Origin: “French”

Description: a feminine given name of French origin, translated as “beloved”. The masculine form is Aimé.

Spelling and Variations: Aami, Amia, Amiah, Amice, Amiee, Amii, Amiiee, Amio, Ammee, Ammie, Amye”

Famous people with name: Aimee Challenor (born 1997), British politician and transgender activist.


Meaning: “Beautiful”

Origin: “Anglo-Saxon”

Description: surname Lovely survived Norman influence after the Norman Conquest of 1066 and maintained its Saxon roots.

Spelling and Variations: “dash”

Famous people with name: Augustus Edward Hough Love.


Meaning: “from the border”

Origin: Romano-British”

Description: referred to someone from Cyprus or from the Severn river area. It can also mean “from the border” or, most delightfully, “legendary princess.”

Spelling and Variations: Sabrinna, Zabrina, Subrina, Sebrina, Sebreena, Sebree, Sabryna”

Famous people with name: Sabrina Le Beauf.


Meaning: “follower of Christ”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: is made popular by its similarity to Crystal, of which it can be also considered a variant.

Spelling and Variations: “Christine”

Famous people with name: Christelle Avomo.


Meaning: “love”

Origin: “Arabic”

Description: Diminutive form of Wilhelmina. Also a Persian name meaning ‘blue glass, gem’, and a Japanese name meaning ‘south’.

Spelling and Variations: “Emina, Jasmina, Hermine, Wilhelmina”

Famous people with name: Mina Minovici (1858–1933), Romanian forensic scientist.


Meaning: “a bean grower”

Origin: “Italian”

Description: it comes from ‘faba’, the Latin word for a ‘bean’. The meaning of Fabiola translates to ‘a bean grower’, ‘bean farmer’. Saint Fabiola was a Roman matron and a physician.

Spelling and Variations: “dash”

Famous people with name: Fabiola Letelier (born 1929), Chilean lawyer, human rights activist.


Meaning: “happiness, joy”

Origin: Arabic”

Description: male given name meaning “happiness, joy, gladness, gleefulness, joyful, joyfulness, merriment, rejoice”.

Spelling and Variations: “Fareeha”

Famous people with name: Farrah Moan (born 1993), American drag queen and entertainer.


Meaning: “A woman who looks and smells like a rose”

Origin: “Spanish”

Description: A woman who looks and smells like a rose. Name Rosena is of Spanish origin and is a Girl name.

Spelling and Variations: “Rosina, Rosio, Rosita, Roslyn, Rosy and Rozella”

Famous people with name: Rosina von Graben von Rain, Austrian noblewoman.


Meaning: “pearl”

Origin: “Old French”

Description: influenced by the name of the herb marjoram. It came into English from the Old French, from the Latin Margarita (pearl).

Spelling and Variations: “Margery or Marjory”

Famous people with name: Marjorie Jackson-Nelson. Surname: Jackson-Nelson.


Meaning: “bay laurel plant”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: represents the embodiment of victory and strength. The name Daphne, derived from Ancient Greek, carries the same meaning.

Spelling and Variations: “dash”

Famous people with name: Laura Bailey (voice actress) Surname: Bailey.


Meaning: “messenger of God”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: primarily a female name of French origin that means Messenger.

Spelling and Variations: “Angelica”

Famous people with name: Angeline Kopka. Surname: Kopka.

6.       Consider names of the subsequent children.

Maybe, you are first time parents and figuring out some cool Haitian girl name. It is a good idea to consider the names of subsequent children too.

7.       Avoid names with bad meanings.

Baby names with bad meanings can be a cause of embarrassment for you and your kid. Be sure to know the meaning of the name you are gonna pick and be sure it is encouraging and positive.

Here are some of the cool Haitian girl names with meanings:

Karina – “Beloved”

Wesley – “western meadow”

Karina – “Beloved, Flower”

Sahar – “Daybreak, Awakening”

Karlin – “Womanly, Strength”

Sally – “Princess, Noble Lady”

Sadie – “Princess”

Liam – “has a powerful will”

Beatriz – “a girl who brings joy”

Chano – “trustworthy”

Karla – “Farmer”

Sakuna – “Bird, Satisfaction”

Sanne – “Lily Flower”

Sandie – “Protector of Mankind”

Samantha – “flower”

8.       Pick up good people names from history.

The name of person has effect on his/her personality, it is said. Maybe, that’s the reason why people choose names from history. You can consider this as well.

I am sure you have heard about many legends from the past. I bet you’d find some awesome and useable Haitian girl names if you look into it.

We have a small list of Haitian girl names here for you to check out and know if you have heard them before:


Meaning: “God is gracious”

Origin: “Hebrew”

Description: is a common given name for women, being a variant of Joanna, the feminine form of John.

Spelling and Variations: “Joann, Jo Ann, Johann, Johanne, Jo-Ann, Jo-Anne”

Famous people with name: Johanne Luise Heiberg.


Meaning: “happiness”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: originally a Latin name Lætitia. … Laetitia Denis (born 1988), French heptathlete. Laetitia Gachet (born 1975), French ski mountaineer.

Spelling and Variations: “Laëtitia, Lætitia”

Famous people with name: Laetitia Lee (1731–1776), Colonial American socialite.


Meaning: “Like God”

Origin: “French”

Description: primarily a female name of French origin that means Who Is Like God?. Feminine form of Michel.

Spelling and Variations: “dash”

Famous people with name: Micheline Lannoy (born 1925), Belgian pair skater.


Meaning: “butterfly”

Origin: “Anglo-Irish”

Description: was invented by the Anglo-Irish writer Jonathan Swift for Esther Vanhomrigh, whom Swift had met in 1708 and whom he tutored.

Spelling and Variations: Vany, Ness, Nessa, Vanny, Vaness, Nessi, Vans, Nester, Nessie”

Famous people with name: Vanessa Amorosi. Surname: Amorosi.


Meaning: “one who comes to save warriors”

Origin: “Greek”

Description: was one of the epithets given to the Greek goddess Hera and as such is usually taken to mean “one who comes to save warriors”.

Spelling and Variations: “Alessandra, Alexandrine, Alex, Alexa, Alexis, Cassandra, Kassandra, Lexi, Lexie, Lexa, Alessia, Alessiya”

Famous people with name: Alexandra. Princess Marina and Prince George.


Meaning: “born in June“

Origin: “Latin”

Description: derived from the Latin Juno, the Roman mythological goddess of marriage and queen of the gods.

Spelling and Variations: “dash”

Famous people with name: Junie Barnes. Surname: Barnes.


Meaning: “helper of men.”

Origin: “kekasmai”

Description: was a Trojan princess, the daughter of Priam and Hecuba. She was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo, but when she spurned his advances he cursed her so nobody would believe her prophecies.

Spelling and Variations: “Casaundra, Kasandra, Kassandra, Kasaundra”

Famous people with name: Cassie Bernall (1981–1999), victim of the Columbine High School massacre.


Meaning: “voyager”

Origin: “Italian”

Description: derived from the French name Béatrice, which came from the Latin Beatrix, which means “she who makes happy”.

Spelling and Variations: “Beatrix, Béatrice, Beatriz”

Famous people with name: Beatrice, Duchess of Viseu. Given name: Beatrice.


Meaning: “Hide, Conceal”

Origin: “Old Persian”

Description: some scholars identify Esther with the name of the Babylonian goddess of love Ishtar.

Spelling and Variations: “Eistir”

Famous people with name: Ester Dean. Given name: Esther Renay Dean.


Meaning: “Free”

Origin: “French”

Description: was most popular in France itself during the 1940s (Besnard & Desplanques 2003), and was well used in the United States during the 1940s and 1950s (Evans 2006).

Spelling and Variations: “Fran, Francena, Francene, Francie, Francille, Francina, Francyne, Frann, Frannie, Frans”

Famous people with name: Francine Fournier (born 1972), professional wrestler.


Meaning: “date”

Origin: “Biblical”

Description: most commonly derived from the Biblical name “Tamar” and in the Arabic from the singular form “Tamra”.

Spelling and Variations: “Tamar, Temara, Tamra, Tamera, and Tamora”

Famous people with name: Tamara Bleszynski, Indonesian actress, singer, and model.


Meaning: “follower of Christ”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: is made popular by its similarity to Crystal, of which it can be also considered a variant.

Spelling and Variations: “Christine”

Famous people with name: Christelle Laura Douibi.


Meaning: “hope”

Origin: “Slavic”

Description: is a female name, that is used predominantly throughout the Mediterranean region, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Caucasus, and the Arab world.

Spelling and Variations: “Nadja, Nadya, Nadine, Nadiya, and Nadiia”

Famous people with name: Nadia Comăneci (born 1961), Romanian Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast.


Meaning: “fairy queen”

Origin: “Latin”

Description: was the name of a legendary king of the Sabines, an Italic tribe living near Rome around the 8th century BC.

Spelling and Variations: “Tatyana, Tatjana, Tatijana, Tytiana”

Famous people with name: Tatiana (singer), Mexican American actress, singer and television presenter.

9.       Make sure the first and second name fit with each other.

This happens rarely that the first and seconds names do not fit and meet each other well. It is, however, something you would not want.

Check out Haitian girl names and try to make full names that fit each other nicely:

Saige – “Wise, Healthy”

Evelin – “a clean girl”

Milko – “nice”

Abisai – “gift from God”

Sallie – “Lady, Princess”

Emmanuel – “God is with us”

Gregory – “watchful and alert”

Samia – “Nice, One who can Hear”

Kandra – “High Summit”

Bibiana – “full of life”

Andera – “very brave”

Samiyah – “Elevated, Lofty”

Debora – “sweet and tough”

Santara – “Beautiful Lady”

Karishma – “Miracle”

10.   Avoid names with too many syllables.

Baby names with too many syllables are complex. They are hard to remember. They should be avoided.

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Sharjeel Sial is passionate about learning new things; technology, automation, and AI. He helps the NamesFrog team in research and writing.