180+ Prettiest Girl Names Ending in R

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Some of our favorite girl names end in R include:















Girl Names Ending in R

Some of the amazing girl names are Emer, Munawar, Larimar, Skyler, Spencer.

Zohar – “Light, Brilliance”

Alair – “happy, cheerful”

Calder – “rocky water”

Inbar – “amber”

Piper – “pipe or flute player”

Char – “Lover”

Briar – “a thorny patch”

Hester – “star”

Porter – “carrier”

Jennifer – “white shadow, white wave”

Mawar – “rose”

Kerr – “living near wet ground”

November – “month name”

Amber – “Alert”

Kamrun – “Nahar”

Sahar – “Moon”

Gardener – “keeper of the garden”

Taylor – “tailor”

Nour – “lighting”

Yagmur – “rain”

Jagger – “carter”

Jotter – “Frisian name”

Adair – “shallow place in a river near oaks”

Leonor – “variation of Eleanor”

Alafair – “elf warrior or all true”

Cessair – “sorrow, affliction”

Edser – “strong with the sword”

Bahr – “bear, boar”

Fleur – “bloom”

What are a good R names for a girl?

Some of the good girl names are Ryder, Ender, Samar, Lavender, Hunter.

December – “month name”

Mair – “Welsh form of Mary”

Chandler – “candle maker”

Eivor – “Wise Gift”

Nasima – “Akther”

Hrafnhildur – “raven battle”

Heather – “English botanical name”

Vlinder – “butterfly”

Hajar – “rock”

Denver – “green valley or from Anvers”

Tanner – “Worker in leather”

Palmer – “he who holds the palm”

Glimmer – “as is Glitter”

Rumer – “fame, braggart”

Hadar – “ornament, glory, respect”

Samar – “conversations at night”

Nour – “light”

Fifer – “piper”

Emer – “swift”

Zumar – “elm tree”

Cooper – “barrel maker”

Walter – “ruler of the army”

Zephyr – “strong wind”

Azenor – “light”

Ester – “star”

October – “month name”

Elinor – “Shining light”

Mar – “sea”

Benazir – “peerless, incomparable, unique”

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What are the most pretty names for a girl?

Some of the most pretty girl names are Kyler, Windsor, Hesper, Copper, Flower.

Sahar – “dawn, morning, awakening”

Zephyr – “west windFull-screen”

Sinclair – “from the town of St Clair”

Harjot – “Kaur”

Fleur – “flower”

Demeter – “earth mother”

Aster – “star”

Juniper – “young”

Cher – “beloved”

Tyler – “maker of tiles”

Ginger – “red hair”

Flor – “flower”

Parker – “park keeper”

Amber – “A jewel name”

Eider – “beautiful”

Arbor – “Nature name”

Golnar – “pomegranate flower”

Tamar – “Palm tree”

Chhabi – “Kuamar”

Tanner – “leather tanner”

Sojourner – “to stay a while”

Clover – “key”

Gardner – “keeper of the garden”

Justin – “Bieber”

Esther – “a star”

Izar – “star”

Walker – “cloth walker”

What are some unique girl name?

Some of the unique girl names are Hagar, Eleanor, Ellinor, Carter, Blair.

Mór – “great one”

Gaynor – “white and smooth, soft”

Abir – “Strong”

Peter – “rock”

Flor – “bloom”

Elanor – “sun star”

Mayar – “moonglow”

Heather – “A flowering evergreen plant”

Greer – “alert, watchful”

Baylor – “horse trainer”

Blanchefleur – “white flower”

River – “A waterway”

Elinor – “variation of Eleanor”

Fflur – “flower”

Ester – “a star”

Sommer – “variant of Summer”

Karter – “variation of Carter”

Vesa – “sapling, sprout”

Oleander – “rose tree”

Eleanor – “God is my light”

Eir – “peacefulness, mercy”

Adar – “Noble”

Camber – “curved inwards”

Taylar – “Angel”

Endeavour – “challenge, endeavor”

Jennifer – “fruitful”

Astor – “hawk; thunder god”

Lior – “I have a light”

Dexter – “right-handed, skillful”

Aenor – “famous wealth”

Girl Names Ending in R

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