200 Clever Boy Names Ending with R

If you’re looking for boy names end in R, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite boy names end in R include:











Boy Names Ending in R

Some of the catchy boy names are Zubair, Jomar, Shakir, Volodymyr, Slater.

Mansoor – “Victorious”

Lear – “River Soar”

Akir – “anchor”

Redmar – “Famous for his advice”

Hiten – “Parmar”

Gunnar – “warrior”

Trevor – “large settlement”

Amar – “long life”

Victor – “champion”

Ammar – “Prosperous long life”

Conor – “Lover”

Shamar – “Fennel”

Nander – “venturing, brave”

Vladimir – “powerful leader”

Didier – “Desire”

Kier – “Strife, war”

Aleksandr – “Protector of men”

Homer – “Promise”

Xavier – “bright or the new house”

Badr – “full moon”

Saylor – “rope maker”

Skyler – “Phonetic spelling of Schuyler”

Victor – “Victor”

Adir – “noble, mighty”

Caesar – “thick head of hair”

Omar – “Life”

Ravinder – “Kumar”

Ragnar – “Strong counselor”

Ambar – “of the sky”

Josimar – “José and Maria”

What are some unique names for a boy?

Some of the unique boy names are Lamar, Hunter, Llyr, Cor, Emir.

Cooper – “A barrel maker”

Seymour – “from the town of St Maur”

Jesper – “Treasure holder”

Dexter – “dyer of clothes”

Shahar – “Sunrise, morning”

Blair – “plain, field”

Javier – “new home”

Terje – “Skaar”

Petar – “Rock”

Edgar – “Fortunate and powerful”

Cedar – “cedar tree”

Tanner – “Worker in leather”

Palmer – “Pilgrim; bearing a palm branch”

Omar – “flourishing or speaker”

Finnbar – “fair haired”

Leor – “my light”

Sumner – “Process server”

Lior – “my light”

Haider – “Lion”

Petr – “rock”

Lamar – “Noble”

Lucifer – “Bringer Of Light”

Igor – “warrior”

Kristoffer – “he of christian faith”

Amr – “Life”

Justin – “Bieber”

Edmar – “Heritage”

Meir – “giver of light”

Yair – “he shines”

Hector – “steadfast”

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Last Names That End with R

Some of the last boy names are Hector, Umar, Caspar, Ragnar, Gelmar.

Roger – “famous with the spear”

Taylor – “tailor”

Asghar – “younger smaller”

Castor – “shining”

Alastor – “defender of mankind”

Nestor – “traveller”

Adler – “An eagle”

Sailor – “boat man”

Tyr – “the Norse God of war”

Rodger – “Famous”

Oscar – “spear of the gods”

Skylar – “noble scholar”

Ingvar – “Mythical Fertility god”

Ryker – “powerful”

Jager – “Carter”

Walter – “ruler of the army”

Folmer – “famous among the people”

Oscar – “Divine spear”

Connor – “lover of hounds, hunter”

Sudhir – “Very”

Jitu – “Meher”

Emir – “prince”

Muntasir – “triumphant, victorious”

Bear – “bear”

Taissir – “Makes everything very easily in life”

What are the most popular R names?

Some of the most popular boy names are Spencer, Salvador, Teodor, Aleksandr, Briar.

Celester – “heavenly, divine”

Rimmer – “fame”

Geir – “Stone wall”

Olivar – “place of olives”

Valdemar – “famous leader”

Casper – “treasurer”

Mayur – “Peacock”

Asher – “blessed, happy”

Tomer – “Male date tree”

Samir – “Evening conversationalist”

Amir – “Prince”

Werner – “protector of the army”

Peter – “rock”

Trevor – “Sea”

Cesar – “thick head of hair”

Jaspar – “keeper of treasure”

Wilbur – “brilliant or wild boar”

Jasper – “treasurer”

Timur – “iron”

Aleser – “lion”

Nicanor – “Victorious army”

Lester – “Fortified place”

Petar – “stone”

Huntar – “one who hunts”

Ushinar – “desired”

Boy Names Ending in R

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What are rare names that start with R?

Some of the rare boy names are Per, Kumar, Thor, Vinor,  Alistair.

Kader – “Capable”

Edgar – “wealthy spearman”

Mubashir – “Bearer of glad tidings”

Helder – “clear”

Vitor – “Champion”

Sky – “refers to the sky”

Salvador – “saviour”

Yasser – “Easy circumstances”

Eleazar – “God has helped”

Arthur – “bear”

Bozidar – “gift of Yahweh”

Dior – “golden”

Piotr – “a rock, polish for peter”

Balthasar – “God protects the king”

Parker – “Keeper of the forest”

Oliver – “Eleven”

Onur – “honour”

Keir – “dark haired”

Tahir – “Pure”

Ger – “Spear”

Avishar – “my brother sings”

Tamer – “Palm tree”

Sandor – “Protector of men”

Arbor – “tree”

Tayler – “Tailor”


There are many great boy names end in the letter R. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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