250+ Awesome Girl Names Ending in N

If you’re looking for boy names ending in N, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite boy names ending in N include:
















Boy Names Ending in N

Some of the amazing boy names are Milan, Edwin, Jon, Sean, Hermann.

Bojan – “Struggle”

Even – “the archer”

Leon – “the lion”

Jonathan – “the gift of God”

Darren – “large”

Franklin – “free man”

Declan – “Famous bearer”

Ericson – “son of eric ever kingly”

Kaden – “Companion”

Imran – “Prosperity”

Nathan – “gift of God”

Rylan – “island meadow”

Colton – “Colas town or dark settlement”

Jon – “Yahweh is gracious”

Ian – “a gift from God”

Jackson – “son of Jack”

Sebastian – “deep admiration”

Hassan – “One who possesses great beauty”

Sven – “Boy, Young Man”

Jordan – “earth, land”

Flynn – “of a red-haired man”

Dean – “valley”

Alin – “Fair”

Logan – “Finnians servant”

Jadon – “he (God) will judge”

Othman – “Wealthy”

Alan – “rock”

Martin – “Servant Of Mars”

Jaxon – “God has been gracious”

Kadan – “companion”

Benjamin – “son of happiness”

Roshan – “Daylight”

Ben – “son of happiness”

Anton – “invaluable”

Torben – “bear”

Martijn – “Dedicated to Mars”

Bottom – “of Form”

Paxton – “a town of peace”

What are the coolest names for a boy?

Some of the cool boy names are Colin, Jerron, Dan, Alvin, Winston.

Maximilian – “Little”

Sinen – “God is with us”

Bryan – “noble”

Marlon – “Little Warlike One”

Odin – “supreme god”

Regan – “Little King”

Layton – “the meadow farm”

Florian – “bloom”

Jan – “God is merciful”

Ervin – “Person From Irvine, Scotland”

Rowan – “tree”

Morgan – “fighter of the sea”

Stephen – “honour, reward”

Lochlann – “home of the Norse”

Morgan – “clear”

Tijn – “The little warrior”

Shannon – “Little old wise one”

Afton – “the Afton River”

Tuan – “Chivalrous Lord”

Dayton – “a town that is full of sun”

Kieran – “Little”

Kian – “ancient and archaic”

Dion – “fertility”

Ethan – “Strong”

Ashton – “ash tree settlement”

Robin – “famous brilliance”

Vernon – “Alder tree grove”

Clinton – “Settlement on a hill”

Kaelan – “pulchritudinous”

Justin – “just or true”

Jefferson – “Peace of God”

Dion – “God of wine and revelry”

Jordan – “To flow down”

Ivan – “God is good”

Nolan – “a noble friend”

Cameron – “crooked or bent nose”

Ethan – “strong, constancy, famous and firm”

Ian – “Yahweh is gracious”

Shaun – “Gods gift to mankind”

Jason – “heal or the healer”

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Cute Boy Names Ending in N

Some of the cute boy names are Griffin, Allen, Donovan, Julien, Elon.

Baron – “nobleman”

Esteban – “Crown”

Euston – “heart”

Johan – “Yahweh is gracious”

Dylan – “Son of the wave”

Herman – “Warrior”

Roman – “A citizen of Rome”

Finn – “small blond soldier”

Dustin – “warrior”

Allan – “rock”

Zayn – “beautiful or beauty”

Jaden – “Jehovah has heard”

Stephen – “Crown; wreath”

Glen – “from the Valley”

Irwin – “sea lover”

Aaron – “enlightened”

Solomon – “peaceful”

Cain – “Spear; possessed”

Ailin – “handsome”

Rohn – “Rising”

Brian – “high or noble”

Branden – “Beacon on the hill”

Austin – “state in America”

Colin – “peoples victory”

Llewellyn – “lion-like”

Brenton – “Arrangement”

Melvin – “friend”

Damon – “Constant and loyal”

Levon – “Connected”

Burton – “From the fortified town”

Jean – “Yahweh is gracious”

Steven – “Crown; wreath”

Euan – “Possibly a variant of John”

Jajuan – “God is gracious”

Eren – “Name of a saint”

Joaquin – “Yahweh focuses on”

Steen – “Stone”

Dustin – “A fighter”

Evaan – “Gods grace”

Naveen – “beautiful, pleasant”

What are a good names for N?

Some of the good boy names are Cavan, Darrin, Deshaun, Brandon, Sybren.

Brenden – “Prince; smelly hair”

Emerson – “brave and powerful”

Zeyn – “Handsome, beautiful”

Jorien – “editor of the Earth”

Bensen – “Bens son”

Benjamin – “son of my right hand”

Brian – “high”

Warren – “The gamekeeper”

Aaron – “Lofty; exalted”

Clayton – “town on a clay land”

Kayleon – “loveable”

Praveen – “proficient”

Jason – “to heal”

Steffan – “Crown; wreath”

Damion – “Tamer”

Keegan – “son”

Zoltan – “life”

Stefan – “Crown”

Carson – “son of carr”

Robin – “beautifully by fame”

Ryan – “Kingly”

Gavin – “district of land”

Hassan – “One who possesses great beauty”

Saxon – “a short sword or dagger”

Brooklyn – “water or stream”

Nathan – “Gift from God”

Kevin – “kind, honest”

Brighton – “Bright town”

Sebastian – “Masculinity”

Oren – “Jerusalem Pine”

Maarten – “The little warrior”

Gavin – “Hawk of the battle: white hawk”

Manan – “Thought; reflection”

Lillian – “God has sworn”

Ken – “psychically healthy”

Rizwan – “Satisfaction”

Juan – “Yahweh is gracious”

Evan – “the archer”

Loden – “Full fame warrior”

Aiden – “fire”

Boy Names Ending in N

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What are rare names that start with N?

Some of the rare boy names are Saron, Daren, Damian, Owen, Florian.

Lucian – “Light; illumination”

Lincoln – “from the settlement by the pool”

Boston – “a city in Massachusetts”

Braydon – “Broad hillside”

Logan – “from the hollow”

Johnson – “God is with us”

Jayden – “God has heard”

Bastiaan – “Venerable, exalted”

Wilson – “son”

Ciaran – “Black-haired”

Orson – “bear cub or a bear”

Gerwin – “Spear friend”

John – “God is Gracious”

Damian – “restrain”

Justin – “Righteous”

Agustin – “Honoured”

Edson – “Son of the fortunate warrior”

Sullivan – “dark-eyed”

Catalin – “Pure”

Sean – “God is gracious”

Dilan – “Born near the sea”

Paton – “from the warriors town”

Ashton – “From the town with ash trees”

Iman – “God is with us”

Vedran – “clear, cheerful”

Sabastian – “Masculinity”

Christian – “anointed”

Hayden – “fire”

Ruben – “Behold a son”

Arjen – “One from the city of Adria”

Mason – “worker of the stone”

Carlin – “Dude”

Harrison – “son of Harry”

Graysen – “grey-haired”

Dusan – “God is my judge”

Dean – “leader or head of the pack”

Dalton – “From the farm in the dale”

Kenton – “Royal chieftain”

Harrison – “son”

Samson – “as bright as the sun”


There are many great boy names ending in the letter N. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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