Boy Names That Start with “ZI”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities.

If you’re searching for a name that exudes uniqueness and charm, why not explore options beginning with “ZI”?

While names starting with “ZI” may not be as common as others, they offer a distinctiveness that can make your son stand out from the crowd.

From timeless classics like Zidan, meaning “growth” or “progress,” to more contemporary choices like Ziv, which translates to “radiance” or “brightness,” there’s a plethora of names to consider.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the finest boy names that start with “ZI” and their meanings, helping you find the ideal fit for your little one.

So, whether you’re drawn to names with deep-rooted significance or those that simply resonate with your personal style, rest assured that there’s a perfect “ZI” name awaiting your discovery.

Join us as we embark on this delightful journey to uncover the beauty and allure of boy names that start with “ZI.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “ZI”

Zion – “Highest point; sacred place” (Hebrew)

Ziyaan – “Adornment; decoration” (Arabic)

Zinedine – “Beauty of the faith” (Arabic)

Zidane – “Abundance; growth” (Arabic)

Ziyad – “Abundance; growth” (Arabic)

Ziya – “Light; glow” (Turkish)

Zishan – “Goodness; excellence” (Persian)

Ziaul – “Radiance of God” (Arabic)

Zia – “Light; splendor” (Arabic)

Zinoviy – “Life of Zeus” (Slavic)

Zivon – “Vigorous; lively” (Hebrew)

Zionel – “Encouraged by God” (Hebrew)

Zikomo – “Thank you” (African)

Ziv – “Radiance; brilliance” (Hebrew)

Zihao – “Ambition; aspiration” (Chinese)

Ziven – “Vitality; life” (Slavic)

Ziyaad – “Growth; abundance” (Arabic)

Zivanka – “Alive; lively” (Slavic)

Zidan – “Growth; increase” (Arabic)

Ziyaat – “Splendor; beauty” (Arabic)

Zilong – “Purple dragon” (Chinese)

Ziauddin – “Light of the faith” (Arabic)

Zigor – “Punishment” (Basque)

Zian – “Peaceful” (Chinese)

Ziare – “One who helps” (Swahili)

Ziven – “Full of life” (Slavic)

Zino – “God is gracious” (Italian)

Ziyaan – “Beautification” (Arabic)

Zidan – “Growth” (Arabic)

Zizou – “Nickname for Zinedine” (Arabic)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “ZI”

Zian – “Bright” (Chinese)

Zin – “Handsomeness” (Chinese)

Zivon – “Vigorous” (Hebrew)

Zino – “God is gracious” (Italian)

Ziyan – “Elegant” (Chinese)

Ziven – “Full of life” (Slavic)

Zidan – “Growth” (Arabic)

Ziv – “Radiance” (Hebrew)

Ziyaan – “Adornment” (Arabic)

Zigor – “Punishment” (Basque)

Zimri – “My praise” (Hebrew)

Zinedine – “Beauty of the faith” (Arabic)

Ziare – “Helper” (Swahili)

Zion – “Highest point” (Hebrew)

Zikomo – “Thank you” (African)

Zia – “Light” (Arabic)

Zilong – “Purple dragon” (Chinese)

Ziya – “Glow” (Turkish)

Ziyaat – “Splendor” (Arabic)

Zionel – “Encouraged by God” (Hebrew)

Ziad – “Growth” (Arabic)

Zion – “Sign” (Hebrew)

Zidane – “Abundance” (Arabic)

Zigor – “Sharp” (Basque)

Zinan – “Growing” (Turkish)

Zinn – “Great” (German)

Zion – “A sign” (Hebrew)

Ziwa – “Lake” (Swahili)

Ziya – “Light” (Turkish)

Zio – “Uncle” (Italian)

Unique “ZI” Names for Boys

Ziven – “Vitality; life” (Slavic)

Zephyr – “West wind” (Greek)

Zephyrus – “God of the west wind” (Greek)

Zivenka – “Alive; lively” (Slavic)

Ziggy – “Victorious protector” (German)

Zivanka – “Vigorous; lively” (Slavic)

Zimra – “Song; praise” (Hebrew)

Zinc – “Metallic element” (English)

Zindel – “To sparkle” (German)

Zindabad – “Long live” (Persian)

Zinov – “Life of Zeus” (Slavic)

Zinoviy – “Life of Zeus” (Slavic)

Zino – “Zealous” (Italian)

Zintis – “Harvester” (Latvian)

Zion – “Highest point; sacred place” (Hebrew)

Zip – “Short form of Zephyr” (English)

Zipporah – “Bird” (Hebrew)

Ziya – “Light” (Turkish)

Ziyaad – “Growth; abundance” (Arabic)

Ziyad – “Growth” (Arabic)

Zizou – “Nickname for Zinedine” (Arabic)

Zlatan – “Golden” (Slavic)

Zoa – “Life” (Greek)

Zoan – “Going out” (Hebrew)

Zodiakos – “Of the zodiac” (Greek)

Zohar – “Light; brilliance” (Hebrew)

Zorion – “Happiness” (Basque)

Zosimos – “Viable” (Greek)

Zuberi – “Strong” (Swahili)

Zuhayr – “Flowering” (Arabic)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “ZI”

Ziad – “Growth, abundance” (Arabic)

Ziya – “Light, splendor” (Turkish)

Ziv – “Radiance, brightness” (Hebrew)

Zimri – “My praise” (Hebrew)

Zinedine – “Beauty of the religion” (Arabic)

Ziauddin – “Light of the religion” (Arabic)

Ziaur – “Light of God” (Arabic)

Ziyaad – “Growth, increase” (Arabic)

Ziyaan – “Beauty, adornment” (Arabic)

Zia – “Light” (Arabic)

Ziaul – “Light of God” (Arabic)

Ziyaafat – “Guest” (Arabic)

Ziyaam – “Unity, harmony” (Arabic)

Ziyaar – “Pilgrim” (Arabic)

Ziai – “Fertile” (Arabic)

Ziaudeen – “Radiance of the faith” (Arabic)

Ziadat – “Growth, increase” (Arabic)

Zimraan – “Praise” (Arabic)

Ziair – “Pilgrim” (Arabic)

Zikri – “Remembered” (Arabic)

Zifan – “Victor” (Arabic)

Zivaan – “Lively, beautiful” (Hebrew)

Zikriya – “God remembers” (Arabic)

Zian – “Bold, ambitious” (Chinese)

Zimran – “Praised one” (Hebrew)

Ziyaaf – “Generous” (Arabic)

Zikir – “Remembrance, mention” (Arabic)

Ziaullah – “Light of Allah” (Arabic)

Zikra – “Memory, remembrance” (Arabic)

Zibran – “Obedient” (Arabic)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “ZI”

Zivon – “Vigorous, alive” (Russian)

Ziyaan – “Decoration, beauty” (Persian)

Zivko – “Vigorous, alive” (Slavic)

Ziven – “Alive, full of life” (Slavic)

Ziyad – “Superabundance, increase” (Arabic)

Zine – “Handsome” (African)

Zivanka – “Full of life” (Slavic)

Zishan – “High status, dignity” (Persian)

Zinov – “Life of Zeus” (Russian)

Zivadin – “Vivacious, lively” (Serbian)

Zikomo – “Thank you” (African)

Ziyaad – “Abundance, growth” (Arabic)

Ziyaanat – “Decoration, beauty” (Persian)

Zikomo – “Thanks” (African)

Zibin – “Clever” (Chinese)

Zidane – “Abundance, growth” (Arabic)

Zia – “Light” (Arabic)

Zivan – “Vigorous, alive” (Slavic)

Ziyaat – “Gift, present” (Arabic)

Zitomir – “Life giver” (Slavic)

Zigmund – “Victory protector” (Slavic)

Zimani – “Money, wealth” (African)

Zimon – “Hearing well” (African)

Zikar – “Remembrance, mention” (Arabic)

Zingara – “Gypsy” (Italian)

Zivanka – “Full of life” (Slavic)

Zivadin – “Vivacious, lively” (Serbian)

Zirian – “Princess” (Persian)

Zimri – “My praise” (Hebrew)

Zirac – “Rose” (Arabic)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “ZI”

Zia – “Light” (Arabic)

Ziya – “Radiance” (Arabic)

Ziven – “Vitality” (Slavic)

Zephyr – “West Wind” (Greek)

Ziv – “Radiance” (Hebrew)

Zima – “Winter” (Slavic)

Zilan – “Lake” (Kurdish)

Zivah – “Brightness” (Hebrew)

Zin – “Mountain God” (Hebrew)

Ziyaad – “Abundance” (Arabic)

Zina – “Guest” (Greek)

Zivanka – “Alive” (Slavic)

Zimri – “My Praise” (Hebrew)

Ziyaan – “Decoration” (Arabic)

Zivon – “Alive” (Slavic)

Zita – “Seeker” (Spanish)

Zidan – “Growth” (Arabic)

Zipporah – “Bird” (Hebrew)

Zilla – “Shadow” (Hebrew)

Zivit – “Brightness” (Hebrew)

Ziyaire – “Radiant” (Arabic)

Zifir – “Sparkling” (Turkish)

Zivena – “Alive” (Slavic)

Zivanka – “Alive” (Slavic)

Zilpha – “Shadow” (Hebrew)

Zinat – “Adornment” (Persian)

Ziarre – “Bright” (Persian)

Zivanka – “Alive” (Slavic)

Zinaida – “Hospitality” (Greek)

Zihna – “Thought” (Turkish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “ZI”

Ziauddin – “Light of the Faith” (Arabic)

Ziyaan – “Beautification of God” (Arabic)

Zinedine – “Ornament of the Religion” (Arabic)

Ziya – “Radiance of God” (Turkish)

Zikra – “Remembrance of God” (Arabic)

Ziyad – “Abundance from God” (Arabic)

Zimran – “Protected by God” (Hebrew)

Ziyadat – “God’s Increase” (Arabic)

Zivon – “Alive by God’s Grace” (Slavic)

Ziven – “God’s Vitality” (Slavic)

Ziyaire – “Brightened by God” (Arabic)

Ziaur – “Light of God” (Arabic)

Ziaurrahman – “Light of the Merciful One” (Arabic)

Zirui – “Wisdom from God” (Chinese)

Zikomo – “Thanks to God” (African)

Zivojin – “Alive Through God’s Grace” (Slavic)

Zirak – “Blue Sky, Clearness” (Kurdish)

Ziaulhaq – “Light of the Truth” (Arabic)

Ziaur – “Bright as the Morning” (Arabic)

Zivit – “Brightness from God” (Hebrew)

Ziarre – “Illuminated by God” (Persian)

Ziljian – “Resurrection Through God” (Armenian)

Zivena – “Living by God’s Grace” (Slavic)

Zimra – “Song of Praise to God” (Hebrew)

Zijad – “God’s Gift” (Arabic)

Zimry – “Song to God” (Hebrew)

Zikomo – “Thanksgiving to God” (African)

Zidane – “Growth Through God” (Arabic)

Zikomo – “Gratitude to God” (African)

Zuhayr – “Radiant Like the Moon; Sparkle” (Arabic)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “ZI”

Zinedine Zidane

Renowned former French footballer and football manager, regarded as one of the greatest players of all time.

Zlatan Ibrahimović

Swedish professional footballer known for his exceptional skills, athleticism, and prolific goal-scoring abilities.

Zig Ziglar

American author, salesman, and motivational speaker, widely recognized for his inspirational speeches and books on personal development.

Zhang Yimou

Acclaimed Chinese film director and cinematographer, known for his visually stunning and critically acclaimed films such as “Hero” and “House of Flying Daggers.”

Ziggy Marley

Jamaican musician and eldest son of reggae icon Bob Marley, known for his contributions to reggae music and social activism.


Brazilian former professional footballer and coach, widely regarded as one of the greatest midfielders in football history.

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