Boy Names That Start with “BAI”

Looking for a name for your baby boy that begins with “BAI”? You’re in luck! While it may not be the most common starting letter for names, “BAI” offers a range of unique and meaningful options to consider.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional names or prefer something more modern and distinctive, there’s a “BAI” name out there that’s perfect for your little one.

From timeless choices like Bailey, meaning “bailiff” or “steward,” to less conventional options like Baird, there’s something for every taste and preference.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best boy names that start with “BAI” and uncover their fascinating meanings.

So, if you’re ready to embark on the journey of choosing the perfect name for your son, sit back, relax, and let’s delve into the world of boy names that start with “BAI.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “BAI”

Bailey – “Bailiff” (English)

Baird – “Minstrel” (Scottish)

Bain – “White” (Irish)

Bairn – “Child” (Scottish)

Baird – “Bard, Poet” (Scottish)

Bailey – “Steward” (English)

Baines – “Pale” (English)

Bainbridge – “Bridge Over White Water” (English)

Baiden – “Little Fire” (English)

Bainard – “Brave Bear” (German)

Bailer – “One Who Carries Bales” (English)

Bailor – “Provider of Bail” (English)

Baily – “Bailiff” (English)

Bainhart – “Brave Bear” (German)

Bairo – “Bear-like” (Germanic)

Baigh – “Radiant” (Irish)

Baikal – “Rich Lake” (Russian)

Baisan – “Clear Water” (Japanese)

Baillie – “Bailiff” (English)

Bainville – “Town on the White Meadow” (French)

Bairos – “Healer” (Portuguese)

Bainbrydge – “Bridge Over White Water” (English)

Bai – “Pure” (Chinese)

Baida – “Bright” (Arabic)

Baily – “Berry Clearing” (English)

Bainsey – “Son of the Fair One” (English)

Baiton – “Town Near the Beaten Track” (English)

Baingana – “First Son” (African)

Baika – “Sea of Pearls” (Japanese)

Baile – “Town Square” (Spanish)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “BAI”

Bainson – “Son of the Fair One” (English)

Baiden – “Little Fire” (English)

Baizel – “Kind Heart” (English)

Bainey – “Son of the Fair One” (English)

Baiyu – “White Jade” (Chinese)

Baikal – “Rich Lake” (Russian)

Bailen – “Bailiff” (English)

Baindon – “Hill of the White Meadow” (English)

Baizhan – “Defender” (Kazakh)

Bainson – “Son of the Fair One” (English)

Baize – “Kind Heart” (English)

Bailen – “Bailiff” (English)

Baize – “Merciful” (English)

Bairos – “Healer” (Portuguese)

Bainbrydge – “Bridge Over White Water” (English)

Baiyun – “White Cloud” (Chinese)

Baiken – “Wise” (Kazakh)

Bainson – “Son of the Fair One” (English)

Bailan – “Bright Star” (English)

Baisong – “Hundred Pine Trees” (Chinese)

Baihe – “White Crane” (Chinese)

Bailan – “Bright Star” (English)

Baiqian – “Thousands of Money” (Chinese)

Baine – “Pale” (English)

Baiyi – “Hundred Changes” (Chinese)

Bailer – “Bailiff” (English)

Bailian – “Pure Lotus” (Chinese)

Baison – “Son of the Fair One” (English)

Bailiang – “Bright” (Chinese)

Bainbridge – “Bridge Over White Water” (English)

Unique “BAI” Names for Boys

Baiko – “Brave Son” (Japanese)

Baio – “Treasure” (Japanese)

Bailo – “Banner” (Spanish)

Baisil – “Royal” (English)

Baikal – “Rich Lake” (Russian)

Baiton – “Town Near the Beaten Track” (English)

Baiken – “Calm One” (Japanese)

Baino – “Guide” (Italian)

Baion – “Brave Lion” (Spanish)

Baior – “Bold” (Spanish)

Baiker – “Adventurous” (German)

Baisan – “Clear Water” (Japanese)

Baibos – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Baigio – “Sunshine” (Italian)

Baihan – “White Swan” (Chinese)

Baiken – “Sage” (Japanese)

Baiwulf – “White Wolf” (English)

Bailen – “Luminous” (Spanish)

Baiver – “Fearless Guardian” (English)

Baimir – “Peaceful Ruler” (Russian)

Baijiro – “Strength and Justice” (Japanese)

Baiji – “White Horse” (Chinese)

Baion – “Good-hearted” (Japanese)

Baitar – “Brave Leader” (Mongolian)

Baicar – “Bringer of Joy” (English)

Baico – “Savior” (Italian)

Baiso – “Wise Counselor” (Japanese)

Baiquan – “White Spring” (Chinese)

Baito – “Beloved” (Japanese)

Bailor – “Protector of the Weak” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “BAI”

Baird – “Minstrel, Poet” (Scottish)

Bailen – “Ruler, Lord” (Spanish)

Bain – “Pale, Fair” (Irish)

Bailey – “Steward, Public Official” (English)

Bairn – “Child” (Scottish)

Baikal – “Rich Lake” (Mongolian)

Bai – “Pure, White” (Chinese)

Bainbridge – “Bridge Over the White Water” (English)

Bairam – “Celebration, Festival” (Turkish)

Baize – “Green Fabric” (French)

Baird – “Minstrel, Poet” (Scottish)

Bairn – “Child” (Scottish)

Baisden – “Son of Baiz” (English)

Baio – “White-Haired” (Italian)

Bailie – “Bailiff, Administrator” (Scottish)

Bajnok – “Champion, Winner” (Hungarian)

Baines – “From Near the Bones” (English)

Baigh – “Resplendent” (Gaelic)

Bailee – “Courtyard Within Castle Walls” (English)

Baiju – “Friendly, Victorious” (Indian)

Bair – “Heir, Son” (Scottish)

Bail – “Stone Outcrop” (Irish)

Baiardo – “White, Shining” (Italian)

Baingana – “King’s Son” (African)

Bailintín – “From the Town of the Pool” (Irish)

Bailey – “Bailiff, Steward” (English)

Bairam – “Festival, Celebration” (Turkish)

Bairam – “Happy, Fortunate” (Arabic)

Baisteach – “Showery, Rainy” (Irish)

Bailintín – “Hollow” (Irish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “BAI”

Bain – “White, Fair” (Scottish)

Baiko – “Little Bell” (Japanese)

Baian – “Clear Sky” (Japanese)

Baiel – “Hospitable” (Basque)

Bailin – “Clear Stream” (Irish)

Baimyrza – “Rich Prince” (Kazakh)

Bair – “Tiger” (Kazakh)

Bai – “Victory” (Chinese)

Baid – “Joy” (Arabic)

Baïs – “Kindness” (French)

Baingan – “Eggplant” (Indian)

Bairon – “Son of Harry” (Spanish)

Baity – “House” (Arabic)

Baig – “Chief, Leader” (Arabic)

Baino – “Farmer” (Japanese)

Baikuntha – “Heaven” (Indian)

Baiul – “First” (Ukrainian)

Baibars – “Panther” (Arabic)

Baishan – “White Mountain” (Chinese)

Bair – “Falcon” (Mongolian)

Baileigh – “Meadow” (Irish)

Baikonur – “Rich Valley” (Kazakh)

Bairan – “Clear Sky” (Japanese)

Baisun – “Bright Sun” (Chinese)

Baiju – “Victorious” (Indian)

Bairam – “Joyous, Festive” (Turkish)

Baibek – “Strong Ruler” (Kazakh)

Baidal – “Traveler” (Mongolian)

Baidar – “Powerful, Strong” (Turkish)

Baiga – “Coward” (Mongolian)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “BAI”

Bailey – “Bailiff” (English)

Baird – “Poet, Musician” (Scottish)

Bailee – “Steward” (English)

Bailey – “City Fortification” (English)

Bain – “White” (Gaelic)

Bairn – “Child” (Scottish)

Baiza – “Pure” (Arabic)

Bailee – “Courtyard Within Castle Walls” (French)

Bairam – “Festival” (Turkish)

Baina – “Whiteness” (Basque)

Bainbridge – “Bridge Over White Water” (English)

Bainard – “Brave Warrior” (German)

Baize – “Green Fabric” (French)

Baingana – “First Son” (African)

Baig – “Chief” (Arabic)

Bailen – “Skinny” (Spanish)

Bainet – “A Small Mountain” (French)

Bairbre – “Foreign Woman” (Irish)

Baikuntha – “Heaven” (Sanskrit)

Baillie – “Bailiff” (French)

Baira – “Wind” (Russian)

Baigal – “Happiness” (Mongolian)

Baindur – “Strong” (Irish)

Baid – “Egg” (Vietnamese)

Baijal – “Victorious” (Hindi)

Baika – “Sea” (Japanese)

Baila – “Dance” (Spanish)

Baimurat – “Strong and Indestructible” (Kazakh)

Bainin – “White, Pale” (Irish)

Baia – “Beautiful” (Italian)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “BAI”

Baibars – “Lion” (Arabic)

Baisil – “Royal” (Greek)

Bairam – “Festival” (Turkish)

Baird – “Minstrel, Poet” (Scottish)

Baird – “Axe” (Old English)

Bairn – “Child” (Scottish)

Baikuntha – “Residence of Lord Vishnu” (Hindu)

Bailintin – “Valentine” (Irish)

Bain – “White” (Gaelic)

Bainbridge – “Bridge Over White Water” (English)

Baindur – “Strong” (Irish)

Bairam – “Festival” (Persian)

Baisha – “Pure” (Arabic)

Baishakhi – “Of the Month Baishakh” (Bengali)

Baizid – “Prince” (Arabic)

Bajrang – “Lord Hanuman” (Sanskrit)

Bajrangbali – “Lord Hanuman” (Sanskrit)

Bajram – “Festival” (Albanian)

Baktash – “Good Fortune” (Persian)

Baktiar – “Fortunate” (Arabic)

Balaam – “Not of the People” (Hebrew)

Balach – “Young” (Irish)

Baladan – “Lord Be Kind” (Akkadian)

Balagopal – “Child Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Balaji – “Lord Vishnu” (Hindu)

Balaram – “Brother of Lord Krishna” (Sanskrit)

Balavan – “Powerful” (Sanskrit)

Balder – “Prince, Brave Warrior” (Norse)

Baldwin – “Brave Friend” (Germanic)

Baleegh – “Eloquent” (Arabic)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “BAI”

Bai Ling

Chinese-American actress known for her roles in films like “The Crow” and “Red Corner.”

Bai Yun

A giant panda who resided at the San Diego Zoo.

Bai Qiu’en

Chinese philosopher and poet during the Tang dynasty.

Bai Juyi

Prominent Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty.

Bai Xiaochun

Chinese table tennis player, a former world champion.

Bai Chongxi

Chinese military leader and politician during the early 20th century.

Bai Yuchan

Chinese Taoist monk and poet, known for his contributions to Taoist alchemy.

Bai Qi

Chinese general during the Warring States period.

Bai Xianyong

Taiwanese writer known for his novel “Crystal Boys,” which explores LGBTQ themes.

Bai Wuxiang

Chinese scholar and politician during the Qing dynasty.

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