220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “SPI”

When it comes to choosing a name for your little one, many parents strive to find something unique and special.

If you’re on the hunt for a boy’s name that starts with “Spi,” look no further. These names are not only uncommon but also have a distinctive charm that sets them apart from the rest.

Whether you’re drawn to spiritual meanings, Greek origins, or simply want something that stands out, there are plenty of options to consider.

From traditional choices like Spiro and Spence to more modern picks like Spiker and Spenceley, there is a plethora of names to choose from.

So if you’re looking to give your son a name that is sure to make him stand out from the crowd, take a closer look at the intriguing selection of boy names that start with “Spi.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “SPI”

Spino – “thorn” (Greek)

Spike – “pointed tool or weapon” (English)

Spiegel – “mirror” (Dutch/German)

Spirit – “vital essence” (English)

Spiro – “spirit” (Greek)

Spitfire – “a person with a fiery temper” (English)

Spiros – “spirit” (Greek)

Spider – “arachnid” (English)

Spiurgeon – “little branch” (English)

Spinelli – “small thorn” (Italian)

Spinster – “unmarried woman” (English)

Spierry – “dweller near the sparrow” (English)

Spialding – “place of split trees” (English)

Spience – “dispenser of provisions” (English)

Spienser – “steward” (English)

Spice – “aromatic or pungent plant substance used to flavor food” (English)

Spihinx – “mythological creature” (Greek)

Spijk – “pointed stick” (Dutch)

Spin – “to rotate rapidly” (English)

Spiur – “projecting object” (English)

Spienceley – “clearing with a thorn bush” (English)

Spithas – “pointed” (Greek)

Spijker – “nail” (Dutch)

Spinel – “gemstone” (English)

Spiierry – “dweller near the sparrow” (English)

Spitha – “point” (Greek)

Spinoza – “thorny” (Portuguese)

Spiranac – “to hope” (Serbian)

Spiridon – “spirit” (Greek)

Spindler – “spinner” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "SPI"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “SPI”

Spigot – “faucet” (English)

Spinto – “to push” (Italian)

Spinnaker – “large sail” (English)

Spire – “tall, pointed structure” (English)

Spicoli – “spice” (Italian)

Spirito – “spirit” (Italian)

Spirogiannis – “spirit of John” (Greek)

Spivak – “newcomer” (Yiddish)

Spiceman – “merchant of spices” (English)

Spira – “coil” (Greek)

Spiker – “to nail” (English)

Spidell – “spider” (English)

Spivon – “to breathe” (Greek)

Spizzirri – “one who plays the spy” (Italian)

Spivakovsky – “newcomer to the forest” (Russian)

Spiran – “hopeful” (Serbian)

Spiteri – “hopeful” (Maltese)

Spitaels – “little hospital” (Flemish)

Spiromichael – “who is like God?” (Greek)

Spirulina – “spiral” (Latin)

Spigos – “ear of wheat” (Greek)

Spiering – “spearman” (Dutch)

Spivakov – “newcomer” (Russian)

Spizz – “to act hastily” (English)

Spilner – “one who plays the game of spinning” (English)

Spirea – “flowering shrub” (English)

Spicuzza – “spice” (Sicilian)

Spirello – “spiral” (Italian)

Spinicchia – “little thorn” (Italian)

Spigariello – “leafy green vegetable” (Italian)

Unique “SPI” Names for Boys

Spier – “vigorous” (English)

Spiliotis – “cave dweller” (Greek)

Spinks – “playful” (English)

Spisak – “crossroads” (Hungarian)

Spidalieri – “hospitable” (Italian)

Spiropoulos – “son of Spiro” (Greek)

Spindle – “slender rod or pin” (English)

Spiritoso – “lively” (Italian)

Spiliades – “from the cave” (Greek)

Spinato – “spiny” (Italian)

Spitz – “sharp point” (German)

Spirocha – “spiral” (Greek)

Spina – “thorn” (Italian)

Spile – “boundary marker” (English)

Spillane – “offspring of St. Fillan” (Irish)

Spierings – “little sparrow” (Dutch)

Spitas – “harbor” (Greek)

Spinozzi – “thorny” (Italian)

Spitznogle – “sharp nail” (German)

Spillett – “splendid” (English)

Spidaro – “sparrow-like” (Italian)

Spiroglou – “sweet smelling” (Greek)

Spinardi – “spinning wheel” (Italian)

Spinetto – “little thorn” (Italian)

Spinali – “related to the spine” (Italian)

Spitzig – “sharp” (German)

Spitaleri – “hospitaller” (Italian)

Spithouris – “pointed” (Greek)

Spilman – “protection” (English)

Spirelli – “spiral” (Italian)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “SPI”

Spiranthes – “spiral flower” (Greek)

Spinell – “little thorn” (German)

Spivey – “spacious” (English)

Spiliades – “from the cave” (Greek)

Sporos – “seed” (Greek)

Spitzig – “sharp” (German)

Spillers – “dispenser of grain” (English)

Spiliotopoulos – “son of the cave dweller” (Greek)

Spiridonos – “gift of the spirit” (Greek)

Spirochaete – “spiral-shaped bacteria” (Greek)

Spittle – “foam or saliva” (English)

Spintharis – “spark” (Greek)

Spikenard – “aromatic herb” (English)

Spurling – “son of Spurl” (English)

Spinarri – “spiral-shaped pasta” (Italian)

Spiti – “home” (Greek)

Spiegelman – “mirror maker” (German)

Spiniello – “little thorn” (Italian)

Spiritoso – “lively” (Italian)

Spinoso – “thorny” (Italian)

Spilling – “flowing out rapidly” (English)

Spinalis – “relating to the spine” (Latin)

Spiering – “sparrow-like” (Dutch)

Spirakis – “curly-haired” (Greek)

Spiwak – “newcomer” (Yiddish)

Spizale – “little sparrow” (Italian)

Spillman – “caretaker of a hospital” (English)

Spirota – “twisted” (Greek)

Spital – “hospital” (German)

Spineux – “spiky” (French)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “SPI”

Spindola – “spear ruler” (Portuguese)

Spierig – “spiky” (German)

Spivak – “newcomer” (Russian)

Spigno – “thorny place” (Italian)

Spisak – “writer, scribe” (Slovak)

Spinau – “spinster” (Romanian)

Spindler – “spinner” (German)

Spitzmüller – “sharp miller” (German)

Spindly – “tall and thin” (English)

Spiliopoulos – “son of Spiliotis” (Greek)

Spinnato – “spiny” (Italian)

Spitsyn – “son of a spearman” (Russian)

Spindolo – “spear holder” (Italian)

Spighi – “thorny” (Italian)

Spirota – “twisted” (Russian)

Spillan – “descendant of St. Fillan” (Irish)

Spinosa – “thorny” (Italian)

Spitzig – “pointed” (German)

Spínola – “spinning wheel” (Portuguese)

Spillane – “descendant of St. Fillan” (Irish)

Spinosi – “thorny” (Italian)

Spinetto – “little thorn” (Italian)

Spitznogle – “sharp nail” (German)

Spiller – “one who spills” (German)

Spiss – “thick” (German)

Spinrad – “spinning wheel” (German)

Spilo – “thorn” (Albanian)

Spitzer – “pointed” (German)

Spiazzi – “small clearings” (Italian)

Spiliotis – “cave dweller” (Greek)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “SPI”

Spire – “tall, slender structure” (English)

Spica – “ear of grain” (Latin)

Spinx – “mysterious” (English)

Spiri – “spirit” (Greek)

Spinney – “small thicket of trees” (English)

Spion – “spy” (Greek)

Spiritus – “spirit” (Latin)

Spinda – “to twirl” (English)

Spileos – “cave” (Greek)

Spieker – “barn” (Dutch)

Spika – “spike” (Spanish)

Spinosa – “thorny” (Spanish)

Spio – “to breathe” (Greek)

Spinea – “thornbush” (Latin)

Spinn – “to spin” (English)

Spina – “spine” (Italian)

Spira – “breath” (Greek)

Spinto – “to push” (Italian)

Spile – “boundary marker” (English)

Spinati – “spiny” (Spanish)

Spiney – “thorny” (English)

Spinto – “push” (Spanish)

Spinas – “thorny” (Greek)

Spika – “pinnacle” (Spanish)

Spiney – “thorny” (English)

Spigno – “thorny place” (Italian)

Spirio – “to breathe” (Greek)

Spirus – “spiral” (Latin)

Spiro – “spirit” (Greek)

Spinato – “spiny” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “SPI”

Spinoza – “thorny” (Jewish)

Spiritus – “spirit” (Latin)

Spiranac – “to hope” (Serbian)

Spiran – “hopeful” (Serbian)

Spiron – “breathing” (Greek)

Spiyrakos – “watchman” (Greek)

Spiridon – “spirit” (Greek)

Spiros – “spirit” (Greek)

Spirogiannis – “spirit of John” (Greek)

Spitaler – “hospital worker” (German)

Spitalieri – “hospitable” (Italian)

Spiteri – “hopeful” (Maltese)

Spitas – “harbor” (Greek)

Spiwak – “newcomer” (Yiddish)

Spizzo – “bishop” (Italian)

Spiers – “spear” (Scottish)

Spingarn – “pure” (Jewish)

Spinello – “little thorn” (Italian)

Spingler – “to pray” (German)

Spingold – “golden prayer” (Jewish)

Spindler – “spinner” (German)

Spinetti – “little spinner” (Italian)

Spinelli – “small thorn” (Italian)

Spinney – “small wood” (English)

Spinks – “playful” (English)

Spiegelman – “mirror maker” (German)

Spier – “vigorous” (English)

Spieth – “hope” (German)

Spies – “hope” (Latin)

Spitznagel – “sharp nail” (German)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “SPI”

Spike Lee

Renowned filmmaker known for his socially conscious films and advocacy for racial equality.

Spider Robinson

Acclaimed science fiction author celebrated for his imaginative storytelling and wit.

Spiro Agnew

Former Vice President of the United States remembered for his resignation amid a scandal involving bribery and tax evasion.

Spiros Focás

Greek actor recognized for his roles in international cinema, particularly in Italian and French films.

Spiros Zodhiates

Greek-American theologian and author, best known for his work on biblical studies and Greek New Testament translation.


Renowned philosopher of the Enlightenment era, known for his rationalist approach and contributions to ethics and metaphysics.

Spike Jonze

Versatile filmmaker, known for directing innovative and unconventional films such as “Being John Malkovich” and “Her.”

Spiros Kostas

Greek footballer who played for several prominent European clubs and represented Greece internationally.

Spider Sabich

Former American professional skier who later became a prominent race car driver.

Spider Savage

American professional wrestler known for his time in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) during the 1980s.

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