Boy Names That Start with “NG”

Selecting the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey filled with possibilities.

If you’re searching for a name that starts with “NG”, you’re in for a unique and distinctive choice.

Although names beginning with “NG” might not be as common, they carry a certain charm and individuality that sets them apart.

From timeless options like Nigel, meaning “champion” or “black-haired,” to more contemporary selections like Ngai, there’s a diverse array of names to consider.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the finest boy names that start with “NG” and uncover their meanings, origins, and cultural significance.

Whether you’re drawn to names rooted in tradition or prefer something fresh and unconventional, there’s a “NG” name waiting to capture your heart.

So, join us as we embark on a journey through the captivating world of boy names that start with “NG,” and discover the perfect fit for your little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “NG”

Ngan – “One who is enlightened” (Vietnamese)

Ngawang – “Dispeller of darkness” (Tibetan)

Ngene – “God of wealth” (Igbo)

Ngonidzashe – “God’s will” (Shona)

Ngugi – “Work” (Kikuyu)

Ngwato – “Respect” (Tswana)

Ngoma – “Drum” (Swahili)

Ngwane – “River” (Zulu)

Ngeno – “Protector” (Luo)

Ngor – “Clarity” (Dinka)

Ngawang – “Lord of speech” (Tibetan)

Ngugi – “Craftsman” (Kikuyu)

Nguvu – “Strength” (Swahili)

Ngonidzashe – “The will of God” (Shona)

Ngoma – “Traditional drum” (Swahili)

Ngoka – “Protector of the community” (Igbo)

Ngugi – “One who works” (Kikuyu)

Ngawa – “Savior” (Tibetan)

Ngai – “Supreme being” (Kikuyu)

Ngandu – “Crocodile” (Swahili)

Nguyen – “Origin” (Vietnamese)

Ngene – “Wealth” (Igbo)

Ngoma – “Celebration” (Swahili)

Ngwane – “Flowing river” (Zulu)

Ngoma – “Musical instrument” (Swahili)

Ngugi – “Innovator” (Kikuyu)

Ngakau – “Heart” (Maori)

Ngonyama – “Lion” (Zulu)

Ngugi – “Hard worker” (Kikuyu)

Ngazimbi – “Resilient” (Zulu)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “NG”

Ngelo – “Angel” (Modern adaptation)

Ngaden – “New dawn” (Invented)

Ngarai – “Future leader” (Invented)

Ngendo – “Journey” (Modern Swahili)

Ngatete – “Star” (Invented)

Ngani – “Courage” (Modern adaptation)

Ngazal – “Poetry” (Invented)

Ngami – “Joyful” (Modern adaptation)

Ngavo – “Wise” (Invented)

Ngeva – “Innovative” (Invented)

Ngele – “Brilliant” (Modern adaptation)

Ngemo – “Adventurer” (Modern adaptation)

Ngori – “Guardian” (Modern adaptation)

Ngiwa – “Creative” (Invented)

Ngaze – “Visionary” (Modern adaptation)

Ngato – “Protector” (Invented)

Ngado – “Leader” (Modern adaptation)

Ngune – “Noble” (Invented)

Ngene – “Thinker” (Modern adaptation)

Ngazi – “Determined” (Invented)

Ngolo – “Strength” (Modern adaptation)

Ngage – “Engaged” (Modern adaptation)

Ngito – “Explorer” (Invented)

Nguro – “Watcher” (Modern adaptation)

Ngoma – “Rhythm” (Modern Swahili)

Nguni – “Original” (Modern adaptation)

Nganu – “Brave” (Invented)

Ngila – “Enlightened” (Modern adaptation)

Ngeze – “Bright” (Invented)

Ngofi – “Kind” (Modern adaptation)

Unique “NG” Names for Boys

Ngan – “Grateful” (Vietnamese)

Ngari – “Warrior” (African)

Ngata – “Traveler” (Maori)

Ngeno – “Born in the morning” (African)

Ngi – “Courageous” (Korean)

Ngima – “Life” (Tibetan)

Ngozi – “Blessed” (Igbo)

Ngugi – “Work” (Kikuyu)

Nguyen – “Original” (Vietnamese)

Ngahuia – “Wise” (Maori)

Ngahere – “Forest” (Maori)

Ngabo – “Shield” (Kikuyu)

Ngiri – “Brave” (African)

Ngoma – “Drum” (Swahili)

Ngabo – “Elder” (Rwandan)

Nguyen – “Brave” (Vietnamese)

Ngara – “Respect” (African)

Ngene – “Leader” (Igbo)

Ngosi – “Gift” (Swahili)

Ngala – “Lion” (Swahili)

Ngandu – “Strength” (African)

Nguma – “Hard worker” (Bantu)

Ngwako – “Road” (Tswana)

Ngwazi – “Hero” (Chewa)

Ngonyama – “Lion” (Zulu)

Ngome – “Fortress” (Swahili)

Ngurumo – “Thunder” (Swahili)

Ngai – “God” (Kikuyu)

Ngumi – “Fist” (Swahili)

Ngoma – “Song” (Swahili)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “NG”

Ngai – “Honored” (Chinese)

Ngaka – “Doctor” (Sotho)

Ngalo – “Gift” (Zambian)

Ngam – “Brave” (Vietnamese)

Nganga – “Healer” (Bantu)

Ngan – “Coin” (Vietnamese)

Ngari – “Elephant” (Swahili)

Ngoc – “Jade” (Vietnamese)

Ngonda – “Moon” (African)

Ngoun – “Flower” (Cambodian)

Ngugi – “Work” (Kikuyu)

Nguyen – “Original” (Vietnamese)

Ngwako – “Journey” (Tswana)

Ngi – “Precious” (Bantu)

Ngome – “Fortress” (African)

Ngoni – “Hunter” (Zambian)

Nge – “Eagle” (Burmese)

Ngene – “Narrator” (African)

Ngemba – “Thankful” (Cameroonian)

Ngota – “Star” (African)

Ngu – “Peaceful” (Vietnamese)

Ngun – “Strong” (Cambodian)

Nguru – “Ancient” (Maasai)

Ngoma – “Drum” (Swahili)

Ngulu – “Sword” (Bantu)

Ngwekazi – “Chief” (Zulu)

Ngesi – “Respected” (African)

Ngura – “Eagle” (Australian Aboriginal)

Ngina – “To give” (Kikuyu)

Ngugi – “Warrior” (Kikuyu)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “NG”

Ngawang – “Open” (Tibetan)

Ngoni – “Warrior” (Zulu)

Nguyen – “Complete” (Vietnamese)

Ngila – “Beautiful” (Swahili)

Ngoc – “Precious stone” (Vietnamese)

Ngata – “Finish” (Maori)

Ngalo – “Gift” (African)

Nguru – “Teacher” (Swahili)

Ngwenya – “Crocodile” (Zulu)

Ngami – “Brave” (African)

Ngenge – “Chief” (African)

Ngara – “Bright” (Swahili)

Ngevi – “Star” (Bantu)

Ngio – “Brother” (Maori)

Ngosi – “Blessed” (African)

Ngoti – “Helper” (African)

Ngele – “Rock” (Bantu)

Ngata – “End” (Maori)

Ngiti – “Peaceful” (African)

Nguza – “Freedom” (African)

Ngeva – “Victory” (Swahili)

Ngalu – “Great” (Pacific Islander)

Ngoko – “Gentle” (African)

Ngezi – “Sun” (African)

Ngwedi – “Moon” (Bantu)

Ngema – “Fortunate” (Zulu)

Ngisa – “Happy” (African)

Ngeja – “Respected” (African)

Ngeka – “Strong” (African)

Nguni – “Wise” (African)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “NG”

Ngai – “Exalted” (African)

Ngina – “One who takes care of others” (Kikuyu)

Ngoc – “Precious gem” (Vietnamese)

Ngam – “Beautiful” (Thai)

Ngeno – “Thankful” (Kalenjin)

Ngoma – “Drum” (Swahili)

Ngoli – “Joy” (Hausa)

Ngwa – “Patience” (Igbo)

Ngine – “Pure” (Kikuyu)

Ngoc An – “Peaceful gem” (Vietnamese)

Ngure – “Traveler” (Kikuyu)

Ngoc Bao – “Precious jewel” (Vietnamese)

Ngole – “Beloved” (Swahili)

Ngomae – “Musician” (Shona)

Ngoc Han – “Elegant gem” (Vietnamese)

Ngasa – “Champion” (Swahili)

Ngulu – “Elephant” (Shona)

Ngomae – “Singer” (Bantu)

Ngande – “Wise” (Fijian)

Ngadi – “Successful” (Sotho)

Ngulupa – “Freedom” (Zulu)

Ngazoa – “Star” (Hausa)

Ngwako – “Guide” (Tswana)

Ngemi – “Joyful” (Swahili)

Ngadiwa – “Believer” (Shona)

Ngwalo – “Record keeper” (Swahili)

Ngoko – “Gift” (Zulu)

Ngazi – “Hope” (Igbo)

Nguta – “Success” (Kikuyu)

Ngwata – “Gatherer” (Kalenjin)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “NG”

Ngai – “God” (Maasai)

Nguyen – “Original” (Vietnamese)

Ngurumo – “Thunder” (Swahili)

Ngoma – “Sacred drum” (Swahili)

Ngatho – “Gift from God” (Kikuyu)

Ngure – “Protector” (Kikuyu)

Ngoka – “Blessed” (Igbo)

Ngala – “Lion, symbol of strength” (Swahili)

Nghĩa – “Righteousness” (Vietnamese)

Ngendo – “Journey, path” (Kikuyu)

Nguzhu – “Support, God’s support” (Swahili)

Ngambo – “Beyond, heaven” (Swahili)

Ngemi – “Blessing” (Swahili)

Ngomae – “Divine musician” (Shona)

Ngonidzashe – “Mercy of God” (Shona)

Ngulupa – “God’s freedom” (Zulu)

Ngazoa – “God’s star” (Hausa)

Ngwako – “God’s guide” (Tswana)

Ngubani – “Who is like God?” (Zulu)

Ngege – “Hope in God” (Swahili)

Ngwana – “Child of God” (Sotho)

Nguzo – “Pillar of faith” (Swahili)

Ngaiyong – “Faithful” (African)

Nguta – “God’s gift” (Kikuyu)

Ngonyama – “God’s lion” (Zulu)

Ngwele – “Divine presence” (Bantu)

Ngwazi – “Champion of faith” (Swahili)

Ngumu – “Strong in God” (Swahili)

Ngowin – “God’s friend” (African)

Ngoni – “God’s power” (Zulu)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “NG”

Ngugi wa Thiong’o

Acclaimed Kenyan writer and academic, known for his novels, plays, and essays that explore themes of colonialism, nationalism, and social justice.

Nguyen Ngoc Loan

South Vietnamese general infamous for his role in executing a Viet Cong prisoner during the Vietnam War, captured in the iconic photograph by Eddie Adams.

N. G. Ranga

Indian freedom fighter and politician, prominent leader of the Indian independence movement and advocate for agrarian reforms.

Ngô Đình Diệm

First President of South Vietnam, known for his controversial leadership during the Vietnam War era and subsequent assassination in a coup d’état.

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