Boy Names That Start with “BLA”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities.

If you’re searching for a name that’s distinctive and carries a unique charm, why not explore those that begin with “BLA”?

While “BLA” might not be the most common starting letters for names, it opens up a world of intriguing options that can make your son stand out from the crowd.

From timeless classics like Blake, meaning “dark” or “fair-haired,” to more contemporary choices like Blaine, there’s a wealth of names waiting to be discovered.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best boy names that start with “BLA” and uncover their meanings and origins.

Whether you’re drawn to names with a strong historical background or ones that exude modern flair, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your little BLA.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “BLA”

Blake – “Dark” or “Fair” (Old English)

Blair – “Plain” or “Field” (Scottish Gaelic)

Blaine – “Thin” or “Lean” (Irish)

Blaise – “To lisp” or “Stutter” (French)

Blaze – “Flame” or “Fire” (English)

Blayden – “From the valley” (English)

Bladen – “Valley” (Old English)

Blakely – “Dark meadow” (English)

Blanton – “Bloody town” (Old English)

Blaine – “Slender” or “Lean” (Gaelic)

Blayze – “Fire” or “Flame” (English)

Blain – “Slender” or “Thin” (Gaelic)

Blanford – “Gray ford” (English)

Blackwell – “Dark stream” (English)

Blaize – “To lisp” or “Stutter” (French)

Blayne – “Slender” or “Thin” (Irish)

Blackburn – “Black stream” (Old English)

Blakeman – “Dark-skinned man” (English)

Blagden – “Dark valley” (Old English)

Blakewood – “Dark forest” (English)

Bladon – “Black hill” (Old English)

Blagrove – “Dark grove” (English)

Blaw – “Dark” or “Fair” (Scottish)

Blanton – “Bloody town” (Old English)

Blakeley – “Dark meadow” (English)

Bladin – “Slender” or “Thin” (Irish)

Blamire – “Flat-topped hill” (Old Norse)

Blanton – “Bloody town” (Old English)

Blagburn – “Black brook” (Old English)

Blare – “Loud noise” or “Shout” (Old English

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “BLA”

Blaxton – “Dark town” (English)

Blaeder – “Dark ruler” (English)

Blason – “Emblem” or “Coat of arms” (French)

Blax – “Dark” or “Black” (English)

Blayde – “Sword” or “Knife” (English)

Blanton – “From the blooming town” (English)

Blaize – “Fire” or “Flame” (English)

Blane – “Thin” or “Slender” (Irish)

Blayz – “To lisp” or “Stutter” (English)

Blanford – “Grey ford” (English)

Bladimir – “Famous for being dark” (Russian)

Bladen – “Valley” (English)

Blayze – “Fire” or “Flame” (English)

Blaico – “Lightning” (Spanish)

Blain – “Thin” or “Slender” (Scottish)

Blazon – “Emblazon” or “Decorate” (French)

Blayd – “Sword” or “Knife” (English)

Blaiz – “Fire” or “Flame” (English)

Blayton – “From the fair town” (English)

Blaire – “Plain” or “Field” (Scottish)

Blanx – “Dark” or “Black” (English)

Blaik – “Dark” or “Black” (Scottish)

Blanton – “Bloody town” (English)

Blazer – “One who blazes trails” (English)

Blanxton – “Dark town” (English)

Blane – “Thin” or “Slender” (Scottish)

Blayson – “Son of Blay” (English)

Bladen – “Valley” (Old English)

Blaine – “Slender” or “Thin” (Irish)

Blayzey – “Fire” or “Flame” (English)

Unique “BLA” Names for Boys

Blaenor – “Leader” or “Chief” (Welsh)

Bladik – “Sword” or “Warrior” (Polish)

Blaevon – “Bringer of light” (Welsh)

Blaencwm – “Head of the valley” (Welsh)

Blaes – “Blaze” or “Fire” (Old English)

Blaed – “Bright” or “Radiant” (Old English)

Blasien – “Flat meadow” (German)

Blaewyn – “White blossom” (Welsh)

Blaen – “Top” or “Front” (Welsh)

Blaer – “Calm” or “Gentle” (Icelandic)

Blaich – “White” or “Fair” (Scottish)

Blaizey – “Blaze” or “Fire” (English)

Blakley – “Dark meadow” (English)

Bladimir – “Famous for being dark” (Russian)

Blaize – “Flame” or “Fire” (English)

Blamun – “Pleasant” or “Amiable” (Maltese)

Blaud – “Blue” or “Azure” (Old English)

Blaenwern – “Green hilltop” (Welsh)

Bladon – “Black hill” (Old English)

Blas – “Taste” or “Flavor” (Spanish)

Blaesse – “Blow” or “Breath” (Old English)

Blam – “To praise” or “To glorify” (Old English)

Blar – “To shine” or “To gleam” (Scottish Gaelic)

Blaven – “Little blossom” (Scottish Gaelic)

Blaize – “Yellowish” or “Sallow” (Old French)

Blalock – “Dark” or “Black” (Scottish)

Blainey – “Slender” or “Thin” (Irish)

Blaed – “Bright” or “Radiant” (Old English)

Blane – “Thin” or “Slender” (Irish)

Blaid – “Calm” or “Peaceful” (Old English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “BLA”

Blaine – “Thin” (Gaelic)

Blair – “Plain, Field” (Scottish)

Blaise – “Stammerer” (French)

Blane – “Slender; Thin” (Gaelic)

Blaze – “Flame” (Latin)

Blayden – “Broad Valley” (English)

Blanford – “From the Gray Ford” (Old English)

Blasius – “Stammerer” (Latin)

Bladen – “Broad Valley” (English)

Blaine – “Thin or Lean” (Gaelic)

Blaisdell – “From the Dark Meadow” (Old English)

Blain – “Thin” (Gaelic)

Blaise – “Stammerer” (French)

Blan – “Yellow, Fair Haired” (English)

Blakely – “From the Dark Meadow” (Old English)

Blanchard – “White, Fair Haired” (French)

Blase – “Stammerer” (French)

Blagden – “From the Dark Valley” (Old English)

Blanton – “From the Land Enclosure” (Old English)

Blakeman – “Dark-Haired Man” (Old English)

Blagrove – “From the Dark Grove” (Old English)

Bladon – “Broad Hill” (Old English)

Blakewood – “Dark Wood” (Old English)

Blakeley – “From the Dark Meadow” (Old English)

Blaize – “Stammerer” (French)

Blainey – “Thin or Lean” (Gaelic)

Blachford – “From the Dark Ford” (Old English)

Blasius – “Stammerer” (Latin)

Blanford – “From the Gray Ford” (Old English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “BLA”

Blas – “Fatally Injured” (Spanish)

Blade – “Cutting Edge” (English)

Blago – “Lucky, Fortunate” (Slavic)

Blaise – “Stutterer” (French)

Blasius – “Stutterer” (Latin)

Blazej – “Stutterer” (Polish)

Blasé – “Indifferent, Unconcerned” (French)

Blasius – “Stutterer” (German)

Bladimir – “Famous Ruler” (Slavic)

Blasius – “Stutterer” (Dutch)

Blaž – “Pleasant, Charming” (Slovenian)

Blasius – “Stutterer” (Italian)

Blagovest – “Good News” (Slavic)

Blasius – “Stutterer” (Swedish)

Blažek – “Endearing, Likable” (Czech)

Blasius – “Stutterer” (Danish)

Blaj – “White” (Romanian)

Blasius – “Stutterer” (Norwegian)

Blažej – “Pleasant Speaker” (Slovak)

Blasius – “Stutterer” (Finnish)

Blasius – “Stutterer” (Portuguese)

Blažek – “Endearing, Likable” (Serbian)

Blasius – “Stutterer” (Greek)

Blagorod – “Noble, Honorable” (Bulgarian)

Blasius – “Stutterer” (Croatian)

Blažo – “Peace” (Montenegrin)

Blasius – “Stutterer” (Hungarian)

Blaženko – “Little Peace” (Macedonian)

Blasius – “Stutterer” (Russian)

Blažo – “Peace” (Bosnian)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “BLA”

Blair – “Field or Plain” (Scottish)

Blake – “Fair-haired, Dark” (English)

Blaine – “Slender” (Gaelic)

Blaise – “Stammerer” (French)

Blanca – “White” (Spanish)

Blaize – “Lisping” (Latin)

Blakely – “Dark Wood or Dark Clearing” (English)

Blanche – “White” (French)

Blaidd – “Wolf” (Welsh)

Blaisdell – “Living Near a Dangerous Place” (English)

Blanid – “Little Flower” (Irish)

Blaisey – “One Who Stutters” (French)

Bladen – “Wide Valley” (English)

Blaer – “Light Breeze” (Icelandic)

Blainey – “Slender” (Irish)

Bladud – “Wolf” (Celtic)

Blaithin – “Little Flower” (Irish)

Blais – “Lisp” (French)

Blain – “Yellow” (Gaelic)

Blaise – “Lisp” (French)

Blaz – “Burning Flame” (Slovene)

Blanka – “White” (Czech)

Blaith – “Flower” (Irish)

Blaise – “Lisping” (Latin)

Blaize – “Stuttering” (Latin)

Blas – “Tongue” (Spanish)

Blaire – “Field or Plain” (Scottish)

Blanca – “White” (Spanish)

Blayne – “Thin” (Scottish)

Blaith – “Flower” (Irish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “BLA”

Blaise – “Lisping” (Latin)

Bladen – “Wide Valley” (English)

Blair – “Field or Plain” (Scottish)

Blaze – “Burning Flame” (English)

Blaidd – “Wolf” (Welsh)

Blaise – “Stuttering” (Latin)

Blaiz – “To Stammer” (Latin)

Blasius – “Tongue” (Latin)

Blaize – “Lisping” (Latin)

Blaney – “Slender” (Irish)

Blanton – “From the Manse Enclosure” (English)

Blaithin – “Little Flower” (Irish)

Blas – “Tongue” (Spanish)

Blaine – “Slender” (Gaelic)

Blan – “Yellow” (Gaelic)

Bladud – “Wolf” (Celtic)

Blain – “Yellow” (Gaelic)

Blas – “Tongue” (Spanish)

Blaise – “Lisp” (French)

Blaine – “Lean” (Scottish)

Blaze – “Flame” (English)

Bladen – “Wide Valley” (English)

Blaise – “Lisping” (French)

Blaine – “Thin” (Scottish)

Blaisdell – “Living Near a Dangerous Place” (English)

Blane – “Lean” (Scottish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “BLA”

Blake Shelton

American country music singer and television personality, known for his role as a coach on the TV show “The Voice.”

Blake Lively

American actress known for her roles in TV series like “Gossip Girl” and films like “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” series.

Blake Griffin

American professional basketball player, known for his time with the Los Angeles Clippers and Detroit Pistons in the NBA.

Blair Underwood

American actor and director known for his roles in TV series like “L.A. Law,” “Quantico,” and “Sex and the City.”

Blake Anderson

American comedian, actor, producer, and writer, best known for co-creating and starring in the TV show “Workaholics.”

Blake Schwarzenbach

American musician and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the punk rock band Jawbreaker.

Blake Harrison

British actor, best known for his role as Neil Sutherland in the comedy TV series “The Inbetweeners.”

Blake Mycoskie

American entrepreneur and philanthropist, founder of the popular shoe company TOMS, known for its “One for One” business model.

Blake Lewis

American singer-songwriter and beatboxer, known for finishing as the runner-up on the sixth season of “American Idol.”

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