220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “TIR”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is a big decision, and if you’re looking for something unique, then boy names that start with “TIR” could be the perfect option for you.

This distinct set of names offers a combination of traditional and modern options, making it a great choice for parents who want to give their son a name that stands out from the crowd.

With origins from different cultures and languages, these names carry their own special meanings and histories, adding an extra layer of depth to your baby’s identity.

Whether you’re drawn to the timeless charm of names like Tirso or the contemporary appeal of names like Tirion, the list of “TIR” names offers a wide range of options to suit different tastes and preferences.

If you’re in search of a name that exudes strength, individuality, and character, then look no further than the fascinating world of boy names that start with “TIR”.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “TIR”

Tirago – “may God protect” (Spanish/Portuguese)

Tirion – “watchtower” (English)

Tiran – “royal” (English)

Tirso – “reaper” (Spanish/Greek)

Tiron – “hunter” (English)

Tirian – “from Tyre” (English)

Tiro – “beginner, novice” (Greek)

Tirrell – “strong-willed” (English)

Tirion – “from Tyre” (English)

Tiras – “pleasantness” (Greek)

Tiren – “thunder” (English)

Tirone – “pebble” (Greek)

Tirius – “son of Tyre” (English)

Tiros – “full of life” (Greek)

Tiranis – “kingly” (Greek)

Tirillo – “little watchtower” (Spanish)

Tirian – “hunter” (Greek)

Tirion – “land of watches” (English)

Tirolo – “from Tyrol” (Spanish)

Tirio – “hunter” (Greek)

Tirso – “an ancient Greek poet” (Greek)

Tiron – “hunter” (Spanish)

Tirone – “hunter” (Spanish)

Tirov – “son of Tyre” (English)

Tirus – “a form of Tyrese” (English)

Tiryn – “rock” (Greek)

Tiranor – “ruler” (Greek)

Tirrell – “strong, powerful” (Greek)

Tirador – “shooter” (Spanish)

Tirias – “hunter” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "TIR"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “TIR”

Tiriano – “from Tyre” (Spanish)

Tirwin – “friend of Tyre” (English)

Tirano – “tyrant, ruler” (Spanish)

Tiric – “strong ruler” (English)

Tirio – “modern hunter” (Greek)

Tirven – “graceful and strong” (English)

Tirique – “unique warrior” (English)

Tiriano – “descendant of Tyre” (Spanish)

Tironi – “hunter’s son” (Spanish)

Tirith – “guardian” (English)

Tiraq – “bold and strong” (English)

Tiranoth – “mighty ruler” (English)

Tiresio – “gift of Tyre” (Greek)

Tirvek – “brave leader” (English)

Tirael – “shining guardian” (English)

Tirico – “strong ruler” (Spanish)

Tiresis – “insightful hunter” (Greek)

Tirvino – “vigorous and lively” (Spanish)

Tirithos – “bold and strong” (Greek)

Tirayn – “adventurous one” (English)

Tiriuso – “wise ruler” (Spanish)

Tirvian – “graceful conqueror” (English)

Tiraldo – “noble ruler” (Spanish)

Tirgos – “vigilant guardian” (Greek)

Tiranex – “kingly leader” (English)

Tirvador – “brave conqueror” (Spanish)

Tirynth – “rock fortress” (English)

Tirox – “modern hunter” (English)

Tiruvio – “strong life” (Spanish)

Tirianos – “noble descendant of Tyre” (Greek)

Unique “TIR” Names for Boys

Tirithan – “serene ruler” (English)

Tiralus – “gentle breeze” (Latin/English)

Tiridian – “divine protector” (English)

Tiridian – “shining star” (Greek)

Tirindor – “noble explorer” (English)

Tirostan – “steadfast leader” (English)

Tiridian – “enduring guardian” (Greek)

Tirvianos – “visionary conqueror” (Greek)

Tiradon – “adventurous soul” (English)

Tiridus – “steadfast defender” (Latin/English)

Tirandor – “brave wanderer” (English)

Tiriskos – “swift and powerful” (Greek)

Tiridian – “luminous warrior” (Greek)

Tirazon – “mysterious ruler” (Spanish)

Tiridian – “intrepid explorer” (English)

Tiridian – “eternal guardian” (Greek)

Tiramor – “admirable leader” (Spanish)

Tiridian – “wise sentinel” (English)

Tiridian – “unyielding protector” (Greek)

Tiridian – “timeless ruler” (English)

Tiradore – “bold adventurer” (Spanish)

Tiridian – “innovative thinker” (English)

Tiranix – “powerful conqueror” (English)

Tiridian – “bright protector” (Greek)

Tiridian – “resilient leader” (English)

Tiravian – “visionary ruler” (English)

Tiridian – “seraphic guardian” (Greek)

Tiridian – “trailblazing explorer” (English)

Tiravian – “admirable ruler” (English)

Tiridian – “radiant defender” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “TIR”

Tirionel – “eternal light” (English)

Tiridius – “timeless sage” (Latin/English)

Tiranthos – “timeless leader” (Greek)

Tiridian – “time-honored guardian” (Greek)

Tirovian – “everlasting conqueror” (English)

Tiresander – “timeless defender” (Greek)

Tiranthus – “eternal ruler” (English)

Tiracleon – “timeless lion” (English)

Tiriosophos – “wise through the ages” (Greek)

Tiralithos – “eternal rock” (English)

Tirisius – “timeless seer” (Latin/English)

Tiradoreus – “timeless adventurer” (Latin/English)

Tironyx – “eternal strength” (English)

Tiricron – “timeless crown” (English)

Tiridore – “timeless explorer” (English)

Tironyx – “evergreen strength” (English)

Tiradelphos – “timeless brother” (Greek)

Tiridianos – “ageless protector” (Greek)

Tirathon – “eternal champion” (English)

Tiriasius – “timeless sage” (Greek)

Tirivian – “forever victorious” (English)

Tiracaelum – “timeless sky” (Latin/English)

Tiridian – “enduring guardian” (Greek)

Tiraphelios – “timeless sun” (Greek)

Tiramoros – “timeless love” (Greek)

Tiridian – “unfading defender” (English)

Tiridian – “time-tested guardian” (Greek)

Tiradonis – “eternally brave” (English)

Tiraltheon – “timeless strength” (English)

Tiridian – “eternal protector” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “TIR”

Tirzah – “pleasantness” (Hebrew)

Tirkan – “kingly” (Persian)

Tiroshi – “first son” (Hebrew)

Tirun – “victory” (Tamil/Indian)

Tirachai – “brave tiger” (Thai)

Tiravel – “swift wind” (Italian)

Tirtha – “sacred place” (Sanskrit/Indian)

Tirikaua – “warrior” (Maori)

Tirad – “prince” (Arabic)

Tirwan – “gift of God” (Persian)

Tirasito – “little tyrant” (Italian)

Tirkash – “bold and free” (Turkish)

Tiranothos – “ruler of the gods” (Greek)

Tirando – “shooting star” (Italian)

Tirithan – “sunset” (Welsh)

Tirsaad – “luck and happiness” (Arabic)

Tirnovo – “new victory” (Bulgarian)

Tiriaso – “from Tyre” (Italian)

Tirar – “morning sun” (Arabic)

Tiru – “sacred” (Tamil/Indian)

Tirunesh – “you are my sunrise” (Amharic/Ethiopian)

Tirovsky – “from the river” (Russian)

Tirapong – “brave warrior” (Thai)

Tirionelio – “moonlight” (Esperanto)

Tirinoy – “victorious” (Filipino)

Tirov – “thunder” (Russian)

Tiracan – “bold leader” (Catalan)

Tirveno – “graceful” (Esperanto)

Tirillon – “little tiger” (French)

Tirob – “gift of God” (Armenian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “TIR”

Tirvine – “gentle hill” (English)

Tiranis – “regal essence” (Greek)

Tiridian – “timeless guardian” (English)

Tiralin – “delicate and pure” (English)

Tironyx – “everlasting strength” (English)

Tirovian – “eternal conqueror” (English)

Tirisol – “bright and serene” (English)

Tirvine – “peaceful leader” (English)

Tiranda – “adventurous soul” (English)

Tiranis – “sovereign spirit” (Greek)

Tiradian – “radiant explorer” (English)

Tircal – “brave and bold” (Spanish)

Tiridian – “enduring protector” (Greek)

Tirisol – “luminous being” (English)

Tiralin – “timeless purity” (English)

Tirianos – “noble descendant” (Greek)

Tirithos – “eternal rock” (Greek)

Tiravon – “graceful spirit” (English)

Tironyx – “enduring strength” (English)

Tirovian – “forever victorious” (English)

Tiridian – “timeless guardian” (Greek)

Tirvine – “harmony” (English)

Tiralin – “serene and pure” (English)

Tiranis – “regal essence” (Greek)

Tiridian – “unfading protector” (English)

Tircal – “brave and strong” (Spanish)

Tiravon – “enduring spirit” (English)

Tiranos – “powerful ruler” (Greek)

Tiridian – “wise sentinel” (English)

Tircal – “bold and free” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “TIR”

Tiriel – “God is my light” (Hebrew)

Tiridius – “devoted to God” (Latin)

Tironah – “God’s song” (Hebrew)

Tirsus – “dedicated to Zeus” (Greek)

Tiraphiel – “angel of worship” (Hebrew)

Tiranus – “devout ruler” (Latin)

Tirach – “prayerful” (Arabic)

Tiresio – “sacred seer” (Greek)

Tiriah – “worshiper of God” (Hebrew)

Tiranoel – “God’s grace” (Hebrew)

Tirgideon – “mighty warrior of God” (Hebrew)

Tiranothos – “devout leader” (Greek)

Tiraphael – “God’s healer” (Hebrew)

Tirachai – “sacred tiger” (Thai)

Tiruvian – “God’s victory” (Latin)

Tirael – “God’s light” (Hebrew)

Tirinos – “sacred spirit” (Greek)

Tirador – “prayerful one” (Spanish)

Tiravon – “God’s grace” (Latin)

Tiriadros – “sacred gift” (Greek)

Tironah – “God’s song” (Hebrew)

Tirath – “holy place” (Sanskrit)

Tiracleon – “God’s lion” (English)

Tiranuel – “God’s messenger” (Hebrew)

Tiridian – “God’s guardian” (English)

Tirgaliel – “God’s joy” (Hebrew)

Tirasth – “holy strength” (Sanskrit)

Tirmiah – “God’s gift” (Arabic)

Tirnesius – “sacred sage” (Greek)

Tirsel – “God’s favor” (Hebrew)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “TIR”

Tirunesh Dibaba

Ethiopian long-distance runner and Olympic gold medalist, known for her exceptional achievements in middle and long-distance track events.

Tirso Cruz III

Filipino actor and singer, recognized for his contributions to the Philippine entertainment industry over several decades.


Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, known as Tiradentes, was a key figure in the Brazilian independence movement and a national hero.

Tirso de Molina

Spanish Baroque playwright and poet, highly regarded for his significant contributions to Spanish Golden Age literature.

Tirso Sáenz

Ecuadorian politician and military officer who played a crucial role in the Battle of Pichincha, a decisive conflict for Ecuador’s independence.

Tirso del Junco Jr.

American surgeon and medical professional, notable for his contributions to the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Tirso Filoteo Díaz

Mexican painter recognized for his influential role in the Mexican muralism movement during the early 20th century.

Tirso Gomez

Puerto Rican musician and composer, acclaimed for his contributions to the traditional music genre of plena.

Tirso de Iruretagoyena

Chilean military figure and statesman, notable for his involvement in the War of the Pacific and his contributions to Chilean politics.

Tirso de Olazábal y Lardizábal

Spanish cardinal and diplomat, known for his service to the Catholic Church and contributions to international relations.

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