Boy Names That Start with “JAL”

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy, starting with “JAL” opens up a world of unique and meaningful options.

While names beginning with “JAL” might not be the most common, they offer a wealth of choices that can make your son stand out.

From timeless names like Jalen, meaning “God will heal,” to more exotic options such as Jalil, which signifies “greatness” or “importance,” there’s a diverse range of names to consider.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best boy names that start with “JAL” and uncover their rich meanings.

Whether you’re looking for a name rooted in tradition or one that carries a sense of cultural significance, you’re sure to find a perfect fit among these “JAL” names.

So, relax and enjoy discovering the allure of boy names that start with “JAL.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “JAL”

Jalen – “Calm” (African-American)

Jalon – “God lodges” (Hebrew)

Jalil – “Great, revered” (Arabic)

Jalin – “Mighty” (American)

Jalyn – “Calm” (American)

Jaleel – “Exalted, sublime” (Arabic)

Jalani – “Mighty” (Swahili)

Jaleb – “Man of valor” (Hebrew)

Jalend – “Victory” (English)

Jaleed – “Firm, resolute” (Arabic)

Jalesh – “King of waters” (Sanskrit)

Jaleh – “Dew” (Persian)

Jaliludin – “Greatness of religion” (Arabic)

Jalmari – “Helmet” (Finnish)

Jalebar – “Strong, powerful” (Persian)

Jalos – “Bright” (Greek)

Jalad – “Strong, firm” (Arabic)

Jalvah – “God’s friend” (Hebrew)

Jaladri – “Mountains” (Indonesian)

Jalvindra – “Lord of the waters” (Sanskrit)

Jalith – “Bright one” (Hebrew)

Jalor – “Strength” (African)

Jalvyn – “Noble friend” (English)

Jalasius – “Majestic” (Latin)

Jalvare – “Strength of the sea” (Latin)

Jaloren – “Graceful” (English)

Jalron – “Peaceful ruler” (Hebrew)

Jalpesh – “Lord of water” (Sanskrit)

Jalom – “Light of the sea” (Hebrew)

Jalcer – “Strong warrior” (German)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “JAL”

Jalon – “God lodges” (Hebrew)

Jalyx – “Modern invention” (American)

Jalor – “Innovative” (Modern English)

Jalven – “Sky” (Modern English)

Jalkai – “Free spirit” (Modern English)

Jalxen – “Leader” (Modern English)

Jalrik – “Creative ruler” (Modern English)

Jalu – “Modern invention” (American)

Jaleon – “Modern creation” (American)

Jalynd – “Sky” (Modern English)

Jalyss – “New” (Modern English)

Jalrik – “Ruler” (Modern English)

Jalvis – “Innovative” (Modern English)

Jalmor – “Visionary” (Modern English)

Jalix – “Leader” (Modern English)

Jalyan – “Modern creation” (American)

Jalmik – “Creative” (Modern English)

Jalov – “Strong” (Modern English)

Jalno – “New dawn” (Modern English)

Jalfin – “Innovative leader” (Modern English)

Jalmin – “Strong leader” (Modern English)

Jalson – “Bright” (Modern English)

Jaltar – “Innovative” (Modern English)

Jalmik – “Visionary” (Modern English)

Jalven – “Sky” (Modern English)

Jalrix – “Creative” (Modern English)

Jalter – “Strong leader” (Modern English)

Jalvyn – “New dawn” (Modern English)

Jalsen – “Bright” (Modern English)

Jalvox – “Modern invention” (American)

Unique “JAL” Names for Boys

Jalore – “Strength” (Unique creation)

Jalyx – “Unique spirit” (Modern English)

Jalvis – “Visionary” (Unique creation)

Jalvin – “Bright leader” (Unique creation)

Jalinor – “New dawn” (Unique creation)

Jalven – “Sky” (Unique creation)

Jalik – “Innovative spirit” (Unique creation)

Jaltor – “Leader” (Unique creation)

Jalvyn – “New dawn” (Unique creation)

Jaleon – “Creative” (Unique creation)

Jalmar – “Bright” (Unique creation)

Jalven – “Sky” (Unique creation)

Jaltor – “Visionary” (Unique creation)

Jalvox – “Modern” (Unique creation)

Jalver – “Leader” (Unique creation)

Jalnor – “Bright future” (Unique creation)

Jalric – “Creative ruler” (Unique creation)

Jalnik – “Visionary leader” (Unique creation)

Jalmin – “New dawn” (Unique creation)

Jaltin – “Bright” (Unique creation)

Jalynd – “Sky” (Unique creation)

Jalten – “Leader” (Unique creation)

Jalmik – “Visionary” (Unique creation)

Jalik – “Creative” (Unique creation)

Jalkar – “New dawn” (Unique creation)

Jalvor – “Leader” (Unique creation)

Jalner – “Bright future” (Unique creation)

Jalfin – “Visionary” (Unique creation)

Jalson – “Sky” (Unique creation)

Jaltar – “Creative spirit” (Unique creation)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “JAL”

Jalal – “Greatness, glory” (Arabic)

Jalil – “Majestic, revered” (Arabic)

Jalaluddin – “The majesty of the religion” (Arabic)

Jalaludeen – “The glory of the faith” (Arabic)

Jalaleldin – “The grandeur of the faith” (Arabic)

Jalalal – “Glorious, splendid” (Arabic)

Jalalu – “Majestic, magnificent” (Arabic)

Jalad – “Firm, strong” (Sanskrit)

Jalaal – “Greatness, grandeur” (Arabic)

Jaleel – “Sublime, dignified” (Arabic)

Jalalalddin – “The grandeur of the religion” (Arabic)

Jalālī – “Belonging to Jalal (grandeur)” (Persian)

Jala – “Clarity, splendor” (Persian)

Jalalin – “The sublime one” (Arabic)

Jalabeel – “Mountainous” (Arabic)

Jaladhi – “Ocean” (Sanskrit)

Jalaf – “Strong, powerful” (Arabic)

Jalai – “Glorious” (Arabic)

Jalamo – “Peaceful, calm” (African)

Jalmin – “Elegant, graceful” (African)

Jaleb – “Brave, bold” (Arabic)

Jalhad – “Resolute, determined” (Sanskrit)

Jaladen – “Noble, dignified” (Arabic)

Jaleva – “Pure, clear” (Sanskrit)

Jalon – “God will heal” (Hebrew)

Jalidar – “Holding glory” (Persian)

Jalave – “Water, life-giving” (Sanskrit)

Jalayan – “Bringer of light” (Persian)

Jalman – “Strong-willed” (Arabic)

Jalyan – “Pure, bright” (Persian)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “JAL”

Jalel – “Greatness, magnificence” (Arabic)

Jalito – “Small flame” (Spanish)

Jalani – “Mighty warrior” (Swahili)

Jalender – “Courageous ruler” (Indian)

Jaleko – “Shining light” (Hawaiian)

Jalim – “Wise, learned” (Arabic)

Jalonzo – “Ready for battle” (Spanish)

Jalalito – “Little glory” (Italian)

Jaleko – “Noble protector” (Polynesian)

Jalardo – “Strong warrior” (Spanish)

Jalvani – “Brave heart” (Indian)

Jalero – “Bold, daring” (Spanish)

Jalindra – “Lord of waters” (Sanskrit)

Jalique – “Unique, special” (French)

Jalacio – “Peaceful protector” (Spanish)

Jalario – “Graceful, elegant” (Italian)

Jalvo – “Mighty leader” (Portuguese)

Jalanti – “Unstoppable force” (Indian)

Jalvar – “Glorious victory” (Spanish)

Jalexo – “Defender of men” (Greek)

Jalindra – “Protector of waters” (Indian)

Jalafor – “Bringer of justice” (Icelandic)

Jalani – “Healer of the world” (African)

Jalmax – “Great warrior” (German)

Jalano – “Eternal strength” (Italian)

Jalyas – “Radiant leader” (Persian)

Jalvez – “Noble fighter” (Spanish)

Jalir – “Bright, luminous” (Arabic)

Jalisco – “Strong protector” (Mexican)

Jalmet – “Resilient leader” (Turkish)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “JAL”

Jalen – “God has healed” (American)

Jalil – “Great, exalted” (Arabic)

Jalynn – Combination of Jay and Lynn

Jama – “Son of the prophet” (Arabic)

Jamari – Combination of Jamal and Ari

Jamey – “Supplanter” (Hebrew)

Jamie – “Supplanter” (Hebrew)

Jamil – “Beautiful” (Arabic)

Jamilah – “Beautiful” (Arabic)

Jansen – “Son of Jan” (Scandinavian)

Jari – “God will raise up, mountain” (Finnish)

Jasper – “Treasurer” (Persian)

Javen – “Youth” (Hebrew)

Jayden – “Thankful” (American)

Jazz – “Style of music” (American)

Jean – “God is gracious” (French)

Jem – “Supplanter” (English)

Jesse – “Gift” (Hebrew)

Jett – “Black mineral” (English)

Jin – “Gold” (Korean)

Jo – “God is gracious” (English)

Joey – “God will increase” (English)

Jordan – “To flow down” (Hebrew)

Jules – “Youthful” (French)

Julian – “Youthful” (Latin)

June – “Sixth month of the year” (Latin)

Juniper – “Evergreen shrub” (Latin)

Justice – “Righteousness” (English)

Justus – “Just, fair” (Latin)

Jules – “Youthful” (French)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “JAL”

Jalal – “Greatness” (Arabic)

Jalil – “Great, exalted” (Arabic)

Jalaluddin – “Glory of the faith” (Arabic)

Jaldev – “God of water” (Indian)

Jalendu – “Moon” (Indian)

Jalil – “Great, revered” (Arabic)

Jalinoos – “Splendid” (Persian)

Jalissa – “Jehovah increases” (American)

Jalisco – “Worship” (Spanish)

Jalit – “Victorious” (Indian)

Jalon – “He shines” (Hebrew)

Jalor – “Blessed” (Indian)

Jalal – “Majestic” (Arabic)

Jal – “Absolution” (Hebrew)

Jalil – “Great, exalted” (Arabic)

Jalal – “Glorious” (Arabic)

Jalil – “Great, exalted” (Arabic)

Jalal – “Majestic” (Arabic)

Jal – “Mighty” (Hebrew)

Jalil – “Great, exalted” (Arabic)

Jal – “Majestic” (Arabic)

Jal – “Worship” (Spanish)

Jalico – “Gracious” (Spanish)

Jalma – “High” (Indian)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “JAL”

Jalen Ramsey

Pro Bowl cornerback known for his exceptional skills in the National Football League (NFL).

Jalen Hurts

Professional American football quarterback who played for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL.

Jalen Rose

Former professional basketball player, now a sports analyst and host on ESPN.

Jalaluddin Haqqani

Afghan mujahideen commander and founder of the Haqqani Network, a militant group in Afghanistan.

Jalen Green

Rising basketball star known for his athleticism and scoring ability, currently playing in the NBA.

Jalal Talabani

Former President of Iraq and prominent Kurdish politician, known for his efforts in Iraqi politics.

Jalal al-Din Rumi

13th-century Persian poet, mystic, and theologian, widely revered for his poetry and spiritual teachings.

Jalal ad-Din Mingburnu

Last ruler of the Khwarazmian Empire, known for his resistance against the Mongol invasion in the 13th century.

Jalal Shritri

Iraqi painter and artist known for his abstract and expressionist works.

Jalen Reeves-Maybin

Linebacker for the Detroit Lions in the NFL, known for his versatility and athleticism on the field.

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