Boy Names That Start with “NIV”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is a delightful journey, filled with the desire to find something meaningful and distinctive.

If you’re considering a name that begins with “NIV,” you’re in for a treat.

Although “NIV” is not a common starting point for names, it offers a selection of unique and intriguing options that can give your son a standout identity.

From names like Nivaan, which means “holy” or “pure,” to more contemporary and unique choices like Nivor, there are numerous possibilities to explore.

In this article, we will delve into some of the best boy names that start with “NIV” and their meanings.

Whether you’re drawn to names with a classic touch or those that are more unique, there’s an “NIV” name out there that is perfect for your little one.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s uncover the charm of boy names that start with “NIV.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “NIV”

Nivaan – “Holy” (Sanskrit)

Nivan – “New” (Indian)

Nivas – “Dwelling place” (Indian)

Nived – “Offered to God” (Indian)

Nivash – “Innovative” (Indian)

Nivaanth – “New dawn” (Indian)

Nivraj – “One who is always new” (Indian)

Niven – “Little saint” (Scottish)

Nivian – “Friend of the ocean” (French)

Nivith – “Divine” (Indian)

Nivyan – “Pure soul” (Indian)

Nivru – “Creative” (Indian)

Nivyk – “Champion” (Slavic)

Nivalk – “Conqueror” (Indian)

Nivrit – “Calm” (Indian)

Nivus – “Shining” (Latin)

Nivritti – “Detachment” (Sanskrit)

Nivendu – “Moonlight” (Indian)

Nivrajit – “Victory” (Sanskrit)

Nivanth – “New” (Indian)

Nivol – “Strength” (Latin)

Nivor – “Fire” (Hebrew)

Nivak – “Brave” (Indian)

Nivato – “Peace” (Italian)

Nivendi – “Charming” (Indian)

Nivithan – “Sacred” (Indian)

Nivaryan – “Protector” (Indian)

Nivram – “Leader” (Indian)

Nivoman – “Gift from God” (Indian)

Nivandar – “Hero” (Indian)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “NIV”

Nivax – “Innovator” (Modern)

Nivaro – “Modern hero” (Modern)

Nivyn – “New age” (Modern)

Nivryk – “Dynamic” (Modern)

Nivro – “New world” (Modern)

Nivaz – “Fresh start” (Modern)

Nivlok – “Tech savvy” (Modern)

Nivroyd – “Pioneer” (Modern)

Nivano – “Explorer” (Modern)

Nivynx – “Futuristic” (Modern)

Nivox – “Trendsetter” (Modern)

Nivace – “Elegant” (Modern)

Nivex – “Innovative spirit” (Modern)

Nivaro – “Adventurer” (Modern)

Nivast – “Stylish” (Modern)

Nivarx – “Modernist” (Modern)

Nivynt – “Unique” (Modern)

Nivrus – “Charming” (Modern)

Nivaze – “Fresh” (Modern)

Nivar – “Urban” (Modern)

Nivart – “Creative” (Modern)

Nivory – “Sophisticated” (Modern)

Nivrey – “Urban explorer” (Modern)

Nivaro – “Visionary” (Modern)

Nivlo – “Innovative leader” (Modern)

Niviro – “Techie” (Modern)

Nivazo – “Modern classic” (Modern)

Nivont – “Stylish leader” (Modern)

Nivrok – “Modern warrior” (Modern)

Nivyn – “New era” (Modern)

Unique “NIV” Names for Boys

Nivorik – “Mystic” (Unique)

Nivakian – “Guardian of secrets” (Unique)

Nivolus – “Ethereal” (Unique)

Nivrain – “Enigmatic” (Unique)

Nivander – “Protector of truth” (Unique)

Nivalin – “Moonlit” (Unique)

Nivaro – “Dreamer” (Unique)

Nivrost – “Silent strength” (Unique)

Nivion – “Mystic stream” (Unique)

Nivyc – “Charming soul” (Unique)

Nival – “Hidden gem” (Unique)

Nivani – “Serene” (Unique)

Nivaxo – “Shadow” (Unique)

Nivarth – “Ancient wisdom” (Unique)

Nivond – “Timeless” (Unique)

Nivorys – “Mysterious” (Unique)

Nivalor – “Moonlight” (Unique)

Nivry – “Hidden treasure” (Unique)

Nivalis – “Snow-covered” (Unique)

Nivinto – “Secret keeper” (Unique)

Nivarn – “Eclipse” (Unique)

Nivaze – “Celestial” (Unique)

Nivrok – “Mystic warrior” (Unique)

Nivaric – “Starry night” (Unique)

Nivasto – “Secretive” (Unique)

Nivrus – “Silent moon” (Unique)

Nivalis – “Enchanted” (Unique)

Nivyon – “Veiled” (Unique)

Nivaro – “Dream walker” (Unique)

Nivaro – “Whisper” (Unique)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “NIV”

Niven – “Little Saint” (Scottish)

Nivor – “New Home” (English)

Nivarn – “Heaven” (Indian)

Nivian – “Friend of the Sea” (Welsh)

Nivio – “Bright” (Latin)

Nivaro – “Man of Valor” (Spanish)

Nivenius – “New Life” (Latin)

Nivelius – “Snow” (Latin)

Nivante – “Living Waters” (Greek)

Nivoros – “Victorious” (Greek)

Nivard – “Guardian” (Old English)

Nivianus – “Newly Born” (Latin)

Nivarto – “Brave” (Italian)

Nivis – “Snowy” (Latin)

Nivento – “New Beginning” (Spanish)

Niveld – “Ruler” (Old English)

Nivaro – “Brave Warrior” (Spanish)

Nivander – “New Man” (Greek)

Niveton – “New Town” (Old English)

Nivenius – “Youthful” (Latin)

Nivol – “New Sun” (Latin)

Nivano – “Bringer of Peace” (Latin)

Nivant – “New Victory” (Indian)

Nivenzio – “Pure” (Italian)

Nivelius – “Light” (Latin)

Nivander – “Strong Man” (Greek)

Nivario – “Bold” (Spanish)

Nivanko – “New Man” (Slavic)

Nivaro – “Young Warrior” (Spanish)

Nivellus – “Bright” (Latin)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “NIV”

Nivaan – “Holy” (Indian)

Nivek – “Pure” (Sanskrit)

Nivio – “New” (Spanish)

Nivaro – “New beginning” (Spanish)

Nivano – “Sacred” (Italian)

Nivash – “Blissful” (Sanskrit)

Niven – “Little Saint” (Scottish)

Nivik – “Joyous” (Indian)

Nivaanth – “Sacred” (Tamil)

Nivrak – “Pure” (Sanskrit)

Nivarth – “Celestial” (Sanskrit)

Nivaro – “New day” (Spanish)

Nivathin – “Radiant” (Sanskrit)

Nivashan – “Graceful” (Tamil)

Nivathar – “Pure-hearted” (Tamil)

Nivio – “Bright” (Italian)

Nivioz – “Holy” (Greek)

Nivam – “New life” (Sanskrit)

Nivash – “Divine” (Sanskrit)

Nivaj – “Peaceful” (Arabic)

Nivarn – “Pure soul” (Hindi)

Nivarro – “New beginning” (Spanish)

Nivatan – “Pure-hearted” (Sanskrit)

Nivasar – “Brave” (Sanskrit)

Nivak – “Sacred” (Sanskrit)

Nivom – “Pure” (Sanskrit)

Nivoth – “Divine” (Sanskrit)

Niveth – “Holy” (Sanskrit)

Nivothan – “Joyful” (Sanskrit)

Nivian – “Pure” (Indian)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “NIV”

Niva – “Expression” (Hebrew)

Nival – “Snow” (Latin)

Nivara – “Protection” (Sanskrit)

Nivea – “Snow White” (Latin)

Nivaan – “Holy” (Indian)

Nivita – “Light” (Latin)

Nivya – “Pure” (Sanskrit)

Nivoma – “Gift of God” (Hebrew)

Nivaan – “Calm” (Sanskrit)

Nivya – “Divine” (Indian)

Nivona – “Sacred” (Hebrew)

Nivara – “Peaceful” (Sanskrit)

Nivya – “Bright” (Latin)

Nivola – “Snowy” (Latin)

Nivane – “Chaste” (Hebrew)

Nivya – “Heavenly” (Sanskrit)

Nivara – “Protected” (Hebrew)

Nivoma – “Joyful” (Indian)

Nivaya – “Blessed” (Latin)

Nivala – “Serene” (Sanskrit)

Nivya – “Pure” (Latin)

Nivara – “Calm” (Hebrew)

Nivyan – “Holy” (Indian)

Nivola – “Snowy” (Latin)

Nivane – “Chaste” (Hebrew)

Nivya – “Divine” (Sanskrit)

Nivoma – “Gift of God” (Hebrew)

Nivaan – “Holy” (Indian)

Nivara – “Peaceful” (Sanskrit)

Nivya – “Bright” (Latin)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “NIV”

Nivaan – “Holy” (Sanskrit)

Nivan – “Sacred” (Hebrew)

Nivash – “God’s Grace” (Indian)

Nivritti – “Religious Silence” (Sanskrit)

Nivek – “God’s Child” (Indian)

Nivay – “Prayer” (Hebrew)

Nivank – “Divine Protection” (Indian)

Nivas – “Dwelling of God” (Sanskrit)

Nivansh – “Part of God” (Indian)

Nivaan – “Holy” (Sanskrit)

Nivaan – “Saintly” (Hebrew)

Nivansh – “God’s Blessing” (Indian)

Nivan – “Pure” (Hebrew)

Nivash – “God’s Grace” (Indian)

Nivritti – “Religious Silence” (Sanskrit)

Nivek – “God’s Child” (Indian)

Nivay – “Prayer” (Hebrew)

Nivank – “Divine Protection” (Indian)

Nivas – “Dwelling of God” (Sanskrit)

Nivansh – “Part of God” (Indian)

Nivaan – “Holy” (Sanskrit)

Nivaan – “Saintly” (Hebrew)

Nivansh – “God’s Blessing” (Indian)

Nivan – “Pure” (Hebrew)

Nivash – “God’s Grace” (Indian)

Nivritti – “Religious Silence” (Sanskrit)

Nivek – “God’s Child” (Indian)

Nivay – “Prayer” (Hebrew)

Nivank – “Divine Protection” (Indian)

Nivas – “Dwelling of God” (Sanskrit)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “NIV”

Niv Arzi

Co-founder of Red Axes, an Israeli electronic music duo known for their eclectic style and innovative sound, blending elements of house, techno, and new wave.

Niv Grados

Israeli actor and model recognized for his roles in popular TV series and films in Israel, contributing to the entertainment industry with his versatile performances.

Niv Sultan

Israeli actress acclaimed for her role in the TV series “Tehran,” which brought her international recognition for her compelling portrayal of a Mossad agent.

Niv Gilboa

Renowned Israeli journalist and TV presenter known for his investigative journalism and in-depth reporting on a variety of social and political issues.

Niv Buchbinder

Prominent Israeli filmmaker and screenwriter celebrated for his work in independent films that explore complex human emotions and societal themes.

Niv Shalit

Entrepreneur and tech innovator from Israel, recognized for his contributions to the startup ecosystem and advancements in artificial intelligence technologies.

Niv Alon

Professional athlete known for his achievements in competitive swimming, representing Israel in various international competitions and winning numerous medals.

Niv Antonov

Notable Israeli photographer whose work captures the vibrant culture and landscapes of Israel, earning accolades in the field of visual arts.

Niv Shani

Acclaimed architect and urban planner from Israel, recognized for his innovative designs and sustainable architectural projects.

Niv Sorin

Esteemed Israeli academic and researcher in the field of computer science, known for his groundbreaking research in machine learning and data science.

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