220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “TEC”

When it comes to choosing a name for your newborn baby boy, you may want something that sets him apart from the rest.

If you’re looking for a unique and distinctive name that starts with “TEC,” you’ve come to the right place.

From traditional to modern, there are a variety of boy names that start with “TEC” to consider.

Whether you’re drawn to names that have a strong and powerful sound or ones that are more subtle and understated, there’s a “TEC” name out there for every preference.

These names may not be as common as others, but that only adds to their charm and individuality.

In this article, we’ll explore a selection of boy names that start with “TEC” and delve into their meanings and origins.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind name for your little boy, read on to discover some inspiring options.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “TEC”

Tecumseh – “Panther passing across” (English)

Techek – “Strong” (Greek)

Tecito – “Little technician” (Spanish)

Teckton – “Builder” (Greek)

Teclis – “Divine glory” (English)

Teciano – “Heavenly guardian” (Spanish)

Tecryn – “Lord of the earth” (English)

Techris – “Bearer of Christ” (English)

Tecandro – “Strong warrior” (Spanish)

Teclio – “Glory of God” (Greek)

Techilo – “Divinely graceful” (Spanish)

Tecron – “Wise ruler” (English)

Techus – “Guardian of the people” (Greek)

Teciano – “From the land of figs” (Spanish)

Teckard – “Bold ruler” (English)

Tecito – “Little guardian” (Spanish)

Techrys – “Golden one” (Greek)

Teclis – “Messenger of God” (English)

Teckon – “Strong-willed” (English)

Tecuro – “Protector of the harvest” (Spanish)

Techel – “Gift from God” (English)

Teclio – “Heavenly beauty” (Spanish)

Tecmo – “Wise counselor” (English)

Techlo – “Beloved leader” (Spanish)

Teclis – “Bearer of light” (Greek)

Teckon – “Brave defender” (Spanish)

Tecuno – “Unique one” (Spanish)

Techad – “Valiant warrior” (English)

Tecoro – “Treasure” (Spanish)

Tecrys – “Follower of Christ” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "TEC"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “TEC”

Teclan – “Bright warrior” (English)

Tecaro – “Brave spearman” (Spanish)

Tecian – “Divine gift” (English)

Tecarus – “Strong leader” (Latin)

Teclio – “Bringer of joy” (Spanish)

Techon – “Courageous defender” (English)

Tecrio – “Heavenly singer” (Spanish)

Tecal – “Loyal companion” (Spanish)

Teclan – “Protector of the land” (English)

Tecaro – “Adventurous traveler” (Spanish)

Tecarus – “Fierce protector” (English)

Teciano – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Teckan – “Bringer of hope” (English)

Teclio – “Bearer of light” (Spanish)

Tecrio – “Guardian of the hearth” (Spanish)

Tecal – “Noble spirit” (Spanish)

Teclo – “Bearer of victory” (Spanish)

Teclan – “Eternal flame” (English)

Tecaro – “Valiant heart” (Spanish)

Tecian – “Wise counselor” (English)

Tecarus – “Defender of truth” (Latin)

Teclio – “Harbinger of peace” (Spanish)

Techon – “Champion of justice” (English)

Tecrio – “Protector of the home” (Spanish)

Tecal – “Faithful friend” (Spanish)

Teclan – “Bearer of dreams” (English)

Tecaro – “Fearless explorer” (Spanish)

Tecian – “Keeper of secrets” (English)

Tecarus – “Guardian of wisdom” (Latin)

Teclio – “Bringer of serenity” (Spanish)

Unique “TEC” Names for Boys

Tecklen – “Son of the brave” (English)

Tecol – “Messenger of light” (Spanish)

Tecreas – “Keeper of secrets” (Greek)

Techadon – “Gifted warrior” (English)

Tecos – “Harmony and balance” (Spanish)

Techan – “Bringer of wisdom” (English)

Teclitos – “Little defender” (Greek)

Teclivio – “Life-giving” (Spanish)

Tecarius – “Courageous protector” (English)

Teconio – “Divine guidance” (Spanish)

Tecleon – “Lion-hearted” (English)

Teclatus – “Shining star” (Greek)

Tecaldo – “Noble and wise” (Spanish)

Tecryphos – “Mystical leader” (Greek)

Techimeros – “Eternal protector” (Greek)

Teclint – “Strong-willed defender” (English)

Tecastro – “Star-born” (Spanish)

Teclandro – “Bearer of light” (Greek)

Tecwyn – “Blessed friend” (English)

Tecaldo – “Gifted leader” (Spanish)

Teckymas – “Guardian of dreams” (Greek)

Tecarius – “Bearer of strength” (English)

Tecaros – “Brave and fearless” (Spanish)

Tecleron – “Protector of the people” (English)

Tecrysto – “Crystal clear” (Spanish)

Teckander – “Defender of mankind” (English)

Tecorus – “Bringer of peace” (Spanish)

Tecydor – “Gift from the gods” (Greek)

Tecoros – “Courageous heart” (Spanish)

Teclivus – “Alive and vibrant” (Latin)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “TEC”

Tecneal – “Powerful leader” (English)

Tecabio – “Gift of life” (Spanish)

Techleon – “Brave lion” (English)

Tecliose – “Divine healer” (Greek)

Tecanto – “Eternal love” (Spanish)

Tecleon – “Warrior of light” (English)

Techares – “Guardian of the home” (Greek)

Teclero – “Noble protector” (Spanish)

Teceros – “Bearer of strength” (Greek)

Tecorvo – “Wise owl” (Spanish)

Teclias – “Son of the earth” (Greek)

Teclavio – “Bearer of honor” (Spanish)

Tecaldo – “Gifted ruler” (English)

Tecaros – “Brave defender” (Spanish)

Techiron – “Strong defender” (Greek)

Teclivio – “Living spirit” (Spanish)

Tecratos – “Ruler of the people” (Greek)

Tecland – “Land protector” (English)

Tecaris – “Loyal friend” (Spanish)

Teckimo – “Visionary leader” (English)

Teclara – “Bright shield” (Spanish)

Tecmaros – “Warrior of the sea” (Greek)

Teclivio – “Bringer of life” (Spanish)

Teclyde – “Peaceful river” (English)

Teclifos – “Guardian of the forest” (Greek)

Tecrado – “Beloved ruler” (Spanish)

Tecleron – “Eternal protector” (English)

Tecunos – “Bearer of victory” (Spanish)

Tecleon – “Bringer of light” (English)

Tecarian – “Son of thunder” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “TEC”

Teckai – “Brave warrior” (Japanese)

Tecendre – “Mysterious traveler” (French)

Teclio – “Divine melody” (Italian)

Tecaro – “Noble protector” (Portuguese)

Tecuro – “Guardian of the stars” (Latin)

Techao – “Peaceful spirit” (Chinese)

Teclanu – “Warrior of the heavens” (African)

Teclav – “Bearer of honor” (Czech)

Tecito – “Little warrior” (Spanish)

Teclis – “Wise counselor” (Greek)

Teclind – “Protector of the land” (Nordic)

Tecoro – “Treasure” (Spanish)

Tecove – “Bringer of joy” (Romanian)

Teclaud – “Courageous leader” (French)

Tecron – “Mighty ruler” (German)

Teckio – “Son of the earth” (Japanese)

Tecarius – “Bringer of strength” (Roman)

Teckar – “Valiant defender” (Swedish)

Tecario – “Adventurous explorer” (Italian)

Tecianu – “Guardian of the dawn” (Romanian)

Tecleo – “Bearer of light” (Spanish)

Teccio – “Skilled craftsman” (Italian)

Teclio – “Lover of wisdom” (French)

Tecal – “Protector of the tribe” (Hawaiian)

Teclaus – “Gift from God” (Spanish)

Tecuán – “Brave jaguar” (Nahuatl)

Teckil – “Eternal flame” (Irish)

Tecaris – “Bearer of hope” (Welsh)

Teclindo – “Harmony and peace” (Filipino)

Tecil – “Son of light” (Turkish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “TEC”

Tecco – “Beloved one” (English)

Tecola – “Victory of the people” (Spanish)

Tecra – “Bringer of happiness” (Greek)

Teclan – “Guardian of the land” (English)

Tecaro – “Adventurous soul” (Spanish)

Tecas – “Bringer of peace” (Greek)

Teclis – “Messenger of light” (English)

Tecora – “Gift of love” (Spanish)

Teclio – “Divine inspiration” (Greek)

Tecilo – “One who brings joy” (Spanish)

Tecan – “Warrior of justice” (English)

Tecaro – “Noble protector” (Spanish)

Teclis – “Bearer of wisdom” (Greek)

Tecara – “Guardian of the flame” (Spanish)

Tecas – “Harbinger of hope” (Greek)

Teclan – “Protector of dreams” (English)

Tecoro – “Treasure of the heart” (Spanish)

Teclis – “Keeper of secrets” (Greek)

Teclas – “Bringer of light” (Spanish)

Tecron – “Eternal ruler” (English)

Tecaro – “Adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Tecas – “Guardian of the earth” (Greek)

Teclan – “Harmony of the soul” (English)

Tecilo – “Bearer of joy” (Spanish)

Tecis – “Divine protector” (Greek)

Teclio – “Keeper of peace” (Spanish)

Tecan – “Guardian of truth” (English)

Tecara – “Champion of love” (Spanish)

Tecas – “Harbinger of change” (Greek)

Teclan – “Bringer of serenity” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “TEC”

Teclitus – “Devoted to God” (English)

Tecaristo – “Highly favored by God” (Spanish)

Tecostas – “Vessel of the Holy Spirit” (Greek)

Teclemos – “Blessed by God” (English)

Tecarimus – “Beloved disciple” (Latin)

Tecorban – “Offering to God” (Greek)

Tecaios – “Divine messenger” (Greek)

Teclian – “Chosen one of God” (English)

Tecalios – “Sacred light” (Greek)

Tecagios – “God’s strength” (Greek)

Teclante – “Worshiper of God” (Spanish)

Tecarfos – “Bearer of divine wisdom” (Greek)

Teclaudos – “Praise to God” (Greek)

Tecagrio – “Grace of God” (Spanish)

Tecleno – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Tecartos – “Divine purpose” (Greek)

Tecliris – “God’s peace” (Spanish)

Tecamios – “Beloved of God” (Greek)

Tecaleos – “God’s grace” (Greek)

Tecathos – “Sacred heart” (Greek)

Teclanos – “Servant of God” (Spanish)

Tecemios – “Divinely inspired” (Greek)

Teclermo – “Gift from God” (Spanish)

Tecarnos – “God’s strength” (Greek)

Tecadon – “Gift of God” (English)

Tecorios – “Chosen by God” (Greek)

Tecarfos – “Bearer of divine wisdom” (Greek)

Tecarthos – “Guardian of faith” (Greek)

Tecostas – “Faithful servant” (Greek)

Tecario – “Beloved of God” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “TEC”

Tech N9ne (Aaron Dontez Yates)

Renowned rapper known for his intricate rhyme schemes and unique flow.


Shawnee leader who formed a Native American confederacy to resist American expansion in the early 19th century.

Ted Cruz

American politician serving as the United States Senator from Texas since 2013, known for his conservative views.

Ted Danson

Emmy-winning actor famous for his roles in “Cheers” and “The Good Place.”

Ted Turner

Media mogul and philanthropist, founder of CNN and former owner of the Atlanta Braves.


Tibetan musician and activist known for his efforts to preserve Tibetan culture through music.

Teddy Roosevelt

26th President of the United States, known for his progressive policies and leadership.

Technotronic (Manuela Kamosi)

Belgian rapper and singer best known for the hit song “Pump Up the Jam.”

Ted Allen

American television personality and author, known for hosting the Food Network’s “Chopped.”

Tecwyn Roberts

Welsh engineer and one of the key figures behind the development of the British space program.

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