220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “SUS”

Looking for a unique and uncommon name for your baby boy? Look no further than the collection of boy names that start with “SUS.”

While names beginning with “S” are already popular, “SUS” names bring a unique twist to the traditional choices.

These names are sure to stand out and make your son’s name memorable among his peers. From Susam to Sussex, there are plenty of options to choose from that are both distinctive and meaningful.

Whether you’re drawn to a classic and timeless name or a more modern and trendy option, there’s a “SUS” name out there to suit your preferences.

Stay tuned as we delve into the fascinating world of boy names that start with “SUS” and discover the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “SUS”

Sustanto – “steadfast” (English)

Susilo – “one who brings happiness” (Greek)

Sustaita – “firm, resolute” (Spanish)

Susumu – “to advance” (Greek)

Sustakov – “steadfast” (Greek)

Sustar – “star” (Spanish)

Sustmann – “man of strength” (Spanish)

Suseb – “god of the dawn” (Greek)

Sustarich – “rich in strength” (Greek)

Susanto – “excellent” (Greek)

Sustaito – “resolute” (Spanish)

Sustek – “strong tree” (Spanish)

Sushil – “well-behaved” (Spanish)

Sustín – “steadfast” (Greek)

Suszynski – “son of Susan” (Spanish)

Sustreets – “streets of strength” (English)

Susumu – “to progress” (Greek)

Suspiro – “sigh” (Spanish)

Sustić – “to stand firm” (Spanish)

Susurro – “whisper” (Spanish)

Susta – “venerable” (Greek)

Suse – “lily” (Greek)

Susai – “joyful” (Tamil)

Suslik – “gopher” (Spanish)

Sushin – “clear, pure” (Greek)

Sustarich – “strong ruler” (Spanish)

Susurrador – “whisperer” (Spanish)

Sustavi – “to set up” (Greek)

Suscovich – “son of Susan” (Spanish)

Suseo – “elegant, refined” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "SUS"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “SUS”

Sustello – “to bring together” (Latin)

Sushan – “moon” (Nepali)

Suslin – “lion-hearted” (English)

Sustarion – “heavenly star” (Greek)

Sustrive – “creative mind” (English)

Susven – “charming” (English)

Suslen – “bright flame” (English)

Sustello – “to elevate” (Italian)

Susanto – “enduring” (Spanish)

Susmar – “marvelous” (English)

Suscend – “to ascend” (English)

Susaris – “mighty ruler” (Greek)

Susland – “land of lilies” (English)

Susdel – “noble leader” (Spanish)

Sushiro – “thoughtful son” (Japanese)

Susaris – “sun’s strength” (Greek)

Susver – “truth-seeker” (English)

Suslin – “shining shield” (English)

Sustavo – “divine guardian” (Spanish)

Susaro – “strong arrow” (English)

Sustello – “to blossom” (Italian)

Sustrive – “innovative spirit” (English)

Susven – “peaceful warrior” (English)

Sustide – “steadfast and strong” (English)

Susalon – “wise counselor” (Spanish)

Susbel – “beautiful soul” (English)

Sustaro – “courageous star” (Spanish)

Suslair – “free spirit” (English)

Sushan – “tranquil mountain” (Greek)

Sustello – “inspiring leader” (Italian)

Unique “SUS” Names for Boys

Sustanis – “steadfast guardian” (English)

Suspendo – “suspended in thought” (Spanish)

Susphero – “bearer of light” (Greek)

Susleno – “bright and brilliant” (Spanish)

Sustelo – “to endure with grace” (English)

Sustrato – “strong foundation” (Spanish)

Suslyx – “shining wolf” (English)

Susego – “calm and composed” (Portuguese)

Sustrikos – “victorious warrior” (Greek)

Susmaro – “marvelous vision” (Spanish)

Susterra – “earthly strength” (English)

Sustrovo – “rising star” (Russian)

Sushiko – “child of happiness” (Japanese)

Suspique – “inquisitive mind” (Latin)

Susolito – “little sun” (Spanish)

Sustrian – “bold explorer” (English)

Sustrato – “foundation of wisdom” (Spanish)

Susphis – “whispering breeze” (English)

Susagon – “noble leader” (Greek)

Sustrolio – “bright and victorious” (Spanish)

Susvoz – “voice of strength” (English)

Susrado – “wise counsel” (Spanish)

Suslykos – “swift wolf” (Greek)

Sustelios – “noble and steadfast” (Greek)

Susterra – “strong earth” (Spanish)

Sustelio – “bright leader” (Spanish)

Susonix – “son of the sun” (English)

Sustrogon – “strong defender” (Greek)

Susvivo – “full of life” (Spanish)

Sustriveo – “creative strength” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “SUS”

Sustride – “steadfast rider” (English)

Susaldo – “noble and old” (Spanish)

Susarian – “ancient ruler” (Greek)

Susborne – “born of the lily” (English)

Sustoros – “guardian of treasures” (Greek)

Susmero – “timeless wonder” (Spanish)

Sustasis – “unchanging strength” (Greek)

Sushart – “heart of gold” (English)

Suspendas – “enduring spirit” (Spanish)

Susleon – “lion-hearted” (English)

Susphron – “wise and temperate” (Greek)

Sustellox – “timeless light” (English)

Suscanto – “singer through the ages” (Spanish)

Sustalgos – “eternal pain” (Greek)

Suselo – “ageless grace” (Spanish)

Susynth – “harmony of time” (English)

Susikon – “timeless victory” (Greek)

Susterno – “eternal strength” (Spanish)

Susveros – “timeless truth” (Greek)

Susarion – “everlasting prince” (Spanish)

Susyris – “eternal ruler” (Greek)

Sustano – “enduring spirit” (Spanish)

Susaris – “timeless excellence” (Greek)

Sustrados – “eternal shield” (Spanish)

Susphileo – “friendship through time” (Greek)

Susarius – “ancient hero” (Spanish)

Sustenix – “eternal wisdom” (English)

Sustairo – “timeless air” (Spanish)

Susheron – “timeless ruler” (English)

Suslykos – “timeless wolf” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “SUS”

Sushiro – “fourth son” (Japanese)

Susaro – “sweet rose” (Italian)

Suslanov – “son of the sun” (Russian)

Susidhar – “bearer of a sword” (Sanskrit)

Sustavro – “crossroads” (Czech)

Sustanis – “son of the stars” (Native American)

Suspenso – “suspense” (Spanish)

Susynthos – “harmony” (Greek)

Susanto – “he who brings joy” (Indonesian)

Sustraj – “king of peace” (Slovenian)

Susharno – “golden joy” (Javanese)

Susonos – “swift like the wind” (Japanese)

Susalvo – “wise guardian” (Portuguese)

Sushilov – “gentle and virtuous” (Russian)

Sustrigan – “radiant strength” (Basque)

Susinov – “new moon” (Russian)

Suslavian – “moonlit” (Serbian)

Sustatius – “steadfast” (Latin)

Susirat – “sunbeam” (Finnish)

Susravid – “melody of the night” (Sanskrit)

Sustefan – “crowned with glory” (Croatian)

Susumo – “progress” (Japanese)

Susuarez – “clear water” (Spanish)

Sustian – “celestial” (Indonesian)

Sushran – “beautiful soul” (Sanskrit)

Suslykos – “swift wolf” (Greek)

Sustiko – “to endure” (Esperanto)

Susurai – “whispering breeze” (Japanese)

Sustonos – “resolute spirit” (Latin)

Suselios – “sunlight” (Greek)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “SUS”

Suslen – “bright and shining” (English)

Sustaro – “unisex star” (Spanish)

Susith – “harmony” (English)

Suspendo – “suspended in time” (Spanish)

Sustrive – “versatile strength” (English)

Susoro – “timeless charm” (Spanish)

Susthesis – “balanced existence” (Greek)

Suspena – “floating spirit” (Spanish)

Susylon – “equal strength” (English)

Susaro – “unisex rose” (Spanish)

Sustello – “inclusive leader” (Spanish)

Susikon – “neutral victory” (Greek)

Suslin – “gentle and neutral” (English)

Susaris – “unisex excellence” (Greek)

Sustaro – “gender-inclusive star” (Spanish)

Sushin – “neutral purity” (Japanese)

Susbel – “beautiful soul” (English)

Sustrigan – “neutral radiance” (Basque)

Susmaro – “timeless vision” (Spanish)

Sustido – “neutral strength” (Spanish)

Susonix – “unisex son of the sun” (English)

Sustefan – “gender-neutral crown” (Croatian)

Susima – “universal love” (Spanish)

Susphron – “neutral wisdom” (Greek)

Susfaro – “neutral charm” (Spanish)

Sustride – “gender-fluid rider” (English)

Susver – “neutral truth-seeker” (English)

Sustalis – “neutral balance” (Greek)

Susheron – “gender-neutral ruler” (English)

Suslyx – “neutral wolf” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “SUS”

Susavior – “savior” (English)

Sustefanos – “crowned with wreaths” (Greek)

Susteleios – “dedicated to the gods” (Greek)

Sustheologos – “theologian” (Greek)

Suseliah – “God is my strength” (Hebrew)

Suspendavid – “lover of God” (Spanish)

Susifer – “bearer of Christ” (Latin)

Sustheos – “divine” (Greek)

Susdevos – “devoted to God” (Greek)

Susabriel – “God is my strength” (Spanish)

Sustheron – “temple guardian” (Greek)

Sustianos – “follower of Christ” (Spanish)

Sustheophil – “lover of God” (Greek)

Susalius – “sacred light” (Latin)

Susthomas – “twin of the apostle” (Greek)

Suscendio – “dedicated to the sacred flame” (Spanish)

Susrados – “devotion to the gods” (Greek)

Susjose – “God will add” (Spanish)

Suselan – “dedicated to God” (English)

Sustristan – “follower of Islam” (Spanish)

Susanointo – “anointed by God” (Spanish)

Susgracius – “grace of God” (Latin)

Sustianas – “sacred to Zeus” (Greek)

Susleviticus – “priestly” (Latin)

Susathaniel – “gift of God” (Hebrew)

Sustheophilos – “lover of God” (Greek)

Susaristos – “blessed” (Greek)

Susabdiel – “servant of God” (Spanish)

Sustheosios – “godly” (Greek)

Susmichael – “who is like God?” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “SUS”

Suso Santana

Spanish footballer known for his skillful playmaking and goal-scoring abilities, notably playing for CD Tenerife.

Sushil Kumar

Indian wrestler and two-time Olympic medalist, recognized for his dominance in freestyle wrestling.

Sushant Singh Rajput

Bollywood actor whose versatile performances in films like “Kai Po Che!” and “M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story” earned him widespread acclaim.

Suso Cecchi d’Amico

Renowned Italian screenwriter, contributed to classics like “La Terra Trema” and “Rocco and His Brothers.”

Suso de Toro

Galician writer known for his novels and essays, contributing significantly to contemporary Galician literature.

Sushil Koirala

Former Prime Minister of Nepal, played a key role in the country’s political landscape.

Susi Susanti

Indonesian badminton legend and Olympic gold medalist, considered one of the greatest female badminton players of all time.

Sushant Divgikar

Indian actor, singer, and LGBTQ rights activist, known for winning the title of Mr. Gay India in 2014.

Sustarich Marich

A Fijian politician and businessman who has been a Member of the Parliament of Fiji since 2014.

Susumu Tonegawa

Japanese scientist and Nobel laureate recognized for his groundbreaking work in immunology and molecular biology.

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