220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “FLIP”

Are you looking for a unique and fun name for your baby boy? Look no further than the list of boy names that start with “FLIP.”

These names are not only distinctive, but they also exude a sense of energy and playfulness. From traditional to modern, there is a “FLIP” name to suit every preference.

Parents who want to break away from the traditional baby names will find “FLIP” names to be refreshing and original.

These names are sure to stand out in a crowd and are perfect for boys who are destined to be bold and adventurous.

Whether you’re a fan of classic names with a twist or prefer something completely out of the box, the “FLIP” names offer a wide range of options to choose from.

So if you’re ready to make a statement and give your son a name that is truly one of a kind, consider exploring the world of “FLIP” names for boys.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “FLIP”

Flipiano – “Lover of horses” (English)

Flipandro – “Manly and strong” (Greek)

Flipius – “Lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Flipos – “Horse lover” (Spanish)

Flipas – “Admirable” (Spanish)

Flipon – “Strong and brave” (English)

Flipides – “Son of a horse lover” (Greek)

Flipito – “Little lover of wisdom” (Spanish)

Flipis – “Wise and strong” (Greek)

Flipandroso – “Manly, strong, and wise” (Spanish)

Flipocles – “Renowned horse lover” (Greek)

Flipardo – “Noble and brave” (Spanish)

Flipasios – “Admirable and wise” (Greek)

Flipan – “Graceful and strong” (English)

Flipeto – “Little noble one” (Spanish)

Flipilios – “Friend of horses” (Greek)

Flipian – “Admirable and noble” (English)

Flipicos – “Wise and strong” (Spanish)

Flipocrates – “Rule of horses” (Greek)

Fliparo – “Brave and noble” (Spanish)

Flipontas – “Brave horseman” (Greek)

Flipaldo – “Noble and strong” (Spanish)

Flipidesio – “Son of a wise man” (Greek)

Flipador – “Admirable and brave” (Spanish)

Fliposthenes – “Strong and mighty” (Greek)

Flipianoz – “Wise lover of horses” (English)

Fliparoa – “Noble and graceful” (Spanish)

Flipodorus – “Gift of a wise man” (Greek)

Flipico – “Wise and strong” (Spanish)

Flipellus – “Little noble one” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "FLIP"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “FLIP”

Flipson – “Son of Flip” (English)

Flipario – “Energetic and adventurous” (Spanish)

Fliparis – “Modern and stylish” (Greek)

Flipex – “Explorer and innovator” (English)

Flipinio – “Innovative and intelligent” (Spanish)

Fliptron – “Tech-savvy and trendy” (English)

Flipolino – “Playful and charming” (Spanish)

Fliporos – “Adventurous and strong” (Greek)

Fliplex – “Dynamic and charismatic” (English)

Flipante – “Exciting and captivating” (Spanish)

Flipazo – “Bold and confident” (Spanish)

Flipellios – “Modern and noble” (Greek)

Flipster – “Stylish trendsetter” (English)

Flipilio – “Creative and imaginative” (Spanish)

Fliponicus – “Innovative and unique” (Greek)

Flipsterio – “Charming and trendy” (Spanish)

Flipsteros – “Strong and modern” (Greek)

Flipazo – “Cool and confident” (Spanish)

Flipando – “Adventurous and bold” (Spanish)

Flipify – “Transformative and inspiring” (English)

Flipendido – “Splendid and remarkable” (Spanish)

Fliparoos – “Energetic and dynamic” (English)

Fliparino – “Playful and fun-loving” (Spanish)

Flipgenesis – “Creative and original” (Greek)

Flipathon – “Athletic and determined” (English)

Flipolar – “Artistic and free-spirited” (Spanish)

Flipique – “Unique and individualistic” (English)

Flipadorable – “Adorable and charming” (Spanish)

Flipolite – “Elegant and refined” (Greek)

Flipfinity – “Infinite possibilities” (English)

Unique “FLIP” Names for Boys

Fliplore – “Keeper of ancient wisdom” (English)

Fliptan – “Sunlit and radiant” (Spanish)

Fliporion – “Heavenly and divine” (Greek)

Flipshade – “Mysterious and intriguing” (English)

Flipiesta – “Festive and lively” (Spanish)

Flipthos – “Guardian and protector” (Greek)

Flipzen – “Serene and calm” (English)

Flipiesta – “Celebratory and joyful” (Spanish)

Fliptaris – “Star-like and celestial” (Greek)

Flipstream – “Fluid and adaptable” (English)

Flipanda – “Adventurous and daring” (Spanish)

Fliptropolis – “City of transformation” (Greek)

Flipburst – “Energetic and explosive” (English)

Fliptango – “Passionate and rhythmic” (Spanish)

Fliptheon – “Divine and majestic” (Greek)

Flipwhiz – “Quick and clever” (English)

Flipterra – “Earthly and grounded” (Spanish)

Flipharmony – “Balanced and harmonious” (Greek)

Flipquake – “Powerful and earth-shaking” (English)

Flipserenade – “Melodic and enchanting” (Spanish)

Fliptide – “Flowing and rhythmic” (Greek)

Flipblaze – “Fiery and intense” (English)

Flipseraph – “Angelic and divine” (Spanish)

Flipolympus – “Majestic and heavenly” (Greek)

Flipshroud – “Mysterious and enigmatic” (English)

Flipcanto – “Singing and melodious” (Spanish)

Fliptaur – “Strong and resilient” (Greek)

Flipwhisper – “Subtle and secretive” (English)

Flipnova – “Explosive and dazzling” (Spanish)

Flipnix – “Mystical and unique” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “FLIP”

Flipford – “River crossing of peace” (English)

Fliparisto – “Blessed and fortunate” (Spanish)

Fliptimus – “Honoring the divine” (Greek)

Flipshire – “Bright and clear village” (English)

Flipanto – “Praiseworthy and admirable” (Spanish)

Fliptheonos – “Divinely honored” (Greek)

Flipwood – “Forest of strength” (English)

Flipbravo – “Courageous and bold” (Spanish)

Flipolos – “City of wisdom” (Greek)

Flipmere – “Peaceful and calm lake” (English)

Fliptempo – “Timeless and enduring” (Spanish)

Fliprion – “Eternal and unchanging” (Greek)

Flipdale – “Valley of beauty” (English)

Flipcanto – “Singing through time” (Spanish)

Flipternos – “Time-honored and revered” (Greek)

Flipmoor – “Moorland of resilience” (English)

Flipvivo – “Vibrant and lively” (Spanish)

Fliptitan – “Mighty and powerful” (Greek)

Flipmeadow – “Grassy field of serenity” (English)

Flipvaliente – “Valiant and brave” (Spanish)

Flipathos – “Eternal guardian” (Greek)

Flipstone – “Solid and enduring” (English)

Flipsereno – “Calm and peaceful” (Spanish)

Fliptropolis – “Timeless city” (Greek)

Flipdale – “Dale of enduring strength” (English)

Fliptiempo – “Time-honored era” (Spanish)

Fliparcho – “Ancient and distinguished” (Greek)

Flipridge – “Steadfast and enduring hill” (English)

Flipgloria – “Glorious and illustrious” (Spanish)

Flipcosmos – “Timeless universe” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “FLIP”

Flipko – “Beloved son” (Japanese)

Fliptaro – “Bold and daring” (Italian)

Fliptovar – “Warrior of the people” (Russian)

Flipianu – “Graceful and elegant” (Romanian)

Flipito – “Little one” (Spanish)

Flipolo – “Wise and thoughtful” (Italian)

Fliptano – “Brave and strong” (Portuguese)

Flipinov – “New beginning” (Russian)

Flipkai – “Ocean of happiness” (Japanese)

Flipianos – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Flipiusu – “Loyal and faithful” (Japanese)

Fliptario – “Talented and artistic” (Italian)

Flipelas – “Noble and esteemed” (Spanish)

Fliptrov – “Born to lead” (Russian)

Flipanto – “Charming and captivating” (Portuguese)

Flipsei – “Star of happiness” (Japanese)

Fliptez – “Full of vitality” (Spanish)

Flipovan – “Mountain of strength” (Russian)

Flipiko – “Courageous and adventurous” (Italian)

Fliptoro – “Bull of power” (Spanish)

Flipolito – “Little sage” (Italian)

Flipido – “Beloved and adored” (Spanish)

Flipanto – “Eternal and enduring” (Portuguese)

Fliptaros – “Warrior of the dawn” (Greek)

Flipaio – “Bright and radiant” (Italian)

Fliptano – “Tender and gentle” (Spanish)

Flipkos – “Cosmic and universal” (Greek)

Flipario – “Air of mystery” (Portuguese)

Flipiko – “Victorious and triumphant” (Greek)

Flipiko – “Peaceful and serene” (Japanese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “FLIP”

Fliparis – “Citizen of the world” (Greek)

Flipray – “Radiant and bright” (English)

Flipelo – “Charming and versatile” (Spanish)

Flipvento – “Adventurous spirit” (Portuguese)

Fliptide – “Dynamic and ever-changing” (English)

Flipara – “Harmony and balance” (Spanish)

Flipzen – “Zen and peaceful” (English)

Flipora – “Golden and precious” (Spanish)

Flipterra – “Earthly and grounded” (Greek)

Fliparo – “Artistic and creative” (Spanish)

Flipwise – “Wise and knowledgeable” (English)

Flipito – “Little one” (Spanish)

Flipola – “Energetic and lively” (Italian)

Flipgle – “Playful and cheerful” (English)

Fliptempo – “Timeless and eternal” (Spanish)

Flipico – “Unique and individual” (Greek)

Flipvale – “Valiant and strong” (English)

Flipolar – “Free-spirited and independent” (Spanish)

Flipthos – “Philosopher and thinker” (Greek)

Fliplume – “Graceful and elegant” (English)

Flipcanto – “Singing and melodious” (Spanish)

Fliprise – “Rising and ascending” (English)

Flipfaro – “Adventurous and brave” (Spanish)

Fliptique – “Chic and stylish” (French)

Flipara – “Beloved and cherished” (Spanish)

Fliptide – “Flowing and rhythmic” (English)

Flipique – “Unique and one-of-a-kind” (French)

Fliposo – “Gentle and kind” (Spanish)

Flipterra – “Grounded and connected to the earth” (English)

Flipara – “Radiant and glowing” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “FLIP”

Flipavid – “Worshiper and praiser of God” (English)

Flipángeles – “Messenger of God” (Spanish)

Fliptheos – “Divinely inspired” (Greek)

Flipblessed – “Blessed by God” (English)

Flipíncor – “Heart devoted to God” (Spanish)

Fliptimus – “Devout and reverent” (Greek)

Flipfaith – “Strong faith in God” (English)

Flipdevoto – “Devoted and pious” (Spanish)

Fliptéritos – “Cherished by God” (Greek)

Flipgrace – “Graceful and merciful” (English)

Flipángel – “Angel of God” (Spanish)

Flipolympios – “Divinely honored” (Greek)

Flipredeem – “Redeemed by God” (English)

Flipdios – “Belonging to God” (Spanish)

Fliptarchos – “Leader in divine matters” (Greek)

Flippraise – “Offering praise to God” (English)

Flipíntegro – “Integrity in faith” (Spanish)

Fliptheon – “Worshiper of the divine” (Greek)

Flipmercy – “Recipient of God’s mercy” (English)

Flipagios – “Holy and sacred” (Spanish)

Flipgratia – “Graceful and full of God’s grace” (Latin)

Flipspiritus – “Spiritual and inspired” (Latin)

Flipresurrección – “Resurrection and renewal” (Spanish)

Flipdoulos – “Servant of God” (Greek)

Fliptierno – “Tender and compassionate” (Spanish)

Flipdor – “Gift of God” (English)

Flipcelestial – “Heavenly and divine” (Spanish)

Fliptropos – “Directed by God” (Greek)

Flipseraphim – “Angelic and divine” (English)

Flipevangelio – “Bearer of the gospel” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “FLIP”

Flip Wilson

American comedian and actor known for his groundbreaking variety show “The Flip Wilson Show” in the 1970s.

Flip Saunders

Respected American basketball coach in the NBA, known for his successful coaching career with various teams.

Flip Filippelli

Veteran software entrepreneur and co-founder of the marketing automation platform Marketo.

Flip Benham

American evangelical minister and anti-abortion activist, best known for his leadership in the pro-life movement.

Flip Schulke

Prominent American photographer recognized for his iconic images of the civil rights movement, including the famous photograph of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with Rosa Parks.

Flip Buys

South African academic and politician, notable for his role as the leader of the Freedom Front Plus party.

Flip Zimmerman

Real-life detective portrayed in the film “BlacKkKlansman,” known for his involvement in the investigation against the Ku Klux Klan.

Flip Saunders (baseball)

Former Major League Baseball pitcher who played for the Minnesota Twins and other teams during the 1970s and 1980s.

Flip Holoubek

Czech actor recognized for his contribution to Czech cinema and theater.

Flip Schultz

American stand-up comedian and actor, known for his performances on various comedy shows and specials.

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