220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “FEL”

When it comes to naming your little boy, you want something that is both unique and meaningful. If you’re on the hunt for a name that starts with “Fel”, you’re in luck!

There are several charming and distinctive options that may just be the perfect fit for your new addition.

From Felix to Feliciano, these names are not only rare but also carry a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional or modern names, there’s something for everyone in this list of boy names that start with “Fel”.

Each name has its own special charm and significance, making it an excellent choice for parents who are seeking something out of the ordinary.

So if you’re in search of a name that will make your little boy stand out, look no further than these delightful “Fel” names.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “FEL”

Felix – “Happy, fortunate” (Latin/English)

Feliciano – “Fortunate, lucky” (Spanish)

Felton – “Settlement on the field” (English)

Felipe – “Lover of horses” (Spanish)

Feldon – “From the field town” (English)

Felicio – “Lucky, fortunate” (Spanish)

Felim – “Ever good” (Greek)

Felician – “Fortunate, happy” (English)

Feliseo – “Happiness, joy” (Spanish)

Feldman – “Field worker” (English)

Felicjan – “Fortunate, lucky” (Greek)

Felino – “Catskin, fortunate” (Spanish)

Feller – “Woodcutter” (English)

Felisberto – “Bright, famous” (Spanish)

Felippos – “Lover of horses” (Greek)

Felizio – “Fortunate, lucky” (Spanish)

Felps – “Lover of horses” (English)

Feliziano – “Fortunate, happy” (Spanish)

Felkan – “Little wolf” (English)

Felisindo – “Fortunate, gentle” (Spanish)

Feliks – “Happy, fortunate” (Greek)

Felicio – “Happy, fortunate” (English)

Feliciano – “Fortunate, lucky” (Spanish)

Felim – “Ever good” (Greek)

Feliseo – “Happiness, joy” (Spanish)

Feldon – “From the field town” (English)

Felician – “Fortunate, happy” (English)

Felino – “Catskin, fortunate” (Spanish)

Feldman – “Field worker” (English)

Felicjan – “Fortunate, lucky” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "FEL"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “FEL”

Felton – “Town by the field” (English)

Felicio – “Happy, fortunate” (Spanish)

Felian – “Courageous lion” (English)

Felip – “Friend of horses” (Spanish)

Felios – “Sunlight” (Greek)

Felridge – “Ridge by the field” (English)

Felisto – “Lucky and wise” (Spanish)

Felos – “Guardian of the vine” (Greek)

Feldric – “Powerful ruler” (English)

Felizar – “Bringer of happiness” (Spanish)

Felisio – “Lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Felmont – “Mountain of luck” (English)

Felandro – “Strong and brave” (Spanish)

Felion – “Lion-hearted” (English)

Feliciano – “Lucky and gracious” (Spanish)

Felciano – “Enduring happiness” (English)

Felmando – “Noble protector” (Spanish)

Felsios – “Wisdom of the sun” (Greek)

Felwind – “Swift as the wind” (English)

Felicio – “Charming and fortunate” (Spanish)

Feltheon – “Divine gift” (English)

Felippe – “Lover of horses” (Spanish)

Felthor – “Thor-like strength” (English)

Felician – “Gentle and fortunate” (Spanish)

Felikos – “Fortunate and victorious” (Greek)

Felstone – “Sturdy as a rock” (English)

Felsio – “Sunshine” (Spanish)

Feltheon – “Divine gift” (Greek)

Felworth – “Worthy companion” (English)

Felsiano – “Heavenly wisdom” (Spanish)

Unique “FEL” Names for Boys

Felron – “Majestic traveler” (English)

Feliano – “Devoted to the sun” (Spanish)

Felorian – “Guardian of happiness” (English)

Felander – “Adventurous leader” (Spanish)

Felithos – “Bearer of wisdom” (Greek)

Felmar – “Sea of luck” (English)

Felicio – “Charming companion” (Spanish)

Felidos – “Son of the sun” (Greek)

Felmere – “Gentle and peaceful” (English)

Feliciano – “Courageous and fortunate” (Spanish)

Felsiros – “Starlight wisdom” (Greek)

Felvian – “Vibrant life” (English)

Felisto – “Blessed and wise” (Spanish)

Felagos – “Eternal joy” (Greek)

Felknight – “Noble warrior” (English)

Felisar – “Bringer of joy” (Spanish)

Felathon – “Guardian of dreams” (Greek)

Felnex – “Explorer of the unknown” (English)

Felfaro – “Bearer of fortune” (Spanish)

Felonos – “Gift of light” (Greek)

Felnexis – “Mystical journey” (English)

Felario – “Harbinger of happiness” (Spanish)

Felthos – “Harmony and balance” (Greek)

Felorian – “Bringer of joy” (English)

Felandro – “Noble protector” (Spanish)

Felpheus – “Heavenly wisdom” (Greek)

Felthorn – “Strength of the earth” (English)

Felsanto – “Singer of joy” (Spanish)

Feliosos – “Divine light” (Greek)

Felmyst – “Enigma of happiness” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “FEL”

Felton – “From the town on the field” (English)

Feliciano – “Ever fortunate” (Spanish)

Felmont – “Mountain of happiness” (English)

Felippos – “Lover of horses” (Greek)

Felwin – “Friend of joy” (English)

Felicio – “Happy and fortunate” (Spanish)

Felmaris – “Mariner of good fortune” (Greek)

Feltonio – “Timeless town dweller” (English)

Felisario – “Timeless and virtuous” (Spanish)

Feldoros – “Gift of time” (Greek)

Felricus – “Eternal ruler” (English)

Felando – “Timeless adventurer” (Spanish)

Felionis – “Eternal strength” (Greek)

Felwood – “Timeless forest” (English)

Felisandro – “Timeless defender” (Spanish)

Felocrates – “Timeless ruler” (Greek)

Felmere – “Timeless and peaceful” (English)

Feliciano – “Eternal joy” (Spanish)

Feliasis – “Timeless wisdom” (Greek)

Felborne – “Eternal stream” (English)

Felisto – “Timeless blessing” (Spanish)

Felianos – “Eternal grace” (Greek)

Feldoran – “Timeless wanderer” (English)

Felaro – “Everlasting joy” (Spanish)

Felpheon – “Timeless thinker” (Greek)

Felthorne – “Eternal strength” (English)

Felisandro – “Timeless defender” (Spanish)

Felfos – “Guardian of eternal light” (Greek)

Felworth – “Timeless and worthy” (English)

Felician – “Eternally happy” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “FEL”

Felicianu – “Lucky and blessed” (Sardinian)

Felitano – “Faithful companion” (Italian)

Felkairos – “Happy moment” (Esperanto)

Felicianov – “Son of good fortune” (Russian)

Felipérez – “Horse lover” (Spanish)

Felsarow – “Moonlight warrior” (Polish)

Feliora – “Golden light” (Italian)

Felucius – “Joyful heart” (Romanian)

Felzavier – “Bearer of divine light” (French)

Felizari – “Harbinger of joy” (Romanian)

Felfil – “Pepper spice” (Arabic)

Felianto – “Flourishing and blessed” (Indonesian)

Felidoro – “Gift of the sun” (Italian)

Feluca – “Lucky charm” (Spanish)

Feladros – “Eternal fire” (Greek)

Felsandro – “Protector of joy” (Portuguese)

Felkairo – “Celestial joy” (Hawaiian)

Felpiero – “Rock of happiness” (Italian)

Felquilo – “Whisper of joy” (Filipino)

Felioros – “Blossom of happiness” (Portuguese)

Felsanto – “Sacred joy” (Spanish)

Feltari – “Bringer of prosperity” (Turkish)

Felioso – “Full of grace” (Portuguese)

Felariano – “Lover of joy” (Italian)

Felorin – “Song of happiness” (French)

Felsaris – “Radiant joy” (Spanish)

Felioshi – “Bearer of light” (Japanese)

Felovanni – “Joyful wave” (Italian)

Felmira – “Miracle of joy” (Spanish)

Felvando – “Wanderer of happiness” (Italian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “FEL”

Felaris – “Radiant spirit” (Greek)

Felfin – “Joyful wanderer” (English)

Felumis – “Harmony of light” (Greek)

Felion – “Courageous heart” (English)

Felsaro – “Song of joy” (Spanish)

Felanis – “Eternal bliss” (Greek)

Felara – “Gentle guardian” (Spanish)

Felios – “Sunlit essence” (Greek)

Felistar – “Lucky star” (English)

Feleris – “Harbinger of happiness” (Spanish)

Felithos – “Soothing wisdom” (Greek)

Felarae – “Radiant grace” (English)

Feludo – “Soft and gentle” (Spanish)

Feltheon – “Divine presence” (Greek)

Felara – “Adventurous spirit” (English)

Feluno – “One with the moon” (Spanish)

Felithos – “Guardian of joy” (Greek)

Felstar – “Guiding light” (English)

Feluna – “Harmony of the moon” (Spanish)

Felician – “Enduring joy” (Greek)

Felrio – “River of happiness” (English)

Felara – “Radiant soul” (Spanish)

Felios – “Shining light” (Greek)

Felsun – “Sunrise harmony” (English)

Felarae – “Graceful presence” (Spanish)

Felara – “Eternal joy” (Greek)

Felwin – “Beloved wanderer” (English)

Felara – “Luminous aura” (Spanish)

Felithos – “Enduring wisdom” (Greek)

Felaris – “Joyful messenger” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “FEL”

Felicianus – “Devoted to the Lord” (Latin/English)

Felippos – “Friend of horses, lover of God” (Greek)

Felicio – “Blessed by God” (Spanish)

Felixian – “Pious and fortunate” (Latin/English)

Feliciano – “Faithful and lucky” (Spanish)

Felius – “Son of the divine” (Latin/English)

Felimon – “Lover of virtue” (Greek)

Felician – “Endowed with God’s favor” (English)

Felisario – “Divinely protected” (Spanish)

Felicron – “Crowned by God’s grace” (Latin/English)

Felipo – “Lover of God” (Spanish)

Felianthus – “Blossom of faith” (Greek)

Feligio – “God’s joy” (Spanish)

Felijah – “Jehovah is God” (Hebrew/English)

Felimonio – “Dedicated to virtue” (Spanish)

Felinon – “God’s light” (Latin/English)

Feliciano – “God’s favor and luck” (Spanish)

Felipos – “Friend of God’s horses” (Greek)

Feliano – “Devoted to the divine” (Spanish)

Felicianus – “Belonging to the Lord” (Latin/English)

Felicio – “Happy and blessed by God” (Spanish)

Feliseo – “God’s happiness” (Spanish)

Feliadore – “Gift of God’s love” (English)

Felizandro – “Defender of God’s joy” (Spanish)

Felikeus – “Chosen by God” (Greek)

Felicio – “Joyful servant of God” (Spanish)

Felijon – “God’s grace” (English)

Feliciano – “Blessed and devoted” (Spanish)

Feliasis – “God’s wisdom” (Greek)

Felipios – “Devoted to God’s horses” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “FEL”

Felix Mendelssohn

German composer, pianist, and conductor of the Romantic era, known for his classical compositions like “Wedding March.”

Felicity Huffman

American actress known for her roles in “Desperate Housewives” and her Academy Award-nominated performance in “Transamerica.”

Fela Kuti

Nigerian musician and political activist, recognized as the pioneer of Afrobeat music.

Felix Baumgartner

Austrian skydiver and BASE jumper, famous for breaking the sound barrier during a freefall from the stratosphere.

Felipe VI

King of Spain since 2014, succeeding his father, Juan Carlos I.

Felicity Jones

English actress acclaimed for her roles in films like “The Theory of Everything” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

Felipe Massa

Brazilian former Formula One racing driver who competed for Scuderia Ferrari.

Fellini, Federico

Italian film director and screenwriter, known for his distinctive style and films like “La Dolce Vita” and “8½.”

Felix Trinidad

Puerto Rican former professional boxer, a three-weight world champion in the welterweight, light middleweight, and middleweight divisions.

Felix Magath

German former footballer and football manager, recognized for his successful coaching career in the Bundesliga.

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