220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “SIT”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an important decision that will stay with him for a lifetime.

If you are searching for a unique and distinctive name that sets your son apart from the crowd, look no further than boy names that start with “SIT”.

These names are not only uncommon, but also carry a sense of individuality and charm.

From traditional options to modern and trendy choices, there is a wide variety of names that begin with “SIT” for you to consider.

Whether you are drawn to classic names with a twist or prefer a more contemporary feel, there is sure to be a name on this list that resonates with you.

So why settle for a common name when you can give your little one a moniker that is as special and one-of-a-kind as he is?

Popular Boy Names That Start with “SIT”

Sitaris – “protector of mankind” (Greek)

Siten – “steadfast” (English)

Sitilo – “follower of Christ” (Spanish)

Siton – “from the wheat town” (Greek)

Sithean – “peaceful place” (English)

Sitko – “little arrow” (Spanish)

Sitley – “from the wide meadow” (English)

Sitonios – “of the grain god” (Greek)

Situ – “bright” (Spanish)

Sitthichai – “victorious” (English)

Siti – “secure” (Greek)

Situmo – “one who gives light” (Spanish)

Sitarius – “from the starry sky” (Greek)

Sitwell – “from the well at the farm” (English)

Sitonio – “guardian of the harvest” (Spanish)

Sitheach – “peaceful warrior” (English)

Sitophilos – “lover of food” (Greek)

Sitamar – “sea lover” (Spanish)

Sitos – “grain” (Greek)

Sityphos – “bearer of wheat” (Greek)

Sitar – “protector” (English)

Sitro – “citrus” (Spanish)

Sitsi – “hopeful” (Greek)

Situs – “wise” (Greek)

Sitale – “from the high place” (Spanish)

Sitheog – “little peace” (English)

Sitoshi – “star child” (Greek)

Situco – “one who is steadfast” (Spanish)

Sitin – “from the quiet river” (English)

Sitilo – “follower of the divine” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "SIT"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “SIT”

Sito – “calm” (Spanish)

Sitwell – “dweller at the well” (English)

Sitas – “harvester” (Greek)

Sitico – “peaceful ruler” (Spanish)

Sitwin – “victorious in battle” (English)

Sitonidas – “descendant of Siton” (Greek)

Situro – “sure-footed” (Spanish)

Sity – “shining one” (English)

Sityros – “guardian of the city” (Greek)

Sitelio – “follower of the sun” (Spanish)

Sitzen – “from the sitting place” (English)

Sitonas – “settler” (Greek)

Sitellus – “little companion” (Spanish)

Sitroh – “cheerful” (English)

Sitakis – “bringer of peace” (Greek)

Sitaurio – “strong protector” (Spanish)

Sitlow – “gentle and kind” (English)

Sitonar – “noble grain” (Greek)

Sitolfo – “peaceful wolf” (Spanish)

Sitsios – “worthy of harvest” (Greek)

Sitorro – “strong ruler” (Spanish)

Sitkyn – “little victory” (English)

Sitolis – “harmony” (Greek)

Sityan – “joyful heart” (Spanish)

Sitgren – “green meadow” (English)

Sitosio – “protector of the harvest” (Greek)

Sitador – “leader” (Spanish)

Sitchell – “brave warrior” (English)

Sityros – “lover of the city” (Greek)

Sitario – “adventurous” (Spanish)

Unique “SIT” Names for Boys

Sitlan – “wise ruler” (English)

Sitello – “protector of the home” (Spanish)

Sitron – “bright star” (Greek)

Sitborne – “stream dweller” (English)

Sitenco – “steadfast heart” (Spanish)

Sitheos – “divine strength” (Greek)

Sitwold – “forest guardian” (English)

Sitesto – “tranquil mind” (Spanish)

Sitothos – “swift runner” (Greek)

Sitlake – “from the calm lake” (English)

Sitenco – “enduring spirit” (Spanish)

Sitamon – “adventurous spirit” (Greek)

Sitrick – “powerful ruler” (English)

Sitillo – “little sun” (Spanish)

Sitagos – “noble leader” (Greek)

Sitridge – “from the ridge path” (English)

Sitenzo – “brave soul” (Spanish)

Sitonius – “devoted to harvest” (Greek)

Sitward – “guardian of prosperity” (English)

Siteto – “quiet observer” (Spanish)

Sitophanes – “bright bearer of grain” (Greek)

Sitman – “wise counselor” (English)

Sitaro – “from the starry sky” (Spanish)

Sitogenes – “born of grain” (Greek)

Sitlowe – “peaceful meadow” (English)

Sitendo – “eternal seeker” (Spanish)

Sitokles – “glorious victory” (Greek)

Sitstan – “steadfast stone” (English)

Sitaro – “bright one” (Spanish)

Sitophilos – “lover of food” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “SIT”

Sitcliff – “cliff dweller” (English)

Sitoyo – “peaceful spirit” (Spanish)

Sitonax – “victorious leader” (Greek)

Sitarth – “prosperous” (English)

Sitiego – “defender of the faith” (Spanish)

Sitomedes – “counselor of grain” (Greek)

Sitburn – “from the clear stream” (English)

Sitolan – “brave heart” (Spanish)

Sitophon – “wise speaker” (Greek)

Sittaker – “keeper of the home” (English)

Sitomo – “loving heart” (Spanish)

Sitoreto – “eternal ruler” (Greek)

Sitford – “from the ford by the path” (English)

Sitonel – “noble protector” (Spanish)

Sitokritos – “judged by grain” (Greek)

Sitwald – “forest ruler” (English)

Sitario – “adventurous explorer” (Spanish)

Sitoxenos – “foreigner in peace” (Greek)

Sitley – “from the wide meadow” (English)

Situco – “steadfast companion” (Spanish)

Sitophron – “prudent in harvest” (Greek)

Sitkin – “royal child” (English)

Sitosio – “guardian of abundance” (Spanish)

Sitodemos – “people of grain” (Greek)

Sitfield – “from the field by the path” (English)

Siturio – “protector of the vineyard” (Spanish)

Sitokles – “famous victory” (Greek)

Sitworth – “valuable guardian” (English)

Sitelo – “eloquent speaker” (Spanish)

Sitomachos – “battle for grain” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “SIT”

Sitav – “white” (Sanskrit)

Sitomo – “beloved son” (Japanese)

Sitara – “star” (Hindi)

Sitinov – “new life” (Russian)

Sitozu – “fortunate” (Swahili)

Sitavaro – “brave warrior” (Fijian)

Sitaran – “moonlight” (Persian)

Sitou – “peaceful” (Mandarin Chinese)

Sitonov – “strong one” (Bulgarian)

Sitjaro – “river spirit” (Javanese)

Sitonga – “lion’s roar” (Tswana)

Sitabu – “second son” (Swahili)

Sitara – “bright as a star” (Sanskrit)

Sitarat – “jewel” (Thai)

Sitaro – “shining boy” (Japanese)

Sitov – “brave” (Russian)

Sitovar – “peaceful ruler” (Persian)

Sitendra – “lord of coolness” (Sanskrit)

Sitarat – “starlight” (Thai)

Situmo – “beloved leader” (Maori)

Sitilo – “calm” (Esperanto)

Sitosh – “strength” (Hebrew)

Sitaru – “fortunate one” (Romanian)

Sitjani – “resilient” (Zulu)

Sitarat – “gem” (Thai)

Sitovsky – “son of Sit” (Russian)

Sitono – “one who brings peace” (Tongan)

Sitovski – “from the Sit tribe” (Macedonian)

Sitara – “guiding light” (Urdu)

Sitombe – “the chosen one” (Shona)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “SIT”

Sitara – “star” (English)

Sitio – “place” (Spanish)

Sitakis – “bringer of peace” (Greek)

Sitaro – “shining one” (English)

Sitelo – “calm” (Spanish)

Sitheo – “divine” (Greek)

Siton – “from the wheat town” (English)

Situ – “bright” (Spanish)

Sitos – “grain” (Greek)

Sitwell – “from the well at the farm” (English)

Sitara – “bright as a star” (Spanish)

Sitomo – “beloved child” (Greek)

Sitlake – “from the calm lake” (English)

Sitenco – “steadfast” (Spanish)

Siton – “follower of Christ” (Greek)

Sitaven – “new beginning” (English)

Sitara – “jewel” (Spanish)

Sitari – “protector” (Greek)

Sitborn – “noble birth” (English)

Sitiro – “peaceful” (Spanish)

Sitoni – “from the town of herbs” (Greek)

Sitland – “land of abundance” (English)

Sitara – “guiding light” (Spanish)

Sitron – “citrus fruit” (Greek)

Sitlark – “singer” (English)

Sity – “shining” (Spanish)

Siton – “harvester” (Greek)

Sitwood – “woodland” (English)

Sitio – “site” (Spanish)

Sitolis – “harmony” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “SIT”

Sital – “God’s gift” (English)

Sitfred – “peaceful counselor” (English)

Sitelo – “God’s calmness” (Spanish)

Sitonius – “devoted to God” (Greek)

Sitwin – “blessed friend” (English)

Sitagio – “God’s protection” (Spanish)

Sitheos – “divine strength” (Greek)

Sitaldo – “God’s power” (Spanish)

Sitovas – “servant of God” (Greek)

Sitar – “praise to God” (English)

Sitino – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Sitaris – “God’s guardian” (Greek)

Sitcliff – “God’s cliff” (English)

Sitario – “God’s adventurous one” (Spanish)

Sitophilus – “lover of God” (Greek)

Sitland – “God’s land” (English)

Sitomo – “God’s love” (Spanish)

Sitelios – “God’s light” (Greek)

Sitford – “God’s ford” (English)

Sitoco – “God’s steadfastness” (Spanish)

Sitiagos – “God’s leader” (Greek)

Sitlow – “God’s meadow” (English)

Sitino – “God’s will” (Spanish)

Sitophanes – “God’s brightness” (Greek)

Sittaker – “God’s keeper” (English)

Situro – “God’s certainty” (Spanish)

Sitos – “God’s grain” (Greek)

Sitstan – “God’s stone” (English)

Sitomo – “God’s gift of love” (Spanish)

Sitophilos – “God’s lover” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “SIT”

Sitaram Yechury

Indian politician and General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Sitiveni Rabuka

Fijian military officer and politician who led two military coups in 1987.

Sitakant Mahapatra

Indian poet and literary critic, recipient of the Jnanpith Award.

Sitaleki Timani

Australian professional rugby union player, represented the Wallabies internationally.

Sittichai Sitsongpeenong

Thai kickboxer and multiple-time Muay Thai world champion.

Sitaleki Akauola

Tongan-born rugby league player who has represented both Tonga and New Zealand.

Sitiveni Sivivatu

Fijian-born New Zealand rugby union player, known for his speed and agility.

Sitaram Kesri

Indian politician and former President of the Indian National Congress.

Sittichok Paso

Thai footballer who plays as a forward for the Thailand national team.

Sittler Pierre

Haitian politician and former Prime Minister of Haiti, also served as Minister of Planning and External Cooperation.

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