220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “IV”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an exciting and important task. If you’re looking for a unique and uncommon name that starts with “IV,” then you’ve come to the right place.

The letter combination “IV” may not be as common as other initials, but it offers a range of interesting and meaningful options for baby names.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “IV” and delve into their origins, meanings, and cultural significance.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional names or more modern and unconventional choices, there are plenty of options to consider.

From classic and timeless names to those with a more contemporary flair, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your little one.

So, if you’re seeking a name that stands out from the crowd and has a special significance to you and your family, read on to discover unique and charming boy names that start with “IV.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “IV”

Ivan – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Ivor – “Archer” (Spanish)

Iván – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Ivo – “Yew wood” (Spanish)

Iverson – “Son of Ivor” (English)

Ivánico – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Ivoros – “Archer” (Greek)

Ives – “Yew” (Spanish)

Iver – “Archer” (Spanish)

Ivián – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Ivano – “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

Iversonio – “Son of Ivor” (Spanish)

Ivoletos – “Archer” (Greek)

Ivins – “Yew” (English)

Ivorito – “Archer” (Spanish)

Ivelios – “Sun” (Greek)

Ivrit – “Hebrew” (Hebrew)

Ividio – “Clear, Bright” (Spanish)

Ivalio – “Yew tree” (Hebrew)

Ivón – “Yew tree” (Spanish)

Iviatos – “Strong” (Greek)

Ivasio – “Archer” (Spanish)

Iveno – “Yew tree” (Spanish)

Iviel – “God is gracious” (English)

Ivanko – “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

Ivlitos – “Arrow” (Greek)

Ividor – “Clear, Bright” (English)

Ivelisio – “Yew tree” (Spanish)

Ivelios – “Sun” (Greek)

Ivaro – “Archer” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "IV"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “IV”

Iveris – “Strong as an Archer” (English)

Ivoch – “Gift of Yew” (English)

Ivolis – “Yew Tree” (Spanish)

Ivanko – “Gracious Gift of God” (English)

Ividas – “Clear and Bright” (Lithuanian)

Ivonis – “Gift of Yew” (Spanish)

Ivonix – “God’s Gracious Gift” (English)

Ivetos – “Yew Tree” (Greek)

Ivarion – “Archer with a Strong Mind” (English)

Ivelio – “Sunlight” (Spanish)

Ivento – “Inventive and Creative” (English)

Iveland – “Land of Brightness” (English)

Ivaros – “Archer” (Greek)

Ivion – “Modern Archer” (English)

Ivarel – “Energetic Yew Tree” (Spanish)

Ivolio – “Yew Tree” (Spanish)

Ividon – “Bright and Clear Mind” (English)

Ivoro – “Golden Archer” (Spanish)

Ivaire – “Air of Yew” (English)

Ivelandis – “Bright Land” (English)

Ivolithos – “Bright Arrow” (Greek)

Ivorion – “Yew Tree” (Spanish)

Ivasio – “Modern Archer” (Spanish)

Ivandon – “Gift of Yew” (English)

Ivenix – “Bright Mind” (English)

Iviros – “Arrow” (Greek)

Ivash – “Yew Tree Dweller” (Russian)

Ivinos – “Modern Archer” (Spanish)

Ivolito – “Bright and Clear” (Spanish)

Ivran – “Yew Tree” (English)

Unique “IV” Names for Boys

Iveron – “River Guardian” (English)

Ivolisio – “Graceful Yew Tree” (Spanish)

Iveros – “Visionary Archer” (Greek)

Ivenzo – “Enthusiastic Inventor” (English)

Ivilian – “Skilled Archer” (Spanish)

Ivalex – “Defender of the People” (English)

Ivarian – “Son of the Archer” (Greek)

Ividian – “Radiant and Clear” (English)

Ivelar – “Luminous Yew Tree” (Spanish)

Ivioros – “Archer of the Dawn” (Greek)

Ivelix – “Lively and Bright” (English)

Ivasis – “Archer’s Wisdom” (Greek)

Ivionis – “Innovative Visionary” (Spanish)

Ivarik – “Archer with Strength” (English)

Iviondo – “Bold Vision” (Spanish)

Ivladon – “Son of the Yew Tree” (English)

Ivonico – “Yew Tree’s Gift” (Spanish)

Ivetosio – “Divine Yew Tree” (Greek)

Ivenius – “Unique Inventor” (English)

Ivrosio – “Bright Archer” (Spanish)

Iveliosios – “Sunlit Vision” (Greek)

Ivantos – “Strong Explorer” (English)

Ivarito – “Little Archer” (Spanish)

Ivtheon – “Godly Vision” (Greek)

Ivellis – “Bright Yew Tree” (English)

Ivaldo – “Valiant Archer” (Spanish)

Ivenion – “Inventive Essence” (English)

Ivallis – “Yew Tree’s Grace” (Spanish)

Ivgios – “Healthy and Strong” (Greek)

Ivariux – “Radiant Leader” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “IV”

Ivolet – “Little Archer” (English)

Iven – “Youthful Archer” (English)

Ivelaros – “Ancient Archer” (Greek)

Ivaris – “Son of the Archer” (English)

Ivian – “Graceful Archer” (English)

Ivando – “Timeless Explorer” (Spanish)

Ivonius – “Eternal Archer” (Greek)

Ivorian – “Forever Archer” (English)

Ivantis – “Everlasting Vision” (Greek)

Iveno – “Enduring Yew Tree” (Spanish)

Ivantus – “Time-Honored Explorer” (English)

Ivelion – “Timeless Brightness” (Greek)

Ivario – “Ageless Archer” (Spanish)

Ivellisios – “Timeless Sun” (Greek)

Ivaldo – “Ancient Valiant One” (Spanish)

Ivothos – “Eternal Arrow” (Greek)

Ivenico – “Forever Yew Tree” (Spanish)

Ivadon – “Timeless Gift” (English)

Ivellion – “Evergreen Brightness” (Greek)

Ivarix – “Timeless Leader” (English)

Iveliosio – “Enduring Sun” (Greek)

Ivalon – “Timeless Valor” (English)

Ivionico – “Everlasting Visionary” (Spanish)

Iveton – “Timeless Essence” (English)

Ivallis – “Eternal Yew Tree” (Spanish)

Ivios – “Timeless Strength” (Greek)

Ivolius – “Forever Bright” (English)

Ivarionos – “Timeless Archer” (Greek)

Iventor – “Enduring Inventor” (English)

Ivolito – “Timeless Clarity” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “IV”

Ivenzi – “Mystical Explorer” (African)

Ivasan – “Moonlight” (Sanskrit)

Ivalto – “Hidden Warrior” (Italian)

Iverisio – “Whispering Wind” (Portuguese)

Ivolan – “Ocean Wave” (Finnish)

Ivinar – “Starlight” (Arabic)

Ivente – “Ethereal Essence” (French)

Ivanto – “Golden Meadow” (Spanish)

Ivioro – “Sunset Sky” (Japanese)

Ivrian – “Emerald Isle” (Irish)

Ivantis – “Enchanted Vision” (Romanian)

Ivozu – “Silent Water” (Turkish)

Ivirosi – “Harmony of Nature” (Greek)

Ivakar – “Celestial Fire” (Hindi)

Ivera – “Mountain Breeze” (Albanian)

Ivellin – “Azure Sky” (Swedish)

Ivirak – “Dancing Flames” (Native American)

Ivolin – “Crimson Moon” (Bulgarian)

Ivenko – “Whirling Dervish” (Russian)

Ivethan – “Serenade of the Night” (Basque)

Ivaios – “Eternal Echo” (Greek)

Ivaldox – “Vibrant Echo” (Portuguese)

Ivankozi – “Spirit of the Tiger” (Zulu)

Ivarisio – “Golden Whisper” (Spanish)

Ividan – “Sacred Lotus” (Sanskrit)

Ivirosan – “Starlit Meadow” (Japanese)

Ivmor – “Majestic Peak” (Russian)

Ivalonos – “Radiant Mirage” (Greek)

Ivezar – “Turquoise Sky” (Persian)

Ivixan – “Eternal Oasis” (Arabic)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “IV”

Ivale – “Strong Leader” (English)

Iviento – “Wind” (Spanish)

Ivorian – “Timeless Essence” (English)

Ivitro – “Sparkling Water” (Spanish)

Ivellis – “Bright Star” (English)

Ividra – “Gift of Clarity” (Greek)

Ivalon – “Timeless Horizon” (English)

Ivelix – “Lively Energy” (Spanish)

Ivatis – “Ancient Explorer” (Greek)

Ivendro – “Endless Joy” (English)

Ivisol – “Sunbeam” (Spanish)

Ivenza – “Mysterious Adventure” (Greek)

Ivolisio – “Graceful Presence” (Spanish)

Ivelos – “Shining Light” (Greek)

Ivalea – “Meadow of Strength” (English)

Ivano – “God’s Gracious Gift” (Spanish)

Ivetis – “Yew Tree Essence” (Greek)

Iverra – “River of Wisdom” (English)

Ivitio – “Eternal Spark” (Spanish)

Ivoria – “Golden Aura” (Greek)

Ivelan – “Luminous Horizon” (English)

Ivira – “Everlasting Truth” (Spanish)

Ividen – “Divine Wisdom” (Greek)

Ivoth – “Timeless Serenity” (English)

Ivelar – “Radiant Star” (Spanish)

Ivion – “Ethereal Vision” (Greek)

Ivalto – “Infinite Love” (English)

Iveton – “Eternal Essence” (Spanish)

Ivlis – “Starlight Spark” (Greek)

Iveno – “Unending Adventure” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “IV”

Iveson – “Son of Yew Tree” (English)

Ivander – “Beloved Gift of God” (English)

Ivonico – “Divinely Gracious” (Spanish)

Ivelios – “Dedicated to the Sun God” (Greek)

Iverito – “God’s Gift of Clarity” (Spanish)

Ivinos – “Devoted to God” (Greek)

Ivorian – “Devotee of the Divine” (English)

Ivandro – “God’s Beloved” (Spanish)

Ivesto – “Devotion to Truth” (Greek)

Iverian – “Faithful Archer” (English)

Ivonel – “God is Light” (Spanish)

Iviatos – “God’s Strength” (Greek)

Ivelion – “Devout Brightness” (English)

Ivangel – “Bearer of Good News” (Spanish)

Ivedor – “Worshiper of God” (English)

Ivalio – “God’s Strength” (Spanish)

Iverios – “Pious Visionary” (Greek)

Ivantus – “Chosen by God” (English)

Ivaldox – “Praise of God” (Spanish)

Ivaire – “Divinely Inspired” (English)

Ivenos – “God’s Blessing” (Spanish)

Iviel – “God is Gracious” (Greek)

Ivario – “Devotee of the Archer” (Spanish)

Ivetosio – “Divinely Clear” (Greek)

Ivair – “Guardian of the Divine” (English)

Iveron – “Consecrated to God” (Spanish)

Iviliosio – “Sunlit Holiness” (Greek)

Ivardor – “Worshiper of the Archer” (Spanish)

Ivolito – “Pious Clarity” (English)

Ivarisio – “Devotion to the Sun God” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “IV”

Ivan Pavlov

Russian physiologist known for his pioneering work in classical conditioning, influencing the field of psychology.

Iván Sánchez

Spanish actor recognized for his roles in various television dramas and films.

Ivo Andrić

Yugoslav novelist and Nobel Prize laureate, renowned for his literary contributions, including “The Bridge on the Drina.”

Iván Rodríguez

Puerto Rican former Major League Baseball catcher, considered one of the greatest defensive catchers in the history of the sport.

Ivan Lendl

Czech-American former professional tennis player and coach, winner of multiple Grand Slam singles titles.

Ivo Karlović

Croatian professional tennis player known for holding the record for the fastest serve in the history of tennis.

Ivan Rakitić

Croatian footballer who played for top clubs like Barcelona and Sevilla, contributing to Croatia’s success in international competitions.

Ivan Turgenev

Russian novelist and playwright, known for works such as “Fathers and Sons” and “A Month in the Country.”

Ivo Pogorelić

Croatian pianist recognized for his virtuoso performances and interpretations of classical repertoire.

Ivan Reitman

Canadian filmmaker and director, notable for his work on iconic comedies like “Ghostbusters” and “Stripes.”

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