220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “SHO”

Choosing a name for your little one is an important task, and finding a unique and meaningful one can be even more challenging.

If you’re looking for a boy’s name that starts with “SHO,” you’re in luck! There are plenty of options that are not only unique but also have interesting meanings and origins.

From traditional to modern, there are numerous names that fit the bill, each with its own distinct charm.

Whether you’re drawn to names that have a strong and noble sound or ones that exude a sense of mystery and allure, there’s a “SHO” name out there for every preference.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “SHO,” giving you plenty of inspiration as you search for the perfect name for your little one.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of “SHO” names, keep reading to discover some exceptional options for your baby boy.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “SHO”

Sholto – “Sown field” (English)

Sholom – “Peace” (Hebrew)

Shore – “The seashore” (English)

Sholto – “Stout, sturdy” (Spanish)

Shon – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Shoji – “Bright, spreading” (Spanish)

Sholom – “Peaceful” (Spanish)

Sholem – “Peace” (Spanish)

Shon – “Possession” (Hebrew)

Shorey – “Of the shore” (English)

Shohei – “Widespread, abundant” (Hebrew)

Sholom – “Peace” (Hebrew)

Shoham – “Onyx” (Hebrew)

Shont – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Shorty – “Small in stature” (English)

Shoichi – “First son” (Spanish)

Sholto – “Salmon” (Spanish)

Sholem – “Peace” (Spanish)

Shon – “Old; ancient” (Greek)

Shohei – “Distinguished” (Greek)

Sholom – “Peace” (Hebrew)

Shoshan – “Lily” (Hebrew)

Sholto – “Famous soldier” (Greek)

Sholom – “Peace” (Greek)

Shore – “Bank of a river” (English)

Shon – “God is gracious” (Greek)

Shohei – “Spread widely” (Greek)

Sholom – “Peaceful” (Greek)

Shorty – “Small stature” (English)

Sholto – “Famous soldier” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "SHO"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “SHO”

Shoal – “A shallow place in a body of water” (English)

Shogun – “Military commander” (Hebrew)

Shonin – “A holy man” (Hebrew)

Sholton – “From the village on the ledge” (English)

Shouta – “Big flying” (Hebrew)

Sholman – “Man of the forest” (English)

Shoto – “Short sword” (Hebrew)

Shorter – “Of small stature” (English)

Showan – “New beginning” (English)

Shogin – “Superior silver” (English)

Shori – “Victory” (Hebrew)

Shox – “Graceful” (English)

Shoval – “Promise” (Hebrew)

Shonosuke – “Brave boy” (Spanish)

Shogun – “Military ruler” (Spanish)

Shoyu – “Soy sauce” (Spanish)

Shoel – “Sent by God” (Hebrew)

Shovar – “Young warrior” (English)

Shoran – “Strong mountain” (English)

Shojiro – “Fourth son” (Spanish)

Shortan – “Of short stature” (English)

Sholun – “Lion of the forest” (English)

Shoto – “Sound of waves” (Spanish)

Shorus – “Victorious” (English)

Shoma – “Gracious sound” (Spanish)

Shourav – “Brave” (English)

Shoalyn – “Little wolf” (English)

Shokan – “Aspirant” (Spanish)

Sholar – “Scholar; learned person” (English)

Shohei – “Harmony, peace” (Spanish)

Unique “SHO” Names for Boys

Sholter – “Guardian of the forest” (English)

Sholaris – “Star scholar” (English)

Shovento – “Brave adventure” (English)

Shoxton – “From the town on the hill” (English)

Shoquero – “Graceful dancer” (Spanish)

Sholyx – “Luminous leader” (English)

Shovian – “Gift of love” (English)

Sholaros – “Rising sun scholar” (English)

Shoquilo – “Quiet and serene” (Spanish)

Shorien – “Heavenly messenger” (English)

Shozar – “Star of clarity” (English)

Sholtaro – “Firstborn son” (Japanese)

Shoquilin – “Gentle breeze” (Spanish)

Shomero – “Builder of strength” (English)

Shorico – “Wise ruler” (Spanish)

Shovaros – “Guardian of dreams” (English)

Shornix – “Enigmatic warrior” (English)

Shozen – “Calm and focused” (Japanese)

Sholianto – “Seeker of knowledge” (English)

Shorpex – “Protector of the realm” (English)

Shoyaro – “Bright arrow” (Japanese)

Sholivio – “Olive tree of peace” (Spanish)

Shogios – “Gifted strategist” (Greek)

Shorwin – “Friend of the sea” (English)

Shoxel – “Explorer of new paths” (English)

Shorvian – “Visionary leader” (English)

Shofaris – “Musical storyteller” (English)

Shontaro – “Big-hearted son” (Japanese)

Shoquilo – “Tranquil spirit” (Spanish)

Shovran – “Swift runner” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “SHO”

Sholton – “From the town on the ledge” (English)

Sholomon – “Peaceful guardian” (English)

Shogus – “Graceful strength” (Greek)

Shonel – “God is gracious” (English)

Shoreman – “Man of the seashore” (English)

Shosuke – “Assisting son” (Japanese)

Shondro – “Man of wisdom” (Greek)

Shovaros – “Eternal protector” (Greek)

Shorian – “Timeless leader” (English)

Shoventis – “Everlasting adventure” (English)

Shomar – “Guardian of the night” (English)

Sholaris – “Bright scholar” (Greek)

Shonex – “Eternal life” (English)

Shoros – “Timeless wisdom” (Greek)

Shogar – “Gift of grace” (English)

Sholivios – “Timeless olive tree” (Spanish)

Shostris – “Enduring strength” (Greek)

Shofaris – “Eternal melody” (English)

Sholonis – “Timeless light” (Greek)

Sholantis – “Eternal traveler” (English)

Shotheon – “Divine gift” (Greek)

Shoros – “Everlasting wisdom” (Greek)

Shovaris – “Eternal guardian” (Greek)

Shormis – “Timeless strength” (Greek)

Sholando – “Timeless man” (Spanish)

Shoden – “Eternal bliss” (English)

Shonias – “Eternal grace” (Greek)

Shovon – “Enduring spirit” (English)

Sholios – “Timeless vision” (Greek)

Shorwin – “Everlasting friend” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “SHO”

Shoma – “Pure, clear” (Japanese)

Shouki – “Bright and radiant” (Japanese)

Sholokhov – “Falcon” (Russian)

Shobhit – “Adorned, decorated” (Sanskrit)

Sholpan – “Morning star” (Kazakh)

Shota – “Brave sound” (Georgian)

Sholikhin – “Pious, righteous” (Arabic)

Shoav – “Desired” (Hebrew)

Shomar – “Guardian of the night” (Arabic)

Sholto – “Little soldier” (Scottish)

Shou – “Longevity, life” (Chinese)

Sholokh – “Joyful, happy” (Russian)

Shonali – “Golden” (Hindi)

Shogun – “Military ruler” (Japanese)

Sholeh – “Righteous” (Persian)

Shohan – “Sovereign ruler” (Persian)

Sholih – “Virtuous, righteous” (Javanese)

Shonosuke – “Brave boy” (Japanese)

Shobun – “Understanding, enlightened” (Japanese)

Shoghar – “Thunder” (Armenian)

Shozen – “Wise and discerning” (Japanese)

Shourik – “Noble” (Armenian)

Shobha – “Beauty, splendor” (Sanskrit)

Shondell – “Song of the wolf” (Native American)

Sholav – “Peaceful, serene” (Hebrew)

Sholpan – “Bright star” (Kazakh)

Shorab – “Brave” (Persian)

Shokran – “Thankful” (Arabic)

Shoto – “Sound of waves” (Japanese)

Shovan – “Charming” (Bengali)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “SHO”

Shone – “Graceful” (English)

Shorey – “From the seashore” (English)

Sholby – “Sheltered village” (English)

Shonnie – “God is gracious” (English)

Shogar – “Beloved one” (Spanish)

Shoal – “Shallow water” (English)

Shoxi – “Graceful and elegant” (Greek)

Shovian – “Dreamer” (English)

Shoran – “Hopeful” (Greek)

Shondi – “Beautiful spirit” (English)

Shoshin – “Beginner’s mind” (Japanese)

Sholun – “Forest dweller” (English)

Sholiv – “Olive tree” (Spanish)

Shoar – “Essence” (Greek)

Shondel – “Songbird” (English)

Shonek – “Sincere and honest” (English)

Sholt – “Small, little” (English)

Shovar – “Guardian” (English)

Sholix – “Free spirit” (Greek)

Shorio – “Joyful heart” (Spanish)

Shoran – “Starlight” (English)

Sholyn – “Gentle and kind” (English)

Shovent – “Adventurous spirit” (English)

Shorian – “Timeless soul” (English)

Shodel – “Graceful melody” (English)

Shorix – “Bright and shining” (Greek)

Shonix – “Mystical being” (English)

Shoros – “Eternal essence” (Greek)

Shovin – “Gift of love” (English)

Shomar – “Watchful guardian” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “SHO”

Sholom – “Peace” (Hebrew)

Shofar – “Ram’s horn used in Jewish religious ceremonies” (Hebrew)

Shoel – “Asked of God” (Hebrew)

Sholhan – “Table of God” (Hebrew)

Shoav – “God’s desire” (Hebrew)

Shomron – “Guardian of the commandments” (Hebrew)

Sholem – “Complete, whole” (Yiddish)

Shopharim – “Trumpets, used in religious rituals” (Hebrew)

Shoriel – “God’s servant” (Hebrew)

Shohan – “God’s grace” (Persian)

Shorash – “Rooted in God” (Hebrew)

Shorayim – “Two gates, representing choices in life” (Hebrew)

Shovit – “Worshipper” (Hebrew)

Shoum – “Divinely appointed” (Arabic)

Sholon – “Godly one” (Hebrew)

Shomayim – “Heavenly” (Hebrew)

Shorit – “Guided by God” (Hebrew)

Shoban – “Devotee of God” (Hindi)

Shokran – “Thankful to God” (Arabic)

Shozen – “Wise and discerning” (Japanese)

Shophet – “Judge, one who administers justice” (Hebrew)

Shonad – “God’s gift” (Persian)

Shouri – “Victory of the Lord” (Greek)

Sholomir – “Peaceful messenger of God” (Yiddish)

Sholuk – “Devoted servant of God” (Turkish)

Shorashim – “Roots, symbolizing spiritual grounding” (Hebrew)

Shostar – “Guardian of faith” (Hebrew)

Shoxon – “Pious worshipper” (Uzbek)

Shozan – “Mountain of divine grace” (Japanese)

Shogios – “Devoted to God’s wisdom” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “SHO”

Shohei Ohtani

Japanese baseball player known for his exceptional skills both as a pitcher and a designated hitter, making history in Major League Baseball.

Shota Rustaveli

Georgian poet and author of “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin,” considered one of the greatest works of Georgian literature.

Sho Kosugi

Japanese martial artist and actor, renowned for his roles in ninja-themed movies during the 1980s.

Shobhaa De

Indian author and columnist, recognized for her prolific writing on contemporary social and cultural issues.

Sho Baraka

American Christian hip-hop artist and social activist, known for addressing issues of faith, justice, and race in his music.

Shoji Kawamori

Japanese anime creator and mecha designer, famous for his work on series like Macross and Aquarion.

Sho Nakata

Japanese professional baseball player, a power-hitting first baseman in Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).

Sho Sakurai

Japanese singer, actor, and member of the boy band Arashi, with a successful career in both music and television.

Shon Coleman

American football player, offensive tackle in the National Football League (NFL), known for his resilience after overcoming leukemia.

Shon Hopwood

Former bank robber turned legal scholar and advocate, notable for his remarkable transformation and contributions to criminal justice reform.

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