220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “CRO”

Looking for a unique name for your baby boy? You might want to consider the letter “CRO” as a starting point.

With a plethora of names to choose from, this article will explore a variety of boy names that start with “CRO” and their meanings.

From traditional and classic options to more modern and trendy choices, there are plenty of possibilities to consider when selecting the perfect moniker for your little one.

Whether you’re drawn to names that have a strong and powerful sound or those that are more soft and gentle, there is sure to be a “CRO” name that resonates with you and your family.

Additionally, by choosing a less common starting letter, you can ensure that your son’s name stands out and makes a lasting impression.

So, sit back, relax, and delve into the world of boy names that start with “CRO” to find the ideal name for your precious bundle of joy.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “CRO”

Crosby – “settlement by the cross” (English)

Cronus – “time, chronicle” (Greek)

Cristiano – “follower of Christ” (Spanish)

Crofton – “town near a small river” (English)

Cross – “symbol of Christianity” (English)

Crosby – “village with a cross” (English)

Cronan – “little dark one” (English)

Cronio – “related to time” (Spanish)

Croesus – “rich, wealthy” (Greek)

Croft – “enclosed field” (English)

Crozier – “bearer of the cross” (English)

Croix – “cross” (French, but used in English)

Cromwell – “winding stream” (English)

Crom – “bent or crooked” (Hebrew)

Crovax – “guardian of the cross” (English, creative)

Croesus – “king of Lydia” (Greek)

Crocket – “small hook” (English)

Crookes – “at the cross” (English)

Cronida – “related to time” (Spanish)

Crossley – “meadow near a cross” (English)

Crophert – “bold at the cross” (English, creative)

Crocan – “saffron” (Greek)

Crovato – “crooked” (Hebrew)

Crofton – “enclosure town” (English)

Crossan – “son of the cross” (English)

Crovius – “pertaining to a cross” (Hebrew)

Cronio – “time” (Greek)

Crockett – “little shepherd” (English)

Croes – “cross” (Dutch, used in English)

Cromach – “bent, crooked” (Hebrew)

Boy Names That Start with "CRO"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “CRO”

Croixton – “town of the cross” (English)

Cronell – “little crown” (English)

Croyden – “valley with a cross” (English)

Crovian – “youthful, vibrant” (English, creative)

Crozario – “rosary of the cross” (Spanish)

Crovento – “adventurous heart” (Spanish, creative)

Cronikos – “chronicler, keeper of time” (Greek)

Crolden – “bold defender” (English)

Crostino – “small cross” (Italian)

Crozan – “graceful one” (English)

Crozano – “harbinger of peace” (Spanish)

Crothero – “hero of the cross” (English)

Crodan – “gift of time” (English, creative)

Crovix – “visionary cross” (English, creative)

Crogan – “little rock” (English)

Crozo – “enthusiastic spirit” (Spanish)

Cromero – “he who carries the cross” (Spanish)

Crotham – “home near the cross” (English)

Crozel – “sky blue” (Greek)

Crodel – “noble leader” (English)

Croulio – “brave heart” (Spanish)

Crovento – “adventurous spirit” (Italian)

Crolan – “moonlight” (English)

Crozaris – “divine cross” (Greek)

Croxis – “bright, shining” (English)

Crostonio – “noble stone” (English, creative)

Crospire – “inspiring cross” (English, creative)

Crovante – “evergreen” (Spanish)

Crotheon – “heavenly cross” (Greek)

Crozion – “victorious spirit” (English)

Unique “CRO” Names for Boys

Crogent – “gentle soul” (English)

Crovado – “bold adventurer” (Spanish)

Crovianos – “mystical traveler” (Greek)

Crosario – “sacred rose” (Spanish)

Crolith – “stone of strength” (English)

Crovanteo – “eternal wanderer” (Spanish)

Crotheonix – “divine conqueror” (Greek)

Crovessa – “graceful journey” (English)

Crodias – “son of Zeus” (Greek)

Crolento – “charming spirit” (Spanish)

Cromarco – “brave protector” (Spanish)

Crovenix – “envisioned leader” (English)

Crozenzo – “eternal wisdom” (Italian)

Crodron – “dragon-hearted” (English)

Crothos – “bold adventurer” (Greek)

Crovortex – “whirlwind of courage” (English, creative)

Crolion – “lion-hearted” (English)

Crovianto – “everlasting passion” (Spanish)

Croluxos – “shining light” (Greek)

Crounique – “unique soul” (English)

Croyxus – “mysterious ruler” (Greek)

Crovessa – “gentle breeze” (Italian)

Croviento – “wind of change” (Spanish)

Crothello – “wise thinker” (English)

Crolumos – “luminous spirit” (Greek)

Crozephyr – “gentle breeze” (English, creative)

Croluminar – “radiant light” (Spanish, creative)

Crovortexo – “courageous vortex” (English, creative)

Croviantis – “visionary leader” (Greek)

Crozenith – “pinnacle of wisdom” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “CRO”

Croftonius – “noble settlement” (English)

Crovindor – “timeless warrior” (English)

Crollius – “ancient ruler” (Latin, creative)

Crospero – “eternal flame” (Spanish, creative)

Cronelian – “timeless gem” (English)

Crotalus – “timeless serpent” (Greek)

Crovallis – “valley of time” (English)

Crovontis – “eternal spirit” (Greek)

Cronado – “timeless explorer” (Spanish)

Crotorian – “guardian of time” (English)

Croveus – “everlasting wisdom” (Greek)

Crovexander – “defender of humanity” (English, creative)

Crozetos – “timeless journey” (Greek)

Crovario – “eternal river” (Spanish)

Crozentos – “timeless essence” (Greek)

Croveus – “eternal ruler” (English)

Cronello – “timeless storyteller” (Italian)

Crovitus – “timeless strength” (Latin, creative)

Crovander – “guardian of eternity” (English)

Crolectus – “chosen one of time” (Latin, creative)

Crovocles – “timeless glory” (Greek, creative)

Crovierno – “timeless flame” (Spanish)

Crophius – “guardian of the harvest” (Greek)

Crodelius – “timeless leader” (Latin, creative)

Crovithos – “timeless spirit” (Greek)

Crodemus – “timeless wisdom” (Greek)

Crotavian – “ancient traveler” (English)

Crovallis – “timeless valley” (Spanish)

Crovotus – “eternal blossom” (Latin, creative)

Crodrian – “timeless adventurer” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “CRO”

Crovino – “winegrower” (Italian)

Crozán – “courageous” (Irish)

Crodan – “tooth” (Welsh)

Crojito – “little heart” (Spanish)

Croumir – “moonlight” (Arabic)

Crovello – “beautiful little one” (Italian)

Crojiro – “black second son” (Japanese)

Crotaro – “warrior” (Spanish)

Crolin – “song of happiness” (Vietnamese)

Crozano – “free spirit” (Italian)

Crounch – “brave” (Old French)

Crovus – “swift” (Latin)

Crozanov – “noble wolf” (Russian)

Crovéz – “green” (French)

Croquen – “wise and strong” (Basque)

Crodrik – “ruler of the people” (German)

Crovski – “son of the crow” (Slavic)

Crolito – “little king” (Spanish)

Crovash – “hope” (Persian)

Crodor – “gift of God” (Old Norse)

Croté – “graceful” (French)

Crouxan – “mysterious” (Latin)

Croyven – “hunter” (Norwegian)

Crodovar – “guardian of dreams” (Czech)

Crokun – “bringer of light” (Turkish)

Crolon – “lion-hearted” (Welsh)

Crovago – “traveler” (Italian)

Crothar – “chief” (Irish)

Crovain – “adventurous spirit” (French)

Crovolo – “little flying one” (Italian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “CRO”

Croft – “enclosed field” (English)

Crossan – “crossing place” (English)

Croven – “little cavern” (English)

Crolin – “graceful one” (English)

Crozon – “inhabitant of Crozon, France” (French)

Crobel – “beautiful cross” (English)

Crogan – “little rock” (Irish)

Croma – “color” (Greek)

Crolis – “freedom” (Greek)

Crovena – “new life” (Spanish)

Croxen – “mysterious being” (English, creative)

Crovira – “brave spirit” (Spanish)

Crozan – “garden of the cross” (English)

Croleo – “lion-hearted” (Spanish)

Crovid – “visionary” (English)

Croyal – “royal” (English)

Crodal – “mighty one” (English)

Crolise – “star” (Greek)

Crovilo – “swift and free” (Italian)

Crofia – “faithful” (Spanish)

Croxus – “mysterious ruler” (Greek, creative)

Crogem – “precious stone” (English)

Crolon – “brave lion” (English)

Crovinda – “divine inspiration” (Greek)

Crozia – “sunset” (Spanish)

Crotan – “gift of time” (English)

Croxelle – “unique” (French)

Croth – “from the town near the well” (English)

Croviento – “wind of change” (Spanish)

Croyne – “wise one” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “CRO”

Crozier – “bearer of the cross” (English)

Cronio – “related to time” (Spanish)

Crosalvo – “salvation of the cross” (Spanish)

Crovani – “God is gracious” (Italian)

Croesius – “devoted to the cross” (English)

Crospiro – “spiritual flame” (Spanish, creative)

Crotheonos – “Godly spirit” (Greek)

Cromelio – “beloved of God” (Spanish)

Crosanto – “holy rose” (Spanish)

Cronius – “devotee of time” (Greek)

Crovato – “chosen by God” (Italian)

Crotis – “follower of Christ” (Greek)

Crossanuel – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Crovendo – “divinely inspired” (Spanish)

Crosifero – “bearer of the cross” (Italian)

Crovianthus – “divine flower” (Greek, creative)

Crolarion – “God’s messenger” (Spanish, creative)

Croverico – “rich in faith” (Spanish)

Cronaël – “angelic time” (English)

Crovancio – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Crothymos – “Godly courage” (Greek)

Crovitan – “God’s grace” (Italian)

Crofilius – “son of God” (English)

Crogian – “God is gracious” (English)

Crozenia – “sacred journey” (Spanish)

Crothodox – “traditional believer” (English, creative)

Crosancto – “holy sanctuary” (Spanish, creative)

Crozophos – “light of Christ” (Greek)

Croviento – “wind of the divine” (Spanish)

Crospathos – “path of righteousness” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “CRO”

Croat Dijakovic

Croatian professional wrestler known for his impressive performances in WWE, showcasing strength and athleticism in the ring.

Crosby Stills Nash

Collective name representing the American rock supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, famous for their intricate vocal harmonies and influential folk-rock sound.

Cronos – Conrad Thomas Lant

Better known by his stage name Cronos, he is the bassist and lead vocalist of the influential English heavy metal band Venom.

Crostiano Ronaldo

Renowned Portuguese footballer widely considered one of the greatest players of all time, known for his incredible goal-scoring ability and versatility on the field.

Crocodile Dundee – Paul Hogan

Australian actor and comedian who gained worldwide fame for his role as “Crocodile” Dundee in the successful film series, showcasing his humor and charisma.

Cronus – Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Cronus is the leader of the Titans and father of the gods, including Zeus, symbolizing time and the cycles of life.

Crosby Braverman – Dax Shepard’s Character in “Parenthood”

Fictional character portrayed by Dax Shepard in the TV series “Parenthood,” known for his charm, humor, and complex family dynamics.

Cro-Magnon Man

Not an individual but an early modern human population, known for their cave paintings and significant contributions to Paleolithic art and culture.

Cross DJ – Mixvibes

Not a person but noteworthy as a popular DJ software developed by Mixvibes, utilized by professional and amateur DJs for mixing music.

Crow T. Robot – “Mystery Science Theater 3000”

Fictional robot character from the cult TV show “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” known for his sarcastic commentary on B-movies.

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