220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “TAB”

When it comes to naming a baby boy, many parents look for something unique, meaningful, and memorable.

Choosing a name that starts with “TAB” can provide just that. From traditional to modern, and everything in between, there are countless options to consider.

Whether you’re looking for a name with a strong and powerful meaning, or something more subtle and understated, boy names that start with “TAB” offer a wide variety of choices.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most unique and distinctive boy names that start with “TAB.”

From the timeless Taber to the more unusual Tabari, there are plenty of options to suit every style and preference.

Each name has its own individual charm and appeal, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your little one.

So, if you’re in search of a name that stands out from the crowd, look no further than these captivating boy names that start with “TAB”.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “TAB”

Taban – “Resplendent” (English)

Taber – “Camp of the bull” (English)

Tabby – “Gazelle” (English)

Tabias – “God is good” (English)

Taben – “Drummer” (English)

Tabish – “Vivacious” (English)

Tablon – “Wooden plank” (Spanish)

Tabaré – “Free spirit” (Spanish)

Tabo – “Peaceful” (Spanish)

Tablero – “Game board” (Spanish)

Tabit – “Brilliant” (Spanish)

Tabuko – “Firstborn son” (Spanish)

Tabin – “Drummer” (Spanish)

Tabia – “Nature” (Swahili)

Tabar – “Brave” (Persian)

Tabanos – “Fly” (Greek)

Tabbyas – “Sparkling, gleaming” (Greek)

Taberis – “Brilliant” (Greek)

Tabithis – “Gazelle” (Greek)

Tabonos – “Drummer” (Greek)

Tabralis – “From the spring” (Greek)

Tabrion – “Strong as an eagle” (Greek)

Tabrois – “Enlightened” (Greek)

Tabidos – “Visionary” (Greek)

Tabimos – “Wise” (Greek)

Tabix – “Harmony” (Greek)

Tabion – “Gentle breeze” (Greek)

Tabraklis – “Born on a mountain” (Greek)

Tabisos – “God is good” (Greek)

Tabraxis – “Bringer of joy” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "TAB"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “TAB”

Taberius – “Strong leader” (English)

Tabiano – “Graceful” (Spanish)

Tabithor – “Bold as a bull” (English)

Tabarico – “Brave ruler” (Spanish)

Tabsten – “Clever thinker” (English)

Taberno – “Free spirit” (Spanish)

Tabrex – “Explorer” (English)

Tabrigo – “Adventurous” (Spanish)

Tabwell – “Healthy and strong” (English)

Tabalos – “Lively” (Greek)

Tabron – “Courageous” (English)

Tabarion – “Noble protector” (Greek)

Tabstello – “Steadfast” (English)

Tabelis – “Adored” (Greek)

Tabernio – “Vigorous” (Spanish)

Tabravian – “Full of life” (English)

Tabestro – “Determined” (Spanish)

Tabylon – “Eager” (Greek)

Tabionis – “Passionate” (Greek)

Tabknight – “Honorable warrior” (English)

Tabarionis – “Noble spirit” (Greek)

Tabarley – “Courageous meadow” (English)

Tabroza – “Visionary” (Spanish)

Tabrionix – “Harmony bringer” (Greek)

Tabander – “Adventurous explorer” (English)

Tabrizo – “Fearless” (Spanish)

Tabalithos – “Lover of beauty” (Greek)

Tabraxon – “Wise advisor” (Greek)

Tabliss – “Joyful” (English)

Tabrico – “Powerful ruler” (Spanish)

Unique “TAB” Names for Boys

Tabernan – “Gentle breeze” (English)

Tabrizos – “Adventurous spirit” (Greek)

Tabarlow – “Peaceful meadow” (English)

Tabanico – “Graceful” (Spanish)

Tabellus – “Wise and learned” (Latin)

Tabraxiso – “Bringer of joy and light” (Greek)

Tabardo – “Noble protector” (Spanish)

Tabidius – “Visionary thinker” (Latin)

Tabentos – “Vigorous and lively” (Greek)

Tabariono – “Noble soul” (Spanish)

Tabolito – “Little drum” (Spanish)

Tablissios – “Joyful spirit” (Greek)

Tabrial – “Strong and courageous” (English)

Tabrozo – “Visionary leader” (Spanish)

Tabrionius – “Noble and wise” (Greek)

Tabellion – “Wise counselor” (Latin)

Tabronos – “Brave heart” (Greek)

Tablenco – “Enthusiastic dancer” (Spanish)

Tabarosio – “Adventurous explorer” (Greek)

Tabster – “Creative mind” (English)

Tabrakos – “Bold and fearless” (Greek)

Tabaldo – “Noble and kind” (Spanish)

Tabient – “Intelligent thinker” (English)

Tabrico – “Powerful ruler” (Spanish)

Tabrionisio – “Noble spirit of joy” (Greek)

Tabornis – “Warrior’s strength” (English)

Tabistos – “Lively and energetic” (Greek)

Tabarito – “Adventurous soul” (Spanish)

Tablisios – “Joyful and happy” (Greek)

Tabrovo – “Visionary leader” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “TAB”

Tabern – “Noble and strong” (English)

Tabaldo – “Bold and daring” (Spanish)

Tabrian – “Gentle breeze” (English)

Tabro – “Visionary leader” (Spanish)

Tabius – “Wise and thoughtful” (English)

Tabrano – “Brave adventurer” (Spanish)

Tabilos – “Adventurous spirit” (Greek)

Tabenzo – “Graceful” (Spanish)

Tabrionel – “Noble and courageous” (Greek)

Tabisto – “Eternal flame” (Spanish)

Tabaros – “Strong and mighty” (Greek)

Tabaldox – “Bold and fearless” (Spanish)

Tablonis – “Wise thinker” (Greek)

Tabario – “Adventurous soul” (Spanish)

Tabrionix – “Noble leader” (Greek)

Tabaris – “Lively and energetic” (Spanish)

Tabantos – “Enduring” (Greek)

Tabrizo – “Fearless explorer” (Spanish)

Tabylonis – “Wise and noble” (Greek)

Tabart – “Courageous and strong” (English)

Tabrados – “Adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Tabellis – “Wise and learned” (Greek)

Tabionto – “Eternal” (Spanish)

Tabrios – “Visionary leader” (Greek)

Taberno – “Free-spirited” (Spanish)

Tabalon – “Wise and noble” (Greek)

Tabrivos – “Brave and strong” (Spanish)

Tabraxis – “Harmony bringer” (Greek)

Tabian – “Enduring and everlasting” (Spanish)

Tabris – “Brilliant thinker” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “TAB”

Tabanu – “Sunrise” (Hausa)

Tabash – “Gold” (Arabic)

Tabouli – “Fresh” (Arabic)

Tabisai – “Hopeful” (Shona)

Tabure – “Thunder” (Hindi)

Tabares – “Brave” (Catalan)

Tabrik – “Congratulations” (Persian)

Tabark – “Good omen” (Arabic)

Tabarq – “Blessing” (Arabic)

Tabaz – “Gold” (Persian)

Taboka – “Happiness” (Tswana)

Tabiko – “Fleeting beauty” (Japanese)

Tabilio – “Bold traveler” (Italian)

Tabonzi – “Explorer” (Yoruba)

Tabithu – “Sparkle” (Hausa)

Tabalani – “Gentle” (Tongan)

Tabarshi – “Lucky” (Arabic)

Tabashir – “Bamboo” (Arabic)

Tabuley – “Wise counselor” (Akan)

Taboso – “Gift of God” (Hausa)

Tabrishi – “Wise sage” (Persian)

Tabazu – “Heavenly” (Japanese)

Tabarruk – “Blessed” (Arabic)

Tabbou – “Lion” (Arabic)

Tabesu – “Strength” (Yoruba)

Tabonai – “Daring” (Japanese)

Tabeki – “Ocean” (Japanese)

Tabura – “To bless” (Arabic)

Tabigan – “Explorer” (Filipino)

Tabuzo – “Mysterious” (Japanese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “TAB”

Tabryn – “Free spirit” (English)

Tabaro – “Brave one” (Spanish)

Taben – “Clever thinker” (English)

Tabri – “Of noble descent” (Greek)

Tabis – “Visionary” (English)

Tabra – “Adventurous” (Spanish)

Tabylon – “Wise and noble” (Greek)

Tabris – “Sparkling, shining” (English)

Tabito – “Adorable” (Spanish)

Tabrion – “Noble spirit” (Greek)

Tabella – “Beautiful drumbeat” (English)

Tabriso – “Joyful soul” (Spanish)

Tabikis – “Wise and experienced” (Greek)

Tabrova – “Visionary leader” (English)

Tabaldo – “Noble and kind” (Spanish)

Tabrionis – “Noble and wise” (Greek)

Tabessa – “Clever and resourceful” (English)

Tabrindo – “Adventurous soul” (Spanish)

Tabiton – “Brilliant thinker” (Greek)

Tabellis – “Wise and learned” (English)

Tabronis – “Brave heart” (Spanish)

Tabikos – “Wise counselor” (Greek)

Taberna – “Free spirit” (English)

Tabiola – “Adventurous explorer” (Spanish)

Tabionix – “Harmony bringer” (Greek)

Tabellus – “Lively and energetic” (English)

Tabrico – “Powerful ruler” (Spanish)

Tabrakis – “Brave and strong” (Greek)

Tabeso – “Visionary leader” (English)

Tabalon – “Wise and noble” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “TAB”

Tabithar – “Graceful” (Hebrew)

Tabernanuel – “God is with us” (English)

Tabimuel – “God is good” (Hebrew)

Tabasaph – “Gathered by God” (Hebrew)

Tabernacio – “Place of worship” (Spanish)

Tabithael – “God is my joy” (Hebrew)

Tabrosario – “Rosary of God” (Spanish)

Tabidias – “God is my judge” (Greek)

Tabraziel – “God is my rock” (Hebrew)

Tabellisar – “Altar of God” (Spanish)

Tabachai – “God is my refuge” (Hebrew)

Tabiazon – “Son of God” (Spanish)

Tabartholomew – “Son of the furrow” (English)

Tabraziel – “God’s helper” (Hebrew)

Tabagios – “Worshiper of God” (Greek)

Tabraniel – “Gift of God” (Hebrew)

Tabornelio – “God’s horn” (Spanish)

Tabraiah – “God has answered” (Hebrew)

Tabagape – “God’s love” (Greek)

Tabrizal – “God’s favor” (Spanish)

Tabidian – “God’s judgment” (Greek)

Tabethel – “God is my oath” (Hebrew)

Tabrenuncio – “Bearer of good news” (Spanish)

Tabiphai – “God is my refuge” (Hebrew)

Tabraimundo – “Protector of the world” (Spanish)

Tabionathan – “Gift of God” (Hebrew)

Tabanastasios – “Resurrection of God” (Greek)

Tabfilius – “Son of God” (Latin)

Tabfiel – “God is my witness” (Hebrew)

Tabpaulos – “Small, humble” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “TAB”

Tab Hunter

American actor, singer, and author; heartthrob of the 1950s; known for his roles in “Damn Yankees” and “The Burning Hills.”

Tab Ramos

Former American soccer player and coach; played for the U.S. national team in the 1990s; inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

Tab Baldwin

Renowned American basketball coach; has coached national teams in New Zealand and the Philippines; successful stint in collegiate coaching.

Tabare Vazquez

Uruguayan politician; served as the President of Uruguay; notable for his progressive policies and emphasis on social justice.

Taboo (Jaime Luis Gómez)

American rapper, singer, and member of The Black Eyed Peas; known for his energetic performances and philanthropy work.

Tabaré Cardozo

Paraguayan musician and composer; prominent figure in Latin American folk music; known for his skill with the harp and guitar.

Tab Hunter (Tabetha Alexandra)

British transgender actress; known for her role in the TV series “Transparent” and advocacy for transgender rights.

Tab Ramos (Tabaré Viudez)

Uruguayan professional footballer; skilled midfielder; played for various clubs in South America and Europe.

Taboo (Tadhg Murphy)

Irish actor; appeared in TV series like “Vikings” and “Ripper Street”; known for his versatile performances.

Tabare Rivero

Uruguayan visual artist; recognized for his paintings and sculptures; explores themes of identity and cultural heritage.

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