220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “PRES”

Are you searching for the perfect name for your baby boy that starts with “PRES”? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of adorable and unique names that fit the bill.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern name, we’ve got you covered. From classic choices to trendy options, there is something for everyone in this cute paragraph.

Choosing a name for your little one can be a daunting task, but we are here to make the process a little easier for you.

The names on this list are sure to stand out and make a statement. So if you want a name that is both meaningful and memorable, keep on reading.

Whether you are drawn to names that have a strong and powerful meaning or ones that are simply charming and delightful, you are bound to find something that resonates with you.

So without further ado, let’s delve into this list of boy names that start with “PRES” and find the perfect name for your precious little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “PRES”

Prescott – “Priest’s Cottage” (English)

Preston – “Priest’s Town” (English)

Presley – “Meadow of the Priest” (English)

Pressley – “Priest’s Clearing” (English)

Prescot – “Priest’s Cottage” (English)

Presencia – “Presence” (Spanish)

Presidio – “Fortress” (Spanish)

Presiliano – “Follower of the Ancient” (Spanish)

Presencio – “Present” (Spanish)

Precio – “Price” (Spanish)

Presaio – “Ancient One” (Spanish)

Presidius – “Guardian” (Latin/Greek)

Presidoro – “Gift of Protection” (Greek)

Presandros – “Manly Protector” (Greek)

Presocrates – “Judicious Power” (Greek)

Presidion – “Protector’s Son” (Greek)

Presandros – “Protector of Men” (Greek)

Presostratos – “Strength of a Protector” (Greek)

Prescion – “Wise Ruler” (Greek)

Presidius – “Majestic Protector” (Greek)

Presidoro – “Gift of Leadership” (Greek)

Presagios – “Omen” (Spanish)

Prescilo – “Bringer of Light” (Greek)

Presidio – “Citadel” (Italian)

Presto – “Quick” (Italian/Spanish)

Presbitero – “Priest” (Spanish)

Presidus – “Protector” (Latin)

Presanti – “Herald” (Greek)

Presciento – “Visionary” (Spanish)

Prescios – “Valuable” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "PRES"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “PRES”

Preshton – “Town of the Priest” (English)

Preson – “Son of the Priest” (English)

Preswin – “Winsome Priest” (English)

Preslin – “Descendant of the Priest” (English)

Preslyn – “Linden Tree of the Priest” (English)

Presaro – “Ruler of the Priest” (Spanish)

Presanto – “Saintly Presence” (Spanish)

Presalio – “Lion-hearted” (Spanish)

Presvero – “Truthful Protector” (Spanish)

Presanto – “Holy One” (Spanish)

Presado – “Bold Leader” (Spanish)

Presidius – “Wise Guardian” (Greek)

Presophos – “Light of Protection” (Greek)

Prestono – “Noble Town” (English/Spanish)

Presilian – “Ancient Strength” (English/Greek)

Presidian – “Guardian Spirit” (Greek)

Presander – “Defender of Men” (Greek)

Presius – “Protector of the People” (Greek)

Prestinios – “Steadfast Ruler” (Greek)

Preszion – “Judicious Presence” (Greek)

Presarian – “Noble Protector” (Greek)

Presalus – “Wise Leader” (Greek)

Presavius – “Life-Giving Protector” (Latin/Greek)

Presidaro – “Gift of Leadership” (Spanish/Greek)

Presario – “Majestic Ruler” (Spanish/Greek)

Presilios – “Bright Protector” (Spanish/Greek)

Presiuso – “Courageous Guardian” (Spanish/Greek)

Presiano – “Ancient Leader” (Spanish/Greek)

Presiento – “Intuitive” (Spanish/Greek)

Presilix – “Skilled Protector” (Spanish/Greek)

Unique “PRES” Names for Boys

Preslinth – “Gentle Leader” (English)

Presario – “Golden Ruler” (Spanish)

Prestonix – “Stellar Town” (English/Greek)

Presandro – “Brave Protector” (Spanish/Greek)

Presleon – “Lion-hearted Leader” (English/Greek)

Presindor – “Gifted Guardian” (Spanish)

Presylar – “Starlight Protector” (English)

Presfero – “Bringer of Joy” (Spanish)

Presynthos – “Harmony of Protection” (Greek)

Presidale – “Valiant Leader” (English/Spanish)

Presidianos – “Wise Guardian of Men” (Greek)

Presithos – “Bearer of Wisdom” (Greek)

Prestello – “Eloquent Leader” (Spanish)

Presarion – “Noble Defender” (Greek)

Pressario – “Composer of Leadership” (Spanish)

Presaphos – “Light of Protection” (Greek)

Presantus – “Protector with Purpose” (Latin)

Presilianth – “Ancient Champion” (English/Greek)

Presilart – “Artistic Protector” (English/Spanish)

Presophilos – “Lover of Wisdom and Protection” (Greek)

Prestorio – “Majestic Ruler” (Spanish)

Preskanos – “Bold and Noble” (Greek)

Presalithos – “Guardian of Tranquility” (Spanish/Greek)

Pressolos – “Solace and Protection” (Greek)

Presidron – “Visionary Guardian” (English/Greek)

Presarosio – “Gifted Leader” (Spanish/Greek)

Presylthos – “Nurturing Protector” (English/Greek)

Presarioth – “Leader of Valor” (Spanish/Greek)

Presilianos – “Ancient Protector” (Greek)

Presynthios – “Harmony of Wisdom” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “PRES”

Prescott – “Royal Residence” (English)

Pressman – “Man of Prestige” (English)

Presfield – “Open Field of the Priest” (English)

Preswin – “Friend of the Priest” (English)

Prestan – “Steadfast Leader” (English)

Presciento – “Perceptive” (Spanish)

Presidoro – “Gifted Protector” (Spanish)

Presillo – “Little Priest” (Spanish)

Presandro – “Manly Guardian” (Spanish/Greek)

Presidor – “Golden Leader” (Spanish)

Presium – “Protector of the People” (Latin)

Presantos – “Everlasting Protector” (Spanish/Greek)

Presofilo – “Lover of Wisdom” (Spanish/Greek)

Prestello – “Noble Leader” (Spanish)

Presalios – “Strong Protector” (Greek)

Prescarius – “Courageous Guardian” (Greek)

Presilianthos – “Ancient Protector of the People” (Greek)

Presidion – “Wise Ruler” (Greek)

Prestavian – “Distinguished Leader” (English)

Presarix – “Defender of Peace” (Latin)

Presencio – “Present Moment” (Spanish)

Prescindor – “Independent Leader” (Spanish)

Presianos – “Ancient Protector” (Greek)

Prestoro – “Gifted Leader” (Spanish)

Presolios – “Solace and Protection” (Greek)

Presidianthos – “Wise Guardian of Time” (Greek)

Presilartos – “Artistic Protector” (Spanish/Greek)

Presalian – “Timeless Champion” (English)

Presynthios – “Harmony of Time” (Greek)

Presariothos – “Timeless Leader” (Spanish/Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “PRES”

Presiano – “Ancient Leader” (Italian)

Presanto – “Visionary” (Portuguese)

Prestanov – “Noble Soul” (Russian)

Presimir – “Peaceful Ruler” (Czech)

Presidov – “Wise Guardian” (Russian)

Presvel – “Beautiful Leader” (Albanian)

Presalio – “Sunrise” (Italian)

Presynthio – “Harmony Bringer” (Portuguese)

Presilianu – “Protector of the Skies” (Romanian)

Presidiuso – “Graceful Guardian” (Italian)

Presaro – “Golden Ruler” (Spanish)

Preskovic – “Bold and Vigorous” (Czech)

Pressari – “Eagle of the Sun” (Albanian)

Presilios – “Majestic Protector” (Greek)

Prestaro – “Starlight Leader” (Italian)

Presolan – “Moonlit Protector” (Romanian)

Presidaro – “Valiant Commander” (Italian)

Presco – “Clever Leader” (Spanish)

Preskaros – “Brave Defender” (Greek)

Prestelio – “Glorious Leader” (Italian)

Presauri – “Radiant Protector” (Albanian)

Presidian – “Protector of Time” (Romanian)

Presio – “Intelligent Leader” (Spanish)

Presilanto – “Enlightened One” (Portuguese)

Prestilio – “Eloquent Protector” (Italian)

Presvano – “Voice of the Wind” (Spanish)

Presariano – “Noble Guardian” (Italian)

Presidaro – “Gifted Commander” (Spanish)

Presynthian – “Guardian of Serenity” (Portuguese)

Prescorio – “Champion of the Sun” (Italian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “PRES”

Preslynn – “Clearing of the Priest” (English)

Presson – “Priest’s Son” (English)

Prestin – “Valiant One” (English)

Preswin – “Priest’s Friend” (English)

Presidra – “Draconian Guardian” (English/Greek)

Presaro – “Gold Essence” (Spanish)

Preslen – “Priest’s Meadow” (English)

Presidio – “Safe Haven” (Spanish)

Preska – “Enchanting Protector” (Greek)

Preskael – “Heavenly Guardian” (English/Greek)

Presidus – “Protector of the People” (Greek)

Presil – “Ancient Light” (Greek)

Presnaro – “Eternal Leader” (Spanish)

Presleni – “Lunar Protector” (Greek)

Presind – “Guardian Spirit” (English/Greek)

Presarix – “Timeless Ruler” (English/Greek)

Prestonel – “Noble Presence” (English/Spanish)

Prescindo – “Independent Thinker” (Spanish)

Presial – “Celestial Protector” (English/Greek)

Presidora – “Gifted Guardian” (Spanish)

Pressario – “Composer of Leadership” (Spanish)

Presyn – “Harmony of Life” (Greek)

Presario – “Majestic Essence” (Spanish)

Presith – “Bearer of Wisdom” (Greek)

Presion – “Wise Ruler” (Greek)

Preskian – “Bold Wanderer” (English)

Prestaro – “Starry Ruler” (Spanish)

Preselo – “Enigmatic Leader” (Spanish)

Presynth – “Harmony Bringer” (Greek)

Presven – “Venturous Protector” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “PRES”

Presimo – “Devout Believer” (Spanish)

Presidius – “Pious Guardian” (Latin/Greek)

Presarion – “Godly Defender” (Greek)

Prestonius – “Religious Leader” (English)

Presalmo – “Salmist” (Spanish)

Presophilos – “Lover of God’s Wisdom” (Greek)

Presanto – “Holy Presence” (Spanish)

Presagius – “Prophet” (Latin)

Preselius – “Chosen by God” (Latin)

Prescario – “Vessel of Prayer” (Spanish)

Presandros – “Man of Prayer” (Greek)

Presaltos – “Altar Server” (Spanish)

Presoros – “Reverent Guardian” (Greek)

Presellan – “Anointed Leader” (English)

Presael – “God’s Light” (Spanish)

Presarchos – “Chief in God’s Service” (Greek)

Presidianos – “Devoted Guardian” (Greek)

Presolius – “Servant of the Lord” (Greek)

Presacraro – “Sacred Leader” (Spanish)

Presanthos – “Devotee of God” (Greek)

Presancto – “Consecrated One” (Spanish)

Presaroth – “Divinely Appointed” (Greek)

Prestorio – “Heavenly Ruler” (Spanish)

Preszion – “Godly Counsel” (Greek)

Presbitero – “Priestly” (Spanish)

Presylthos – “Soulful Guardian” (English/Greek)

Presofilo – “God-Loving” (Spanish)

Presantor – “Divine Presence” (Latin)

Presalmos – “Hymn Singer” (Greek)

Prestheon – “Belonging to God” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “PRES”

Prescott Bush

American banker and politician; patriarch of the Bush political family; served as a U.S. Senator from Connecticut.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Renowned New Orleans jazz ensemble; dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional jazz music.

Preston Tucker

American entrepreneur and inventor; designed and built the Tucker ’48 automobile, an innovative and advanced car for its time.


Renowned racehorse; winner of several prestigious horse racing events during the mid-20th century.

Preslav Borisov

Bulgarian footballer; notable for his achievements as a midfielder in domestic and international competitions.

Pres Rodriguez

Acclaimed artist and muralist; known for vibrant and impactful public art installations.

Press Maravich

American basketball coach and player; father and early coach of basketball legend Pete Maravich.

Preston Bailey

American actor; gained fame for his roles in films such as “The Lost World: Jurassic Park.”

Prescott Niles

American bassist; member of the rock band The Knack, known for their hit single “My Sharona.”

Presidents of the United States

Collective reference to individuals who have served as the head of state in the United States, including notable figures like President Abraham Lincoln, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and others.

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