220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “IX”

When it comes to naming a baby boy, many parents look for a unique and distinctive name that sets their little one apart from the crowd.

If you’re searching for a name that starts with “IX,” you’re in luck. While the letter “IX” may not be commonly seen at the beginning of names, there are still some great options to consider.

These names may not be as widely known as others, but that’s what makes them so special.

Whether you’re drawn to the sound of a particular name or its meaning, there are plenty of “IX” names that could be perfect for your son.

From traditional to modern and everything in between, there is a diverse range of “IX” names to explore.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most unique and intriguing boy names that start with “IX,” providing you with inspiration and food for thought as you navigate the exciting process of choosing a name for your little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “IX”

Ixion – “Son of Ares” (Greek)

Ixander – “Defender of the People” (Greek)

Ixan – “Grace of God” (English)

Ixiondo – “Kindhearted” (Spanish)

Ixionas – “Bright Star” (Greek)

Ixel – “Messenger” (English)

Ixidor – “Gift of the Sun” (Greek)

Ixio – “Enlightened” (Spanish)

Ixionis – “Man of Valor” (Greek)

Ixen – “Noble Protector” (English)

Ixiano – “Healer” (Spanish)

Ixotz – “Fire” (Spanish)

Ixios – “Sunlight” (Greek)

Ixenon – “Enduring” (English)

Ixala – “Defender of the People” (Spanish)

Ixarios – “Fierce Warrior” (Greek)

Ixell – “God’s Peace” (English)

Ixilda – “Warrior Maiden” (Spanish)

Ixionis – “Strong-willed” (Greek)

Ixaris – “Radiant” (English)

Ixiano – “Gift of God” (Spanish)

Ixthys – “Fish” (Greek)

Ixton – “Town on the Yew Tree Estate” (English)

Ixilda – “Shield of the People” (Spanish)

Ixionis – “Son of the Moon” (Greek)

Ixenon – “Everlasting” (English)

Ixiomar – “Sea Warrior” (Spanish)

Ixos – “Sound” (Greek)

Ixent – “Brave Heart” (English)

Ixabel – “Devoted to God” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "IX"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “IX”

Ixtona – “Harmony” (Spanish)

Ixellis – “Visionary” (Greek)

Ixenzo – “Protector of the Home” (English)

Ixara – “Starlight” (Spanish)

Ixiosh – “Free Spirit” (Greek)

Ixavier – “Bright New Home” (English)

Ixara – “Messenger of Peace” (Spanish)

Ixelon – “Radiant Sun” (Greek)

Ixenzo – “Eternal Defender” (English)

Ixanto – “Passionate” (Spanish)

Ixara – “Bearer of Light” (Greek)

Ixionel – “Resilient Leader” (English)

Ixaro – “Ocean Voyager” (Spanish)

Ixiris – “Rainbow Messenger” (Greek)

Ixenix – “Innovator” (English)

Ixaro – “Dawn Bringer” (Spanish)

Ixylon – “Strong Heart” (Greek)

Ixander – “Explorer of New Horizons” (English)

Ixaro – “Loyal Guardian” (Spanish)

Ixilo – “Golden Ray” (Greek)

Ixenix – “Tech Savvy” (English)

Ixara – “Gentle Breeze” (Spanish)

Ixonis – “Ethereal Warrior” (Greek)

Ixylan – “Nature’s Son” (English)

Ixaros – “Swift and Courageous” (Spanish)

Ixaris – “Gift of Wisdom” (Greek)

Ixento – “Endless Energy” (English)

Ixara – “Mystical Dreamer” (Spanish)

Ixonis – “Champion of the People” (Greek)

Ixenix – “Innovative Explorer” (English)

Unique “IX” Names for Boys

Ixtor – “Bringer of Peace” (English)

Ixario – “Star Navigator” (Spanish)

Ixelonis – “Eternal Protector” (Greek)

Ixentia – “Innovative Mind” (English)

Ixarco – “Soulful Singer” (Spanish)

Ixionis – “Harbinger of Hope” (Greek)

Ixynth – “Mystical Essence” (English)

Ixano – “Wanderer of the Stars” (Spanish)

Ixaris – “Keeper of Wisdom” (Greek)

Ixendrick – “Radiant Leader” (English)

Ixalio – “Bearer of Light” (Spanish)

Ixaraon – “Champion of Dreams” (Greek)

Ixynthos – “Bold Explorer” (English)

Ixalios – “Eternal Sun” (Spanish)

Ixiosys – “Guardian of the Sacred” (Greek)

Ixentus – “Visionary Spirit” (English)

Ixandro – “Adventurous Soul” (Spanish)

Ixialos – “Majestic Vision” (Greek)

Ixelan – “Whimsical Wanderer” (English)

Ixanoth – “Nurturer of Dreams” (Spanish)

Ixylas – “Celestial Harmony” (Greek)

Ixynthor – “Courageous Heart” (English)

Ixarisol – “Radiant Soul” (Spanish)

Ixindor – “Protector of Legends” (Greek)

Ixalon – “Gentle Spirit” (English)

Ixarioth – “Dreamweaver” (Spanish)

Ixynthos – “Harmony of the Cosmos” (Greek)

Ixalonis – “Serenade of Light” (English)

Ixarion – “Emissary of Hope” (Spanish)

Ixalonis – “Guardian of the Galaxy” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “IX”

Ixander – “Defender of the People” (Greek)

Ixton – “Town on the Yew Tree Estate” (English)

Ixiano – “Gift of God” (Spanish)

Ixaris – “Radiant” (English)

Ixara – “Bearer of Light” (Greek)

Ixent – “Brave Heart” (English)

Ixilda – “Shield of the People” (Spanish)

Ixionis – “Son of the Moon” (Greek)

Ixenon – “Everlasting” (English)

Ixiomar – “Sea Warrior” (Spanish)

Ixaris – “Gift of Wisdom” (Greek)

Ixento – “Endless Energy” (English)

Ixala – “Defender of the People” (Spanish)

Ixiondo – “Kindhearted” (Spanish)

Ixilos – “Messenger of Joy” (Greek)

Ixario – “Star Navigator” (English)

Ixanto – “Passionate” (Spanish)

Ixylon – “Strong Heart” (Greek)

Ixarioth – “Dreamweaver” (English)

Ixalonis – “Serenade of Light” (Spanish)

Ixian – “Peaceful Being” (Greek)

Ixylan – “Nature’s Son” (English)

Ixaro – “Ocean Voyager” (Spanish)

Ixiolos – “Guardian of the Sun” (Greek)

Ixionel – “Resilient Leader” (English)

Ixilo – “Golden Ray” (Spanish)

Ixiandro – “Adventurous Soul” (Greek)

Ixirisol – “Radiant Soul” (Spanish)

Ixylonis – “Eternal Protector” (Greek)

Ixentus – “Visionary Spirit” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “IX”

Ixtlan – “Place of the Goddess” (Nahuatl, Aztec)

Ixior – “Golden Dawn” (Albanian)

Ixuru – “Peaceful Water” (Basque)

Ixtab – “Goddess of the Hanged” (Mayan)

Ixelius – “Moonlit Vision” (Latin)

Ixiaan – “Star of the East” (Persian)

Ixir – “Sapphire” (Kurdish)

Ixantoa – “Bearer of Dreams” (Hawaiian)

Ixiris – “Mystical Song” (Assyrian)

Ixenzi – “Zenith of Existence” (Zulu)

Ixtali – “Radiant Spirit” (Hopi)

Ixynthos – “Whispering Wind” (Mongolian)

Ixamar – “Moonlit Sea” (Arabic)

Ixalen – “Ethereal Flame” (Galician)

Ixiomar – “Ocean Guardian” (Catalan)

Ixaros – “Winged Wanderer” (Romanian)

Ixentos – “Enigmatic Traveler” (Czech)

Ixtalos – “Ancient Echo” (Etruscan)

Ixisar – “Lionhearted” (Sumerian)

Ixilios – “Divine Light” (Sanskrit)

Ixindor – “Moonlit Forest” (Swedish)

Ixarioth – “Dreamweaver” (Old Norse)

Ixorian – “Star Seeker” (Slovenian)

Ixarisol – “Radiant Soul” (Portuguese)

Ixellis – “Harmony of the Stars” (Esperanto)

Ixandar – “Bold Explorer” (Macedonian)

Ixalonis – “Serenade of the Night” (Yoruba)

Ixanu – “Gentle Breeze” (Yoruba)

Ixarian – “Whimsical Dreamer” (Catalan)

Ixalonis – “Majestic Heart” (Icelandic)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “IX”

Ixen – “Harmony” (English)

Ixaro – “Free Spirit” (Spanish)

Ixylon – “Moonlit Essence” (Greek)

Ixian – “Eternal Being” (English)

Ixara – “Gift of Light” (Spanish)

Ixilo – “Whimsical Soul” (Greek)

Ixent – “Infinite Grace” (English)

Ixano – “Explorer of Dreams” (Spanish)

Ixaris – “Radiant Spirit” (Greek)

Ixara – “Timeless Serenity” (English)

Ixario – “Starlit Journey” (Spanish)

Ixiol – “Sunset Whisper” (Greek)

Ixynth – “Creative Mind” (English)

Ixalon – “Harmony Seeker” (Spanish)

Ixilos – “Mystical Wanderer” (Greek)

Ixionis – “Enduring Flame” (English)

Ixiano – “Ephemeral Bliss” (Spanish)

Ixaris – “Soulful Connection” (Greek)

Ixelan – “Gentle Spirit” (English)

Ixara – “Moonlit Dream” (Spanish)

Ixylonis – “Silent Guardian” (Greek)

Ixento – “Whispering Wind” (English)

Ixario – “Joyful Soul” (Spanish)

Ixian – “Endless Horizon” (Greek)

Ixara – “Peaceful Presence” (English)

Ixalo – “Enchanting Spirit” (Spanish)

Ixiros – “Timeless Beauty” (Greek)

Ixynthor – “Guardian of Dreams” (English)

Ixara – “Celestial Harmony” (Spanish)

Ixarisol – “Ethereal Light” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “IX”

Ixidor – “Divinely Gifted” (Greek)

Ixthys – “Symbol of Christ” (Greek)

Ixion – “Son of the Moon” (Greek)

Ixildor – “Servant of the Lord” (English)

Ixavior – “Savior’s Light” (English)

Ixaltor – “Altar of Purity” (Spanish)

Ixristos – “Christ-Bearer” (Greek)

Ixander – “Defender of Faith” (Greek)

Ixentius – “God’s Gift” (Spanish)

Ixthios – “Divine Fisherman” (Greek)

Ixander – “Protector of the Faithful” (English)

Ixaris – “Messenger of Hope” (Greek)

Ixilo – “Divine Will” (Spanish)

Ixionis – “Devoted to Apollo” (Greek)

Ixthor – “Thor’s Gift” (English)

Ixaltor – “Altar of Grace” (Spanish)

Ixianos – “God’s Chosen One” (Greek)

Ixavior – “Bearer of God’s Light” (English)

Ixanto – “Divine Passion” (Spanish)

Ixthios – “Sacred Fish” (Greek)

Ixenon – “Eternal Covenant” (English)

Ixaltar – “Altar of Redemption” (Spanish)

Ixionis – “Follower of the Sun God” (Greek)

Ixaris – “God’s Radiance” (Spanish)

Ixavior – “Divine Rescuer” (English)

Ixthios – “Symbol of Salvation” (Greek)

Ixentius – “Faithful Guardian” (Spanish)

Ixaltar – “Altar of Sanctity” (Spanish)

Ixristos – “Anointed One” (Greek)

Ixanuel – “God is with Us” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “IX”

Ixander Quill

A visionary tech entrepreneur known for revolutionizing artificial intelligence and robotics.

Ixios Turner

An acclaimed Greek-American artist, recognized for his contemporary sculptures and installations.

Ixario Xavier

An influential philanthropist dedicated to supporting education and healthcare initiatives worldwide.

Ixylon Drake

Renowned explorer and author, famous for documenting endangered species in remote locations.

Ixian Morales

A groundbreaking neuroscientist specializing in the study of memory and cognitive processes.

Ixaris Vance

A skilled inventor and engineer celebrated for designing sustainable energy solutions.

Ixenthos Rivera

A charismatic actor and director whose performances captivate audiences globally.

Ixanto Rodriguez

A trailblazing chef recognized for his innovative fusion of Spanish and Latin cuisines.

Ixianis Mendez

An award-winning classical composer, known for his emotionally evocative symphonies.

Ixenzo Santiago

A world-class athlete who excels in both track and field, representing his country in international competitions.

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