220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “PES”

Looking for a unique and uncommon name for your little boy? Look no further than boy names that start with “Pes”.

While these names may not be as common as traditional choices, they can make a bold statement and set your son apart from the crowd.

Whether you’re looking for a strong and powerful name or something more delicate and refined, there are plenty of options to choose from in this distinctive category.

From Pesach, meaning “Passover” in Hebrew, to Peso, which is of Latin origin and means “weight”, there are plenty of intriguing choices to consider.

So if you want a name that is sure to turn heads and spark conversations, check out our list of boy names that start with “Pes” and find the perfect fit for your little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “PES”

Peso – “weight” (Spanish)

Pescador – “fisherman” (Spanish)

Pegasus – “mythical winged horse” (Greek)

Pesaro – “from the city of Pesaro” (Italian)

Peshka – “chess pawn” (Russian)

Pesach – “Passover” (Hebrew)

Pesce – “fish” (Italian)

Peso – “value, worth” (Spanish)

Pesci – “fishes” (Italian)

Pesah – “Passover” (Hebrew)

Pesaro – “from the city of Pesaro” (Italian)

Pesante – “heavy” (Italian)

Pescuezo – “neck” (Spanish)

Pesenti – “valuable, esteemed” (Italian)

Pesebre – “manger” (Spanish)

Pesma – “song” (Serbian)

Pescadoro – “fisherman” (Spanish)

Pesachya – “Passover” (Hebrew)

Pesetsky – “of Pesetsk” (Russian)

Peshekhonov – “of Peshekhon” (Russian)

Peshek – “rake” (Czech)

Peskett – “of Pesket” (English)

Pesin – “rock” (Ukrainian)

Pesenti – “valuable, esteemed” (Italian)

Peskin – “little fish” (Russian)

Pesaro – “from the city of Pesaro” (Italian)

Peshka – “pawn” (Russian)

Pesach – “Passover” (Hebrew)

Pesco – “fish” (Italian)

Pessolano – “from Pessola” (Italian)

Boy Names That Start with "PES"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “PES”

Pesario – “from the city of Pesario” (Spanish)

Pesander – “strong leader” (Greek)

Pescado – “fish” (Spanish)

Pesmir – “peaceful” (English)

Pesello – “paintbrush” (Italian)

Pesley – “from the peaceful meadow” (English)

Pesaro – “rocky place” (Spanish)

Peslin – “small stream” (English)

Pesci – “fish” (Italian)

Pesach – “Passover” (Hebrew)

Peshkov – “of Peshk” (Russian)

Pesquera – “fishing spot” (Spanish)

Pescatore – “fisherman” (Italian)

Peso – “weight” (Spanish)

Pescoli – “little fish” (Italian)

Pesant – “peasant” (French)

Pesaro – “from the city of Pesaro” (Italian)

Pescetti – “little fish” (Italian)

Pesche – “peach” (Italian)

Peskett – “of Pesk” (English)

Pese – “peace” (Spanish)

Peshev – “of Peshevo” (Bulgarian)

Peslis – “blue fish” (Greek)

Pesonen – “son of Peso” (Finnish)

Pesaro – “from the city of Pesaro” (Italian)

Pesaresi – “from Pesares” (Italian)

Pessis – “chief” (Greek)

Pesachy – “Passover” (Hebrew)

Pesenti – “valuable” (Italian)

Pesho – “rock” (Greek)

Unique “PES” Names for Boys

Pesandero – “brave leader” (Spanish)

Pescado – “fish” (Spanish)

Peshon – “lion” (Greek)

Pesaldo – “golden fish” (Spanish)

Pescator – “fisherman” (Italian)

Pesidro – “earthly” (Greek)

Peshton – “from the peaceful town” (English)

Pescos – “from the fishing village” (Spanish)

Peskimos – “rocky” (Greek)

Pesval – “valley of fish” (English)

Pesmundo – “worldly” (Spanish)

Pesaris – “from Pesaris” (Greek)

Pesian – “from the city of Pesia” (Spanish)

Pesolon – “strong” (Greek)

Pesclair – “clear water” (English)

Pesio – “from the mountain pass” (Spanish)

Pesolin – “noble fish” (Greek)

Pesella – “from the sea” (Spanish)

Pesfuego – “firefish” (Spanish)

Pesidor – “gift of the earth” (Greek)

Peswill – “determined protector” (English)

Pescal – “from the fishing village” (Spanish)

Peshiro – “spiritual leader” (Greek)

Pesarian – “protector of fish” (Spanish)

Pesphos – “light of fish” (Greek)

Peslar – “from the sea shore” (Spanish)

Pesmar – “sea warrior” (English)

Pesaven – “blessed fish” (Spanish)

Pesiere – “son of the fisherman” (Italian)

Pesynthos – “harmony of fish” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “PES”

Pescas – “from the sea” (Spanish)

Pescal – “fisherman” (Spanish)

Pessandro – “defender of men” (Greek)

Pescaro – “from the city of Pesaro” (Italian)

Pesander – “strong warrior” (Greek)

Pesolet – “little fish” (Spanish)

Pescoro – “belonging to fishing” (Spanish)

Pesander – “protector of the people” (Greek)

Peshton – “from the peaceful town” (English)

Pesido – “visionary” (Greek)

Pesquero – “fishery” (Spanish)

Pescalis – “fisher” (Spanish)

Pesilas – “from the sea” (Greek)

Pesavio – “lively” (Spanish)

Pesimedes – “wise” (Greek)

Pesoar – “noble fisherman” (Spanish)

Pesoras – “from the sea shore” (Greek)

Pesimion – “wise counselor” (Greek)

Peslope – “from the sea” (Greek)

Pesonar – “navigator” (Spanish)

Pesophis – “serpent” (Greek)

Pesiphus – “bringer of light” (Greek)

Pesofo – “fish’s friend” (Spanish)

Pesophos – “light of fish” (Greek)

Pesaris – “from the sea” (Greek)

Pesimus – “wise” (Greek)

Pesiton – “son of the fisherman” (English)

Pesidal – “bringer of hope” (Greek)

Pesigen – “born of the sea” (Greek)

Pesidon – “lord of the sea” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “PES”

Peshang – “lion” (Persian)

Pesimundo – “world traveler” (Portuguese)

Pesaro – “from the city of Pesaro” (Italian)

Pesim – “moon” (Kurdish)

Peskov – “of sand” (Russian)

Pesam – “hope” (Arabic)

Peshko – “little fish” (Ukrainian)

Peskha – “bright” (Armenian)

Peschan – “sandy” (Russian)

Pessi – “God will increase” (Finnish)

Pesiyam – “messenger” (Tamil)

Pesala – “jewel” (Sanskrit)

Pesane – “beautiful” (Zulu)

Pesio – “son of peace” (Basque)

Pesiya – “blossom” (Tigrinya)

Pesari – “merchant” (Persian)

Peskin – “little fish” (Russian)

Pesik – “pure” (Hungarian)

Pesanta – “giant” (Catalan)

Pesimai – “spiritual” (Maori)

Pesang – “wish” (Korean)

Pesiak – “moonlight” (Polish)

Peshi – “bringer of joy” (Swahili)

Pesar – “son” (Farsi)

Pesian – “faithful” (Yoruba)

Pesala – “from the sea” (Telugu)

Pesav – “precious” (Persian)

Pesyo – “victory” (Esperanto)

Peso – “song” (Yoruba)

Pesel – “eternal” (Hebrew)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “PES”

Pesley – “peaceful meadow” (English)

Pesca – “fishing” (Spanish)

Peson – “from the peaceful town” (English)

Pesaro – “from the city of Pesaro” (Italian)

Pesis – “of the fish” (Greek)

Pescar – “to fish” (Spanish)

Peslin – “small stream” (English)

Pesci – “fish” (Italian)

Pesanto – “holy fish” (Spanish)

Pescana – “fisherman” (Spanish)

Pespen – “from the sea” (English)

Pesima – “most valuable” (Greek)

Pesanto – “holy” (Spanish)

Pescaire – “fisherman” (Spanish)

Pesil – “of the sea” (Greek)

Pesal – “from the sea” (Spanish)

Pesin – “rock” (Greek)

Pesona – “charm” (Spanish)

Pesio – “son of peace” (Spanish)

Pescar – “to search” (Spanish)

Pesota – “weight” (Spanish)

Pescario – “of the sea” (Spanish)

Pesivo – “thoughtful” (Spanish)

Pesla – “from the sea” (Spanish)

Pesna – “song” (English)

Pescara – “fishing spot” (Spanish)

Pesido – “wise” (Spanish)

Pesto – “crushed” (Italian)

Pesudo – “false” (Spanish)

Pesilo – “from the sea” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “PES”

Pesaiah – “God’s salvation” (Hebrew)

Pesimachus – “faithful warrior” (Greek)

Peshur – “interpreted by God” (Hebrew)

Pesahya – “God’s Passover” (Hebrew)

Pesidore – “gift of God” (Greek)

Pescius – “follower of Christ” (Greek)

Peshalem – “peace with God” (Hebrew)

Pesaris – “God’s fisherman” (Greek)

Pesachiah – “God’s Passover” (Hebrew)

Peshimon – “hearing God” (Hebrew)

Pesandro – “man of God” (Greek)

Pesiah – “God is my salvation” (Hebrew)

Pescristo – “follower of Christ” (Spanish)

Peshuel – “God’s deliverance” (Hebrew)

Pesadiah – “God’s redemption” (Hebrew)

Pesianos – “devoted to God” (Greek)

Pesimion – “faithful counselor” (Greek)

Pesaqiah – “God’s healer” (Hebrew)

Pesham – “heard by God” (Hebrew)

Pesophilus – “lover of God” (Greek)

Pesedek – “justice of God” (Hebrew)

Pesippus – “vision of God” (Greek)

Pescristian – “Christian fisherman” (Spanish)

Pesarim – “raised by God” (Hebrew)

Pesagoras – “God’s gift” (Greek)

Pesuelo – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Pesaad – “witness of God” (Hebrew)

Pesaio – “God’s salvation” (Spanish)

Peselon – “God’s protector” (Greek)

Pesaros – “beloved of God” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “PES”

Pescado Rabioso

Argentine rock musician known for his influential contributions to the music scene.

Pescennius Niger

Roman emperor who briefly ruled during the Crisis of the Third Century.


Italian composer and musician celebrated for his operatic works.


Mexican singer-songwriter renowned for his contributions to regional Mexican music.

Pes Cavus

Neurologist recognized for his studies on neurological disorders affecting the foot.

Peshwa Bajirao I

Prominent Maratha general and prime minister of the Maratha Empire during the 18th century.


Legendary city in Pakistan with a rich history dating back to ancient times.

Pesach’ke Burstein

Renowned Yiddish theater actor and director known for his significant contributions to Jewish culture.

Pesto Weber

Inventive chef credited with popularizing the use of pesto sauce in modern cuisine.


Italian painter known for his remarkable contributions to the Renaissance art movement.

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