220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “PLA”

Looking for a unique and trendy name for your baby boy? Boy names starting with “PLA” are not only uncommon but also carry a certain charm and originality that sets them apart from the rest.

From traditional options to modern and edgy choices, there is a wide variety of names that start with “PLA” for you to choose from.

Whether you are drawn to names that are more classic or want something more unconventional, there is sure to be a perfect fit for your little one among the options that begin with “PLA”.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a name that is distinctive and stands out from the crowd, look no further than this list of boy names that start with “PLA”.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “PLA”

Platon – “broad-shouldered” (Greek)

Plato – “broad” (Greek)

Placido – “serene, calm” (Spanish)

Placitus – “pleasing” (Latin)

Placido – “peaceful” (Spanish)

Plaxton – “from the plowed town” (English)

Placide – “calm, peaceful” (French)

Placidus – “calm, gentle” (Latin)

Platan – “a broad” (Greek)

Placian – “derived from a Roman family name” (Latin)

Placidio – “calm, serene” (Spanish)

Plasido – “calm, serene” (Spanish)

Placeto – “place of rest” (Spanish)

Placo – “calm, peaceful” (Spanish)

Placidus – “calm, peaceful” (Latin)

Plaeto – “serene, calm” (Spanish)

Plautus – “flat-footed” (Latin)

Plasien – “from a Roman family name” (Latin)

Plais – “pleasure” (French)

Plax – “from the plowed land” (English)

Placiano – “pleasant, agreeable” (Spanish)

Platero – “silversmith” (Spanish)

Placidiano – “calm, serene” (Spanish)

Placianus – “pleasing” (Latin)

Placidino – “calm, peaceful” (Spanish)

Placido – “calm, serene” (Spanish)

Plater – “silversmith” (English)

Placencio – “calm, peaceful” (Spanish)

Placidius – “calm, peaceful” (Latin)

Plaise – “pleasure” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "PLA"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “PLA”

Pladimir – “brave leader” (English)

Placiano – “pleasant, agreeable” (Spanish)

Plaxton – “from the plowed town” (English)

Plaigen – “brave warrior” (English)

Plaxico – “skilled with words” (Spanish)

Plasen – “derived from a Roman family name” (Spanish)

Plander – “strong protector” (English)

Plasiano – “of pleasing disposition” (Spanish)

Placero – “one who brings happiness” (Spanish)

Plaiver – “lively and cheerful” (English)

Plaris – “from the ancient city of Plaros” (Greek)

Placius – “gracious and kind-hearted” (Latin)

Plaeson – “son of Plaeus” (Greek)

Plalio – “youthful and energetic” (Spanish)

Pladrian – “man of the Adriatic Sea” (English)

Plasenio – “of Roman origin” (Spanish)

Plaros – “city of abundance” (Greek)

Plaedro – “strong and enduring” (Spanish)

Plaudin – “bringer of applause” (English)

Plasien – “from a Roman family name” (Spanish)

Plavian – “connected to Plavius” (Latin)

Pladimir – “brave and mighty ruler” (English)

Plasentino – “pleasant and cheerful” (Spanish)

Platonio – “inspired by Plato” (Greek)

Plazaro – “fierce warrior” (Spanish)

Plaegon – “noble and courageous” (English)

Pladrian – “from the city of Adria” (Spanish)

Plasarius – “full of grace and charm” (Latin)

Plachet – “swift and agile” (English)

Pladwin – “friend of the people” (English)

Unique “PLA” Names for Boys

Plaxton – “from the plowed town” (English)

Pladron – “strong warrior” (English)

Plavros – “brave heart” (Greek)

Pladon – “defender of the people” (English)

Placido – “calm, serene” (Spanish)

Placon – “honorable and noble” (English)

Plaric – “powerful ruler” (English)

Pladonis – “divine beauty” (Greek)

Pladrian – “from the city of Adria” (Spanish)

Plaesio – “pleasant and charming” (Spanish)

Plavius – “from the blue waters” (Latin)

Plakio – “adventurous spirit” (Greek)

Platan – “youthful vigor” (Greek)

Plarion – “shining star” (English)

Plaeken – “bringer of joy” (English)

Plagios – “of noble descent” (Greek)

Pladito – “small but mighty” (Spanish)

Pladar – “bold and fearless” (English)

Plaesir – “source of happiness” (French)

Platanos – “strong and sturdy” (Spanish)

Pladrick – “ruler of the people” (English)

Plazeo – “one who thrives” (Spanish)

Pladell – “valiant protector” (English)

Plaethon – “adventurous traveler” (Greek)

Plascen – “graceful and elegant” (Spanish)

Pladwin – “winner of hearts” (English)

Plarent – “bright and shining” (English)

Plaginos – “enduring strength” (Greek)

Pladros – “steadfast and reliable” (English)

Plament – “gentle soul” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “PLA”

Placid – “calm and peaceful” (English)

Platonico – “idealistic” (Spanish)

Plaxmir – “peaceful light” (English)

Plaxander – “defender of mankind” (Greek)

Placemar – “famous place” (English)

Pladeus – “son of the ocean” (Greek)

Plauro – “gold” (Spanish)

Placian – “pleasant and agreeable” (English)

Plaros – “strong and enduring” (Greek)

Pladarius – “warrior of the people” (Latin)

Placient – “pleasing to the senses” (English)

Platonio – “inspired by Plato” (Spanish)

Plaxtin – “of the plowed fields” (English)

Plaetos – “adventurous traveler” (Greek)

Plataldo – “noble and brave” (Spanish)

Placentio – “content and satisfied” (English)

Plaisio – “joyful and happy” (Spanish)

Pladellus – “valiant defender” (Latin)

Plagoras – “wise counselor” (Greek)

Plautilo – “elegant and refined” (Spanish)

Plaximos – “greatest of all” (Greek)

Placido – “calm and serene” (Spanish)

Plaston – “from the stone town” (English)

Placiello – “small but mighty” (Spanish)

Plaeron – “ruler of the air” (Greek)

Plavin – “beloved son” (English)

Plataeus – “broad-minded” (Greek)

Plareus – “mysterious traveler” (Greek)

Pladus – “gift of God” (English)

Plavio – “clear-sighted” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “PLA”

Plamen – “flame” (Bulgarian)

Placidio – “calm, serene” (Italian)

Plair – “cheerful” (French)

Placido – “tranquil” (Italian)

Plaiu – “valley” (Romanian)

Platonov – “son of Plato” (Russian)

Placido – “calm, peaceful” (Italian)

Plavio – “blond” (Italian)

Placide – “gentle, mild” (French)

Plautio – “pleasing” (Italian)

Plaçi – “calm” (Albanian)

Placide – “tranquil” (French)

Platon – “broad-shouldered” (Russian)

Plaïs – “pleasure” (French)

Plaxico – “inquisitive” (Italian)

Plaire – “to please” (French)

Plasman – “man of steel” (Dutch)

Plaine – “plain, clear” (French)

Placide – “peaceful” (French)

Plavo – “blue” (Serbian)

Plačko – “tear” (Czech)

Plaegon – “noble” (French)

Plajos – “eloquent” (Basque)

Plaus – “applause” (German)

Placa – “square” (Italian)

Plasko – “shallow” (Polish)

Pladek – “clever” (Polish)

Plai – “flat” (Latvian)

Plavon – “floating” (Croatian)

Plasir – “pleasure” (French)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “PLA”

Plume – “feather” (English)

Plata – “silver” (Spanish)

Placida – “calm, peaceful” (Spanish)

Plaxia – “wide” (Greek)

Placidie – “tranquil” (French)

Plairis – “of the sea” (Greek)

Platus – “broad” (Greek)

Plaisa – “pleasure” (English)

Platonis – “lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Platusa – “spacious” (Greek)

Pladina – “from the wide valley” (English)

Plava – “blonde” (Spanish)

Placil – “calm and serene” (Spanish)

Plaio – “wanderer” (Greek)

Placielle – “gentle” (French)

Plasine – “graceful” (Greek)

Plazza – “open square” (Italian)

Plaudie – “to applaud” (English)

Pladian – “from a broad plain” (English)

Plator – “broad-shouldered” (Greek)

Plaiz – “joy” (Spanish)

Platuso – “smooth” (Greek)

Plakas – “broad” (Greek)

Placi – “tranquil” (Italian)

Plavie – “from the wide river” (English)

Plaudia – “to praise” (Spanish)

Plaix – “delight” (English)

Placia – “peaceful” (Spanish)

Pladine – “from the broad meadow” (English)

Platush – “broad” (Russian)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “PLA”

Placidus – “calm, serene” (Latin)

Platonius – “follower of Plato” (Greek)

Placidio – “tranquil, peaceful” (Spanish)

Plandus – “devoted to God” (Latin)

Plaisius – “pious, devout” (Latin)

Pladrian – “devoted to Adria” (Spanish)

Placiano – “devout, religious” (Spanish)

Platanus – “sacred tree” (Greek)

Placido – “calm, peaceful” (Spanish)

Plaedro – “dedicated to God” (Spanish)

Plautius – “devoted to Apollo” (Latin)

Pladimir – “renowned for faith” (Russian)

Placidino – “little monk” (Spanish)

Plaise – “devotion to God” (English)

Placientius – “holy, sacred” (Latin)

Platonico – “philosopher, seeker of truth” (Spanish)

Plaquitas – “crosses” (Spanish)

Placientino – “religious, devout” (Spanish)

Pladen – “blessed by God” (English)

Placidius – “calm, serene” (Latin)

Plachet – “devoted servant” (English)

Pladwin – “friend of the people, loved by God” (English)

Platonas – “dedicated to Plato” (Greek)

Plausius – “pious, devout” (Latin)

Placencio – “devoted to the Lord” (Spanish)

Plaxmir – “peaceful light” (English)

Plaucius – “reverent, respectful” (Latin)

Placiano – “devoted to God” (Spanish)

Placidel – “faithful, loyal” (Latin)

Platonis – “follower of Plato” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “PLA”

Pablo Picasso

Renowned Spanish painter and sculptor, co-founder of Cubism.

Placido Domingo

Internationally acclaimed Spanish opera singer and conductor.

Plaxico Burress

Former professional American football wide receiver known for his time with the New York Giants.


Ancient Greek philosopher, founder of the Academy in Athens and student of Socrates.

Plaxico Burress

Former professional American football wide receiver known for his time with the New York Giants.

Placido Polanco

Retired Dominican-American professional baseball player, three-time Gold Glove Award winner.

Placido Rizzotto

Italian trade union leader and anti-Mafia activist.

Plaxton Huntington

American historian and anthropologist known for his work on racial and cultural blending.

Placido Filippelli

Italian politician and former Mayor of Naples.

Plaxico Burress

Former professional American football wide receiver known for his time with the New York Giants.

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