220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “NOR”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an important decision that can shape his identity for the rest of his life.

If you’re looking for a unique and strong name that starts with “Nor,” you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will explore some of the most distinctive boy names that begin with “Nor” and their meanings.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional or modern names, there are plenty of options to consider.

From Nordic origins to contemporary creations, these names are sure to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

So, if you want your son to have a name that is both powerful and memorable, keep reading to discover some of the best boy names that start with “Nor.”

Whether you are searching for a name that honors a cultural heritage or just want something truly unique, there is a “Nor” name out there that will be perfect for your little prince.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “NOR”

Norton – “Northern town” (English)

Norris – “Northerner” (English)

Norman – “Man from the north” (English)

Norberto – “Bright north” (Spanish)

Norval – “Northern valley” (English)

Noreto – “Renowned north wind” (Spanish)

Nortan – “From the north town” (English)

Norwood – “From the northern woods” (English)

Norbert – “Bright north” (English)

Noris – “Northerner” (Spanish)

Norio – “Man of the north” (Greek)

Norell – “Northern slope” (English)

Nordis – “Of the north” (Spanish)

Norik – “From the north” (Greek)

Nortez – “From the north” (Spanish)

Normanos – “Man from the north” (Greek)

Nordell – “Northern dell” (English)

Nortigo – “North wind” (Spanish)

Norvino – “Northern vineyard” (Spanish)

Norellas – “Of the northern hills” (Greek)

Norben – “Northern bear” (English)

Norlan – “From the northern land” (Spanish)

Noriose – “Man of the north” (Spanish)

Noricus – “Of the north” (Greek)

Norvid – “Northern forest” (English)

Norcito – “Little northerner” (Spanish)

Norkos – “From the north” (Greek)

Norvell – “Northern village” (English)

Nortuno – “Northern god” (Spanish)

Norzis – “Of the north” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "NOR"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “NOR”

Norvin – “Northern friend” (English)

Norlanzo – “Northern conqueror” (Spanish)

Nordellis – “Of the northern hills” (Greek)

Nortaro – “From the north tower” (Spanish)

Norlin – “Northern lake” (English)

Norbello – “Beautiful north” (Spanish)

Noricos – “Of the north” (Greek)

Normont – “Mountain from the north” (English)

Norante – “Enduring north” (Spanish)

Norvus – “New north” (Greek)

Norrick – “Powerful ruler from the north” (English)

Norvalis – “Of the northern valley” (Spanish)

Norgus – “Northern wanderer” (Greek)

Northan – “Man from the north” (English)

Norvado – “Brave north” (Spanish)

Noros – “From the north” (Greek)

Norlinos – “Of the north” (Spanish)

Norbry – “Northern hill” (English)

Nortigo – “North traveler” (Spanish)

Norioth – “Gift from the north” (Greek)

Norbreeze – “Refreshing north wind” (English)

Norvanno – “Northern blessing” (Spanish)

Norion – “Man of the north” (Greek)

Nortis – “Of the north” (Spanish)

Norvico – “Victorious north” (Greek)

Norcado – “Northern warrior” (English)

Norlando – “From the northern land” (Spanish)

Norexis – “Of the north” (Greek)

Norstone – “Stone from the north” (English)

Norosio – “Northern sunrise” (Spanish)

Unique “NOR” Names for Boys

Norvian – “Visionary from the north” (English)

Norand – “Graceful north” (Spanish)

Nortaro – “Northern shield” (Greek)

Norvante – “Northern traveler” (English)

Noraldo – “Noble from the north” (Spanish)

Norpheus – “Voice of the north” (Greek)

Norstone – “Strong as a rock from the north” (English)

Norlante – “Northern wanderer” (Spanish)

Northeon – “Divine from the north” (Greek)

Norionel – “Northern light” (English)

Norcero – “Champion from the north” (Spanish)

Norticus – “Navigator of the north” (Greek)

Norvico – “Courageous north” (English)

Norioso – “Mysterious from the north” (Spanish)

Norzen – “Zen from the north” (Greek)

Norvato – “Gift from the north” (English)

Norlito – “Little northern one” (Spanish)

Noriosus – “Wild from the north” (Greek)

Norvise – “Visionary of the north” (English)

Nortigo – “Northward journey” (Spanish)

Norphilo – “Lover of the north” (Greek)

Norvare – “Eternal from the north” (English)

Nortello – “Small northern hill” (Spanish)

Norionis – “Mystical from the north” (Greek)

Norvius – “Noble traveler from the north” (English)

Norlito – “Little northern one” (Spanish)

Norcian – “From the north’s heritage” (Greek)

Norlex – “Explorer of the north” (English)

Norvano – “Northern messenger” (Spanish)

Norikon – “Constant from the north” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “NOR”

Norwin – “Friend from the north” (English)

Noriel – “God is my light” (Spanish)

Norvallis – “Valiant from the north” (Greek)

Norland – “Land of the north” (English)

Norbertus – “Bright north” (Latin)

Norisio – “Man of the north” (Spanish)

Northeon – “Divine from the north” (Greek)

Nortanis – “Eternal from the north” (English)

Norbello – “Beautiful north” (Spanish)

Norphin – “Born of the north wind” (Greek)

Norrickson – “Son of the powerful ruler from the north” (English)

Norvando – “Wanderer of the north” (Spanish)

Norcus – “Courageous from the north” (Greek)

Norling – “Little one from the north” (English)

Noraldo – “Noble from the north” (Spanish)

Norpheos – “Voice of the north” (Greek)

Norwooden – “From the northern woods” (English)

Noriz – “Illuminated from the north” (Spanish)

Norexios – “Explorer from the north” (Greek)

Norlyn – “Graceful from the north” (English)

Noranteus – “Enduring north” (Spanish)

Nortezis – “Gift of the north” (Greek)

Nordale – “Valley of the north” (English)

Norionelis – “Light of the north” (Spanish)

Norkosius – “Guardian from the north” (Greek)

Normondo – “Eternal from the north” (English)

Norvado – “Brave north” (Spanish)

Noricos – “Of the north” (Greek)

Norbeau – “Beautiful north” (English)

Norzephyr – “Gentle breeze from the north” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “NOR”

Noritomo – “Guardian of the north” (Japanese)

Norlanov – “Northern love” (Russian)

Norokan – “Warrior from the north” (Armenian)

Noraji – “Peaceful from the north” (Korean)

Nordico – “Northern” (Italian)

Norbakh – “Good fortune from the north” (Persian)

Norielo – “Son of the north” (Italian)

Norokai – “Majestic from the north” (Mongolian)

Nordalev – “Courageous from the north” (Danish)

Norzalan – “Gift from the north” (Malay)

Norenzo – “Respected from the north” (Spanish)

Norush – “Northern breeze” (Persian)

Norjito – “Victorious from the north” (Spanish)

Norvani – “Messenger from the north” (Sanskrit)

Norlupo – “Wolf from the north” (Italian)

Norbato – “Bold from the north” (Portuguese)

Noriko – “Child of the north” (Japanese)

Norsang – “Lion from the north” (Tibetan)

Noranto – “Enduring from the north” (Spanish)

Norzhan – “Life from the north” (Kazakh)

Nortanu – “Skilled from the north” (Akan)

Noriyan – “Eternal from the north” (Turkish)

Noricco – “Of the north” (Italian)

Norsari – “Noble from the north” (Persian)

Norvind – “Wind from the north” (Norwegian)

Norzahir – “Shining from the north” (Arabic)

Norhiko – “Prince of the north” (Japanese)

Noralin – “Moon from the north” (Filipino)

Noruvi – “Brave from the north” (Tamil)

Norodin – “Light of the north” (Arabic)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “NOR”

Norwyn – “Friend from the north” (English)

Norie – “Graceful light” (Spanish)

Noros – “Gift from the north” (Greek)

Norlinn – “Little one from the north” (English)

Norio – “Man of the north” (Spanish)

Norikis – “Enduring from the north” (Greek)

Norwynn – “Fair north wind” (English)

Noriole – “Sunshine from the north” (Spanish)

Norosia – “Northern spirit” (Greek)

Norris – “Courageous one” (English)

Norlo – “Loyal from the north” (Spanish)

Norgis – “Adventurous spirit from the north” (Greek)

Noren – “Bright from the north” (English)

Norita – “Little one from the north” (Spanish)

Norphia – “Beloved from the north” (Greek)

Norlen – “Meadow from the north” (English)

Norita – “Graceful one” (Spanish)

Norikonis – “Eternal from the north” (Greek)

Norlin – “Blessing from the north” (English)

Norga – “Explorer from the north” (Spanish)

Norvan – “Adventurous spirit” (Greek)

Noriope – “Voice of the north” (English)

Norleni – “Little one from the north” (Spanish)

Nortis – “Of the north” (Greek)

Norwynne – “Friend from the north” (English)

Nori – “Bright one” (Spanish)

Noriko – “Child of the north” (Greek)

Norleno – “Adorned from the north” (English)

Norin – “Eternal light” (Spanish)

Noridian – “Divine from the north” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “NOR”

Norwynn – “Friend from the north” (English)

Noriel – “God is my light” (Spanish)

Noron – “Divine grace” (Greek)

Norbertus – “Bright north” (Latin)

Norling – “Servant of the Lord” (English)

Norberto – “Bright north” (Spanish)

Noros – “Gift from the north” (Greek)

Norwinus – “God’s friend from the north” (Latin)

Norlandis – “Sacred land of the north” (English)

Norin – “Light of God” (Spanish)

Norphan – “Blessed from the north wind” (Greek)

Normanus – “Man of God from the north” (Latin)

Norville – “God’s town from the north” (English)

Norbertito – “Little bright north” (Spanish)

Northeon – “Divine from the north” (Greek)

Norel – “Belonging to the Lord” (English)

Norcito – “Little one of God from the north” (Spanish)

Norelio – “God’s light” (Greek)

Nordale – “Valley dedicated to God” (English)

Norbertez – “Devoted to God from the north” (Spanish)

Norikos – “Servant of the Lord from the north” (Greek)

Norlin – “Holy blessing from the north” (English)

Norvantus – “God’s messenger from the north” (Spanish)

Noriathos – “God’s gift from the north” (Greek)

Normandus – “God’s man from the north” (Latin)

Norsanctus – “Holy one from the north” (English)

Norbertico – “Divine brightness from the north” (Spanish)

Norphael – “God’s light from the north” (Greek)

Norlinus – “Devoted to the Lord” (English)

Noragios – “Sacred from the north” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “NOR”

Norris Cole

Norris Cole is a retired professional basketball player known for his time with the Miami Heat, where he won two NBA championships.

Norah Jones

Norah Jones is a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and pianist, acclaimed for her soulful jazz and pop-infused music.

Norton Juster

Norton Juster was an American author and architect, best known for his classic children’s book “The Phantom Tollbooth.”

Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell was a renowned American illustrator and painter, celebrated for his heartwarming and nostalgic depictions of American life.

Norah O’Donnell

Norah O’Donnell is an award-winning journalist and the anchor of “CBS Evening News,” recognized for her contributions to broadcast journalism.

Norbert Wiener

Norbert Wiener was a mathematician and philosopher, considered the father of cybernetics for his groundbreaking work in the field of control systems.

Norman Schwarzkopf

General Norman Schwarzkopf was a highly decorated U.S. Army officer, most famous for leading coalition forces during the Gulf War in 1991.

Norodom Sihanouk

Norodom Sihanouk was the King of Cambodia and a key political figure, playing various roles in Cambodian history, including serving as both king and head of state.

Norris McWhirter

Norris McWhirter was a co-founder of the Guinness World Records and a prolific writer and commentator on athletics and various record-breaking achievements.

Nordahl Grieg

Nordahl Grieg was a Norwegian poet, playwright, and novelist, recognized for his literary contributions and activism during World War II.

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