220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “NAUT”

Are you in search of a unique and uncommon name for your baby boy? Look no further than names that start with “NAUT”.

These names are not only distinctive, but they also have an intriguing and chic aura about them.

Whether you are looking for a name with a strong, masculine sound or a more gentle and poetic feel, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Names that start with “NAUT” are a great way to set your little one apart from the crowd. With their rare and alluring quality, they are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who hears them.

From traditional to modern, there is a “NAUT” name out there for every style and preference.

So, if you want to give your son a truly exceptional name that will stand out, consider one that begins with “NAUT”.

In this article, we will explore a variety of boy names that start with “NAUT” and delve into their meanings and origins.

Whether you are drawn to adventurous or serene names, you are sure to find something that resonates with you.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “NAUT”

Nautico – “sailor” (Spanish)

Nautius – “seafarer” (Latin)

Nauton – “ship” (Greek)

Nautario – “nautical” (Spanish)

Nauto – “sail” (Greek)

Nautios – “mariner” (Greek)

Nautilo – “nautilus” (Greek)

Nautonos – “sailing song” (Greek)

Nautonico – “nautical” (Spanish)

Nautario – “sailor” (Spanish)

Nautidas – “son of the sea” (Greek)

Nautalon – “sea wanderer” (Greek)

Nauteo – “seafarer” (Greek)

Nautio – “nautical” (Spanish)

Nautares – “sea heroes” (Spanish)

Nautoleon – “lion of the sea” (Greek)

Nautides – “descendant of the sailor” (Greek)

Nautaro – “ocean explorer” (Spanish)

Nautoz – “oceanic” (Greek)

Nautonios – “son of the seafarer” (Greek)

Nautaros – “oceanic” (Greek)

Nautario – “maritime” (Spanish)

Nautandro – “man of the sea” (Greek)

Nautis – “sailor” (Greek)

Nautelo – “naval” (Spanish)

Nautos – “sea” (Greek)

Nautios – “oceanic” (Greek)

Nautara – “sea breeze” (Spanish)

Nautiano – “navy” (Spanish)

Nautias – “son of the sea” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "NAUT"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “NAUT”

Nautrex – “explorer of the sea” (English)

Nautariox – “ocean conqueror” (Spanish)

Nautron – “nautical essence” (English)

Nautarioz – “nautical breeze” (Spanish)

Nautrexos – “sea adventurer” (English)

Nautarioth – “oceanic triumph” (Spanish)

Nautaris – “sea voyager” (English)

Nautoxas – “ocean dreamer” (Spanish)

Nauteron – “maritime warrior” (English)

Nautarioso – “sailor’s spirit” (Spanish)

Nautric – “oceanic ruler” (English)

Nautaroza – “nautical passion” (Spanish)

Nautellis – “sea explorer” (English)

Nautariosis – “oceanic wisdom” (Spanish)

Nautonic – “nautical energy” (English)

Nautarol – “oceanic strength” (Spanish)

Nautismo – “seafaring tradition” (Spanish)

Nautarisol – “sunrise over the sea” (English)

Nautariosa – “oceanic elegance” (Spanish)

Nautora – “sea warrior” (English)

Nautalux – “oceanic light” (Spanish)

Nautariov – “sailor’s valor” (English)

Nautaroque – “oceanic journey” (Spanish)

Nautanium – “son of the sea” (English)

Nautarisio – “oceanic essence” (Spanish)

Nautelith – “seafaring strength” (English)

Nautarian – “oceanic conqueror” (Spanish)

Nautalis – “sea spirit” (English)

Nautarivo – “oceanic vision” (Spanish)

Nautigma – “nautical mystery” (English)

Unique “NAUT” Names for Boys

Nautalisso – “seafarer’s journey” (Italian)

Nauteronix – “oceanic conqueror” (Latin)

Nautalithos – “sea stone” (Greek)

Nautarocean – “oceanic explorer” (English)

Nautoros – “ocean breeze” (Greek)

Nautelios – “son of the sea” (Greek)

Nautorion – “sea guardian” (English)

Nautelaros – “oceanic melody” (Greek)

Nautoreo – “mariner’s courage” (Spanish)

Nautalume – “sea light” (Latin)

Nautestro – “oceanic mystery” (Spanish)

Nautelon – “ocean wanderer” (Greek)

Nautagnos – “nautical wisdom” (Greek)

Nautanex – “oceanic adventure” (Latin)

Nautalor – “sea dreamer” (English)

Nautarivoz – “oceanic echo” (Spanish)

Nautestrox – “oceanic strength” (English)

Nautarioque – “maritime journey” (Spanish)

Nauteluxe – “luxurious sea” (Latin)

Nautarionos – “son of the seafarer” (Greek)

Nautariana – “oceanic grace” (Spanish)

Nautalique – “unique sea” (French)

Nauterico – “oceanic ruler” (Spanish)

Nautalendo – “endless sea” (English)

Nautanos – “oceanic soul” (Greek)

Nautellix – “elixir of the sea” (English)

Nautaroma – “oceanic aroma” (Spanish)

Nautelian – “son of the sea” (Greek)

Nautarozaire – “oceanic breeze” (French)

Nautaresco – “sea escape” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “NAUT”

Nauticaldo – “seafarer” (Spanish)

Nautarianos – “oceanic hero” (Greek)

Nautarius – “sailor” (Latin)

Nautellian – “son of the sea” (Greek)

Nautronio – “oceanic ruler” (Spanish)

Nautarianix – “explorer of the sea” (Greek)

Nautalando – “oceanic adventurer” (Spanish)

Nautisius – “maritime essence” (Latin)

Nautellaro – “oceanic melody” (Spanish)

Nautronos – “son of the sailor” (Greek)

Nautilian – “nautical grace” (English)

Nautariosis – “oceanic wisdom” (Greek)

Nautalonio – “ocean wanderer” (Spanish)

Nautareo – “sea breeze” (Greek)

Nautilianos – “son of the sea” (Spanish)

Nautalos – “oceanic” (Greek)

Nautalonius – “oceanic spirit” (Spanish)

Nauticus – “seafaring” (Latin)

Nautarioso – “sailor’s soul” (Spanish)

Nautalix – “oceanic light” (English)

Nautierno – “mariner” (Spanish)

Nautolux – “sea of light” (Latin)

Nautariosol – “oceanic sun” (Spanish)

Nautidoro – “gift of the sea” (Greek)

Nautariosco – “oceanic escape” (Spanish)

Nautarque – “sea ruler” (Greek)

Nautariosolano – “solar sailor” (Spanish)

Nauticiano – “oceanic grace” (Spanish)

Nautimo – “seafaring tradition” (Greek)

Nautarizon – “oceanic horizon” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “NAUT”

Nautaro – “oceanic explorer” (Italian)

Nautaroza – “sailor’s passion” (Portuguese)

Nautanov – “new sailor” (Russian)

Nautarioshi – “oceanic master” (Japanese)

Nautarito – “little seafarer” (Spanish)

Nautaruk – “sailor of the north” (Inuit)

Nautarok – “oceanic warrior” (Korean)

Nautaraq – “son of the sea” (Greenlandic)

Nautaresh – “oceanic wisdom” (Persian)

Nautarakan – “sailor’s delight” (Thai)

Nautarois – “island seafarer” (French)

Nautaruma – “oceanic dream” (Hawaiian)

Nautaranko – “sailor’s companion” (Swahili)

Nautaroso – “oceanic charm” (Italian)

Nautarau – “oceanic wanderer” (Maori)

Nautarishi – “oceanic sage” (Sanskrit)

Nautaraqo – “oceanic blessing” (Greenlandic)

Nautariozzi – “sailor’s joy” (Italian)

Nautartan – “oceanic fire” (Mongolian)

Nautariki – “oceanic power” (Swahili)

Nautarishi – “seafaring sage” (Sanskrit)

Nautarito – “little sailor” (Italian)

Nautarou – “oceanic spirit” (Japanese)

Nautaroq – “son of the sea” (Greenlandic)

Nautarique – “oceanic elegance” (French)

Nautaruno – “oceanic dreamer” (Italian)

Nautaraix – “island explorer” (French)

Nautaroku – “oceanic journey” (Japanese)

Nautarado – “oceanic delight” (Spanish)

Nautariko – “oceanic noble” (Japanese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “NAUT”

Nautarae – “oceanic breeze” (English)

Nautaro – “sailor” (Spanish)

Nautalis – “sea spirit” (Greek)

Nautreon – “oceanic dreamer” (English)

Nautello – “oceanic light” (Spanish)

Nautique – “nautical” (French)

Nautalia – “daughter of the sea” (Greek)

Nautaroam – “oceanic wanderer” (English)

Nautaraeux – “oceanic elegance” (French)

Nautalon – “sea wanderer” (Greek)

Nautrex – “explorer of the sea” (English)

Nautarena – “oceanic queen” (Spanish)

Nautelon – “ocean wanderer” (Greek)

Nautaraix – “island explorer” (French)

Nautelis – “oceanic grace” (Greek)

Nautarise – “oceanic wisdom” (English)

Nauteris – “sea breeze” (Spanish)

Nautiko – “nautical” (Greek)

Nautarella – “beautiful sea” (Italian)

Nautaraq – “son of the sea” (Inuit)

Nautari – “oceanic ruler” (Spanish)

Nautalis – “sea essence” (Greek)

Nautaroan – “oceanic adventurer” (English)

Nautierno – “mariner” (Spanish)

Nautarion – “oceanic spirit” (Greek)

Nautaroja – “red sea” (Spanish)

Nautariel – “star of the sea” (English)

Nauteronis – “oceanic son” (Greek)

Nautarouge – “red ocean” (French)

Nautariose – “oceanic rose” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “NAUT”

Nautarius – “devoted to the sea” (Latin)

Nautimus – “faithful mariner” (Latin)

Nautelios – “son of the divine sea” (Greek)

Nautarianos – “devout oceanic hero” (Greek)

Nautaristos – “chosen by the sea” (Greek)

Nautarelio – “sailor of God” (Spanish)

Nautarangel – “messenger of the sea” (English)

Nautaroan – “oceanic worshiper” (English)

Nautarionel – “divinely inspired seafarer” (Spanish)

Nautaraphael – “God’s healing sea” (Greek)

Nauteliosus – “divine son of the sea” (Latin)

Nautarimus – “faithful mariner” (Latin)

Nautarionathan – “gift from the divine sea” (Hebrew)

Nautelias – “son of God’s sea” (Greek)

Nautarioth – “oceanic prayer” (Spanish)

Nautarianth – “divine oceanic flower” (English)

Nautarystos – “chosen by the sea god” (Greek)

Nautarukiah – “God’s seafaring servant” (Hebrew)

Nautaronimus – “faithful navigator” (Latin)

Nautarephel – “God’s sea messenger” (Hebrew)

Nautariozeph – “treasured by the sea God” (Hebrew)

Nauteliah – “God’s sea” (Hebrew)

Nautaristo – “devout sailor” (Spanish)

Nautarionathan – “God’s gift from the sea” (Hebrew)

Nautelian – “son of God’s sea” (Greek)

Nautarnabas – “prophet of the sea” (Aramaic)

Nautaravangel – “angelic seafarer” (Greek)

Nautarnataniel – “God’s gift from the sea” (Hebrew)

Nautarioan – “oceanic worshiper” (English)

Nautarisai – “divinely inspired” (Japanese)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “NAUT”

Naut Aran

A renowned environmentalist and explorer, dedicated to preserving marine ecosystems and advocating for sustainable practices.

Nauton Elon

An innovative entrepreneur and visionary, known for his pioneering work in space exploration and electric vehicles.

Nauton Mandela

A respected political leader and human rights activist, played a key role in the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

Nauton Darwin

A distinguished biologist and naturalist, famous for his groundbreaking theory of evolution by natural selection.

Nauton Hawking

A brilliant theoretical physicist and cosmologist, contributed significantly to our understanding of black holes and the nature of the universe.

Nauton Gandhi

A revered leader of the Indian independence movement, known for his philosophy of nonviolent civil disobedience.

Nauton Hemingway

A celebrated American author and journalist, won the Nobel Prize in Literature for his impactful novels and stories.

Nauton Tesla

An influential inventor and electrical engineer, made pioneering contributions to the development of alternating current (AC) electricity.

Nauton Bonaparte

A historic military and political leader, Emperor of the French, played a prominent role in European history during the Napoleonic era.

Nauton da Vinci

A polymath and Renaissance genius, excelled in various fields including painting, sculpture, anatomy, and engineering, with his famous works including the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

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