220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “CLE”

Are you expecting a baby boy and looking for a unique name that starts with “CLE”? You’re in luck!

There are plenty of charming and distinctive boy names that begin with these three letters. From traditional to modern, there is a wide range of options to choose from.

In this article, we will explore the world of boy names starting with “CLE” and take a closer look at the meanings and origins behind some of the most popular choices.

Whether you’re drawn to classic names or prefer something more unusual, there is sure to be a “CLE” name that suits your preferences.

From Clement, meaning “mild” or “gentle,” to Cleveland, which has roots in Old English and means “hilly land,” the options are varied and meaningful.

Whether you’re seeking a strong and bold name or a softer and more poetic choice, there is a boy name that starts with “CLE” for every taste.

So, let’s dive in and explore the world of “CLE” boy names!

Popular Boy Names That Start with “CLE”

Cletus – “illustrious” (Greek)

Clement – “gentle and merciful” (Latin)

Cleo – “pride, fame” (Greek)

Cleon – “glorious” (Greek)

Cleveland – “land of cliffs” (English)

Cleto – “renowned” (Spanish)

Cleonidas – “son of Cleon” (Greek)

Cleve – “cliff, slope” (English)

Cleandro – “man of glory” (Greek)

Cleofas – “glory of the father” (Greek/Spanish)

Cleander – “man of men” (Greek)

Clemens – “gentle and merciful” (Latin)

Cleophus – “glory-bearing” (Greek)

Clemente – “gentle and merciful” (Spanish)

Cleonico – “victorious” (Greek)

Cleto – “renowned” (Greek)

Clearchus – “glory leader” (Greek)

Cleyton – “from the clay settlement” (English)

Cleisthenes – “glorious strength” (Greek)

Cleandro – “man of glory” (Greek)

Cleofonte – “shining glory” (Spanish/Greek)

Clementino – “gentle and merciful” (Spanish)

Cletis – “illustrious” (Greek)

Cleandro – “man of glory” (Greek)

Clementius – “gentle and merciful” (Latin)

Cleonico – “victorious” (Greek)

Cleto – “renowned” (Spanish)

Cletus – “illustrious” (Greek)

Cleveland – “land of cliffs” (English)

Cleandro – “man of glory” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "CLE"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “CLE”

Clevis – “cliff dweller” (English)

Clemente – “mild, gentle” (Spanish)

Cleonix – “victorious son” (Greek)

Cleary – “cliff dweller” (English)

Cleoford – “ford near the cliff” (English)

Clemaro – “gentle and gracious” (Greek)

Cleontius – “victorious” (Greek)

Clemondo – “mild, gentle” (Spanish)

Cletian – “illustrious” (Greek)

Clenox – “renowned warrior” (English)

Cleander – “glory and man” (Greek)

Cleovanni – “God is gracious” (Spanish/Greek)

Clester – “fortress of glory” (English)

Cleodoro – “gift of glory” (Spanish/Greek)

Clervis – “clear view” (English)

Clemenso – “gentle and merciful” (Spanish)

Cleophas – “father of glory” (Greek)

Cletham – “from the cliff’s home” (English)

Clevio – “renowned” (Spanish)

Clello – “famous warrior” (Greek)

Cletho – “famous warrior” (Greek)

Cleonel – “victorious” (Greek)

Clevando – “brave and glorious” (Spanish)

Cletiano – “illustrious” (Spanish)

Cleux – “from the cliff” (English)

Clevero – “clever, skillful” (Spanish)

Clendon – “hill with a view” (English)

Clemolo – “gentle and mild” (Spanish)

Cleveon – “from the cliff” (English)

Clezio – “glorious and shining” (Spanish/Greek)

Unique “CLE” Names for Boys

Clestus – “star” (Greek)

Clevo – “clever, intelligent” (English)

Clexander – “defender of glory” (English/Greek)

Cleovar – “variance of glory” (Spanish)

Cleophen – “bright and shining” (Greek)

Clembert – “bright and illustrious” (English)

Clestiano – “heavenly” (Spanish)

Cletario – “clear and bright” (Spanish)

Clethian – “from the cliff’s edge” (English)

Clevoro – “clever and wise” (Spanish)

Clesandro – “man of glory and splendor” (Greek)

Cleudon – “gift of glory” (English)

Clephiro – “shining like gold” (Greek)

Cleron – “clear and bright” (English)

Cletario – “clear and bright” (Spanish)

Cleoman – “man of glory” (Greek)

Cleovius – “living in glory” (Spanish)

Cleomar – “famous and renowned” (English)

Cleptus – “hidden brilliance” (Greek)

Clevando – “brave and glorious” (Spanish)

Clenaro – “bright and clear” (Greek)

Clendor – “glorious warrior” (English)

Cleothos – “God of glory” (Greek)

Clevero – “clever and skillful” (Spanish)

Clexio – “glorious and shining” (Spanish/Greek)

Clevonix – “bright and victorious” (English/Greek)

Cleorico – “ruler of glory” (Spanish)

Cleovale – “valiant glory” (English/Spanish)

Clenius – “clear and bright” (Greek)

Cletusio – “illustrious” (Spanish/Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “CLE”

Cleolan – “timeless glory” (English)

Clementis – “merciful and gentle” (Latin)

Clethor – “eternal cliff” (English)

Cleophilos – “friend of glory” (Greek)

Cleviston – “eternal settlement” (English)

Clestorian – “timeless star” (English)

Cleonardo – “eternal lion” (Spanish/Greek)

Clemaris – “eternally pure” (English)

Cleandro – “eternal man” (Greek)

Clebello – “timeless beauty” (Spanish)

Cleotarius – “timeless ruler” (English)

Clevincio – “eternal conqueror” (Spanish)

Clemaro – “timelessly gracious” (Greek)

Cleostone – “timeless stone” (English)

Clemito – “eternal grace” (Spanish)

Clepolis – “eternal city” (Greek)

Clevento – “eternal adventure” (Spanish)

Clephion – “eternal light” (Greek)

Cletonio – “eternal one” (Spanish)

Clevothos – “eternal strength” (Greek)

Clequill – “timeless quill” (English)

Clerico – “eternal ruler” (Spanish)

Clephion – “timeless fire” (Greek)

Cleveno – “eternal winner” (Spanish)

Clezion – “timeless lion” (Greek)

Clernox – “eternal warrior” (English)

Cleontino – “timeless victory” (Spanish)

Clephano – “eternal light” (Greek)

Cleuvian – “forever alive” (Spanish)

Clezander – “timeless defender” (English/Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “CLE”

Cletius – “warrior” (Latin)

Cleoncio – “dragon” (Portuguese)

Clevian – “healer” (Albanian)

Clebhan – “little wolf” (Irish)

Cledrik – “noble ruler” (German)

Clezimir – “renowned prince” (Slavic)

Cleandor – “golden gift” (Germanic)

Cleophin – “wise serpent” (Greek)

Cleolan – “celestial grace” (Irish)

Cleotar – “bright star” (Sanskrit)

Clevaro – “skilled archer” (Spanish)

Clethorin – “moonlight” (Sumerian)

Clendario – “warrior of the sun” (Spanish)

Cleovaros – “brave defender” (Celtic)

Clexio – “swift” (Italian)

Clezio – “wise and clever” (Italian)

Cleuthar – “song of joy” (Germanic)

Cleviano – “heavenly” (Italian)

Clendan – “strong and enduring” (Irish)

Cleoptis – “ruler of the people” (Egyptian)

Cleostar – “bright and shining” (Romanian)

Clethrian – “harmony” (Welsh)

Clethos – “heroic” (Greek)

Cleolar – “freedom” (Spanish)

Cleovin – “graceful conqueror” (French)

Clevando – “courageous” (Spanish)

Clephiro – “wise counselor” (Italian)

Clethario – “adventurous” (Spanish)

Cleuvian – “divine life” (Latin)

Clexan – “warrior of peace” (Japanese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “CLE”

Cleyton – “settlement near the cliff” (English)

Cleonia – “graceful” (Greek)

Clever – “intelligent and witty” (English)

Cleolan – “celestial grace” (English)

Clevee – “graceful and beloved” (English)

Cletaro – “clear and bright” (Spanish)

Cleuth – “kind and gentle” (English)

Cleos – “pride and glory” (Greek)

Clevera – “wise and skilled” (Spanish)

Cleidon – “gift of glory” (Greek)

Clevell – “beautiful and strong” (English)

Clephia – “wise” (Greek)

Cleoro – “bright and clear” (Spanish)

Cleyra – “graceful and elegant” (English)

Cleandro – “man of glory” (Greek)

Clestyn – “star” (English)

Cleota – “glorious” (Greek)

Clevian – “healer” (Spanish)

Clevos – “victorious” (Greek)

Clevent – “eternal adventure” (English)

Clelo – “famous” (Spanish)

Cleonti – “victorious” (Greek)

Clexa – “brave” (English)

Clezzy – “wise and clever” (English)

Cleotic – “of the people” (Greek)

Cleudo – “gift of glory” (Spanish)

Clevelle – “beautiful” (English)

Clevo – “clever and intelligent” (Spanish)

Clezian – “heavenly” (English)

Cleofin – “shining glory” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “CLE”

Cleoben – “blessed son” (Greek)

Cleodius – “servant of God” (Latin)

Clemente – “merciful and gentle” (Spanish)

Clethaniel – “gift of God” (English)

Cleontius – “devoted to God” (Greek)

Clephius – “follower of God” (Greek)

Cleonardo – “strong and devoted to God” (Spanish/Greek)

Clevian – “God’s healer” (Spanish)

Clevidor – “gift of God” (Spanish)

Cleontino – “devoted to God” (Spanish)

Cleteus – “chosen one of God” (Greek)

Cleophan – “manifestation of God” (Greek)

Clephano – “light of God” (Greek)

Clezion – “lion of God” (Greek)

Cleovaris – “God’s defender” (English)

Cleosius – “saved by God” (Latin)

Clevandus – “God’s land” (Latin)

Cleoro – “clear vision of God” (Spanish)

Cleolando – “land of God’s grace” (Spanish)

Cletharion – “song of God” (English)

Cleopton – “town of God’s glory” (English)

Cleonico – “victorious servant of God” (Greek)

Cleovian – “God’s life” (Spanish)

Clenoxius – “God’s warrior” (Latin)

Cleontian – “devoted to God” (Spanish)

Cletaris – “altar of God” (Latin)

Cleustos – “chosen by God” (Greek)

Cleuvius – “worthy of God” (Latin)

Clezaris – “God’s grace” (Latin)

Cleptus – “hidden by God” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “CLE”


While commonly associated with a famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra was also the name of several influential men in ancient history.

Clement Attlee

Clement Richard Attlee was a British statesman who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1945 to 1951, overseeing significant post-war reforms.

Cleavon Little

An American stage, film, and television actor, Cleavon Little is best known for his role as Sheriff Bart in the comedy film “Blazing Saddles.”

Clément Ader

A French inventor and engineer, Clément Ader made significant contributions to aviation, including building one of the earliest functioning aircraft.

Clément Lenglet

A French professional footballer, Clément Lenglet plays as a center-back for Barcelona and the French national team.

Clemence Poesy

While not male, Clemence Poesy is a notable French actress known for her roles in international films and the Harry Potter series.

Cleo Laine

Dame Cleo Laine is a British jazz and pop singer known for her remarkable vocal range and successful career spanning over seven decades.

Cleve Jones

Cleve Jones is an American AIDS and LGBT rights activist, known for co-founding the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and creating the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff Richard is a British pop singer, actor, and philanthropist, considered one of the most successful and enduring entertainers in the UK.

Clement Greenberg

An influential American art critic, Clement Greenberg played a key role in promoting abstract expressionism and modern art in the mid-20th century.

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