220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “MEN”

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy, you may be looking for something unique and special.

If you’re drawn to names that start with the prefix “men,” you’re in luck! There are plenty of strong and handsome boy names that begin with “men” and have deep meanings and rich histories.

From traditional names like Menelaus and Mendel to modern choices like Mendell and Mendl, there’s something for every taste and preference.

Whether you’re looking for a name that has a strong and confident sound or one that carries a sense of refinement and sophistication, boy names that start with “men” offer a wide range of options.

In this article, we will explore some of the most unique and appealing boy names that start with “men,” along with their origins and meanings.

Whether you’re a fan of classic names or are searching for something more offbeat, you’re sure to find inspiration in this list of “men”-derived boy names.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “MEN”

Mendel – “Comforter” (English)

Mendez – “Son of Mendo” (Spanish)

Menas – “Strong” (Greek)

Mendon – “Brave Protector” (English)

Menandro – “Victorious Man” (Spanish)

Menelaos – “Strength of the People” (Greek)

Mendoza – “Cold Mountain” (Spanish)

Menes – “Established, Enduring” (Greek)

Menon – “Zealous” (English)

Mendez – “Mountain Dweller” (Spanish)

Menandros – “Manly, Virile” (Greek)

Menton – “Joyful” (English)

Menotti – “Little Warrior” (Spanish)

Menexenos – “Guest-friendship” (Greek)

Mentor – “Wise Advisor” (English)

Mendoza – “Cold Mountain” (Spanish)

Menios – “Mindful, Thoughtful” (Greek)

Menzies – “Son of Gillies” (English)

Mencia – “Defender” (Spanish)

Menon – “Zealous” (Greek)

Mendrick – “Mighty Ruler” (English)

Menandro – “Victorious Man” (Spanish)

Menelaus – “Strength of the People” (Greek)

Mennis – “Strong, Sturdy” (English)

Mendel – “Comforter” (Spanish)

Menoetius – “Mindful, Thoughtful” (Greek)

Menford – “Courageous Defender” (English)

Mendez – “Mountain Dweller” (Spanish)

Menas – “Strong” (Greek)

Mendias – “Son of Mendo” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "MEN"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “MEN”

Menver – “Adventurous Spirit” (English)

Menrique – “Ruler of the Home” (Spanish)

Mennias – “Noble Defender” (Greek)

Mendo – “Peaceful Ruler” (English)

Menalio – “Strong and Brave” (Spanish)

Mendrios – “Enduring Leader” (Greek)

Mendix – “Joyful Heart” (English)

Menandro – “Courageous Man” (Spanish)

Menestheus – “Mindful Leader” (Greek)

Menlow – “Gentle Warrior” (English)

Mentes – “Thoughtful Mind” (Spanish)

Menasios – “Steadfast” (Greek)

Menry – “Ruler’s Son” (English)

Menaldo – “Noble and Bold” (Spanish)

Menonix – “Wise Warrior” (Greek)

Menricko – “Mighty Ruler” (English)

Menolito – “Little Soldier” (Spanish)

Menetor – “Steadfast Guardian” (Greek)

Menvin – “Beloved Friend” (English)

Menildo – “Resolute Protector” (Spanish)

Menarios – “Heroic Man” (Greek)

Menthos – “Guiding Light” (English)

Menelik – “Son of the Wise” (Spanish)

Menopas – “All-Seeing” (Greek)

Mennox – “Strong Leader” (English)

Menolito – “Little Soldier” (Spanish)

Menikos – “Sturdy Defender” (Greek)

Menard – “Bold and Hardy” (English)

Menverto – “Adventurous Explorer” (Spanish)

Menexos – “Defender of the People” (Greek)

Unique “MEN” Names for Boys

Menveris – “Versatile Visionary” (English)

Menalio – “Luminous Strength” (Spanish)

Menelios – “Sun-like Leader” (Greek)

Menithar – “Harmony Seeker” (English)

Mencias – “Enduring Spirit” (Spanish)

Menolion – “Lionhearted” (Greek)

Menthrix – “Innovative Mind” (English)

Menandrox – “Daring Explorer” (Spanish)

Menestoros – “Astute Strategist” (Greek)

Menithon – “Gifted Vision” (English)

Menoros – “Radiant Courage” (Spanish)

Menarchos – “Leader with Integrity” (Greek)

Menverus – “Bold Voyager” (English)

Menelindo – “Charming Leader” (Spanish)

Menotis – “Thoughtful Journey” (Greek)

Menithor – “Courageous Guardian” (English)

Menavio – “Visionary Adventurer” (Spanish)

Menion – “Inspired Warrior” (Greek)

Menaros – “Harmonious Strength” (English)

Menaldox – “Determined Protector” (Spanish)

Menophilos – “Lover of Wisdom” (Greek)

Menarix – “Resourceful Leader” (English)

Menaltos – “Resilient Defender” (Spanish)

Menelux – “Bright Light” (Greek)

Menaris – “Creative Sage” (English)

Menofio – “Enduring Spirit” (Spanish)

Menathos – “Adventurous Heart” (Greek)

Menithos – “Wise Visionary” (English)

Menaldox – “Steadfast Protector” (Spanish)

Menarion – “Noble Champion” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “MEN”

Mendelius – “Enduring Strength” (English)

Menolius – “Resilient Warrior” (Spanish)

Menandros – “Eternal Man” (Greek)

Menfordo – “Guardian of Peace” (English)

Menriquez – “Majestic Ruler” (Spanish)

Menelios – “Timeless Leader” (Greek)

Menston – “Steadfast Stone” (English)

Mendozares – “Resolute Mountain” (Spanish)

Menesthos – “Time-Honored” (Greek)

Mendelus – “Noble Comforter” (English)

Menato – “Everlasting Love” (Spanish)

Menophon – “Voice of Time” (Greek)

Menridge – “Wise Protector” (English)

Menelado – “Eternal Light” (Spanish)

Menexis – “Immutable Defender” (Greek)

Menholt – “Timeless Courage” (English)

Menavito – “Enduring Adventurer” (Spanish)

Menandrios – “Timeless Man” (Greek)

Menville – “Eternal Village” (English)

Mendaro – “Everlasting Gift” (Spanish)

Menos – “Time-Honored” (Greek)

Menfordus – “Enduring Guardian” (English)

Menciano – “Eternal Champion” (Spanish)

Menionas – “Timeless Warrior” (Greek)

Meneloro – “Timeless Glory” (English)

Mendozio – “Eternal Mountain” (Spanish)

Menelatos – “Enduring Bravery” (Greek)

Menhelm – “Timeless Protector” (English)

Menro – “Everlasting Joy” (Spanish)

Menalios – “Time-Honored Leader” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “MEN”

Menashe – “Forgiveness” (Hebrew)

Menteş – “Sharp Mind” (Turkish)

Menrikh – “Little Ruler” (Russian)

Menelik – “Son of the Wise” (Amharic)

Menno – “Strength” (Dutch)

Menachem – “Comforter” (Hebrew)

Menzor – “Golden Eagle” (Albanian)

Menteith – “Mountain Spirit” (Scottish)

Mendoza – “Cold Mountain” (Basque)

Menandro – “Valiant Man” (Italian)

Menelao – “Leader of the People” (Italian)

Menas – “Clever” (Coptic/Egyptian)

Menelio – “Warrior of the Sun” (Spanish)

Menelios – “Heavenly Leader” (Portuguese)

Menteith – “Soulful” (Scottish)

Menandru – “Adventurous” (Corsican)

Menas – “Gleaming” (Coptic/Egyptian)

Menem – “Fortunate” (Arabic)

Menda – “Wise Counselor” (Bosnian)

Menri – “Radiant” (Tibetan)

Menel – “Gentle” (Welsh)

Menandro – “Moon Warrior” (Filipino)

Mentes – “Dreamer” (Albanian)

Menosuke – “Enduring” (Japanese)

Mendoza – “Mountain Dweller” (Portuguese)

Menar – “Loyal” (Persian)

Menion – “Calm” (Irish)

Menca – “Hope” (Albanian)

Menadel – “Divine Protector” (Hebrew)

Mencius – “Clever” (Chinese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “MEN”

Menley – “Gentle Spirit” (English)

Mendra – “Adaptable” (Spanish)

Mencio – “Thoughtful One” (Greek)

Menwyn – “Joyful Harmony” (English)

Menteja – “Bright Mind” (Spanish)

Menos – “Charismatic” (Greek)

Menara – “Peaceful Haven” (English)

Mendelis – “Comforting Soul” (Spanish)

Menex – “Innovative” (Greek)

Mendry – “Resilient Strength” (English)

Menda – “Wise Counsel” (Spanish)

Mennon – “Eternal Light” (Greek)

Menara – “Protected” (English)

Menara – “Guardian of Dreams” (Spanish)

Menelis – “Timeless Leader” (Greek)

Menris – “Enthusiastic” (English)

Menella – “Star of the Sea” (Spanish)

Menelio – “Guiding Light” (Greek)

Menwick – “Wise Village” (English)

Menara – “Mountain Explorer” (Spanish)

Menith – “Enduring Strength” (Greek)

Mendal – “Harmony” (English)

Menza – “Unique Essence” (Spanish)

Menos – “Charming” (Greek)

Menth – “Creative Spirit” (English)

Mendo – “Peaceful Ruler” (Spanish)

Menio – “Zealous” (Greek)

Menrick – “Courageous Ruler” (English)

Menal – “Strength” (Spanish)

Menyra – “Gentle Protector” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “MEN”

Mendelius – “God’s Comforter” (English)

Menahem – “Consoling Comforter” (Spanish)

Menelaus – “God’s Strength” (Greek)

Menzion – “Sacred Dwelling” (English)

Menrique – “Ruler of God” (Spanish)

Menoetios – “Divinely Sent” (Greek)

Mendelis – “God’s Gracious Gift” (English)

Menorah – “Symbol of Divine Light” (Spanish)

Menander – “Messenger of the Gods” (Greek)

Menfort – “Divinely Fortified” (English)

Menoel – “God’s Light” (Spanish)

Menach – “God’s Grace” (Greek)

Mendrick – “Divinely Ruled” (English)

Menso – “Divinely Wise” (Spanish)

Menecrates – “God’s Strength” (Greek)

Menran – “God’s Joy” (English)

Menitias – “Godly Honor” (Spanish)

Mennias – “Devoted to God” (Greek)

Menedimos – “Godly Brilliance” (English)

Menador – “Worshiper of God” (Spanish)

Menelios – “God’s Light” (Greek)

Menward – “Guardian of God’s Word” (English)

Mentes – “Devoted Mind” (Spanish)

Menonix – “Godly Wisdom” (Greek)

Mendias – “Servant of God” (English)

Menito – “Divinely Guided” (Spanish)

Menex – “Belonging to God” (Greek)

Menhelm – “God’s Protector” (English)

Menalito – “God’s Little Soldier” (Spanish)

Menokrates – “God’s Rule” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “MEN”

Menachem Begin

Israeli statesman and politician, he played a crucial role in the Camp David Accords, leading to peace between Israel and Egypt.

Menzies Campbell

British politician and former leader of the Liberal Democrats, known for his distinguished career in law and politics.

Mena Massoud

Canadian actor, best known for his role as Aladdin in Disney’s live-action adaptation of the classic animated film.

Menotti Del Picchia

Brazilian poet, playwright, and politician, a prominent figure in the Modernist literary movement.

Mendele Mocher Sforim

Pseudonym of Sholem Yankev Abramovitsh, a leading Yiddish author and a key figure in modern Jewish literature.

Menno Simons

Founder of the Mennonite religious movement, a group within Anabaptism known for its commitment to nonviolence and simplicity.


Ancient Greek playwright and one of the most celebrated comic dramatists of his time, with works that influenced later Roman comedy.

Mengistu Haile Mariam

Former Ethiopian military officer and politician, served as the head of state from 1977 to 1991.

Mendel Grossman

Jewish photographer and documentarian who secretly captured life in the Lodz Ghetto during World War II.

Meng Fei

Chinese television host, best known as the host of the popular Chinese dating show “If You Are the One.”

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