220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “QUI”

Finding a unique and interesting name for your baby boy can be a daunting task. If you’re on the hunt for a distinctive name that starts with “Qui”, look no further!

From Quinlan to Quincy, there are plenty of charming and compelling boy names that begin with these three letters.

These names carry a certain level of sophistication and individuality that sets them apart from more common monikers.

Not only do they sound melodious and memorable, but they also offer a sense of uniqueness that can make your son stand out in a crowd.

Whether you’re drawing inspiration from Irish, Latin, or even French origins, there is surely a “Qui” name that perfectly embodies the qualities you want for your little one.

Join us as we delve into the world of boy names that start with “Qui” and discover the perfect name for your son.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “QUI”

Quillan – “Cub” (English)

Quinlan – “Graceful and stylish” (Irish/English)

Quincy – “Estate of the fifth son” (English)

Quinn – “Counsel” (Irish)

Quinby – “Estate of the woman” (English)

Quince – “Fifteen” (English)

Quentin – “Fifth” (Latin/English)

Quigley – “Descendant of Coigligh (unkempt)” (Irish)

Quill – “Feather” (English)

Quillon – “Crosspiece at the hilt of a sword” (English)

Quimby – “From the woman’s estate” (English)

Quincey – “Estate of the fifth son” (English)

Quirino – “Mars, the Roman god of war” (Spanish/Italian)

Quirico – “He who carries a spear” (Spanish/Italian)

Quintero – “Fifth” (Spanish)

Quiliano – “Unknown” (Spanish)

Quilo – “Son of the wind” (Spanish)

Quinio – “Unknown” (Spanish)

Quirino – “Mars, the Roman god of war” (Spanish/Italian)

Quim – “Man of wisdom” (Spanish)

Quirós – “Thorny bush” (Spanish)

Quizon – “Son of Isaac” (Spanish)

Quiterio – “Peaceful” (Spanish)

Quillon – “Unknown” (Spanish)

Quirós – “Thorny bush” (Spanish)

Quimby – “From the woman’s estate” (Spanish)

Quirino – “Mars, the Roman god of war” (Greek/Italian)

Quiricus – “A man dedicated to the gods” (Greek)

Quilo – “Son of the wind” (Greek)

Quillon – “Unknown” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "QUI"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “QUI”

Quivin – “Lively and spirited” (English)

Quintero – “Belonging to the fifth son” (Spanish)

Quixley – “Cheerful meadow” (English)

Quillonel – “Eager and ambitious” (Greek)

Quirino – “Courageous defender” (Spanish/Italian)

Quiloa – “Son of the wind” (Greek)

Quilliam – “Resolute protector” (English)

Quirón – “Wise healer” (Spanish/Greek)

Quigley – “Dweller at the oak tree meadow” (English)

Quindaro – “Clear water” (Spanish)

Queralt – “High mountain” (Spanish)

Quirt – “Brave and strong” (English)

Quilez – “Descendant of the quiet one” (Spanish)

Quizon – “Son of Isaac” (Spanish)

Quironis – “Wise and noble” (Greek)

Quinnton – “Queen’s town” (English)

Quiliano – “Vibrant and energetic” (Spanish)

Quirinus – “Warrior of Mars” (Latin/Greek)

Quirko – “Swift and agile” (Greek)

Quillermo – “Determined guardian” (Spanish)

Quillo – “Free spirit” (Spanish)

Quentis – “Fifth-born” (Greek)

Quimver – “Adventurous wanderer” (English)

Quiñones – “Land of oak trees” (Spanish)

Quiriteo – “Bold and fearless” (Greek)

Quibian – “Royal” (Spanish)

Quilo – “Son of the wind” (Greek)

Quiggin – “Intelligent and perceptive” (English)

Quinteros – “Belonging to the fifth son” (Spanish)

Quimios – “Life of the party” (Greek)

Unique “QUI” Names for Boys

Quillonis – “Enigmatic and mysterious” (Greek)

Quinford – “Ford of the graceful one” (English)

Quijaro – “Brave and daring” (Spanish)

Quinzio – “Fifth-born” (Italian)

Quiloan – “Son of the gentle breeze” (English)

Quinteris – “Belonging to the fifth son” (Spanish)

Quivian – “Visionary leader” (English)

Quirando – “Adventurous wanderer” (Spanish)

Quilois – “Son of tranquility” (Greek)

Quinford – “Courageous guardian” (English)

Quixar – “Radiant star” (Spanish)

Quilidos – “Lover of the wilderness” (Greek)

Quinston – “Stone of wisdom” (English)

Quirantes – “Determined warrior” (Spanish)

Quirilos – “Free spirit” (Greek)

Quinden – “Enduring and strong” (English)

Quiero – “Desired one” (Spanish)

Quixan – “Mystical and magical” (Greek)

Quillin – “Gentle and kind” (English)

Quirian – “Bold and fearless” (Spanish)

Quirto – “Swift and agile” (Greek)

Quimbio – “Wise and knowledgeable” (Spanish)

Quiloar – “Son of the breeze” (English)

Quindor – “Golden gift” (Greek)

Quirintis – “Fifth-born” (Spanish)

Quillar – “Skilled craftsman” (English)

Quiñoa – “Son of the shining sun” (Spanish)

Quirkos – “Unconventional spirit” (Greek)

Quillero – “Forest guardian” (Spanish)

Quinos – “Harmony and balance” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “QUI”

Quinwell – “Quiet meadow” (English)

Quirós – “Peaceful” (Spanish)

Quillonis – “Timeless and enduring” (Greek)

Quintano – “Born fifth” (Spanish)

Quigley – “Descendant of the battle chieftain” (English)

Quiliano – “Eternal light” (Spanish)

Quirilos – “Everlasting freedom” (Greek)

Quillon – “Time-honored protector” (English)

Querido – “Beloved” (Spanish)

Quixan – “Timeless star” (Greek)

Quirell – “Unchanging wisdom” (English)

Quintero – “Enduring” (Spanish)

Quirant – “Eternal warrior” (Greek)

Quinson – “Timeless son” (English)

Quilotis – “Forever tranquil” (Greek)

Quirkley – “Timeless eccentric” (English)

Quilis – “Eternal joy” (Spanish)

Quirius – “Everlasting” (Greek)

Quinbert – “Bright and timeless” (English)

Quilador – “Timeless explorer” (Spanish)

Quirado – “Forever loved” (Spanish)

Quixas – “Timeless presence” (Greek)

Quinlanos – “Enduring grace” (Spanish)

Quillon – “Timeless strength” (Greek)

Quincey – “Evergreen” (English)

Quirano – “Perpetual” (Spanish)

Quixote – “Timeless adventurer” (Spanish)

Quinceon – “Eternal wisdom” (Greek)

Quillin – “Unchanging kindness” (English)

Quiristo – “Timeless glory” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “QUI”

Quillon – “Royal son” (French)

Quindaro – “Quiet river” (Native American)

Quiterio – “Still, calm” (Portuguese)

Quinlan – “Gentle and graceful” (Irish)

Quirico – “Warrior of peace” (Italian)

Quiliano – “Radiant light” (Italian)

Quixote – “Visionary adventurer” (Spanish)

Quillonel – “Brilliant and strong” (French)

Quillonis – “Eternal spirit” (Latin)

Quillonar – “Born leader” (Spanish)

Quinberto – “Noble and bright” (Portuguese)

Quillermo – “Determined guardian” (Spanish)

Quiranto – “Enduring warrior” (Italian)

Quiloan – “Lover of the wind” (Filipino)

Quirell – “Mystical wisdom” (German)

Quiladoro – “Golden explorer” (Spanish)

Quirantos – “Timeless hero” (Greek)

Quilient – “Quiet and patient” (French)

Quirkos – “Unconventional spirit” (Russian)

Quixan – “Star of uniqueness” (Spanish)

Quiloti – “Peaceful traveler” (Swahili)

Quinteris – “Born to last” (Portuguese)

Quirano – “Eternal flame” (Italian)

Quinario – “Fivefold” (Spanish)

Quivian – “Distinguished leader” (Portuguese)

Quinoso – “Full of life” (Spanish)

Quivont – “Timeless wanderer” (French)

Quizardo – “Bold and wise” (Portuguese)

Quirlian – “Healer of the heart” (Armenian)

Quixar – “Shining star” (Portuguese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “QUI”

Quinley – “Meadow” (English)

Quipu – “Knot” (Quechua)

Quil – “Comfort” (English)

Quinoa – “Mother grain” (Quechua)

Quirky – “Unconventional” (English)

Quilis – “Sweet” (Spanish)

Quiver – “Arrow holder” (English)

Quinientos – “Five hundred” (Spanish)

Quietis – “Peaceful” (Greek)

Quix – “Energetic” (English)

Quinque – “Five” (Latin)

Quilotoa – “Water princess” (Quechua)

Quirin – “Warrior” (Greek)

Quince – “Fifteen” (English)

Quislet – “Mysterious” (English)

Quirillo – “Little heart” (Spanish)

Quik – “Swift” (English)

Quimar – “Moonlight” (Greek)

Quizon – “Son of Isaac” (Spanish)

Quill – “Feather” (English)

Quindara – “Bright river” (Spanish)

Quisira – “Star” (Quechua)

Quivert – “Adventure seeker” (English)

Quimara – “Bright and clear” (Greek)

Quillar – “Beloved” (English)

Quinter – “Fifth” (Spanish)

Quirida – “Dear one” (Spanish)

Quixan – “Brilliant star” (Greek)

Quispe – “Bird” (Quechua)

Quilio – “Sunshine” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “QUI”

Quinian – “God is gracious” (English)

Quintero – “Fifth-born, a gift from God” (Spanish)

Quirinus – “Warrior of Mars, God of war” (Latin)

Quillon – “Divine protector” (English)

Quino – “God’s gracious gift” (Spanish)

Quirico – “Dedicated to the gods” (Spanish/Italian)

Quirion – “Sacred mountain” (Greek)

Quinlen – “Descendant of the holy man” (English)

Quiloan – “God of the wind” (Greek)

Quinciano – “Fifteenth, a sacred number” (Spanish)

Quirinian – “Belonging to the heavenly” (Latin)

Quilos – “Devoted to God” (Spanish)

Quimara – “Bright and divine” (Greek)

Quinterio – “Divinely born” (Spanish)

Quirintos – “Fifth-born, blessed by God” (Greek)

Quillin – “Devout and holy” (English)

Quirido – “Beloved by God” (Spanish)

Quirko – “Sacred and pure” (Greek)

Quinsis – “God’s wisdom” (Spanish)

Quiratus – “Divinely protected” (Latin)

Quinteris – “Born to bring joy, God’s gift” (Spanish)

Quirman – “Belonging to God” (English)

Quilios – “Divine joy” (Greek)

Quirvo – “God’s servant” (Spanish)

Quincaro – “Blessed and sacred” (Spanish)

Quirilo – “God’s light” (Spanish)

Quisberto – “Blessed warrior” (Spanish)

Quiryx – “Divine ruler” (Greek)

Quivaldo – “God’s strength” (Spanish)

Quilon – “Devoted to the sacred” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “QUI”

Quincy Jones

An American music producer, composer, and conductor, known for his contributions to jazz, pop, and film music. Prolific and influential in the entertainment industry.

Quvenzhané Wallis

An American actress who gained fame at a young age for her role in the film “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” A talented and accomplished young performer.

Quim Torra

A Catalan politician who served as the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, actively involved in the region’s push for independence.

Quentin Tarantino

An acclaimed American filmmaker known for his unique storytelling and directing style. Creator of iconic films like “Pulp Fiction” and “Kill Bill.”

Quade Cooper

An Australian rugby player, known for his skill as a fly-half. Represented the Wallabies and contributed significantly to the sport.

Quanah Parker

A prominent Native American leader of the Comanche Nation. Played a crucial role during a transitional period in Native American history.

Quade Green

An American professional basketball player, showcasing his talent in the NBA. Recognized for his skills as a point guard.

Quim Gutierrez

A Spanish actor known for his work in Spanish cinema and television. Acclaimed for his versatile performances.

Quico Taronjí

A Spanish television presenter and journalist, notable for his work on travel and adventure programs. Engaging and charismatic personality.

Quique Setién

A Spanish football manager and former player, known for managing FC Barcelona. His tactical acumen and coaching style have left a mark on the football world.

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