220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “KIDS”

Choosing a name for your baby boy can be an exciting but daunting task. If you’re looking for something unique and special, consider boy names that start with “KIDS”.

These names are not only uncommon but also have a hint of playfulness and charm to them. From modern and trendy to classic and timeless, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you’re drawn to strong and bold names or prefer something more gentle and sweet, there is a “KIDS” name out there that will perfectly suit your little one.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “KIDS” and delve into their meanings and origins.

So, if you’re in search of a name that will make your son stand out from the crowd, look no further than these delightful “KIDS” names.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “KIDS”

Kidsen – “Son Of The Battle Leader” (English)

Kidsandro – “Defender Of Man” (Greek)

Kidsebastian – “Revered” (Greek)

Kidson – “Son Of a Nobleman” (English)

Kidstavros – “Crown” (Greek)

Kidstian – “Follower Of Christ” (English)

Kidstefan – “Crown” (Greek)

Kidseamus – “Supplanter” (English)

Kidslav – “Glory” (English)

Kidslater – “From The Wetlands” (English)

Kidsocrates – “Wisdom” (Greek)

Kidscott – “From Scotland” (English)

Kidstefanos – “Crowned With Laurels” (Greek)

Kidsullivan – “Black-Eyed One” (English)

Kidsilas – “Wood” (Greek)

Kidsantiago – “Saint James” (Spanish)

Kidsamuel – “Heard Of God” (Hebrew, But Commonly Used In English)

Kidscipio – “Cane” (Latin, Adopted Into English)

Kidsocrates – “Wisdom” (Greek)

Kidselwyn – “Friend Of The Palace” (English)

Kidsolomon – “Peace” (Hebrew, But Commonly Used In English)

Kidspencer – “Steward” (English)

Kidsterling – “Genuine” (English)

Kidsylvester – “Wooded” (English)

Kidsterry – “Powerful Ruler” (English)

Kidseth – “Appointed” (Hebrew, But Commonly Used In English)

Kidsantino – “Saint” (Spanish)

Kidsidney – “Wide Island” (English)

Kidstanley – “Near The Stony Clearing” (English)

Kidsalvador – “Savior” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "KIDS"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “KIDS”

Kidsamir – “Companion In Evening Talk” (Arabic)

Kidsimon – “He Has Heard” (Hebrew, But Commonly Used In English)

Kidsilvio – “Woods” (Latin, Adopted Into Spanish)

Kidsoren – “Stern” (Danish)

Kidscorbin – “Raven” (English)

Kidsantiago – “Saint James” (Spanish)

Kidskai – “Sea” (Hawaiian)

Kidsantino – “Saint” (Spanish)

Kidscyrus – “Far-Sighted” (Greek)

Kidscassius – “Empty” (Latin)

Kidstobias – “God Is Good” (Greek)

Kidsulien – “Sun-Born” (Welsh)

Kidseraphim – “Fiery Ones” (Hebrew)

Kidscruz – “Cross” (Spanish)

Kidsezekiel – “God Strengthens” (Hebrew)

Kidslucas – “Light-Giving” (Latin)

Kidsthanos – “Immortal” (Greek)

Kidsleon – “Lion” (Spanish)

Kidselias – “Yahweh Is God” (Greek)

Kidsevander – “Good Man” (Greek)

Kidsluca – “Light” (Italian)

Kidsluigi – “Renowned Warrior” (Italian)

Kidslino – “Flax” (Spanish)

Kidslazarus – “God Has Helped” (Hebrew)

Kidsbryce – “Speckled” (Scottish)

Kidsdante – “Enduring” (Italian)

Kidscasper – “Treasurer” (Persian)

Kidscade – “Round” (English)

Kidsmateo – “Gift Of God” (Spanish)

Kidsthomas – “Twin” (Aramaic)

Unique “KIDS” Names for Boys

Kidskyros – “From The Island Of Skyros” (Greek)

Kidseraph – “Angelic Being” (Greek)

Kidsolon – “Wise” (Greek)

Kidspartacus – “From Sparta” (Greek)

Kidscleon – “Glorious” (Greek)

Kidseon – “God Is Gracious” (English)

Kidselmo – “Helmet Of God” (Spanish)

Kidsorenzo – “Wise Counselor” (Spanish)

Kidskieran – “Little Dark One” (English)

Kidsluiz – “Renowned Warrior” (Spanish)

Kidserran – “From The Hills” (Spanish)

Kidscallum – “Dove” (Scottish)

Kidscato – “Wise” (Latin)

Kidskade – “Pure” (Greek)

Kidslachlan – “Warrior From The Land Of Lakes” (Scottish)

Kidsklaus – “Victorious People” (German)

Kidscian – “Ancient” (Irish)

Kidskosmo – “Order, Beauty” (Greek)

Kidsluigi – “Renowned Fighter” (Italian)

Kidsleander – “Lion Man” (Greek)

Kidspax – “Peace” (Latin)

Kidsparrow – “Small Bird” (English)

Kidsergio – “Servant” (Spanish)

Kidslarson – “Son Of Lars” (Scandinavian)

Kidsalazar – “Old Hall” (Spanish)

Kidsleonidas – “Lion’s Son” (Greek)

Kidsluciano – “Light” (Italian)

Kidslazar – “God Has Helped” (Hebrew)

Kidsorenson – “Son Of Soren” (Scandinavian)

Kidscastor – “Beaver” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “KIDS”

Kidskyle – “Narrow Strait” (English)

Kidsluther – “Famous Warrior” (English)

Kidsamuel – “Heard Of God” (Hebrew, Commonly Used In English)

Kidsimonides – “Flat-Nosed” (Greek)

Kidshugo – “Mind, Intellect” (Japanese)

Kidselias – “Yahweh Is God” (Greek)

Kidscallum – “Dove” (Scottish)

Kidsilvanus – “From The Forest” (Latin)

Kidsoliver – “Peaceful” (English)

Kidsluiz – “Famous Warrior” (Spanish)

Kidseth – “Appointed” (Hebrew, Commonly Used In English)

Kidshugo – “Mind, Intellect” (Japanese)

Kidsergio – “Servant” (Spanish)

Kidscallahan – “Strife” (Irish)

Kidslucian – “Light” (English)

Kidskai – “Sea” (Hawaiian)

Kidsaturnino – “Sowing” (Latin)

Kidsoren – “Stern” (Danish)

Kidscato – “Wise” (Latin)

Kidsaxon – “From Saxon” (English)

Kidscyrus – “Lord” (Greek)

Kidslucio – “Light” (Spanish)

Kidsadler – “Eagle” (English)

Kidstalon – “To Cut” (English)

Kidscruz – “Cross” (Spanish)

Kidsharold – “Army Ruler” (English)

Kidslucius – “Light” (Latin)

Kidspaulo – “Small” (Spanish)

Kidstitus – “Title Of Honor” (Latin)

Kidsherman – “Shearer Of Woolen Garments” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “KIDS”

Kidskazuki – “Peaceful Hope” (Japanese)

Kidskenjiro – “Healthy Second Son” (Japanese)

Kidskhalil – “Friend” (Arabic)

Kidskiyoshi – “Quiet” (Japanese)

Kidskamal – “Perfection” (Arabic)

Kidskonstantin – “Steadfast” (Russian)

Kidskadir – “Capable” (Turkish)

Kidskhalid – “Eternal” (Arabic)

Kidskostas – “Constant” (Greek)

Kidskrishna – “Dark” (Sanskrit)

Kidskamran – “Successful” (Persian)

Kidskarim – “Generous” (Arabic)

Kidskiyoshiro – “Pure” (Japanese)

Kidskadir – “Able, Powerful” (Turkish)

Kidskonstantinos – “Steadfast” (Greek)

Kidskhalil – “Friend” (Arabic)

Kidskaoru – “Fragrance” (Japanese)

Kidskian – “Gracious” (Irish)

Kidskyros – “Masterful” (Persian)

Kidskazuhiko – “Harmonious Prince” (Japanese)

Kidskazuya – “Peaceful” (Japanese)

Kidskhalil – “Friend” (Arabic)

Kidskazuki – “Hopeful” (Japanese)

Kidskanoa – “The Free One” (Hawaiian)

Kidskamal – “Perfection” (Arabic)

Kidskato – “Second Son” (Japanese)

Kidskenji – “Intelligent Ruler” (Japanese)

Kidskadir – “Capable” (Turkish)

Kidskrish – “Living” (Indian)

Kidskenshin – “Modest Truth” (Japanese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “KIDS”

Kidsdakota – “Friend, Ally” (Native American)

Kidskyran – “Dark” (English)

Kidssasha – “Defender Of Mankind” (Russian)

Kidsrio – “River” (Spanish)

Kidssammy – “Heard By God” (English)

Kidskyler – “Warrior” (English)

Kidsremy – “Oarsman” (French)

Kidskai – “Sea” (Hawaiian)

Kidstaylor – “Tailor” (English)

Kidsmika – “Beautiful Fragrance” (Japanese)

Kidsavery – “Ruler Of Elves” (English)

Kidsnico – “Victory Of The People” (Greek)

Kidssky – “Sky” (English)

Kidsrio – “River” (Spanish)

Kidsellis – “Benevolent” (Greek)

Kidssunny – “Bright, Cheerful” (English)

Kidskyrie – “Lord” (Greek)

Kidsalex – “Defender Of The People” (Greek)

Kidsremy – “Oarsman” (French)

Kidsterry – “Power Of The Tribe” (English)

Kidsriley – “Courageous” (English)

Kidsrio – “River” (Spanish)

Kidsniko – “Victory Of The People” (Greek)

Kidsshane – “God Is Gracious” (Irish)

Kidsluca – “Light” (Italian)

Kidssasha – “Defender Of Mankind” (Russian)

Kidsskyler – “Scholar” (Dutch)

Kidsalexis – “Defender” (Greek)

Kidsrio – “River” (Spanish)

Kidsellis – “Benevolent” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “KIDS”

Kidszachary – “Remembered By God” (Hebrew)

Kidsdavid – “Beloved” (Hebrew)

Kidsgabriel – “God Is My Strength” (Hebrew)

Kidsezekiel – “God Strengthens” (Hebrew)

Kidsnathaniel – “Gift Of God” (Hebrew)

Kidsthomas – “Twin” (Aramaic)

Kidspeter – “Rock” (Greek)

Kidssimon – “He Has Heard” (Hebrew)

Kidsluke – “Light-Giving” (Latin)

Kidstimothy – “Honoring God” (Greek)

Kidsjoseph – “God Will Increase” (Hebrew)

Kidsmatthew – “Gift Of God” (Hebrew)

Kidsthaddaeus – “Courageous Heart” (Greek)

Kidssolomon – “Peace” (Hebrew)

Kidssilas – “Wood” (Latin)

Kidssamson – “Sun” (Hebrew)

Kidsgideon – “Mighty Warrior” (Hebrew)

Kidselijah – “My God Is Yahweh” (Hebrew)

Kidsstephen – “Crown” (Greek)

Kidstobias – “God Is Good” (Hebrew)

Kidsmark – “Warlike” (Latin)

Kidsuriel – “God Is My Light” (Hebrew)

Kidsraphael – “God Has Healed” (Hebrew)

Kidsbenjamin – “Son Of The Right Hand” (Hebrew)

Kidsaaron – “High Mountain” (Hebrew)

Kidsisaiah – “Yahweh Is Salvation” (Hebrew)

Kidsmichael – “Who Is Like God?” (Hebrew)

Kidsgabriel – “God Is My Strength” (Hebrew)

Kidsdaniel – “God Is My Judge” (Hebrew)

Kidsjonah – “Dove” (Hebrew)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “KIDS”


Ancient Greek Philosopher Known For His Contributions To Ethics And The Socratic Method Of Questioning.


Roman Stoic Philosopher, Playwright, And Statesman, Known For His Moral Essays And Plays.


Samuel l. Jackson, Acclaimed American Actor Known For His Roles In “Pulp Fiction,” “Django Unchained,” And The Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Stevie Wonder, Legendary American Singer-Songwriter, Musician, And Record Producer, Known For His Soulful Voice And Iconic Hits.


Salvador Dalí, Influential Spanish Surrealist Artist Known For His Eccentricity And Groundbreaking Artworks.


Sigmund Freud, Austrian Neurologist And Founder Of Psychoanalysis, Revolutionized The Understanding Of The Human Mind.


William Shakespeare, Renowned English Playwright And Poet, Widely Regarded As The Greatest Writer In The English Language.


Socrates (Brazier), British Dj And Music Producer Known For His Contributions To The Drum And Bass Genre.


Stanley Kubrick, Iconic American Film Director Known For Groundbreaking Works Such As “2001: a Space Odyssey” And “a Clockwork Orange.”


Spike Lee, Acclaimed American Film Director, Producer, And Screenwriter Known For His Socially Conscious Films Addressing Race Relations And Urban Issues.

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