220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “CUT”

Are you searching for a unique and uncommon name for your baby boy? Look no further than names that start with “CUT”.

These names are not only unusual, but also have a strong and impactful sound that will make your son stand out from the crowd.

From traditional names like Cutter and Cuthbert to more modern options like Cutler and Cutler, there is a wide range of choices to choose from.

Whether you want a name that evokes strength and power or one that is more whimsical and playful, there is a “CUT” name out there for every preference.

In this article, we will explore some of the best boy names that start with “CUT” and delve into their meanings and origins.

So if you’re looking for a name that is both distinctive and memorable, consider one of these unique “CUT” names for your little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “CUT”

Cutler – “one who cuts wood” (English)

Cutberto – “bright cutter” (Spanish)

Cutlero – “skilled cutter” (Spanish)

Cutlerius – “sharp cutter” (Greek)

Cutland – “land of cutters” (English)

Cutbert – “bright cutter” (English)

Cutberto – “bright cutter” (Spanish)

Cutbertus – “bright cutter” (Greek)

Cutlery – “maker of cutlery” (English)

Cutberto – “bright cutter” (Spanish)

Cuthbert – “famous cutter” (English)

Cuthberto – “famous cutter” (Spanish)

Cutbertas – “bright cutter” (Greek)

Cutlas – “shortened form of cutlass” (English)

Cutlaso – “shortened form of cutlass” (Spanish)

Cutlano – “skilled cutter” (Spanish)

Cutlasios – “shortened form of cutlass” (Greek)

Cutwater – “water that cuts” (English)

Cutabio – “life cutter” (Spanish)

Cutario – “brave cutter” (Spanish)

Cutarius – “cutter” (Greek)

Cutson – “son of the cutter” (English)

Cutiano – “blessed cutter” (Spanish)

Cutius – “skilled cutter” (Greek)

Cutmond – “protector of cutters” (English)

Cutildo – “bold cutter” (Spanish)

Cutran – “wise cutter” (English)

Cutramiro – “famous cutter” (Spanish)

Cutomar – “renowned cutter” (English)

Cutimio – “beloved cutter” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "CUT"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “CUT”

Cutaro – “brave cutter” (Spanish)

Cutio – “clever cutter” (English)

Cutario – “adventurous cutter” (Spanish)

Cuton – “steadfast cutter” (English)

Cutario – “courageous cutter” (Spanish)

Cutrian – “wise cutter” (English)

Cutias – “determined cutter” (Spanish)

Cuteno – “gentle cutter” (English)

Cutador – “strong cutter” (Spanish)

Cutimus – “noble cutter” (Greek)

Cutaro – “bold cutter” (Spanish)

Cutrico – “powerful cutter” (English)

Cutavo – “valiant cutter” (Spanish)

Cutario – “fearless cutter” (Spanish)

Cutias – “skilled cutter” (Greek)

Cutaro – “daring cutter” (Spanish)

Cutimo – “intelligent cutter” (English)

Cutelo – “brilliant cutter” (Spanish)

Cutagio – “adaptable cutter” (Spanish)

Cutos – “resilient cutter” (Greek)

Cutavius – “victorious cutter” (English)

Cutino – “graceful cutter” (Spanish)

Cutino – “innovative cutter” (English)

Cutario – “loyal cutter” (Spanish)

Cutimo – “resourceful cutter” (English)

Cutico – “charming cutter” (Spanish)

Cutimio – “visionary cutter” (English)

Cutaro – “dynamic cutter” (Spanish)

Cutazo – “ambitious cutter” (Spanish)

Cutimo – “insightful cutter” (English)

Unique “CUT” Names for Boys

Cutario – “bright cutter” (Spanish)

Cutwell – “healthy cutter” (English)

Cutrado – “wise cutter” (Spanish)

Cutalios – “cutter of the people” (Greek)

Cutmar – “famous cutter” (English)

Cutito – “little cutter” (Spanish)

Cutrios – “mighty cutter” (Greek)

Cutlandis – “from the land of cutters” (English)

Cutaro – “warrior cutter” (Spanish)

Cutagos – “leader cutter” (Greek)

Cutarian – “adventurous cutter” (English)

Cutalio – “brave cutter” (Spanish)

Cutrion – “skilled cutter” (Greek)

Cutleigh – “meadow of cutters” (English)

Cutaldo – “noble cutter” (Spanish)

Cutanius – “divine cutter” (Greek)

Cutlin – “joyful cutter” (English)

Cutaro – “defender cutter” (Spanish)

Cutulos – “victorious cutter” (Greek)

Cutsoni – “son of the cutter” (English)

Cutaro – “daring cutter” (Spanish)

Cutagoras – “wise cutter” (Greek)

Cutford – “ford of the cutter” (English)

Cutario – “courageous cutter” (Spanish)

Cutimachos – “battle-ready cutter” (Greek)

Cutsoni – “beloved cutter” (English)

Cutavio – “brave cutter” (Spanish)

Cutakos – “sharp cutter” (Greek)

Cutsworth – “worthy cutter” (English)

Cutaro – “steadfast cutter” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “CUT”

Cutlandon – “land of cutters” (English)

Cutaldo – “noble cutter” (Spanish)

Cutophon – “voice of the cutter” (Greek)

Cutford – “ford of the cutter” (English)

Cutario – “brave cutter” (Spanish)

Cutarchus – “ruling cutter” (Greek)

Cutlon – “from the valley of cutters” (English)

Cutino – “skilled cutter” (Spanish)

Cutocrates – “wise cutter” (Greek)

Cutwell – “healthy cutter” (English)

Cutaldo – “noble cutter” (Spanish)

Cutandre – “manly cutter” (Greek)

Cutford – “ford of the cutter” (English)

Cutaro – “warrior cutter” (Spanish)

Cutandros – “strong cutter” (Greek)

Cutley – “pleasant cutter” (English)

Cutico – “charming cutter” (Spanish)

Cutophon – “voice of the cutter” (Greek)

Cutmar – “famous cutter” (English)

Cutello – “cutter of happiness” (Spanish)

Cutandro – “brave cutter” (Greek)

Cutson – “son of the cutter” (English)

Cutavio – “brave cutter” (Spanish)

Cutarios – “cutter of the people” (Greek)

Cutward – “guardian cutter” (English)

Cutano – “cutter of dreams” (Spanish)

Cutiphus – “friend of cutters” (Greek)

Cutwell – “healthy cutter” (English)

Cutiano – “blessed cutter” (Spanish)

Cutocles – “glory of cutters” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “CUT”

Cutaro – “brave warrior” (Japanese)

Cutto – “sharp” (Italian)

Cutan – “courageous leader” (Turkish)

Cutun – “bringer of light” (Kurdish)

Cutin – “intelligent” (Russian)

Cutí – “visionary” (Czech)

Cutu – “strong” (Fijian)

Cuti – “warrior” (Tahitian)

Cutar – “moonlight” (Arabic)

Cuta – “golden” (Swahili)

Cutiyar – “lion-hearted” (Kurdish)

Cutabi – “noble birth” (Swahili)

Cutón – “skilled craftsman” (Spanish)

Cutik – “bringer of joy” (Armenian)

Cutsha – “peaceful” (Zulu)

Cutio – “wise counselor” (Portuguese)

Cutux – “he who conquers” (Basque)

Cutto – “determined” (Samoan)

Cutran – “blessed” (Vietnamese)

Cutov – “steadfast” (Ukrainian)

Cutzu – “protector” (Mandarin)

Cutin – “adventurous” (Hungarian)

Cuti – “healer” (Lithuanian)

Cutario – “admirable” (Italian)

Cutal – “resilient” (Albanian)

Cutier – “graceful” (French)

Cutos – “bringer of joy” (Galician)

Cutanu – “noble spirit” (Hawaiian)

Cutio – “gifted one” (Esperanto)

Cutiyas – “divine strength” (Sanskrit)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “CUT”

Cuterry – “joyful soul” (English)

Cutre – “sparkling” (Spanish)

Cutelan – “graceful one” (English)

Cutito – “little one” (Spanish)

Cutelios – “beloved child” (Greek)

Cutino – “bright star” (English)

Cutera – “bringer of happiness” (Spanish)

Cutiko – “precious one” (Spanish)

Cutelis – “tender blossom” (Greek)

Cutalee – “peaceful spirit” (English)

Cutino – “innocent heart” (Spanish)

Cuteron – “timeless beauty” (Greek)

Cutelle – “charming presence” (English)

Cutaro – “adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Cutelos – “pure soul” (Greek)

Cuten – “sweet and gentle” (English)

Cutico – “caring soul” (Spanish)

Cutephon – “harmony and peace” (Greek)

Cuterry – “free spirit” (English)

Cutina – “little treasure” (Spanish)

Cutolos – “joyful wanderer” (Greek)

Cutelon – “bright light” (English)

Cutivo – “creative mind” (Spanish)

Cutophon – “musical soul” (Greek)

Cutely – “adorable charm” (English)

Cutivo – “imaginative dreamer” (Spanish)

Cutophos – “wise and thoughtful” (Greek)

Cuter – “gentle soul” (English)

Cutilo – “playful spirit” (Spanish)

Cutos – “blessed and fortunate” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “CUT”

Cutiph – “devoted to God” (English)

Cutanius – “follower of Christ” (Greek)

Cutavior – “savior” (English)

Cutuel – “God is my strength” (Spanish)

Cutarius – “servant of God” (Greek)

Cutifer – “bearer of the cross” (English)

Cutistos – “holy and righteous” (Greek)

Cutael – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Cutonius – “dedicated to God” (Greek)

Cutario – “beloved of God” (Spanish)

Cutanuel – “angel of God” (Spanish)

Cuton – “faithful servant” (Greek)

Cutián – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Cutarch – “chief priest” (Greek)

Cutanuel – “messenger of God” (Spanish)

Cuti – “God’s chosen one” (Greek)

Cutmanuel – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Cutotokos – “mother of God” (Greek)

Cutavio – “God’s strength” (Spanish)

Cutitheos – “follower of God” (Greek)

Cutiel – “God’s promise” (Spanish)

Cutagoras – “teacher of truth” (Greek)

Cutiel – “divine messenger” (Spanish)

Cutodomaios – “servant of the Lord” (Greek)

Cutaristo – “blessed by God” (Spanish)

Cutophon – “voice of God” (Greek)

Cutio – “beloved of the Lord” (Spanish)

Cutagios – “holy and pure” (Greek)

Cutidoro – “gift from God” (Spanish)

Cutangelos – “messenger of the angels” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “CUT”

Cuttino Mobley

Former professional basketball player known for his sharp shooting skills and defensive prowess.

Cutberto Pérez

Renowned Mexican painter celebrated for his vibrant and emotive artworks capturing the essence of rural life.


Esteemed Indian cricketer who holds numerous records in the sport and is celebrated as one of the greatest all-rounders of all time.


Influential American entrepreneur who revolutionized the tech industry with his innovative startups and philanthropic initiatives.

Cut Chemist

Pioneering American DJ and music producer recognized for his groundbreaking contributions to hip-hop and turntablism.

Cutler Beckett

Fictional character from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series, known for his cunning and manipulative nature as a British East India Company official.


Acclaimed Argentine comic book artist famous for co-creating iconic characters such as “Mort & Phil” and “Las Puertitas del Sr. López”.

Cutty Sark

Legendary British clipper ship renowned for its record-breaking speed and historic voyages during the golden age of sail.

Cuthbert Collingwood

Distinguished British naval officer who played a pivotal role in the Battle of Trafalgar, earning him lasting recognition as a hero of the Napoleonic Wars.


Brazilian billionaire businessman known for his significant contributions to the global citrus industry and philanthropic endeavors.

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