220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “GY”

Are you on the hunt for a unique name for your baby boy? Look no further! In this article, we’ll be exploring a selection of boy names that start with “GY”.

These names are not only rare and distinctive but could also carry significant meaning and heritage.

Whether you’re drawn to names with a strong, masculine sound or ones that are more traditional and timeless, you’re sure to find something that resonates with you in our list.

Choosing a name for your child is a big decision and it can often feel overwhelming with so many options to consider.

However, if you’re on the lookout for something different, starting with the letters “GY” might just be the perfect place to start.

From Gytha to Gyorgy, Gyovanni to Gyuri, these names offer a refreshing and modern twist on traditional boy names.

Get ready to be inspired by this collection of unique and eye-catching names that all share the rare quality of starting with “GY”.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “GY”

Gyles – “Pledge” (English)

Gyan – “Knowledge” (Spanish)

Gyasi – “Wonderful child” (Spanish)

György – “Farmer” (Spanish)

Gyula – “Youthful” (Spanish)

Gyanendra – “King of knowledge” (Spanish)

Gyno – “Born of noble descent” (Greek)

Gylfi – “Wolf” (Spanish)

Gyro – “Circle” (Greek)

Gylmar – “Famous pledge” (English)

Gyozo – “Defender” (Spanish)

Gylen – “Gentle breeze” (English)

Gyasi – “Wonderful” (Spanish)

Gyrgir – “Spear of God” (Spanish)

Gyanesh – “Lord of knowledge” (Spanish)

Gyorgy – “Farmer” (Hebrew)

Gynther – “Battle warrior” (Hebrew)

Gyala – “King” (Hebrew)

Gyapong – “God is good” (Hebrew)

Gyanu – “Knowledgeable” (Hebrew)

Gyorgi – “Farmer” (Hebrew)

Gylfi – “Wolf” (Hebrew)

Gympie – “Meeting place” (Hebrew)

Gyanan – “Full of knowledge” (Hebrew)

Gyuri – “Farmer” (Hebrew)

Gyala – “King” (Hebrew)

Gyrth – “Spear strength” (Old English)

Gyrfalcon – “Bird of prey” (English)

Gyuto – “Victorious” (Hebrew)

Gyo – “Fish” (Hebrew)

Boy Names That Start with "GY"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “GY”

Gylen – “Son of the river” (English)

Gyrus – “Circle” (Greek)

Gylando – “Noble wolf” (English)

Gynoel – “Born of noble descent” (Spanish)

Gyven – “Life” (English)

Gyrios – “Pilgrim” (Greek)

Gylar – “Free-spirited” (English)

Gyver – “High-minded” (English)

Gyandro – “Brave man” (Spanish)

Gysen – “Son of the earth” (English)

Gyston – “Stony place” (English)

Gyunis – “Unique” (Greek)

Gyance – “Graceful” (Spanish)

Gylis – “Noble pledge” (English)

Gystas – “Swift” (Greek)

Gyuven – “Bringer of life” (English)

Gyzar – “Warrior” (English)

Gynuel – “Gift from God” (Spanish)

Gysias – “Protector” (Greek)

Gylian – “Youthful” (English)

Gyvano – “Life-giving” (Spanish)

Gytero – “Adventurous” (English)

Gyranth – “Ruler of circles” (Greek)

Gyxen – “Born of strength” (English)

Gyanco – “Wise counsel” (Spanish)

Gyroth – “Strong spirit” (English)

Gyser – “Ocean” (English)

Gyrios – “Leader” (Greek)

Gyxander – “Defender of the people” (English)

Gyzmo – “Innovative” (English)

Unique “GY” Names for Boys

Gylian – “Moonlight” (English)

Gyvano – “Visionary” (Spanish)

Gyris – “Majestic” (Greek)

Gyroso – “Energetic” (English)

Gyante – “Clever” (Spanish)

Gythos – “Spirit of the forest” (Greek)

Gyvrik – “Explorer” (English)

Gynato – “Born leader” (Spanish)

Gyptan – “Dancer” (Greek)

Gysaro – “Loyal friend” (English)

Gyndor – “Golden heart” (Spanish)

Gyntos – “Dreamer” (Greek)

Gyrolix – “Inventive” (English)

Gynesis – “Beginning” (Spanish)

Gyptos – “Wise one” (Greek)

Gyvex – “Swift and strong” (English)

Gynazo – “Champion” (Spanish)

Gyntel – “Pure spirit” (Greek)

Gyrius – “Radiant” (English)

Gystavo – “Esteemed” (Spanish)

Gyptus – “Guardian” (Greek)

Gylaro – “Nurturing” (English)

Gyndrix – “Warrior of the sun” (Spanish)

Gyvlos – “Adaptable” (Greek)

Gynor – “Lover of nature” (English)

Gytus – “Brilliant mind” (Spanish)

Gyrald – “Strong and noble” (Greek)

Gyvano – “Harmony” (English)

Gynex – “Eloquent” (Spanish)

Gyrozo – “Mysterious” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “GY”

Gyleson – “Son of the noble pledge” (English)

Gylenius – “Graceful and noble” (Greek)

Gyvante – “Eternal life” (Spanish)

Gynold – “Eternal ruler” (English)

Gyrius – “Timeless strength” (Greek)

Gylando – “Timeless wolf” (English)

Gystavio – “Everlasting” (Spanish)

Gytheron – “Eternal protector” (English)

Gyrgios – “Timeless farmer” (Greek)

Gylberto – “Bright pledge” (Spanish)

Gynero – “Timeless hero” (English)

Gylakos – “Sweet voice” (Greek)

Gyvenzo – “Enduring life” (Spanish)

Gylden – “Timeless valley” (English)

Gythanos – “Eternal spirit” (Greek)

Gylando – “Everlasting wolf” (Spanish)

Gyroso – “Timeless energy” (English)

Gynario – “Forever young” (Spanish)

Gytherius – “Eternal ruler” (Greek)

Gylford – “Timeless river crossing” (English)

Gynikos – “Enduring victory” (Greek)

Gyvero – “Timeless warrior” (Spanish)

Gytis – “Timeless wisdom” (Lithuanian)

Gypris – “Eternal love” (Greek)

Gynton – “Timeless town” (English)

Gysander – “Defender of time” (Greek)

Gylando – “Evergreen wolf” (Spanish)

Gyrothos – “Timeless spirit” (Greek)

Gylasius – “Enduring light” (English)

Gyneiros – “Timeless dreamer” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “GY”

Gyldor – “Golden gift” (Old Norse)

Gyaneshwar – “Lord of knowledge” (Sanskrit)

György – “Farmer” (Hungarian)

Gyala – “King” (Tibetan)

Gyrfalcon – “Bird of prey” (Old Norse)

Gyvenas – “Life” (Lithuanian)

Gyges – “Ring” (Ancient Greek)

Gylas – “Moonlight” (Lithuanian)

Gyalo – “Joyful” (Tibetan)

Gyula – “Youthful” (Hungarian)

Gylan – “Moon beam” (Persian)

Gynthero – “Brave warrior” (Italian)

Gyokuto – “Jewel” (Japanese)

Gylmaro – “Famous pledge” (Italian)

Gynestas – “Noble” (Lithuanian)

Gysberto – “Bright pledge” (Dutch)

Gylfi – “Wolf” (Old Norse)

Gyanto – “Harmony” (Tibetan)

Gyorgios – “Tiller of the earth” (Greek)

Gysario – “Loyal friend” (Italian)

Gyalbu – “Victorious” (Tibetan)

Gyano – “Gift of God” (Italian)

Gyurme – “Eternal” (Tibetan)

Gyongyi – “Pearl” (Hungarian)

Gyrovi – “Ocean” (Russian)

Gyrius – “Ruler” (Lithuanian)

Gytheo – “God’s gift” (Greek)

Gylden – “Golden” (Danish)

Gyopo – “Overseas Korean” (Korean)

Gyrard – “Strong spear” (French)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “GY”

Gylden – “Golden” (English)

Gyaro – “Adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Gynix – “Innovative thinker” (English)

Gyrene – “Peaceful sea” (Greek)

Gyler – “Lively and spirited” (English)

Gysel – “Hostage” (Spanish)

Gylen – “Valley of angels” (English)

Gyvian – “Life-giving” (English)

Gyran – “Graceful” (Greek)

Gysar – “Guardian of the stars” (English)

Gyota – “Sky dancer” (Spanish)

Gyvus – “Enthusiastic” (English)

Gynoel – “Gift of light” (Spanish)

Gyris – “Timeless charm” (Greek)

Gylos – “Joyful heart” (English)

Gyanix – “Wisdom seeker” (English)

Gyrendo – “Enduring love” (Spanish)

Gypto – “Free spirit” (English)

Gynae – “Gentle soul” (Greek)

Gysto – “Artistic talent” (English)

Gyrel – “Beloved” (Spanish)

Gyrus – “Circular motion” (Greek)

Gyten – “Mountain of strength” (English)

Gyxar – “Brilliant star” (Spanish)

Gyrae – “Evergreen” (English)

Gytis – “Noble one” (Greek)

Gyvah – “Full of life” (English)

Gynum – “Harmony” (Spanish)

Gystra – “Creative energy” (English)

Gylis – “Luminous” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “GY”

Gytheos – “God’s gift” (Greek)

Gylan – “God is gracious” (English)

Gyrios – “Lord” (Greek)

Gystavo – “Divinely favored” (Spanish)

Gytheron – “Divine protector” (English)

Gylmaro – “Famous pledge of God” (Spanish)

Gynelios – “God’s light” (Greek)

Gyrdan – “Judge appointed by God” (English)

Gynuel – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Gyrius – “Devoted to God” (Greek)

Gyleto – “Chosen by God” (Spanish)

Gynario – “Godly warrior” (English)

Gyptos – “Guardian of the faith” (Greek)

Gystavo – “Divine strength” (Spanish)

Gyrthos – “Servant of God” (Greek)

Gyroso – “God’s energy” (English)

Gynesto – “God’s creation” (Spanish)

Gyntos – “Devout spirit” (Greek)

Gytis – “God’s wisdom” (Lithuanian)

Gyvero – “God’s warrior” (Spanish)

Gypris – “Beloved of God” (Greek)

Gylarus – “Praise of God” (Spanish)

Gyvano – “God’s gift of life” (English)

Gyntelios – “God’s purity” (Greek)

Gysario – “God’s loyal friend” (Spanish)

Gyrothos – “God’s spirit” (Greek)

Gyvaldo – “Divine ruler” (Spanish)

Gysias – “God’s protector” (Greek)

Gybriel – “God is my strength” (English)

Gymeros – “Devoted servant of God” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “GY”

György Ligeti

Renowned Hungarian composer, known for his avant-garde and innovative contributions to contemporary classical music. His works include “Atmosphères” and “Lux Aeterna.”

Gyula Grosics

Esteemed Hungarian footballer and part of the “Golden Team” that won the Olympic title in 1952 and reached the World Cup final in 1954.

György Pálfi

Notable Hungarian film director recognized for his unique and surreal cinematic style, with films like “Taxidermia” gaining international acclaim.

Gyasi Zardes

Description: American professional soccer player, known for his prolific goal-scoring ability. He has played for the LA Galaxy and the U.S. Men’s National Team.

Gyula Sax

Hungarian chess grandmaster and one of the leading players in the world during the 1970s and 1980s, known for his strategic brilliance.

Gyula Andrássy

Influential Hungarian statesman and diplomat, serving as Prime Minister and later as Foreign Minister, playing a key role in the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867.

Gyula Károlyi

Hungarian aristocrat and politician, who became the first Prime Minister of Hungary in 1848 during the Revolution, advocating for liberal reforms.

Gyula Breyer

Renowned Hungarian chess player from the early 20th century, known for his aggressive and imaginative playing style.

Gyula Krúdy

Celebrated Hungarian writer and journalist, best known for his extensive literary works, including novels and short stories, capturing the spirit of early 20th-century Hungary.

Gyula Háy

Contemporary Hungarian author recognized for his novels and essays, often exploring themes of identity and cultural changes in modern society.

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