220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “FU”

When it comes to naming a baby boy, there are countless options to choose from.

Some parents may opt for traditional names while others may seek out more unique and unconventional choices.

For those looking for a one-of-a-kind moniker, boy names that start with “FU” may be the perfect option.

From Fudo to Fulbert, these names offer a distinctive and eye-catching appeal that sets them apart from more common choices.

Whether you’re drawn to the strong and bold sound of names like Fulk or the softer, more lyrical quality of names like Fulvio, there is a wide range of options to consider.

Whether you’re looking for a name with historical significance or simply want something that stands out from the crowd, boy names that start with “FU” provide a wealth of possibilities.

In this article, we will explore some of the most intriguing and captivating “FU” names, along with their meanings and origins.

So if you’re in search of a truly unique and unforgettable name for your little one, look no further than the world of boy names that start with “FU”.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “FU”

Fulton – “Settlement by the field” (English)

Fuentes – “Fountains” (Spanish)

Fúlvio – “Blond” (Spanish)

Fuller – “Cloth dresser” (English)

Fulgencio – “Shining, bright” (Spanish)

Fyodor – “God’s gift” (English)

Funchal – “Fennel” (Spanish)

Fustos – “Vigorous” (Greek)

Furio – “Fiery” (Spanish)

Fynn – “Fair” (English)

Fuego – “Fire” (Spanish)

Fokion – “Seal” (Greek)

Fuji – “Wisteria” (English)

Fulvio – “Blond” (Spanish)

Fulgentius – “Shining, bright” (English)

Fuentes – “Fountains” (Greek)

Furst – “First” (English)

Fuente – “Source” (Spanish)

Fynnian – “Fair” (Greek)

Fulgencio – “Shining, bright” (Greek)

Fulton – “Settlement by the field” (Greek)

Fulvio – “Blond” (Greek)

Furgus – “Vigorous” (English)

Furius – “Furious” (Greek)

Fuentes – “Fountains” (English)

Fynn – “Fair” (Spanish)

Fustos – “Vigorous” (Spanish)

Fulvius – “Blond” (English)

Furio – “Fiery” (Greek)

Fuego – “Fire” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "FU"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “FU”

Fudge – “Sweet dessert” (English)

Fuster – “Carpenter” (Spanish)

Fulano – “Someone” (Spanish)

Furyx – “Furious” (Greek)

Furlow – “Hill of ferns” (English)

Fuerte – “Strong” (Spanish)

Fulgo – “Shining” (Greek)

Funky – “Modern and stylish” (English)

Fuego – “Fire” (English)

Fulgor – “Brightness” (Spanish)

Funnix – “Phoenix-like” (Greek)

Fulvio – “Yellow-haired” (English)

Fumero – “Smoky” (Spanish)

Fulakas – “Guardian” (Greek)

Fulmin – “Thunderbolt” (English)

Fuentez – “Fountain-like” (Spanish)

Futurus – “Future” (Latin)

Furbio – “Sly” (Italian)

Fuego – “Fire” (Spanish)

Furlin – “Little knight” (English)

Fulminar – “To strike with lightning” (Spanish)

Funaro – “Boatman” (Italian)

Furidis – “Fiery” (Greek)

Fuerte – “Strong” (English)

Fulgor – “Brightness” (Greek)

Furlong – “Long furrow” (English)

Fustan – “Gown” (Albanian)

Futurus – “Future” (English)

Fussas – “Bright, shining” (Greek)

Fulgor – “Brightness” (English)

Unique “FU” Names for Boys

Fulgent – “Shining brightly” (English)

Fustan – “Tunic” (Albanian)

Fulvian – “Yellow-haired” (Latin)

Fumio – “Literary hero” (Japanese)

Furcio – “Blunder” (Spanish)

Funaros – “Shipmate” (Greek)

Furman – “Strong man” (English)

Fulgora – “Glow, brilliance” (Latin)

Furtivo – “Stealthy, elusive” (Spanish)

Furian – “Fierce” (Latin)

Fustis – “Rod” (Latin)

Fuston – “Fruit tree” (English)

Furtado – “Stolen” (Portuguese)

Fulcrum – “Supporting point” (Latin)

Funk – “Funky, cool” (English)

Furmano – “Kind-hearted” (Italian)

Furvus – “Dark, swarthy” (Latin)

Fugato – “Fugue-like” (Italian)

Futuro – “Future” (Spanish)

Fulgentius – “Bright, shining” (Latin)

Fulardo – “Courageous” (Italian)

Funakoshi – “Boat origin” (Japanese)

Fuberto – “Bright fame” (Italian)

Furmanos – “Brotherly” (Spanish)

Fulcian – “Little wolf” (Latin)

Fulson – “Son of the wind” (English)

Fulgenzio – “Dazzling” (Italian)

Fucile – “Rifle” (Italian)

Furvios – “Fierce, cruel” (Latin)

Funnaro – “Funny, humorous” (Italian)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “FU”

Fulk – “People’s guardian” (English)

Fulgenciano – “Dazzling” (Spanish)

Futuros – “Future” (Greek)

Fulton – “Riverside town” (English)

Fulvio – “Yellow-haired” (Italian)

Fustan – “Tunic” (Albanian)

Fustis – “Rod” (Latin)

Furius – “Furious” (Latin)

Fuentes – “Fountains” (Spanish)

Fygas – “Fugitive” (Greek)

Fugatos – “Fugue-like” (Greek)

Furman – “Strong man” (English)

Furtivo – “Stealthy, elusive” (Spanish)

Fulgentius – “Shining, bright” (Latin)

Furlan – “From Friuli region” (Italian)

Fulciano – “Little wolf” (Italian)

Fugitivo – “Fugitive” (Spanish)

Fullan – “Cub” (Old English)

Furlow – “Meadow with ferns” (English)

Fulgora – “Brightness” (Latin)

Fulgosio – “Shining, radiant” (Italian)

Furioso – “Furious” (Italian)

Fulmore – “Moor full of flowers” (English)

Fufio – “Muttering” (Latin)

Fuscus – “Dark” (Latin)

Furia – “Anger, fury” (Spanish)

Fullerton – “Village with a spring” (English)

Fulvio – “Blond” (Italian)

Furner – “Baker” (English)

Fullipos – “Lover of horses” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “FU”

Fudzuki – “Wisteria moon” (Japanese)

Fulvianu – “Yellow-haired” (Corsican)

Fusheng – “Abundant life” (Chinese)

Fumito – “History” (Japanese)

Furtado – “Stolen” (Portuguese)

Futaba – “Double leaf” (Japanese)

Fuchuro – “Lucky son” (Japanese)

Fuman – “Turbulent” (Turkish)

Futou – “Wind blade” (Japanese)

Fulmineo – “Lightning-like” (Italian)

Futrell – “Hillside with clearings” (English)

Fudo – “Immovable” (Japanese)

Fuat – “Generosity” (Turkish)

Fuyuki – “Winter snow” (Japanese)

Fumihiko – “Prince of history” (Japanese)

Fuoco – “Fire” (Italian)

Fuzail – “Virtuous” (Arabic)

Futrelli – “Son of the wise one” (Italian)

Fuyu – “Winter” (Japanese)

Fumihito – “Princely man” (Japanese)

Futuro – “Future” (Italian)

Fumikazu – “One who avoids evil” (Japanese)

Fuquan – “Rich in virtue” (Chinese)

Fustanu – “Tunic” (Sicilian)

Futaba – “Double leaf” (Japanese)

Fuxiang – “Blessing” (Chinese)

Fuminori – “Lawful man” (Japanese)

Fuyutsuki – “Winter moon” (Japanese)

Fugui – “Rich and noble” (Chinese)

Futo – “Thick, stout” (Japanese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “FU”

Fulbright – “Full of brightness” (English)

Fustar – “Star” (Spanish)

Fulvian – “Yellow-haired” (Latin)

Futuris – “Future” (Latin)

Fuerte – “Strong” (Spanish)

Fulgur – “Lightning” (Latin)

Fuzio – “Melody” (Spanish)

Fylax – “Guardian” (Greek)

Fulgent – “Shining” (English)

Futuro – “Future” (Spanish)

Furbel – “Beautiful” (English)

Fulgor – “Brightness” (Spanish)

Fyssis – “Nature” (Greek)

Fulvio – “Blond” (Italian)

Fugeo – “Flee” (Latin)

Funesto – “Inauspicious” (Spanish)

Furo – “Wind” (Japanese)

Fugit – “Fleeting” (Latin)

Furlan – “Vigorous” (English)

Fulmina – “Lightning” (Spanish)

Fulcro – “Pivot” (Italian)

Fyllis – “Leaf” (Greek)

Furore – “Fury” (Italian)

Funtan – “Spring” (Sardinian)

Fulgid – “Bright” (English)

Fumus – “Smoke” (Latin)

Furioso – “Furious” (Italian)

Futu – “Future” (Greek)

Fullon – “Cloth dresser” (English)

Furea – “Stolen” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “FU”

Fulgentius – “Radiant, shining” (Latin)

Fuentes – “Fountains” (Spanish)

Fustan – “Robe” (Albanian)

Fustinian – “Adherent of Justinian” (Latin)

Futuros – “Future” (Greek)

Fulcrum – “Support, prop” (Latin)

Furcifer – “Deceiver” (Latin)

Fuxio – “Melody” (Spanish)

Fulvius – “Yellow-haired” (Latin)

Futaba – “Double leaf” (Japanese)

Fudan – “Unwavering” (Arabic)

Fulgor – “Brightness” (Spanish)

Fura – “Thief” (Spanish)

Fultonus – “Abundance” (Latin)

Futaim – “Understanding” (Arabic)

Fulvio – “Fair-haired” (Italian)

Fustos – “Stout, strong” (Greek)

Furcatus – “Forked” (Latin)

Fuentes – “Sources” (Spanish)

Fulciano – “Little wolf” (Italian)

Fulmos – “Lightning” (Greek)

Fustos – “Vigorous” (Greek)

Furio – “Fiery” (Italian)

Fuyuki – “Winter blessings” (Japanese)

Furgus – “Vigorous” (English)

Fulke – “People’s guardian” (English)

Fulgent – “Shining brightly” (English)

Fugatos – “Fugue-like” (Greek)

Fulviano – “Yellow-haired” (Italian)

Furkan – “Criterion for truth” (Arabic)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “FU”

Fudel Castro

Former Cuban revolutionary and politician, led Cuba from 1959 to 2008, known for socialist policies and Cold War influence.

Fulgentius of Ruspe

Christian bishop and theologian, prominent figure in early African Christianity, known for his writings on doctrine.

Fukuzawa Yukichi

Japanese intellectual and educator, founder of Keio University, influential in Japan’s modernization during the Meiji era.

Futabatei Shimei

Japanese novelist and translator, credited with introducing realism to Japanese literature, best known for “Drifting Clouds.”

Fulgencio Batista

Former Cuban military officer and politician, served as the President of Cuba, faced opposition from Fidel Castro during the Cuban Revolution.

Fuad I of Egypt

King of Egypt in the early 20th century, played a key role in the country’s transition from British occupation to independence.

Fulvio Testi

Italian poet and writer, known for his baroque and metaphysical style, a leading figure in 17th-century Italian literature.

Fujio Mitarai

Japanese business executive, Chairman and CEO of Canon Inc., instrumental in Canon’s global expansion and technological advancements.

Fulco Ruffo di Calabria

Italian nobleman, known as Prince Fulco, an aviator and playboy, influential in European high society during the early 20th century.

Fumio Hayasaka

Japanese composer, collaborated with filmmaker Akira Kurosawa on many iconic films, including “Rashomon” and “Seven Samurai.”

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