220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “SEL”

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an important decision, and finding a unique and meaningful name can be a daunting task.

If you’re looking for a name that stands out and starts with the letters “SEL,” then you’ve come to the right place.

In many cultures, names are chosen based on their significance and the qualities they represent.

Names starting with “SEL” are not only distinctive but also have a rich history and cultural significance.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional, trendy, or uncommon names, there are plenty of options to consider.

From classic favorites to modern gems, the possibilities are endless when it comes to boy names that start with “SEL.”

So, if you’re in search of the perfect name for your little one, keep reading for some inspiration and to discover the meanings behind these unique “SEL” names.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “SEL”

Selwyn – “friend in the castle” (English)

Selim – “safe” (English/Arabic)

Selig – “blessed” (German)

Selio – “heavenly” (Spanish)

Selvan – “prosperous” (English)

Selimán – “peaceful” (Spanish/Arabic)

Selvyn – “friend in the woods” (English)

Selio – “sunshine” (Greek)

Selvino – “wild, untamed” (Spanish/Italian)

Selimón – “peaceful” (Spanish)

Selias – “son of the forest” (Greek)

Selvador – “savior” (Spanish)

Seltan – “ruler of the sea” (English)

Selmo – “protector” (Spanish)

Selias – “son of the woods” (Greek)

Seldon – “willow valley” (English)

Seler – “moonlight” (Greek)

Selvando – “brave one” (Spanish)

Selio – “moon god” (Greek)

Selvadoro – “golden savior” (Spanish/Italian)

Selwin – “friend in the meadow” (English)

Selino – “moon” (Greek)

Selric – “ruler with power” (English)

Selvino – “wild” (Spanish/Italian)

Selias – “son of the moon” (Greek)

Selvador – “savior” (Spanish)

Seleneo – “of the moon” (Greek)

Selvino – “forest dweller” (Spanish/Italian)

Selio – “shining one” (Greek)

Selvador – “protector of the wild” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "SEL"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “SEL”

Selas – “light” (Greek)

Selden – “from the willow valley” (English)

Selmo – “wise protector” (Spanish)

Selvato – “wild and untamed” (Italian)

Selion – “son of the moon” (Greek)

Selvino – “brave explorer” (Spanish/Italian)

Selix – “moonbeam” (Greek)

Selvoro – “golden forest” (Spanish/Italian)

Selman – “moonlit night” (English)

Selthor – “thunder of the sea” (English)

Selpio – “wise and shining” (Greek)

Selo – “heavenly” (Spanish)

Selviano – “wildlife guardian” (Spanish/Italian)

Selphos – “light of the moon” (Greek)

Selvas – “forest-born” (Spanish)

Selvind – “wild at heart” (English)

Selrik – “ruler of the meadow” (English)

Seltheo – “divine light” (Greek)

Selver – “guardian of the woods” (English)

Selvino – “brave journey” (Spanish/Italian)

Seltran – “ruler of the stars” (English)

Selvo – “bright and shining” (Spanish)

Selvian – “explorer of the wild” (English)

Selthos – “moonlit guardian” (Greek)

Seldor – “protector of the willow” (English)

Selvato – “wild and free” (Spanish/Italian)

Selsin – “moonlight son” (Greek)

Selviso – “wise protector” (Spanish/Italian)

Selkor – “heart of the forest” (English)

Selvus – “guardian of the wild” (Latin)

Unique “SEL” Names for Boys

Selron – “wise ruler” (English)

Selvero – “truthful” (Spanish)

Selthos – “harmony of the moon” (Greek)

Seleno – “moonlight” (Spanish/Greek)

Selcor – “heart of the forest” (English)

Selvius – “protector of the wild” (Latin)

Selanto – “shining star” (Greek)

Seltaro – “warrior of the moon” (Spanish)

Selvadori – “brave savior” (Italian)

Selpar – “divine wisdom” (Greek)

Selvius – “guardian of the woods” (English)

Seldoro – “golden protector” (Spanish/Italian)

Selpius – “son of the moon” (Latin)

Selcoran – “ruler of the heart” (English)

Selviro – “wise wanderer” (Spanish/Italian)

Seltis – “moonlit journey” (Greek)

Selvigo – “bold explorer” (Spanish/Italian)

Selenios – “moon god” (Greek)

Selanto – “golden protector” (Spanish)

Selpio – “divine light” (Greek)

Selaris – “son of the sea” (English/Greek)

Selvius – “wild spirit” (Latin)

Selquin – “moonlit warrior” (English)

Selvoro – “golden wanderer” (Spanish/Italian)

Selthios – “harmony of the woods” (Greek)

Seltaro – “warrior of the moon” (Spanish)

Selvius – “protector of the wild” (Latin)

Seldoro – “golden protector” (Spanish/Italian)

Selaris – “son of the sea” (English/Greek)

Selvino – “brave journey” (Spanish/Italian)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “SEL”

Selvanus – “blessed” (Latin)

Selhart – “noble protector” (English)

Seleron – “timeless ruler” (English)

Selionis – “moonlit son” (Greek)

Selwinos – “friend of the meadow” (English)

Selvante – “eternal wanderer” (Spanish)

Seltus – “enduring guardian” (Latin)

Selphos – “light of the moon” (Greek)

Selrico – “eternal ruler” (Spanish)

Selpius – “son of time” (Latin)

Selionos – “timeless journey” (Greek)

Selvardo – “timeless protector” (Spanish)

Selwynn – “timeless friend” (English)

Selioth – “timeless god” (Greek)

Seltaro – “timeless warrior” (Spanish)

Selvard – “eternal guardian” (English)

Selinos – “timeless moon” (Greek)

Selvadoris – “eternal savior” (Spanish)

Selwrick – “timeless ruler” (English)

Selionis – “son of time” (Greek)

Selviano – “eternal explorer” (Spanish)

Seltos – “timeless journey” (Greek)

Selmarco – “eternal warrior” (Spanish)

Selvius – “timeless protector” (Latin)

Seltranos – “eternal ruler of the stars” (English/Greek)

Selthoros – “timeless thunder” (Greek)

Selvian – “eternal wanderer” (English)

Seltio – “timeless light” (Greek)

Selvoro – “timeless explorer” (Spanish)

Selthanos – “eternal ruler” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “SEL”

Selimbe – “tranquil” (Swahili)

Selsinov – “moonlit dreamer” (Russian)

Selchek – “light of the soul” (Turkish)

Selnorin – “serene traveler” (Elvish)

Selquan – “radiant warrior” (Mongolian)

Selvirox – “mystical wanderer” (Persian)

Seltariq – “starlight” (Arabic)

Selkai – “ocean whisperer” (Japanese)

Selshek – “harmony seeker” (Korean)

Selvahn – “eternal flame” (Tamil)

Selvishal – “divine protector” (Hindi)

Seliran – “song of the moon” (Farsi)

Selxanto – “golden light” (Esperanto)

Selsol – “sunrise” (Norwegian)

Selquilo – “quiet moon” (Spanish/Esperanto)

Selvando – “explorer of dreams” (Portuguese)

Selbryn – “wind in the trees” (Welsh)

Seltiko – “timeless journey” (Albanian)

Selven – “bright star” (Sanskrit)

Selisar – “gift of the moon” (Malay)

Selveni – “eternal flame” (Maltese)

Selsirio – “heavenly song” (Italian)

Selmont – “serene mountain” (French)

Selnai – “whispering breeze” (Lithuanian)

Selnacht – “nighttime wanderer” (Irish)

Selkozi – “stellar wanderer” (Hungarian)

Selivo – “visionary explorer” (Serbian)

Selwazi – “ocean traveler” (Swahili)

Selrith – “radiant spirit” (Finnish)

Selnord – “northern light” (Scandinavian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “SEL”

Seldon – “willow valley” (English)

Selene – “moon goddess” (Greek)

Selmo – “wise protector” (Spanish)

Selvian – “eternal wanderer” (English)

Selaris – “son of the sea” (Greek)

Selvado – “wild and free” (Spanish)

Selwin – “friend in the meadow” (English)

Selenio – “moonlight” (Greek)

Selpio – “divine light” (Greek)

Selvoro – “golden wanderer” (Spanish)

Seltaro – “warrior of the moon” (Spanish)

Selvy – “bright and happy” (English)

Selanto – “shining star” (Greek)

Selvia – “wildflower” (Spanish)

Seldoro – “golden protector” (Spanish)

Seleris – “harmony of the sea” (English)

Selith – “moonlit melody” (Greek)

Seloro – “timeless traveler” (Spanish)

Selpius – “son of time” (Latin)

Selvia – “wild spirit” (Spanish)

Selaros – “radiant spirit” (Greek)

Selthos – “harmony of the woods” (Greek)

Selvito – “brave explorer” (Spanish)

Seltis – “moonlit journey” (Greek)

Selvian – “explorer of the wild” (English)

Selquin – “moonlit warrior” (English)

Selphy – “serene light” (Greek)

Selvico – “wise and courageous” (Spanish)

Seloro – “golden heart” (Spanish)

Selwyn – “wise friend” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “SEL”

Selaphiel – “prayer of God” (Hebrew)

Selwyn – “blessed friend” (English)

Selpidio – “devoted to prayer” (Spanish)

Selshepherd – “spiritual guide” (English)

Selomo – “peace of God” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Selakios – “follower of the Lord” (Greek)

Selvandor – “servant of God” (Spanish)

Selcanto – “song of praise” (Spanish)

Selpraise – “praising God” (English)

Seltheon – “temple of God” (Greek)

Seldios – “devoted to God” (Spanish/Greek)

Selpiero – “rock of faith” (Italian)

Seltarion – “offering to God” (Greek)

Selphesus – “son of the divine” (Greek)

Selcruz – “cross of salvation” (Spanish)

Selleon – “light of God” (English/Greek)

Selvandos – “God’s servant” (Spanish)

Seltheon – “divine sanctuary” (Greek)

Seldavid – “beloved by God” (English/Hebrew)

Selzion – “place of worship” (Hebrew)

Selsavior – “savior of souls” (English)

Selprisco – “faithful son” (Spanish)

Seltheos – “divine presence” (Greek)

Seljoseph – “God will add” (Spanish/Hebrew)

Selgideon – “mighty warrior of God” (English/Hebrew)

Selrigo – “sacred river” (Spanish)

Selpaulo – “small” (Spanish)

Selcristo – “follower of Christ” (Spanish/Italian)

Selpeter – “rock of faith” (English/Greek)

Selathan – “gift of God” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “SEL”

Selena Gomez

Multitalented American singer, actress, and producer; achieved fame as a Disney Channel star; advocate for mental health awareness and UNICEF ambassador.

Seldon Cooper

Fictional character from “The Big Bang Theory”; a brilliant but socially awkward theoretical physicist with a quirky personality and a love for science.

Selma Hayek

Acclaimed Mexican-American actress and producer; received numerous awards for her performances; known for her advocacy work and philanthropy.

Selhurst Park

Iconic English football stadium in South London; home to Crystal Palace Football Club; hosts various sporting events and concerts.

Selman Waksman

Ukrainian-born American biochemist and microbiologist; discovered streptomycin, the first antibiotic effective against tuberculosis.

Selçuk İnan

Turkish professional footballer; captain of Galatasaray and a key figure in the Turkish national team; known for his skillful play and leadership.

Selar (Star Trek)

Fictional character in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”; a Vulcan Starfleet officer and science officer aboard the USS Enterprise.

Selma Lagerlöf

Swedish author and the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature; known for her novel “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils.”

Selçuk Yulaç

Turkish film director and screenwriter; recognized for his work on critically acclaimed Turkish films like “Gise Memuru.”

Sélim Tuğrul

French-Turkish poet and translator; known for his contributions to Turkish literature and his efforts to promote cultural exchange between France and Turkey.

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