220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “EX”

Are you searching for a unique and distinct name for your baby boy? Look no further, because we’ve got you covered with a list of boy names that start with “EX.”

These names are not only rare and uncommon, but they also exude a certain charm and character that is sure to make your little one stand out from the crowd.

From the exotic and mysterious “Excalibur” to the strong and masculine “Exton,” there is no shortage of intriguing options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a name with a strong historical or cultural significance, or simply want something that sounds cool and modern, you’re bound to find the perfect fit in this diverse selection of names.

So, if you’re ready to give your baby boy a name that is as unique and special as he is, take a look at our list of boy names that start with “EX” and get ready to be inspired!

Popular Boy Names That Start with “EX”

Exander – “defender of the people” (Greek)

Exodus – “a going out; a departure or emigration” (Greek)

Exton – “settlement of ash trees” (English)

Exel – “outstanding, excellent” (Spanish)

Excelino – “excellent, superior” (Spanish)

Exio – “strong, vigorous” (Spanish)

Exekiel – “God will strengthen” (English)

Exzavier – “bright, splendid” (English)

Exar – “masterful” (Greek)

Exekias – “far-reaching” (Greek)

Exley – “meadow of ash trees” (English)

Exequiel – “God will strengthen” (Spanish)

Exmir – “admirable” (Spanish)

Exodio – “pathway, journey” (Spanish)

Exeter – “dweller by the river Exe” (English)

Exairetos – “chosen, preferred” (Greek)

Exilino – “exiled, banished” (Spanish)

Excalibur – “cut steel” (English, legendary origin)

Exene – “stranger, foreigner” (Greek)

Exavier – “bright, splendid” (English)

Exilio – “exile, banishment” (Spanish)

Eximio – “exceptional, outstanding” (Spanish)

Exodos – “exit, way out” (Greek)

Exmund – “protector of the homeland” (English)

Exanderico – “ruler of the people” (Spanish)

Exodo – “exodus, departure” (Spanish)

Exiliano – “exiled, banished” (Spanish)

Exochos – “fertile, productive” (Greek)

Exon – “island of ash trees” (English)

Exion – “outstanding, excellent” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "EX"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “EX”

Exavian – “bright, life-giving” (English)

Exilio – “exile, banishment” (Spanish)

Extonio – “town of ash trees” (English)

Exalio – “ascending, rising” (Spanish)

Exandros – “defender of man” (Greek)

Exilo – “path, way” (Spanish)

Exston – “stone of ash trees” (English)

Exemplar – “perfect example” (English)

Exilio – “exile, banishment” (Spanish)

Exarion – “mighty ruler” (Greek)

Exaltio – “to elevate, raise up” (Spanish)

Exilio – “journey, path” (Spanish)

Exorian – “from the east” (English)

Exaro – “to plow, cultivate” (Spanish)

Exilio – “exile, banishment” (Spanish)

Exarios – “excellent, superior” (Greek)

Extron – “strong and wise” (English)

Exalio – “ascending, rising” (Spanish)

Exemplario – “exemplary, outstanding” (Spanish)

Exodos – “exit, way out” (Greek)

Exaviero – “bright, splendid” (Spanish)

Exurbio – “outskirts of the city” (Spanish)

Exodos – “departure, exit” (Greek)

Exito – “success, achievement” (Spanish)

Exorian – “explorer, adventurer” (English)

Exalto – “to elevate, exalt” (Spanish)

Exodio – “pathway, journey” (Spanish)

Exilio – “exile, banishment” (Spanish)

Exolon – “from a foreign land” (English)

Exarco – “ruler, leader” (Greek)

Unique “EX” Names for Boys

Exavianth – “bright spirit” (English)

Exaltus – “exalted, elevated” (Latin)

Exetero – “beyond the river” (Spanish)

Exiliose – “pathfinder, trailblazer” (Spanish)

Exophos – “bright light” (Greek)

Exertio – “strong and energetic” (Latin)

Exuro – “to burn, blaze” (Latin)

Exquilo – “calm, serene” (Spanish)

Expanseo – “to expand, spread” (Latin)

Exomos – “outside the norm” (Greek)

Exelis – “noble, distinguished” (Latin)

Exotico – “unique, exotic” (Spanish)

Exsilium – “place of exile” (Latin)

Exordio – “beginning, origin” (Spanish)

Exuberio – “abundant, overflowing” (Spanish)

Exorto – “to encourage, stimulate” (Latin)

Exilis – “thin, slender” (Latin)

Exilaro – “to bring joy, delight” (Spanish)

Exolito – “isolated, remote” (Latin)

Exarchos – “ruler from afar” (Greek)

Exulto – “to rejoice, celebrate” (Latin)

Exordio – “starting point, introduction” (Spanish)

Exilico – “related to exile” (Spanish)

Exaltor – “one who elevates” (Latin)

Exominos – “extraordinary, exceptional” (Greek)

Excidio – “destruction, ruin” (Latin)

Exmundo – “out of the world” (Spanish)

Exsolvo – “to release, set free” (Latin)

Exolito – “foreign, alien” (Spanish)

Exidion – “journey, expedition” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “EX”

Exarion – “noble ruler” (English)

Exaltio – “to elevate, uplift” (Latin)

Exeteros – “beyond, distant” (Greek)

Exiliose – “explorer, adventurer” (French)

Excalo – “swift, agile” (Latin)

Exquisite – “finely crafted, elegant” (English)

Exanderos – “defender of the people” (Greek)

Exemplaris – “exemplary, outstanding” (Latin)

Exolar – “to illuminate, shine” (Latin)

Exudeo – “to emanate, exude” (Latin)

Exuberantio – “overflowing with vitality” (Latin)

Exilo – “to wander, roam” (Latin)

Exaudo – “to hear clearly, listen” (Latin)

Exanimo – “full of life, spirited” (Latin)

Exilio – “to go out, exit” (Latin)

Exoni – “from the East” (Latin)

Exstello – “to shine brightly” (Latin)

Exomo – “outside, external” (Greek)

Exara – “to build, construct” (Greek)

Exogreco – “out of Greek origin” (Spanish)

Exordio – “beginning, commencement” (Spanish)

Exorbito – “to exceed, surpass” (Latin)

Exanimis – “lifeless, without breath” (Latin)

Exsource – “a great origin” (English)

Eximius – “exceptional, extraordinary” (Latin)

Exotico – “unusual, exotic” (Spanish)

Expatro – “from a distant fatherland” (Latin)

Exurgio – “to rise, emerge” (Latin)

Exclaimo – “to exclaim, shout out” (Latin)

Extonus – “resounding, echoing” (Latin)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “EX”

Exotrikos – “exotic” (Greek)

Exotique – “unique, foreign” (French)

Exotano – “foreigner, outsider” (Spanish)

Exotilo – “uncommon, rare” (Spanish)

Exotario – “explorer of foreign lands” (Italian)

Exotico – “exotic, unusual” (Spanish)

Exotar – “one who comes from afar” (Latin)

Exotrend – “trendsetter, fashion-forward” (English)

Exotero – “beyond borders” (Greek)

Exotanto – “intriguing and mysterious” (Spanish)

Exotivo – “foreign, international” (Spanish)

Exotilo – “from a distant land” (Spanish)

Exolito – “stranger, outsider” (Spanish)

Exotium – “faraway place” (Latin)

Exotico – “uncommon, exotic” (Italian)

Exotero – “beyond the horizon” (Greek)

Exofaro – “foreigner, outsider” (Spanish)

Exotico – “unique, foreign” (Portuguese)

Exotario – “explorer of foreign lands” (Spanish)

Exotelo – “beyond the ordinary” (Spanish)

Exotico – “exotic, rare” (Italian)

Exodoro – “gift from a foreign land” (Greek)

Exocanto – “singing from afar” (Spanish)

Exofino – “fine and unique” (Italian)

Exolito – “stranger, foreigner” (Spanish)

Exotero – “from a distant land” (Greek)

Exocuro – “foreign heart” (Latin)

Exotaro – “outlandish, unusual” (Italian)

Exofono – “foreign language” (Greek)

Exotano – “foreigner, outsider” (Italian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “EX”

Exal – “rising, ascending” (English)

Exis – “unique, singular” (Greek)

Exo – “outside, external” (Greek)

Exen – “peaceful one” (English)

Exaro – “to cultivate, plow” (Spanish)

Exir – “to flow out, emerge” (Persian)

Exlo – “from a distant land” (English)

Exara – “builder, constructor” (Spanish)

Exius – “extraordinary, exceptional” (Latin)

Exola – “to shine brightly” (Latin)

Exon – “from the outside” (Latin)

Exilo – “journey, path” (Spanish)

Exentio – “exceptional, outstanding” (Latin)

Exique – “exquisite, rare” (Spanish)

Exom – “out of the ordinary” (English)

Existi – “existing, being” (Latin)

Exoro – “to implore, entreat” (Spanish)

Exista – “to stand out, be prominent” (Latin)

Exilo – “to wander, roam” (Spanish)

Exara – “to plow, cultivate” (Greek)

Exilo – “to go out, exit” (Spanish)

Exus – “outstanding, remarkable” (Latin)

Exanto – “to sing, chant” (Spanish)

Exon – “a being, existence” (Latin)

Exara – “far-reaching, extensive” (Spanish)

Exiro – “to go out, exit” (Latin)

Exon – “from a foreign land” (English)

Exara – “to build, construct” (Greek)

Exoro – “to entreat, implore” (Latin)

Exiva – “to give life, revive” (Latin)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “EX”

Exaltus – “to lift up, elevate” (Latin)

Exodos – “the way out, departure” (Greek)

Expiro – “to atone, make amends” (Latin)

Exarchos – “ruler from afar” (Greek)

Exodos – “exit, way out” (Greek)

Exillum – “light, enlightenment” (Latin)

Exodo – “exodus, journey” (Spanish)

Exegius – “leading, guiding” (Latin)

Exorcisio – “exorcism, purification” (Latin)

Expius – “pious, devout” (Latin)

Exarcho – “to rule, govern” (Greek)

Exilio – “exile, separation” (Spanish)

Exsupero – “to surpass, overcome” (Latin)

Exodos – “exit, way out” (Spanish)

Exotheo – “to worship, adore” (Greek)

Exaltar – “to exalt, lift up” (Spanish)

Exsecro – “to consecrate, dedicate” (Latin)

Exodio – “journey, pilgrimage” (Spanish)

Exverbum – “the Word, divine expression” (Latin)

Exdoro – “to give, bestow” (Greek)

Expiatio – “atonement, expiation” (Latin)

Exegio – “to guide, lead” (Spanish)

Exsalvus – “saved, redeemed” (Latin)

Exolympios – “heavenly, divine” (Greek)

Exdono – “to forgive, grant” (Spanish)

Exsacro – “sacred, holy” (Latin)

Exodo – “exodus, spiritual journey” (Spanish)

Exapostolos – “sent forth, apostle” (Greek)

Exsolvo – “to release, set free” (Latin)

Exsanto – “holy, saintly” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “EX”

Elon Musk

Founder of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk is a visionary entrepreneur known for his work in space exploration and electric vehicles.

Explorer 1 (Satellite)

While not an individual, Explorer 1 was the first artificial satellite of the Earth, launched by the United States in 1958, marking the beginning of the space age.


An area in Athens known for its political activism and alternative culture, often associated with the anti-establishment movement in Greece.

Exupéry, Antoine de

Author of “The Little Prince,” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a French writer and aviator whose works continue to inspire readers worldwide.

Ezra Pound

An influential American expatriate poet and critic, Ezra Pound played a significant role in the modernist literary movement.

Exene Cervenka

American singer, artist, and poet, Exene Cervenka is best known as the lead vocalist of the punk rock band X.

Exley, Frederick

A British neurologist and author, Frederick Exley is remembered for his autobiographical novel “A Fan’s Notes.”

Excalibur (Legendary Sword)

The mythical sword associated with King Arthur, Excalibur is a symbol of Arthurian legend and chivalry.

Exeter, Lord

A title in the British peerage, the Earl of Exeter has been held by various individuals throughout history, contributing to the political and cultural landscape.


An ancient Greek vase painter and potter, Exekias is celebrated for his black-figure pottery and depictions of mythological scenes.

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