220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “PER”

Looking for a unique and distinctive name for your baby boy? Why not explore the world of names that start with “Per”?

This collection of monikers offers a diverse range of options, from traditional to modern, and everything in between.

Whether you’re drawn to classic names with historical significance or you prefer something more offbeat and trendsetting, there’s bound to be a “Per” name that catches your eye.

The letter “P” has a powerful and commanding sound, and names beginning with this letter often exude strength and confidence.

The “Per” names are no exception, as they carry a certain sense of authority and character.

From the timeless “Peter” to the trendy “Perseus,” there’s a “Per” name to suit every taste and style.

Whether you’re looking for a name with a strong meaning or simply love the way it rolls off the tongue, these “Per” names are sure to make a statement.

Join us as we explore the intriguing world of boy names that start with “Per.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “PER”

Percy – “Pierces the valley” (English)

Perry – “Pear tree” (English)

Perez – “Son of Pedro” (Spanish)

Perseus – “Destroyer” (Greek)

Percival – “Pierce the veil” (English)

Peregrine – “Wanderer” (English)

Pedro – “Rock” (Spanish)

Pericles – “Surrounded by glory” (Greek)

Percyval – “Valley of the piercer” (English)

Peretz – “Breach” (Spanish)

Pericles – “Glory all around” (Greek)

Perseverando – “Persevering” (Spanish)

Peregrino – “Pilgrim” (Spanish)

Persephonos – “Bringer of destruction” (Greek)

Perseverance – “Steadfastness” (English)

Perseu – “Destroyer” (Greek)

Percivale – “Valley of the piercer” (English)

Pere – “Stone” (Spanish)

Periklis – “Renowned glory” (Greek)

Perdido – “Lost” (Spanish)

Perseverantius – “Persistent” (Latin)

Persephonios – “Bringer of destruction” (Greek)

Peretz – “Breach” (Hebrew)

Perseus – “Destroyer” (Greek)

Perrin – “Traveler” (English)

Perico – “Little Peter” (Spanish)

Pericles – “Surrounded by glory” (Greek)

Persis – “From Persia” (Greek)

Perdix – “Partridge” (Greek)

Percival – “Pierces the valley” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "PER"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “PER”

Perin – “Small rock” (English)

Peron – “Living stone” (English)

Periano – “Little wanderer” (Spanish)

Perico – “Courageous traveler” (Spanish)

Pernell – “Little rock” (English)

Peronel – “Strong and brave” (Spanish)

Perikos – “Energetic” (Greek)

Perlo – “Pearl” (Spanish)

Perion – “Adventurous one” (English)

Perlan – “Land of pearls” (English)

Peras – “Limitless” (Greek)

Perlan – “From the high cliff” (English)

Perico – “Proud and brave” (Spanish)

Persean – “Determined warrior” (English)

Perian – “Born to wander” (English)

Perion – “Rock fortress” (English)

Perdito – “Lost but found” (Spanish)

Periphas – “Bold speaker” (Greek)

Perwin – “Brave friend” (English)

Perico – “Everlasting strength” (Spanish)

Pervis – “Strong and enduring” (English)

Perdell – “Determined warrior” (English)

Perico – “Free spirit” (Spanish)

Persean – “Wise warrior” (English)

Perion – “Adventurous spirit” (English)

Perico – “Bright and bold” (Spanish)

Perigon – “Always victorious” (Greek)

Perikles – “Noble glory” (Greek)

Perdiz – “Partridge” (Spanish)

Persino – “Little traveler” (Spanish)

Unique “PER” Names for Boys

Perwin – “Brave companion” (English)

Peridian – “Gift of the sun” (English)

Perazo – “Visionary” (Spanish)

Perseido – “Descendant of Perseus” (Greek)

Perlanth – “Adventurous spirit” (English)

Pericoth – “Courageous heart” (Spanish)

Pertheon – “Divine traveler” (Greek)

Percalon – “Valiant protector” (English)

Perdante – “Persistent and enduring” (Spanish)

Perionyx – “Strong defender” (Greek)

Perclave – “Bold adventurer” (English)

Perdalon – “Loyal and steadfast” (Spanish)

Perikron – “Supreme ruler” (Greek)

Persolvo – “Unfolding strength” (English)

Perseidon – “Gift of the sea” (Greek)

Perithos – “Courageous leader” (Greek)

Perentis – “Enduring spirit” (English)

Perbrio – “Vibrant and lively” (Spanish)

Pervictor – “Always victorious” (Latin)

Peridian – “Son of the sun” (English)

Perforte – “Powerful and strong” (Latin)

Persilas – “Free spirit” (Greek)

Perdevan – “Valiant protector” (English)

Perenzo – “Eternal flame” (Spanish)

Periklinos – “Noble glory” (Greek)

Perzalos – “Brilliant and bold” (Spanish)

Perivale – “Beyond the valley” (English)

Perikaris – “Graceful and beloved” (Greek)

Pernando – “Adventure seeker” (Spanish)

Perilion – “Brave lion” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “PER”

Percival – “Pierces the valley” (English)

Perseas – “From the east” (Greek)

Pericles – “Glory all around” (Greek)

Perrin – “Little rock” (English)

Perseus – “Destroyer” (Greek)

Peretz – “Breach” (Spanish)

Perceval – “Pierce the veil” (English)

Pericles – “Renowned glory” (Greek)

Peregrine – “Wanderer” (English)

Persephonos – “Bringer of destruction” (Greek)

Perran – “Little rock” (English)

Perdix – “Partridge” (Greek)

Pere – “Rock” (Spanish)

Perseverando – “Persevering” (Spanish)

Pericles – “Surrounded by glory” (Greek)

Peretz – “Breach” (Hebrew)

Perseverance – “Steadfastness” (English)

Perseu – “Destroyer” (Greek)

Perin – “Little rock” (English)

Perseus – “Son of Zeus” (Greek)

Perdido – “Lost” (Spanish)

Perseverantius – “Persistent” (Latin)

Persephonios – “Bringer of destruction” (Greek)

Perry – “Pear tree” (English)

Periandros – “Valiant man” (Greek)

Persis – “From Persia” (Greek)

Perion – “Adventurous one” (English)

Pertinax – “Firm, resolute” (Latin)

Pernel – “Little rock” (English)

Pericles – “Commander” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “PER”

Peran – “Glorious” (Persian)

Peregrin – “Pilgrim” (Latin)

Perseus – “Destroyer” (Greek)

Perico – “Little traveler” (Spanish)

Pervin – “Victorious” (Persian)

Pernando – “Bold journey” (Spanish)

Persefoni – “Bringer of destruction” (Greek)

Persio – “Persian” (Italian)

Perdiz – “Partridge” (Spanish)

Pericles – “Renowned glory” (Greek)

Peretz – “Breach” (Hebrew)

Perian – “Fairy-like” (Persian)

Perito – “Skillful” (Spanish)

Peris – “Fairy-like” (Persian)

Perkos – “Victorious” (Greek)

Perdido – “Lost” (Spanish)

Periklis – “Noble glory” (Greek)

Perun – “Slavic god of thunder” (Slavic)

Perdante – “Persistent and enduring” (Spanish)

Perix – “Fiery” (Latin)

Pervon – “Strong” (Slavic)

Perlin – “Small rock” (French)

Perquín – “Brave warrior” (Nahuatl)

Periston – “Stone of destiny” (Persian)

Perov – “Born of fire” (Russian)

Pernell – “Little rock” (French)

Peron – “Living stone” (French)

Perito – “Expert” (Italian)

Persikon – “Peach” (Russian)

Peroux – “From the pear tree” (French)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “PER”

Peren – “Rock” (English)

Pereza – “Laziness” (Spanish)

Peron – “Living stone” (English)

Persis – “From Persia” (Greek)

Perley – “Pear tree meadow” (English)

Perdo – “Traveler” (Spanish)

Peris – “Fairy-like” (Greek)

Perlen – “Precious” (English)

Perdón – “Forgiveness” (Spanish)

Peryn – “Little rock” (English)

Perón – “Persistent” (Spanish)

Persia – “Land of Persians” (English)

Perdita – “Lost” (Latin)

Perla – “Pearl” (Spanish)

Peri – “Fairy” (Greek)

Perlo – “Small stone” (Spanish)

Peridros – “Strong presence” (Greek)

Pere – “Stone” (Spanish)

Periwin – “Wise companion” (English)

Perone – “Brave traveler” (Spanish)

Persil – “Pure” (English)

Pernell – “Little rock” (Spanish)

Perdoni – “Forgiver” (Italian)

Peroux – “From the pear tree” (French)

Perenzo – “Eternal” (Spanish)

Periko – “Energetic” (Greek)

Peruna – “Bright and shining” (Finnish)

Persis – “Persian” (Greek)

Periscope – “Observer” (English)

Perseus – “Destroyer” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “PER”

Perpetuo – “Perpetual” (Spanish)

Perseverant – “Enduring” (English)

Peregrin – “Wanderer” (Latin)

Perionyx – “Eternal defender” (Greek)

Perdon – “Forgiveness” (Spanish)

Perpetus – “Everlasting” (Latin)

Persis – “Diligent” (Greek)

Peregrinus – “Pilgrim” (Latin)

Perpetiano – “Perpetual” (Spanish)

Perseus – “Son of Zeus” (Greek)

Perico – “Devoted” (Spanish)

Perfecto – “Perfect” (Spanish)

Persefoni – “Bringer of blessings” (Greek)

Perelel – “Dedicated to God” (Hebrew)

Peraklis – “Noble glory” (Greek)

Perdido – “Lost, seeking guidance” (Spanish)

Perpetus – “Continuous” (Latin)

Perion – “Devout” (English)

Perquín – “Faithful warrior” (Nahuatl)

Perikarpos – “Fruitful” (Greek)

Pershing – “Lives near the church” (English)

Pere – “Stone” (Spanish)

Perseverando – “Perseverance” (Spanish)

Perpetuus – “Everlasting” (Latin)

Peristera – “Dove, symbol of peace” (Greek)

Perdomo – “Lord’s gift” (Spanish)

Peretz – “Breakthrough, blessing” (Hebrew)

Perdón – “Pardon, forgiveness” (Spanish)

Periboea – “Strength from God” (Greek)

Perugino – “Devout pilgrim” (Italian)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “PER”


Ancient Greek statesman and orator, known as the “Father of Democracy” for his leadership in Athens during its golden age.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Renowned English Romantic poet, best known for works such as “Ode to the West Wind” and “Prometheus Unbound.”

Periyar E. V. Ramasamy

Social reformer and politician in India, instrumental in the Dravidian movement for social justice and anti-caste advocacy.

Perez Hilton

American blogger and media personality, founder of the celebrity gossip website PerezHilton.com.

Per Mertesacker

Retired German footballer, part of the 2014 FIFA World Cup-winning squad and known for his defensive prowess.

Perdita Weeks

English actress, recognized for her roles in TV series like “The Tudors” and “Magnum P.I.”

Perry Como

Iconic American singer and television personality, famous for his smooth voice and hits like “Magic Moments” and “Catch a Falling Star.”

Perry Ellis

American fashion designer, founder of the Perry Ellis fashion brand, known for his innovative designs and contributions to American sportswear.

Perrie Edwards

British singer and member of the girl group Little Mix, known for her powerful vocals and successful music career.

Per Olov Enquist

Swedish author and playwright, acclaimed for his works like “The Visit of the Royal Physician” and “The Book about Blanche and Marie.”

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